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His eyes are watching you from his seat in the classroom, burning deep, black holes into your smooth skin. You're facing the front and he's two rows behind you, but you can feel his stare, you can feel the heat of his gaze on your back, you know he's staring at you, even if he doesn't know himself. The bell to end the day sounds and as everyone gets up and leaves you stay, waiting for him to leave before you do, to save having to talk to him.

You walk outside the classroom with your books in your hands, the hallways are mostly deserted now. Your shoes make rather loud clacking sounds on the floors as you walk briskly to your locker. As your mind wanders you don't see Wallace head towards you and you almost run into him. You apologise as he starts rattling on about how he can't come over tonight to watch thriller movies with you because he has a date. Really, you don't mind, you're not really in the mood to watch thriller movies anymore and having the house to yourself sounds much more appealing at the moment.

Wallace walks you to the empty car park (save a few cars) and says goodbye as he walks to his own car. As you get in your car you see Logan Echolls approaching you. You ask yourself what he's doing here still just before he taps on your window with that familiar (and oh-so-charming) smirk of his. You ignore him at first, keeping your eye sight trained on the windscreen as you desperately try to start your car.

Logan doesn't leave, he taps again, harder this time, he's growing impatient. Eventually you grow tired of his tapping and you wind down your window, he sticks his head in the window. You pull back and give him a look of clear disgust you remind yourself that you hate him.

"Where you going Mars?" He asks you, smirking still.

You don't reply, you ignore him and attempt to start your car again. This time it starts and you glare at him, telling him with your mind to get out before you drive off and take his head with you. He gets the picture and retracts his head from your window, waving at you with sarcasm then flipping you off as you drive out of the school grounds.

When you get home your dad is waiting for you. His bags are packed and waiting by the door. He smiles slightly at you, you know he's angry at you for being late home because now he's going to be late to the airport and if he doesn't hurry he might miss his plane.

"I have to go sweetie" He tells you, kissing your forehead like he always does.

To him your still his little princess. You're not the ice cold bitch you've become ever since your best friend was murdered and you're still pure and innocent.

"I love you" You call to him as he gets in the cab.

"I love you too" He replies, waving as the cab drives off.

Finally you are home alone, thankful for the four days your dad will be gone. Although you love your dad, you hate how over protective he is of you and how he can tell when you are lying to him.

Your cell phone rings, you silently curse whoever it is because you now have a peaceful, silent house to yourself and you're being disturbed. You pick it up and read the caller ID it's Duncan. You didn't tell him you were home alone because you knew he'd want to come and 'keep you company', truthfully you don't want to spend your four days without your dad fucking Duncan.


"Hey baby, what you doing?"

"Hanging out with my dad" You lie easily.

"Oh. I was going to see if you wanted to come to dinner with me"

"Sorry, I promised dad I'd spend some quality time with him"

"What about tomorrow?"

"I'll see. I have to go"

"I love you" It rolls off his tongue so easily.

"I love you too" Yours feels like vomit.

Your house is finally quiet as you settle into the silence. You flip through a magazine, but your mind wanders to food. You could cook something or you could order a pizza, you opt for a pizza, having decided that you really don't want to wash the dishes later.

You dial the number and order your pizza, hanging up and settling into the couch for a few silent moments. You turn the television on and decide on a channel. The channel you are watching is playing an old fashioned black and white movie.

The movie is in French, you can't understand it and it doesn't have subtitles, but you think that the woman cheated on the man and they are arguing over it. There's a child watching the fight, it reminds you of when your mom and dad used to fight and you could see them.

Your door bell rings, you get up and grab some money from your purse to pay for the pizza. As you open the door you fumble for the money. When you look up it is not the pizza guy you're staring at, it's Logan, wearing the same smirk he had been wearing earlier.

"Home alone are we Veronica?"


"May I come in?"

He doesn't wait for you to reply, instead he pushes you aside and comes in. You slam the door and glare in his direction, he notices and only smiles at you.

"What are you doing here?" You ask him.

"Just came to visit you? Am I not allowed to?"

"No, you're not allowed to"

Your eyes glance over his strong body, for a second you wish it was him you constantly slept with and not Duncan, because from what people say Logan is much better in bed than Duncan and you wouldn't doubt the rumours for one second. As soon as your thought is over you immediately want to throw up for thinking about Logan like that.

"Where's Duncan? I would have thought he'd be over here with you whilst your dear old daddy is away"

"I felt like spending some time alone" You tell him, growing cautious of how he's moved inches closer to you.

He's now 3 steps away from you, his back is to the door, you can't really make a run for it, even if you desperately wanted to. The only way out of this is going past him to the door, unless you wanted to climb out a window.

