Note, Everyone seems to think the torture scene for the girls was some long lasting deal when the way I wrote it was like this. 10 minutes each session and a total of 5 sessions for a total of 50 minutes, then 9 minutes each for a total of 45, 8 min40,735,630,525,420,315,210, and then finally 1 minute equals 5 minutes total which brings it to a total of 275 minutes which when you devide that by 60 minutes an hour you get almost 5 hours.

now on with the story

Naruto awoke the next morning and got ready and left his room looking around the house. He found everyone was gone but the sand siblings and he smiled. He walked into the dinning room and fixed him a bowl of cereal and ate it as the 3 siblings finished eating and looked at him. When he was finished he smiled and said "So how are you 3 doing." as he created a Kagebunshin and it left the house.

Each of them looked at each other and Temari said "We are fine. Thank you for asking. If I may ask, what is to happen to us now."

Naruto nod and said "Well the first thing we are going to do is I am going to take you 3 to the Hokage office and get you a jounin sensei. I have one in mind who I believe would be perfect for you."

Kankuro asked "And what makes you say that. You don't know anything about us." in a snobbish voice.

Naruto said "Really, let me see how close I can get on all 3 of you. You are Kankuro, middle child of the late Yondaime Kazekage. You are a puppetmaser and you use 2 puppets originally created by Sasori of the Red sand. You have knowledge of poisons and traps which you make and include in your puppets. You have low chunnin level chakra and high chunnin chakra control. You have next to no taijutsu and you are a mid range fighter. Your speed sucks and you have no personal weapons besides your puppets." he stopped looking at the stunned Kankuro.

He then looked at Gaara and said "You Gaara are the youngest of the siblings and until yesterday you were a Jinchuuriki. You uncle tried to kill you when you were younger following orders by your father making you believe that you should only love yourself. You think you are unbeatable because your sand has protected you from all harm so far and you have never been able to sleep until yesterday. You rely on your sand and like your brother you also have no taijutsu. Your sand is your whole fighting ability and without it you are as weak as a civilian. You have Kage level chakra reserves but no control." he saw Gaara glare at him and then he looked at Temari who shot him a look that clearly said 'that was low' but he ignored it.

He said "Last but not least is you Temari. You are the eldest of your siblings and you are the best fighter of the 3. You maybe a long range fighter with your fan but you are not above using other things. You have chunnin level chakra and jounin level control. You are a wind user but like your brother you have little to no tiajutsu that I am aware of." as he saw her blush a little but still looked pissed.

Kankuro asked "How did you know all that about us."

Naruto said "One of Orochimarus spies had all that information on you so he could help when the invasion hit." making all 3 freeze.

Naruto smiled and said "You thought no one knew about Suna going to betray us. Relax, Im not telling anyone and neither is anyone else from this clan though they all know. You 3 are all now members of this family. I heard Ruby tell Temari she was accepted before I passed out yesterday so that means she will become one of my wives. I still offer her a chance to back out and you staying here is not a requirement for this to happen. Now I pretty much bankrupt our clan yesterday so listen up. I used 90 percent of all the money our clan had to pay the payment for Suna to survive and Konoha to accept the deal. I also had to bribe 2 other clans with services provided by me to make sure you 3 are kept together as a family and I am keeping your home villages true plans a secret as a sign of trust in you 3. If you try and betray my trust in you or try and harm anyone in this family I will kill you. I will protect those I consider family with my life. Right now I consider you 3 family even if we are not related by blood. Now that may seem odd but like Gaara I was a Jinchuuriki except until I was 7 I had no one to love me or help me besides the Hokage and then the council tried to stop even that. I did not even know why I was hated then but then the woman who have come to me to become my family stepped in and saved me from my pain and sorrow. It is because of them, my precious people, I was able to have the strength to save Gaara from his demons yesterday and why I am so willing to allow you 3 to be here with my family. Now you 3 go ahead and think over what I have said and get your stuff ready for combat. If I can convince the old man to let who I want to be your sensei you 3 are in for a hell of a day. Meet me out front." as he got up and walked outside.

The 3 siblings looked at each other and Temari said "I believe him and if you try and harm anyone he considers family I will be on his side. If he wanted to hurt us he could have told about Suna betrayel as well as killed Gaara instead of helping him. He knows our fighting styles meaning he could kill us but he doesn't seem to want to. He wants to help him. I love you both and for the first time in our lives we can be a true family. Don't screw this up." as she got up and started to get ready.

Kankuro sighed as he got up and went to get his things. Gaara looked as both of them and thought "its because of his precious people that he is strong." as he slowly got up and went toward the front door. He stopped and waited until his brother and sister got back and asked in a quite shaky voice "Am I your precious people." as he looked down.

Both his siblings stopped and looked at him and Temari smiled walking over and Gaara sand started to protect him but he stopped it and she hugged him and said "Yes brother you are." as she let a tear fall and thought "thank you Naruto-kun."

Kankuro asked "What kind of dumb question is that brother. Of coarse you are. Now come on, lets get all high and mighty going so he don't make us do chores." earning him a bump on the head from a fan.

Naruto was outside leanings agianst the wall but heard it all and smiled to himself as they came out and walked toward the Hokage office. On the way Temari walked up beside him and put her arm around his back and leaned her heard on his shoulder. Naruto smiled and put his arm around her as well ignoring the look her siblings or the people in town were giving them.

When they arrived the secretary saw him and said "Yes Namikaze-sama. The Hokage has been expecting you this morning and said to send you on in."

Naruto said "Thank you." as he walked on into the Hokage office and said "Hey old man."

