Alex looked up from his report and let his gaze come to rest on Christian, all hunched-over over his own paperwork.
He yearned for closing time and Höllerer's quiet 'good night'. He wanted to go home and run around with Rex in the woods behind the house, while Christian relaxed and organised some dinner. He wanted to be watching TV with Christian and hear him grumble at Rex's loud snores. Going to bed together, peaceful.

He wanted his little slice of domesticity after facing a harsh and brutal world all day.


His back hurt. His eyes were gritty and red. He wasn't usually a big fan of paperwork, certainly not after the caseload they'd managed, but it couldn't be helped.
All Christian wanted now was to get up, gather his stuff, grab Alex and drag him home. He could cook some pasta while Alex and Rex tore through the woods. Then, they'd come back in, smelling of sweat and wet leaves and life and they'd kiss. After the shower, they'd eat together and watch stupidities on TV.
To complete the slice of normality, they'd go to bed together, have sex and sleep plastered against each other, contented.