"I think" He starts to say to you, stepping one step closer. His voice is almost a whisper now. "You just didn't want him all over you tonight"

Logan reads your mind, but you won't give him the credit of knowing what you didn't want because you hate him, you despise him and his ego is much too big already.

"That's…that's not it" You stutter, much to your dismay.

There's a knock on the door, Logan stands still, smiling at you. You breeze past him, your skins touch ever so slightly as you open the door. The pizza guy gives you your pizza and you give him the money. He's left before you can thank him.

Logan eyes you as you carefully place the pizza on the bench, you're not so hungry now. In fact you think that if you ate right now you'd probably throw it up right on the spot.

It's only then you realise that Logan has advanced closer to you, he's standing behind you, a step closer and his body would be flush up against your own. You turn around, your back arches into the corner of the bench, it's an unpleasant feeling, but you'd much rather have the pain of the bench in your back then be any closer to Logan Echolls.

"I don't mean to pry…actually I do. Where's Mr. Mars this evening?"

"He's gone away for four days" You reply stupidly without thinking of what Logan might make of this.

"Oh, so I suppose Duncan's going to be over here tomorrow, groping you helplessly. He never knew how to pleasure woman"

You know he's baiting you, stringing you along so you'll reply with a retort to fuel him. You reply anyway.

"And I suppose you do? The only thing you know how to do Logan is get drunk"

He gives out a low laugh from the back of his throat, it arouses you slightly but you don't let him know that.

"Veronica, I could have you begging for my cock in your cunt whenever I wanted to" He replies with foul language.

Again, he's baiting you, wanting you to reply so you can fall into his trap. You know if you fall into his trap you'll be on your hands and knees any minute with Logan fucking you from behind. Strangely you want it to happen, but if it does you know you'll regret it.

"I suppose this is the part where you want me to tell you to that I'd like to see you try, or something along the lines of that"

"I never said that"

"You didn't have to"

He takes his hand from his jacket pocket and reaches out for your face, but you don't let him. You move from him and stand further away, your back is up against the wall now, you wish you'd chosen to run instead of stay.

Logan taps his hands on the bench, a slow smirk reaches his face. You notice his long fingers, you wonder what they'd feel like inside of you, pumping into you quickly, pushing you over the edge. You cringe at the thought once you realise what you were thinking, he notices and looks at you with puzzled eyes.

"What were you thinking about?"


He gives that laugh again and you find yourself wanting to touch him, or for you to be able to have him touch you.

"If you were so happy to be alone tonight why haven't you told me to get lost?" Logan asks you, breaking the distance between you and moving so close that you can feel his hot breath.

One part of you wants to scream rape, leave and go to Duncan, have him make those thoughts of Logan on top of you go away. The most part of you wants to wrap your legs around Logan's waist and have him devour your body with his mouth.

"I…I…" You have nothing to say because you don't want him to leave.

"You don't want me to leave, Mars"

His body is lightly pressed against your own, his chest his heaving. His arms are pinned either side of you, trapping you in front of him. You don't know whether it's called trapping though, you don't really want to leave that position. Logan's head reaches your neck, but he doesn't kiss it, he simply breathes, arousing you with his breath on your neck.

"Yes" No, you say to yourself.

You find your hands are reaching up to wrap around his neck, you want them to stop, but it seems like they have a mind of their own now. He welcomes them, finally kissing your neck softly. You can remember Duncan doing that last time you had sex with him, but it didn't send shivers down your spine like Logan's kiss did.

His kisses reach the corner of your mouth, your lips turn up into a smile, you wish you could wipe it off your pretty face and smack Logan. His lips finally touch yours and it's so different to when Duncan kisses you. Logan seems to taste better, or maybe it's just your clouded thoughts.

Your cell phone rings again, it's not in your reach but Logan stops so you can pick it up. You don't even look at the caller ID before you pick it up, it's Duncan again.

"Hey Duncan" You linger on Duncan's name so Logan hears it.

He does but he only smirks playfully, pushing the pizza to the floor and picking you up only to place you on the bench. It's warm from the pizza. He gets to his knees in front of you and smiles mischievously, you know what he's planned and you know you should get off the phone to Duncan before he suspects something, but something inside wants to stay on the phone because the feelings of doing this while being on the phone to your boyfriend is very arousing.

"No…nothing, I'm just about to go have a shower actually"

You lie casually and Duncan doesn't suspect a thing. Logan's on his knees, fumbling with your jeans trying desperately to get them off so he can show you how to pleasure a girl properly. You're as eager as he is but you like to see him struggle.