The third looked at him and smiled from his desk and Naruto quirked an eyebrow as he saw another desk with Tsunade passed out on it and said "Hey Obaachan." as a paper weight flew at his head missing him and getting caught by Gaara sand.

Tsunade said "Don't call me that brat."

Naruto chuckled and said "Well I brought the sandsibs here to you old man to see about getting them a jounin sensei."

The third said "Yes, I was waiting until they got here and heard what thier general knowledge was so that I could find one who would be best for them."

Naruto said "Actually sir if I may. I know of a Jounin who would actually be best for all 3 of them since I already know what most of thier strengths and weaknesses are."

The third raised an eyebrow and said "Really, and who might that be and why do you think that this person would be best for these 3."

Naruto said "Special Jounin Anko Mitarashi." making the third wide eyed a moment.

Tsunade also went wide eyed and asked "Why her brat. I mean nobody wants her as thier jounin sensei because of her rather rude personality."

Naruto said "Well I will brake down my reasoning for you to see if you agree. Kankuro here is the 3 best poison expert Suna has had in its history only following Sasori of the red sand and Chiyo who was from what I heard your equal durring the war. Anko knowledge of poisons thanks to her specialty would only be a bonus for not only Kankuro to improve but also give Anko a chance to learn a few of Suna poisons and help to develop cures for. Also Kankuro is a puppet master who uses concealed traps and from Anko page in the bingo book her trap skills are extremely high and sadistic making her a perfect teacher to take what he knows and improve. Temari is a long range wind user who can kick nearly anyones ass at long range but take away her fan or get close and I don't know how much damage she is capable because like both her siblings they have no real Taijutsu background. She would do well from a person like Anko who is an all around Shinobi with close, mid and long range attacks. Last is Gaara. His training from what I know of has been mostly how to use his sand to basically capture an enemy and then crush them with it. His automatic defense with it made teaching him taijutsu something that was not felt important. He is basically a clean slate. Each of them have high chakra levels for gennins and I believe that Anko would be best for them simply because of what I have heard of her as well as her bingo book page and from Kurenai that she can break apart everyone of the weaknesses they have and develop ways to improve them while still working with the specialties they are already familiar with."

Everyone was looking at him and the third said "I see. Well from what you have said that would be the best since she can work on the areas that you claim are thier weaknesses but she will have to evaluate them. Anko is a special Jounin for a reason and..."

Naruto held up his hand and said "Old man. Don't bullshit me. You and me both know the only reason Anko is not a regular Jounin is because the civilian council and Danzo hated her as much as they hated me because of her sensei. I also know that they purposely sabatoged all the gennins to make thier parents to afraid of her to ever give her a chance to teach. I will admit her personality is a little...blood thirsty but I also can tell a mental mask. Thier is another reason why I want Anko as thier sensei. She is an expert on human emotions as well as mental barriors because of her training as well as her time working with Ibiki. Temari here was like most daughters of political families. Trained and raised to believe that they are only being trained to be perfect little objects to be used as political pieces. Gaara has had until yesterday zero human physical contact. His father had him get close to his uncle and then had his uncle try and assassinate him along with countless other times because he feared losing control of Gaara as a weapon. He never saw Gaara as a son like he should have. As for Kankuro...well I think his ideas of male and females are a little mixed up. He does wear makeup and plays with dolls." getting a chuckle from everyone but Gaara and Kankuro

Kankuro said "Hey, Im a puppet user. Puppets have to have makeup."

Naruto said "Please, just get a mask and wear one on each of your faces."

Kankuro blinked as if in thought and Temari sees this before she slaps her head and said "I can't believe this. You mean to tell me you stole all my makeup when we were growing up because you never thought to by 2 matching masks."

Kankuro looked sheepish and the third said "Very well. I see you do have valid points and that you maybe right, but it will be Anko decision. Here are you 3 headbands for Konoha and I will have a ANBU take you to where Anko is. Please wait outside while I talk with Naruto."

The three sibs bowed and left the room and the third said "Alright. I am not going to ask how you found out all that info on Anko or how you know so much about thier abilities and how it was like for them. I know I won't get a straight answer. I wont even ask how you did what you did yesterday because it will only mean more paperwork and headaches. I will ask this. How strongs are you and where are your actual skills at. I mean you beat 2 tailed demons killing them, you summoned Gambunta on your first try, you beat 3 chunnins and one jounin as well as several members of Root. Now can you explain to me how good you are because you are obviously more then a gennin level shinobi."

Naruto sat down and sighed a moment and said "Im not as strong as I actually appear. Since I no longer have Kyuubi in me my actual chakra levels have plummeted down. I say I am actually pretty close to you and Jiraiya put together on actual chakra levels but my control is only around chunnin level currently meaning I am wasting alot of it. My speed I am at right now is my current max. Every since I first ran into team 8 in wave I have not wore any weights because my body will only slow down now with them on. I mean that my body frame is like a track runners body meaning I can't afford to have it covered completely with bulky muscles or it will slow my body down so I have had to sacrafice power for speed. My speed if I were to say right now is actually about the level of Lee's without his weights on. Maybe a hair faster but not much. That was how I was able to beat Zabuza and his team. They never encountered anyone who used speed. They are a stealth team not a speed team meaning they move slow and silent not fast. Zabuza and Kurenai said they could still see me but I was a blur meaning that if Lee, Gai, Kakashi or anyone else who has fought high speed battles before were to fight me I would problably lose all my advantages that it gives me.

As for my fighting style my sword style I use is made for me to make quick strikes either killing or neutralizing the person I am fighting as quick as possible and the rest is just a reaction type fighting meaning if I were to say fight Zabuza without using my speed he would have killed me. My taijutsu is a combination of 9 different aspects. I use the punching power of the Iron fist but not as strong as Lee or Gai, the pressure point and organ hitting style of the snake dance, the disabling of the chakra networks like the gentle fist style does. Yes I know I cant see the chakra points but if I push enough chakra into my attacks I can completely destroy any in the general area I hit making that point void. I also use the dodging ability of the medical taijutsu to avoid being hit. I make my punches and kicks at the speed of my fathers hummingbird style. I also use the after image and elemental manipulation of your sons Asuma shadow boxing meaning that my wind element is also added into my style so after each hit they recieve a second hit that cuts flesh meaning they lose blood and in a prolonged battle the more blood the lose the weaker my enemy gets, I use the randomness of streetfighting to make it where you can't predict where I am going to target next while adding in headbutts and cheapshots like nutchecks. I add in the feet work of dancers making it look like I am gliding in battle and the last style is an archaic anciant style of an alchemist making it where I can get under almost anyones gaurd. I mixed all these together and call it the Kitsune fist. I can use any of the other styles I mixed in together also but only to the level I have learned.

As for my ninjutsu I have around 30 ninjutsu but most of those are jutsu that are kinjutsu and are major chakra eaters meaning since my chakra reserves are lower then they were I am not able to use them as much as before. To accurately put my level I can make 1000 Kagebunshin 4 times before being ready to pass out from chakra exhaustion where I use to be able to do it 10 times. I have to be more worried because my entire style of fighting uses chakra in one way or another.

My stealth skills are ANBU or better. I mean why is it that I have successfully painted the Hokage monument this morning and you have yet to recieve a report and it has been while I have been here having this meeting with you." making both Tsunade and the third to look at the Hokage monument and frowned.

The third said "I want that cleaned off."

Naruto waved his hand and said "Relax its water base and a simple suiton jutsu will get it off once someone reports it to you. I just did it to prove the village security sucks and you need to think about improving it with the chunnin exams so close. But sure, I will take it off. Now we talked about my speed, strength, stealth, ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, kinjutsu you probably already know and those you dont I'm not saying. Summoning you already know or guess and thats good enough. Anything I forgot."

Tsunade said "Genjutsu."

Naruto frowned and said "I can dispell and detect them and I can do a few basic ones but I have too much chakra to use them correctly so I avoid them as much as possible. My bloodline when activated also nullifies them like the Sharingan so its a moot point."

Tsunade said "That man, the one who appeared yesterday, was he really the Shinigami."

Naruto smiled and said "Ichigo, yeah he was. The very same one who helped dad seal Kyuubi so I suggest you make sure everyone and I do mean everyone including Kakashi who knows that jutsu forget it and destroy all record of it. I mean he will kill every man, woman, and child in this village like he claims and there will be nothing any of us can do to stop him. I fought him since he was my kenjutsu master and I only barely won agianst him at 10 percent of his power and I was using Kyuubis power to do it so how would anyone in this village be able to beat him when nobody could beat Kyuubi. Imagine fighting 10 Kyuubis. Not very likely to live."

Each of the Hokages frowned and Tsunade said "That reminds me, Bear, the ANBU who came with us yesterday said he would meet you today durring your match with Neji. What is it he needs to see you about."

Naruto said "Where trading jutsu. I have 3 jutsu he wants and he has 3 I want. Once I get them I will have our bet won in 2 days so you might as well get comfy in that chair."

Tsunade growled and said "Fine, how can you be sure it will only take you 2 days to learn the jutsu."

Naruto said "Lets see, 1000 kagebunshin, 48 hours, and 1 jutsu. I say I won't have a problem." with a smug look on his face.

The third asked "How are you still able to make that many Kagebunshin when you claim you don't have as much chakra."

Naruto said "My chakra is different then most peoples. I mean it has had Kyuubi chakra in it so long my own body naturally makes more potent chakra which is how I can do it. Its like mixing milk and water and then using nothing but the mixed form. That is why."

The third said "I see. I understand what you..." just then the door opened up and team 7 walked in and Kakashi looked up from his book and said "Oh, there you are Naruto. I was just coming to tell the Hokage that you had not shown up for your team meeting."

Sasuke who had grown looked at Naruto and sneered and said "So loser, have you gotten any stronger."

Naruto waved his hand in dismissal and said "Tell me Sasuke, how many Uchihas are there left in the world."

Sasuke became pissed and said "Shut up dobe, there are only 2."

Naruto said "Wrong, there are 3." making everyone look at him.

Sasuke blinked and asked "What the hell are you talking about."

Naruto said "Remember that night, your brother told you when you achieved THAT sharingan then there would be 3 who would have it. You, Itachi, and the man who helped him that night, the founder of your clan Madara."

Sasuke said "You lie, madara is dead."

Naruto pulled out 9 cards and said "Do you know what these are Sasuke."

Sasuke looked at him and Naruto said "These are nin-info cards. They work by recording what information you know on them about a person or group. These are the ones I use for my own reason." he then pulled out 2 cards and channeled chakra into them and said "Here, read about Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Itachi including what happens when you recieve those special eyes your brother wants you to get." as he tossed the 2 cards at Sasuke feet.

The third said "Naruto, why are you giving him that information and why have you not told me yet."

Naruto said "I told Jiraiya about it and he should have already of informed you about that group."

The third sighed and said "He has but he had no real information on them."

Naruto said "Most of my info comes from the bingo books along with a few other soarces. I don't have much besides general info on them. Its not like I can tell you much more then that."