"My dad's here, you can't just come over and shower with me" You giggle, but it's not from Duncan who just suggested he should come over and shower with you, but from Logan whose worked his magic now and is kissing that ticklish spot on your hip.

Your pants are around your ankles now, you kick them off with ease gasping as Logan kisses up your thigh. Your boyfriend asks what's going on but you just tell him you thought you saw a spider. He believes you and laughs, laughs at the fact that Veronica Mars is afraid of spiders.

"Duncan…can we speak later? I'm…oh…uh a little busy right now"

Logan's fingers have moved inside your panties now and you're struggling to keep from moaning. Duncan suspects something is going and he comes out and asks you what's going on.

"Nothing…I'm just…" You struggle for an answer. "Touching myself" You tell him, mentally hitting yourself.

Logan all but laughs at you, completely stopping his actions to gawk at you, you kick him playfully. Duncan makes a funny gasp but that you can only put to as shock or surprise maybe.

"Thinking of me?" Duncan asks you.

You can hear Duncan move to slide off his pants, you know he's going to get off whilst talking to you on the phone.

"Yes" You stare at Logan, saying yes to Logan not to Duncan.

Your panties drop to the floor as Logan rips them off with his teeth, Duncan's muttering words to you through the phone but you're not listening, you're too caught up in Logan's tongue raking over your hot cunt.

You can't take this anymore, you just want to rip Logan's clothes off and have him fuck you so hard on this bench right now.

"Duncan…I have to go…my…uh…dad is calling me"

You hang up before your boyfriend can tell you he loves you, but you don't mind because you don't want to hear it and you most definitely do not want to say it to him. Logan's pants are off now, he's managed to get them off whilst still working his magic on you.

As he discards his black boxers from his legs you can not help but stare at the rather large erection he possesses. He notices you staring and only laughs, he knows he is a lot bigger than Duncan, but he also knows you don't mind.

Both your top and bra, along with his top become discarded alongside the other garments you've taken off each other tonight. You're now both naked, admiring each other's body.

"You're so…"

You stop him. Sentiments aren't his thing, you get this. He doesn't have to call you beautiful or tell you he loves you because you know he doesn't think you're as good looking as all his other fucks and you certainly know he doesn't love you.

"You don't have to. Sentiments aren't your thing Logan"

He traces your collarbone with those fingers that you secretly thought of inside you. You can smell yourself on his fingers but oddly it doesn't turn you off.

"I was not just being a gentleman, Veronica. I was actually going to say something nice to you but have it your way" He does that throaty laugh, the one that aroused you.

You pull him closer with your legs, wrapping them around his waist as your hand snakes its way to his erection. His cock is larger than Duncan's not only in size but in thickness, you wonder for a second how much it's going to hurt.

As if he can read your mind he reassures you that he'll go slow at first and be gentle. You don't like that Logan, the one who cares about people. You want the Logan that wants to just fuck, because then you won't feel so guilty afterwards when you're lying in Logan's arms, entangled in his legs and breathing heavily after orgasming.

He starts to moan, you've never heard something so…arousing? No, that's not the right word for it, you can't find a word to describe. You settle on arousing because for now, until your brain starts working again it's the best fit word.

"Fuck me, Logan" You whisper in his ear, licking up his neck.

His tongue makes its way to your neck and suddenly he's devouring your neck like there's not tomorrow. He finds that spot…that spot that makes you wild when touched in the right way. You throw your head back in ecstasy and groan in a way you've never done before.

A hand reaches onto your back, it's slightly cold but you can tell it's Logan's just by the feel of it. His fingers dance on your back like they're performing a dance for you.

Your hands leave his erection because you can not think anymore, you can not co-ordinate your hands and your mind because all your thoughts have been over taken with the pleasure that Logan was inflicting on you right now.

You feel Logan get closer, his erection is touching your thigh now. He doesn't have a condom on but you can't find words to tell him to put one on, you don't have one anyway. You remember a sex ed class you had a few years back about the consequences that come with un protected sex; AIDS, STD's, pregnancy. Your luck, Logan will have them all and she'll wind up pregnant and riddled with sexually transmitted diseases. All those thoughts are gone when he enters you for the first time.

You can feel the tightness, how he's much too big for you. It's hurts a little, or a lot but you don't want him to stop. You want it to hurt, you want him to make you scream and cry and have you wake up the next morning in pain. He feels you wince and slows his pace, slowly moving in and out of you. You wonder if it's just you he's like this with or if he does the same for every other girl. You doubt that. It is, Logan Echolls after all.