Sasuke said "This is useless. I mean its all a lie."

Kakashi picked up the card and said "Actually it seems pretty acurate including the going blind."

Sasuke asked "And how would you know. I mean you don't have that eye."

Naruto said "Actually he does. Thats the other reason he does not use the Sharingan for very long because the extra chakra drain and the effects of going blind. You might as well forget about getting those eyes. I mean first you would have to befriends someone which with the attitude you have is not going to work and then you would have to kill them just so your brother can use you for replacement parts when he is almost blind. If you really want to get revenge on him don't do what he says and make it where he can't get your eyes. Sooner or later he will be forced to come after you as his eyes get worse and worse and the longer it takes for him to be able to get to you the weaker he will be. Imagine it, him crawling on his knees at your feet trying to find you so he can take your eyes while you stand above him sneering at him knowing you outsmarted him and then when hes there helpless and you have not only bested him but also rebuilt the clan he destroyed."

Everyone in the room looked at Naruto at first wondering how he knew about Kakashi and then the little mental trap Naruto had set. Each of them thought "well thats one way to get him out of it."

Sasuke thought it over and said "Like I would take advice from a loser like you."

Naruto turned his back to team 7 to where he was facing the Hokages and mouthed 'play along a moment' and said "Thats why I dismissed you earlier. I mean if your willing to try and kill someone you befriend to get those eyes you need to realise something. Since both the current and next Hokage are here now know about that little secret you clan hid underneath the tile in the main Uchiha temple in the underground room if someone who gets close to you suddenly comes up dead like Itachi best friend did a few days before he killed your clan, they will automatically look at you as the main person responsible. You no longer have all the ass kisser on the council anymore to let you have your way since they tried to steal the position of Hokage you can forget them babing you and say 'oh well, its can't be helped now. Hes the last Uchiha.' They won't give a flying fuck about you. You might get lucky and they lay you on a table and drain enough sperm from you to start the next ten generations of Uchiha before they kill you or maybe just let the damn eyes that nearly every ninja in this village hates and have them destroyed. At least thats my opinion."

Sasuke who was seathing with rage asked "And how the hell do you know about that room. No non Uchiha has ever be..." he realised that he had just said to much as both Tsunade and the third looked at him with discust and utter hatred.

Naruto said "I was just recalling what an Uchiha meantioned once when I was younger. You just confirmed it is all." in a non caring voice.

The third said "Listen and listen well Sasuke, I am going to have ANBU keep an eye on you and if I find out you have attacked anyone I will have your chakra network sealed away forever. Do I make myself clear."

Sasuke said "You can't do that. I am an Uchiha."

Tsunade said "You are a ninja of Konoha and the Uchihas are dead. Your family name does not mean shit. You will do as the Hokage and the leaders of this village says."

Sasuke said "Then maybe I should leave this village." letting his anger get the best of him.

Naruto said "So you would betray the village if someone were to offer you a chance of power to kill your brother."

Sasuke said "Yes, in a heartbeat. This village is nothing and you all should..." as he fell to the floor thanks to the chop to the neck from Kakashi.

Kakashi sighed and said "You see what I was refering to."

The third sighed and looked at Naruto and said "Why did you do that Naruto. I mean why did you provoke Sasuke like that."

Naruto channeled chakra into one of the cards he had and sat it on the table in front of the third and said "Hes coming for the Sharingan." as he sat back down.

The third looked at the card and paled as he looked at Naruto and then asked "How do you know."

Naruto said "Its makes perfect since old man. Think about what his goals are and what he wants. He only has 2 goals. One is to learn every jutsu in the world and the Sharingan would make it alot easier. Like most prodigies they want to travel the road thats the easiest. His second goal is revenge on you and Konoha. After hearing Temari yesterday say how Orochimaru killed the Kazekage I would say he either planned to impersonate the Kazekage and it would have worked if his secretary had not shown up or weaken our only ally so he could strike us when we were least prepared. Think of the timing of the Kazekages death as well as Konohas current position and you have the perfect chance for an invasion. Sneak in strike forces with the Vip's as well as a camando team and while our forces are spread out trying to guard them..."

The third said "Launch a suprise attack. I'm getting to old for this." as he lowered his hat covering his face.

Naruto saw this and looked down and said "I'm sorry that my father had to die and force the heavy burden you had to bear back on you. Im sorry for all the heartache this village has made you endure while protecting me. I hate having to cause you pain because to me you are my grandfather old man. I know that this is not what you wanted to see or hear today but at least now you know of the problem that has been created and we have a chance to save the lives of alot of people."

The third said "I see you as a grandson also Naruto but now what do we do with Sasuke. I mean his ninja carreer is over as far as I am concerned."

Naruto said "Perhaps I have a solution that can not only solve the problem with Sasuke but also help us with Orochimaru." making everyone look at him.

Kakashi asked "What is your idea Naruto."

Naruto looked at Sasuke and said "Sakura-chan, can you make sure hes still out. I don't want him hearing this."

Sakura nods and walks over and after a few seconds said "Ok, he won't be up for several hours now."

Naruto said "Ok, Sasuke is a threat to Konoha no matter how you look at it. I mean he will either kill someone here and leave or try and leave and goto someone else. If my guess is right then Orochimaru will want to make sure Sasuke would come to him meaning he would most likely try and convince him with false power, probably the curse seal I heard so much about. That means he will probably give it to him when hes least protected by strong ninja meaning durring the survival part of the chunnin exams in the forest of death."

The third asked "How do you know where the survival part of the exams are going to be Naruto." wondering how Naruto knew everything else.

Naruto said "History, according to everyone who has ever taken the exams in Konoha, we usually have some sort of information gathering test, then the survival part in the forest of death and then finally the finals in the stadium. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it as someone wise once said. I just learn from other peoples past."

The third chuckled and said "Ok, proceed."

Naruto said "Ok, if Orochimaru does come for Sasuke you can either put him in a high security location thus alerting Orochimaru to the knowledge we know hes coming and also weakening our forces even more by having them pamper and baby a person who would kill them for power or you can use Sasuke as bait. Since Sasuke has basically made himself a self imposed missing nin already by his actions I say what we do is have him spend a few days in isolation in ANBU and then release him the day of the chunnin exams saying that his time has been served. Then use him as bait and make it where Orochimaru will come out in the open and have the team that confronts him meaning Sakura and me try and get what little info we can. I figure like all prodigy they will want to brag to whoever listen about how great they are in thier plans and then we can alert you afterwards."

Tsunade said "Whats to keep Orochimaru from killing you and her. I mean your putting yourself at risk and..."

Naruto said "I know but me and Sakura are probably the only 2 gennins who could stand toe to toe with him for at least a little while. At least long enough for me to get to her and Sasuke and then use Hiraishin to get us out of danger."

Kakashi said "But Sasuke will be fighting you plus if he gets a curse seal he will become a major threat."

Naruto said "Not if his charkra is sealed off." making everyone look at him.

Sakura asked "But how will we seal off his chakra network. I mean we would have to fight him and Orochimaru at the same time to do it."

Naruto said "Not really. One of us would just have to activate a preset seal on him. I mean if we were to put one on him right now while he was out then if he got a curse seal or not won't matter are we can tell the village that it was a side effect of Orochimaru putting the curse seal on him. If I am wrong and Orochimaru does not show up and then we go through the exams and then later Sasuke tries to betray the village just having that seal will hinder his escape enough for him to be captured. The only ones who will know different would be the Council who will all know the truth of the matter. The only real thing is who will activate the seal. I think it should be you Sakura because I can distract Orochimaru enough to give you the time to do it. Once that happens I can grab both you and the teme here and use Hiraishin to jump to the tower. Once that happens several teams of ANBU who will be waiting in the tower can go out into the forest of death and try and capture him as well as have teams waiting outside the forest of death to cut off his retreat catching him in a pincer move and..."

Tsunade said "make it where we can either capture of kill him and thus stop whatever he plans."

Kakashi said "That might work."

Naruto said "The only problem I can see is if he finds out ahead of time. We need to be careful who knows and how much they know in advance. I think having the teams wait in the tower an hour before the exams with one of my Kagebunshins and the team outside of the forest right before that part of the exams starts making it impossible for Orochimaru to find out ahead of time. I also think Tsunade should be with the team heading for him from the tower and Jiraiya from outside the forest. He is a sannin and the ANBU may be able to kill him but with 2 Sannins helping then the odds are even more in our favor. So what do you all think."

The third was silent a moment and Tsunade said "It is a good plan but what if Sasuke attacks you."

Naruto said "He won't at first because he will think you all have gone senile and that he unwittingly out thought you and he would bide his time to leave the village. He will try using his eyes to hurry and get as many jutsu as he can before he leaves milking the village for everything he can and the chunnin exams are the perfect opertunity for him to do it. The only problem I have with doing this is whatever we are suppose to do in the exams will pretty much be blowed if we do this meaning we won't be able to become chunnins."

The third said "Sakura, are you alright with this. I mean do you honestly feel you can hold on long enough for Naruto to use Hiraishin to get you to the tower."

Sakura said "Yes. I have that much faith in my skills as well as my teammate." as she looked at Naruto.

The third said "Very well. I am giving you both an S-rank mission. You are to be bait for Orochimaru should he show up. You are not to actively search for him and you are to proceed like nothing happened. When the first part of the exam is over Naruto, you shall create a Kagebunshin and give it a Hiraishin kunai and have it accompany Ibiki to the forest of deaths tower where it will wait for you and your teammate. Then you are to proceed as normal doing whatever the exams requires but, should you encounter Orochimaru at the first chance you get flee to the tower. That will be the signal for the ANBU to swarm the forest in the area you were trying to capture him. I will be waiting there at the tower also to ensure he does not get by the ANBU and come for you. We have one chance and a small window to do this so please be careful. Do you both understand."

Naruto and Sakura said "Hai."

The third pushed a button and said "Get me Ibiki." and about 5 minutes later Ibiki showed up and he said "You wished to see me."

After informing him of what has happened and the possibility of Orochimaru showing up as well as the plan to try and capture him the third had Ibiki put a seal on Sasuke back and Ibiki said "Alright Sakura, to activate this jutsu you have to be within 15 feet of the target and do these 6 handsigns." showing her the signs several times until she said she got them. He then continued "After that he will pass out from chakra drain and will no longer be able to use chakra. Do you understand."

Sakura said "Yes."

The third said "Very well. I will have Ibiki take Sasuke to his confinement. You are not to tell anyone what has happened. Say if anyone ask that Sasuke is doing something for me. I will take care of everything if anyone comes and look for him."

Kakashi asked "What should I do about my team. I mean it will be harder for a team of 3 to do missions and we have not had a chance to see how strong they actually are. I mean I know the Godaime here knows how strong Sakura is but her teammate Naruto doesn't, which means she is risking his life with hers soon and she has no idea how strong he is either."