Once he's fastened his pace a little you can feel the pleasure start to over come you, you're gripping onto his back so hard that you think you'll leave scars. You almost laugh at the image of Logan explaining that to whoever asks. Although he'd probably tell the truth to anyone who'll listen and tell everyone how much of a vixen you are in bed so you retract your nails and grip on the edge of the bench instead, at least the marks will be almost un noticeable.

As Logan deepens his movements you think about how terrible it'd be if your dad walked in right now…or Duncan. You think about Duncan, how much he loves you and how much you care for him. He'd be hurt by you fucking his best friend. You feel like a cheap slut right now.

"Logan" You moan, opening your eyes to stare into his. "I'm not a slut…this…this is a once off thing" You tell him sternly.

"I know" He gasps as you tighten around him.

He picks you up off the bench and starts walking towards your bedroom. You wonder how he knows where it is, but then again this was Logan you are with and not some idiot. On your way to your bedroom he trips and you end up on the floor with him crushing your body beneath his own.

"Logan" You gasp for air.

"Sorry" He mumbles.

He goes to pick you up again but you tell him not to, you tell him you want to fuck him here on the floor. He hovers above you, kissing your chest, nipping at your nipples and then flicking his tongue over them.

It amazes you how skilled he is with his fingers, his tongue…his cock but then again he's, Logan and he's been charming girls into bed since he hit puberty. You hate yourself for being another girl to add to his list, but somehow you know you're better than those girls, or you mean more to Logan then they did.

Your emotions go into over drive and along with feeling hateful, angry and horny you add guilt to the list. Guilt for the Kane siblings, guilt for Duncan because he's your boyfriend and you're cheating on him with his best friend and then guilt for Lilly, who was your best friend and now you're fucking her boyfriend.

He's quickening his moves, you can tell he's close to cumming. He's trying to hold off as long as possible, this is not the Logan you know. The Logan you know would get himself off and wouldn't care if you got your high or not. It's strange how you want the old Logan and not this Logan.

"Logan…Logan" You repeat over and over like a scratched CD.

You can feel your release coming fast, your body is becoming limp. There's sweat building on your forehead, Logan wipes it away with his hand.

He comes before you do, convulsing on top of you, pumping into you and gasping your name, struggling for air. You feel him fill you and that is what gets you off, that is what brings you the edge. The feeling of Logan filling you is what finally bought you to that high.

You yell out his name, just as he did yours, only you're filling the gaps with 'oh's' and 'ah's' instead of breathing. You claw at his back, you don't care anymore if people notice and if he tells people, you just want to get lost in him.

Your bodies crumble into each other, heavily breathing with closed eyes. Your legs are entangled and you're in Logan's arms, they're wrapped around you like you're his property now, only you're not, yoi never were to begin with.

"Veronica" He breathes out once more.

"Tell anyone and I'll kick your ass Logan" You tell him, swearing to god you'll kill him if he so much as breathes a word as to what happened.

"Is this what you're like with Duncan after you guys have done the dirty?"

He pries into your life like it's his own. He has no right to know what you and Duncan do before, during and after sex but somehow you find yourself telling him anyway.

"No. By now I'm usually home" You laugh at yourself.

Duncan would have lasted 10 minutes. As much as you hate to admit it Logan is a much better fuck and you're glad you have the comparison now.

"I told you I could fuck you"

"You said on all fours, me begging for your cock in my cunt, I don't believe that happened"

"We can arrange for that" He smirks, kissing your side.

You giggle as his fingers dance across your ribs. You know this is wrong, you know it was bad enough for you to do it once with Logan let alone twice but you can't help but want Logan to fuck you on all fours. He's turned you into someone else.

Your brain starts to work again and you finally gain some sense and stop him from getting to you again. You unsteadily sit up, resting on your elbow as he goofily admires your naked form. Your eyes wander to his waist, you blush slightly when he notices what you're looking at.

"Stop, Logan" His fingers retract from your side and rest on the ground.

"What's the matter, Mars?"

"I hate you. I don't want you. This was a mistake"

"You're awfully sexy when you lie" He tells you, kissing your shoulder.

You open your mouth to tell him you're not lying, but you know he won't believe you anyway. You know he thinks he knows everything, his ego is as big as his fortune.

"Stop lying to yourself, Mars. You want me bad"

Yes, stop lying to yourself you repeat in your head several times, staring blankly at the naked Logan in front of you. You want him as bad as he wants you. You always have. You always will.

He's Logan Echolls, you don't hate him, you don't despise him. You want him, you wish it was him with you every weekend in bed, you wish it was him kissing you goodnight after dates and you wish it was him who'd tell you he loves you after a phone call. Then maybe you wouldn't be lying when you said it back.

Stop lying to yourself Veronica Mars.

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