The third said "Training ground 13 today at 10 am. Naruto has a match with Neji Hyuuga from what I hear. You can have the rest of his team test them both then if you would like to."

Naruto said "Actually sir, I have 2 matches there. One with Neji and one with Tenten as well. We have an old meeting of the minds I guess you could say."

Sakura snickered and said "Yeah, thats one way to put it. You basically asked her if she trimmed her pubes and she called you a poser. Not much going on there." with a smile on her face.

Kakashi said "I remember that. You still going after her. Then I supose we should be going."

Naruto said "Hey old man. Is team 8 on any missions right now."

The third looked at Naruto and said "No, Kurenai said she wanted to work on teamwork today, why."

Naruto said "Well I just remembered that Lee might be wanting to have a match with me also because I kind of insulted his flames of youth by showing him Icha Icha Illistrated. I was just thinking they might want in on this as well since I promised a spar with them also so Kurenai can get a good look at her team in combat before the chunnin exams."

Tsunade said "You think shes going to let her team in the exams Naruto."

Naruto said "Yeah, all 9 rookies will be in the exams plus Gais team and possible also the 3 sibs. After all they would have been in the exams if the Kazekage had not been killed and the only difference now is Gaara does not have as much speed in his sand attacks as he did before but thats might opinion."

The third said "Very well, I will send a message to her team and if they show up its thier decision."

Naruto said "Right well its already 9:40 so why don't we go ahead and head there now so we can get ready. You agree Sakurachan."

Sakura looked at him and said "Yes, come on sensie." as she got up and jumped on Naruto back and whispered "what are you playing at."

Naruto said "You will see later. Lets go." and he took off running out the window and air walked to the closest roof and then jumped roof to roof.

Kakashi saw this and sighed before he shushined away to the training ground.

The moment he was gone the Hokage screamed "ANBU." and suddenly several ANBU appeared and the third said "I want you all to spread word for all Jounin level shinobi and clanheads to goto training ground 13 immediately and also anyone you think might be interested in seeing Naruto Namikaze skills in combat. Dismissed." and they quickly left.

Tsunade said "You think this is going to turn out to be something big."

The third said "Im not putting those 2 in a situation agianst Orochimaru until I see thier actual skills. Even if I have to set the deck myself." as he grabbed his Hokage robes and hat and shushined away with Tsunade a moment behind.

Naruto and Sakura arrived exactly at 10 am and sweatdropped and Sakura said "You think someone spread the word. I mean we have around what...200 people here."

Naruto smiled and said "Yeap and its time for me to put my plan to action. Check 5 oclock."

Sakura turned and frowned and said "Kabuto, what should we do."

Naruto said "I want you to use everthing you can in this fight and follow my lead. Im going to show enough skills where if he wants Sasuke he will have to come himself instead of using that puppet jutsu him and Akatsuki use. Well lets get started." as he walked through the crowd with Sakura still on his back.

When they got to the actual training ground Naruto said "Well Neji and Tenten, ready to lose."

Lee who was with his 2 teammates said "You are still most unyouthful. I wish to fight you also."

Naruto said "Fine, I will take on any challengers. Even those I have beat before so lets get started."

Sakura placed her hand on Naruto shoulder after she jumped off his back and said "Your going to let little old me fight right."

Naruto shrugged and said "If you want, I don't mind."

Sakura smiled pulling on her gloves and Naruto said "Well, since team Gai is made up full of queens why don't you all start it off."

Lee said "You are mistaken Naruto-kun. We are not all queens."

Naruto said "Really, your not a drag queen with your misserable fashion since and Neji here is not one since he doesn't have the balls to face me. The only one I am unsure about is Tenten because I think she has a set of brass ones but who can tell. I still wonder, where the hell do you keep all those weapons."

Lees eyes burned with flames and he said "I shall defeat you. No one disgraces the fashion of Gai sensei. Lets go." as he charged at Naruto only to be grabbed by Gai.

Neji said "You are fated to lose. Prepare to meet your fate."

Tenten sighed and said "Poser, let me show you how to really fight using weapons. Of coarse I may miss and take something that make you and me different." making a few people flinch who understood the threat.

Gai ignored his students and said "Very well. This match is between Naruto and Sakura vs my youthful team. The match will end when I say so. There will be no killing and you will stop when I say to. Everyone understand."

Naruto said "Lets go jolly green gaint. I got people to do and things to see." making everyone look at him and Sakura along with a few others in the crowd blush.

Gai ignored the comment about his outfit and said "Very well, begin when ready."

Naruto said "Sakura, start us off with a bang."

Sakura smiled jumping as high as she could into the air before she put her hands in a cross seal and said "Kagebunshin no Jutsu." and 4 other Sakura appeared like a 5 on dice and they each gathered chakra around thier fist and slammed them into the ground as they each hit the ground covering the area in dirt and dust along with huge slabs of rocks that turned every which way from the destruction.

Naruto started flashing through handsigns and said "Tajuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu." as 500 Kagebunshin appeared shocking everyone and Naruto who was flashing through handsigns agian said "Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hidden Mist Technique" as the area was covered in mist that mixed in with the dust in the air and Naruto who was still flashing through handsigns agian finished and said "Daitoppa - Great Breakthrough." as Sakura and all his Kagebunshins jumped in the air the wave of air shot forward toward Team Gai and grabbed all the now lose mud, water, and rocks and then threw it at them. Neji who had his eyes activated started to spin shouting "Hakkeshou Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin" as he started to spin blocking the debris from covering him but it did build a dome around him.

Hiashe who was in the crowd thought "such talent is wasted on the branch house...hmm, what is Hanabi doing here with that Inari boy I heard so much about. She is suppose to be at the accademy and she said she hated the boy yesterday. Hmm." as he looked around noticing everyone.

Lee used his great speed to jump out of the way of the attack while Tenten also jumped in the air when Naruto did his jutsu and avoided the attack while throwing kunias at the clones in the air destroying around 40 before she fell back to the ground beside the dome that covered Neji.

Neji who finally stopped spinning when he saw the last of the attack passed was about to get out of the dome when 6 Kagebunshins landed around the dome quickly forming Rasengans in thier hands and plunged them into the mud dome throwing the mud all over Neji.

Neji quickly killed them and said "That was a waste. What good would all those jutsu do besides making me dirty."

One of the Kagebunshin said "Simple Idiot, you just were forced to reveal one of your trump cards while wasting chakra to keep yourself from the attack and also the fact your speed is now greatly reduced by the fact I have just made this basically into a big mudpuddle. I have also slowed your teammate Lee here who will have to dodge all the new obsticles as well as maintain his balance on the new mud bed. It served its purpose and since like myself there are still several hundred Kagebunshins here you don't know where the real one is. Now its time to confuse you even more. Henge." as he and 1/3 of the Kagebunshin all henged into Sakura and another 1/3 henged into Tenten Lee and Neji and they all started to run around.

Lee said "That is a very unyouthful thing to do and I must punish you for that." as he stood up and charged a group of Kagebunshins that looked like him and destroyed some of them while Tenten started also destroying them with her kunais but aiming for the ones who looked like her.

Neji began to counter attack the clones also destroying the ones who looked like him.

Sakura smirked to herself and she did some quick handsigns and said Yelled "Hey DIPSHITS, LOOKING FOR ME." as everyone looked at her including Lee and Neji and she said "Kanashibari no Jutsu - Temporary Body Paralysis Technique" as she blasted them with KI and each of them froze in thier spot. Tenten seeing her teammates freeze and not looking at Sakura quickly threw senbons needles into each of thier asses breaking the jutsu and making them jump from the pain.

Lee and Neji were both panting and Naruto appeared in front of Tenten with the sheeth to the sword Tenten has in a scroll and slapped the side of it into her ribs making her gasp before he stomped on her left foot and then tripped her making her fall into the mud while she was trying to recover before he jumped over to where Neji was panting hard and kicked him in the back making him slide face first through the mud on the ground.

Naruto said "And so the pride of the Hyuuga clan is all dirty. I guess it was only a matter of time before you showed your true self Neji. I mean only someone who soul is dirty would have so much hate in them as you do. I mean you shout about fate when you yourself want to fight agianst it. Tell me. If I was Hinata would you be in the mud or would you be trying to kill me to get the revenge you feel is yours."

Just then Naruto was kicked in the side of the head by Lee but Lee paled as Naruto had at the last second replaced himself with Neji who was eating mud agian thanks to his own teammates attack.

Neji stood up spitting out the mud and looked at Lee and Naruto with hatred.

Lee said "Sorry Neji-kun." as he looked around for Naruto and quickly went to attack some more Kagebunshins. Sakura seeing Neji down in the mud quickly pulled out some ninja wire and some exploding tags and tied them to a few kunias and she threw them at around Neji in 4 corners and then jumped into the air while holding the wire and as Neji stood up the tags exploded and sent mud into the air and neji who had his eyes closed from trying to get it out of his eyes did not see her as he felt the mud falling on him and not making the same mistake he made earlier waited until it fell however he quickly discovered Sakura who was above him had made the ninja wire circle around him making him fall into the ground tied up.

Sakura fell beside him and hit a pressure point knocking him out. She then grabbed him and shushined him to Gais feet and then shushin back into the remaining Sakura clones.

Tenten saw Neji was out and said "Lee, they took Neji out so destroy all the clones and I will take care of the ones of me."

Lee said "Right tenten." as he ran for the mass of clones and was about to destroy them when a kunai hit the ground in front of him and suddenly a yellow flash appeared and he was instantly hit in the gut sending him flying.

Naruto said "So demon, what do you think so far." as he stood up and looked over his shoulder at Zabuza.

Zabuza smirked and said "Why are you going so easy on them. I mean your not even using your sword or your real speed."

Naruto said "Yeah, I suppose your right, want to join the fun. I still need some good workout since I don't see any others here who could challenge me."

Tenten growled as she pulled out 2 scrolls and bit her thumb before flashing through handsigns and said "Twin rising Dragons." as she jumped in the air and started throwing weapons at all the clones but Lees and destryoying them all and then targeting Naruto who stood where he was after Naruto punched Lee and looked bored as the weapons flew at him and he closed his eyes waiting and then said "You forgot one thing Tenten, wind trumps metal."

Suddenly everyone looked at Naruto who still had his eyes closed and the wind picked up around the field and Naruto reached up and slowly removed the sunglasses he had on and opened his eyes and the Rinnegan was flashing making the circles look like they were moving back and forward in a Hypnotic effect and then the wind flashed around him and Hiashe said "It can't be..." making everyone look at him.

The third asked "It can't be what Hiashe."

Hiashe said "Its an elemental Kaiten." as the wind formed a barrier around Naruto and all the weapons that were raining down on him flew around him being grabed by the wind and moved in a circle around him and then Naruto smirked seeing as Tenten was still raining weapons on him and the weapons around him started to fly back at the weapons coming down deflecting them all shocking everyone and Naruto waited until she ran out of weapons and landed on the ground and said "This is my ultimate defense. Just as Gaara has his sand to stop any attack on him I can control the wind. It is the final lesson my Taijutsu master taught me. Even fire is useless agianst me doing this because the wind will deflect it from me bringing it under my control." as he slowly walked toward her.

Tenten looked at him and then Naruto stopped it as he pulled his sunglasses back on and looked to his right and saw Sakura had taken Lee out when Naruto hit him earlier and he said "Well Tenten, feel like seeing who is the better swordsman."

Tenten said "Bring it." as she unsealed the sword she had took from Naruto.

Naruto smirked and held out his hand and suddenly to everyones shock except those who have seen it a long as Zanpakto appeared and he said "Lets dance." as he disappeared from most views for just a moment only to appear in front of Tenten who blocked and she said "You think your speed is going to save you. I am use to fighting Lee at this speed." as she parried his next strike and they began a dance of attacks dodging and slashing.

Zabuza who was watching this said "How is she able to keep up."

Sakura jumped and landed beside him and said "Shes on the same team as 2 of the 3 fastest people in the leaf village. Shes had to learn to see and fight at those speeds. If it was not for her natural skills with weapons and that Naruto would be owning her."

Zabuza looked at her and asked "Why are you not fighting."

Sakura said "This is more of a fight then what we were doing earlier. This has special meaning for both. When we first became a gennin Tenten basically mopped the floor with him at weapons. She hated him claiming he was a poser. He wants to prove he is not a poser and can fight her evenly. If I were to get involved in this fight it would make this fight meaningless."

Zabuza said "So he only beat me because of his speed."

Sakura said "partly, he is actually not fighting her at his best or this match would already be over. This is nothing but a sword duel."

Zabuza nods and said "In other words this is a battle to honor the blades. If he is that honorable a person then I have no feeling of guilt over losing to him before."

Everyone near them were stunned and Kabuto who was near them said "So your saying that the boy there, Naruto, beat you."

Zabuza said "he beat me and my companions in less then a few moments in the fight we had and he convinced us to join the leaf."

Hearing this a few people respect for Naruto went up.

Sakura said "Oh, you know the funny thing. This isn't his real skills. Hes only using jutsu you all know. I know for a fact he has several that no one has ever dreamed of besides him. He has one that if classified would be an SSS rank jutsu." as she smiled making several peoples wide eyed.

Kakashi who was near her asked "And what would that be."

Sakura said "He completed the Rasengan." making Kakashi go wide eyed.

The third said "I don't understand. I mean the Rasengan was already finished by his father."

Kakashi shook his head and said "No, it wasn't." making everyone look at him.

The third asked "What do you mean Kakashi."

Kakashi said "Naruto father dreamed of doing 1 other thing with the Rasengan. He dreamed of adding elemental manipulation to it but never had a chance to. Are you sure Naruto has completed it Sakura."

Naruto ducked under a swordstrike and then to the shock of everyone when Tenten went to strike the sword away from him he dropped his sword and allowed the blade Tenten had in her hand to run right through his stomach.

Naruto who saw the shocked look on her face quickly hit a pressure point making her fall to the ground on her knees and then he stepped back coughing blood as he slowly pulled the sword out of his body and said as he started to slowly heal "You lose. Sometimes to get inside the gaurd of an enemy you have to be willing to purposely get hurt in a non leathal wound. Good match though." as he fell on his butt and sheethed the sword in the sheeth he had and grabbed his Zanpakto and sealed both into his arms and Sakura jumped down beside him and started to heal him and said "At least you didn't nearly blow your arm off again."

Tsunade asked "What are you talking about Sakura. I don't remember Naruto ever having his arm damaged."

Naruto smiled and said "Remind me to show you my Fuuton: Rasenshuriken sometimes Tsunade-obaachan. It the 3rd most dangerous jutsu in my arsenal."

Kakashi asked "What are the other 2."

Naruto smiled and said "Secret. Anyways did we win Gai-sensei."

Gai snapped out of it and said "Yes, you and Sakura win."

Clapping could be heard around them and Naruto smiled and said "Well, if you don't mind. I think I might go get some sleep Kakashi-sensei, Im a little tired now."

Kakashi nods and said "Right, we will have missions agian tomorrow. You both earned a rest after such a great match."

Naruto smiled as he stood up and helped Tenten up and said "Good match." as he turned.

As he was about to walk away he was grabbed on the arm and spun around and before he had a chance to react he was kissed by Tenten on the lips and several people gave cat calls and whistled and Tenten broke the kiss and whispered "soc."

Naruto smiled and said "Come by and talk to the others about this later, ok."

Tenten nods and walks around grabbing weapons she used earlier. Neji was released by Hiashe and and Lee was helped by Gai.

Naruto started to walk away as everyone starts to leave and he walks by Kabuto and slips something in Kabuto pocket as he walked by and said "Check your supplies puppet." in a low voice as he walked away but not before flashing his Rinnegan to Kabuto.

Kabuto stiffened a moment and walked away not doing anything to draw his attention.

As Naruto walked away Sakura walked up beside him and asked "What was that about."

Naruto smiled and said "You will see later. I promise. Anyways could you do me a favor. Looks like Inari skipped Iruka-sensei class with Hanabi and I don't want to have to explain to him or Hiashe why they are here right now since I think my wounds are still not fully healed. I think Tenten accidently clipped my bladder with her blade and I need to go bad so would you mind getting him back to class Sakura-chan."

Sakura looked at Naruto and said "Right, I will for you Naruto-kun and I will tell Tenten she made you piss your pants also and need a diaper change, Cya." as she smirked running away."

Naruto sighed and said "Damn woman." as he ran home as fast as possible.