AUTHOR'S NOTE: As far as the groups' last names go, I'm going by the comic/cartoon. NOT the live action movie, which I did not care for.

It was a Friday morning when the Josie and the Pussycats' tour bus drove up to a large house by the beach. The band's manager, Alexander Cabot, III, stepped out of the bus.

"Well, gang, here it is," he said. "The Cabots' summer residence."

"Wow, Alex, this is really groovy!" the drummer, Melody Jones, replied.

"It's beautiful," the group's lead singer and guitarist, Josie James, said.

"It was really nice of your father to let us use it for the weekend," the group's tambourine player, Valerie Smith, replied.

"It would be a lot nicer," Alex's sister, Alexandra, grumbled, as she climbed off the bus. "If I had the place all to myself, without any of you here! Except Alan, of course."

Alan M. Mayberry, Josie's boyfriend, cleared his throat, and climbed off the bus. He, for one, was glad Josie and the others were around. He didn't like the idea of being alone anywhere with Alexandra Cabot!

The last one to get off the bus was Alexandra's cat, Sebastian. He rubbed against Alexandra's legs and meowed, until Alexandra picked him up and began stroking his back.

"At least we get our own rooms," she said. "I won't have to share one."

"Except maybe with the cat," Alex teased. His sister threw him a dirty look.

Without another word, the gang walked into the house, and got ready to hit the beach. Valerie set up a beach chair and sat down with a book she had checked out from the library. Melody promptly took a plastic shovel and began putting sand into a plastic bucket.

"I'm going to build an entire sand kingdom!" she shouted, and then giggled.

Alex was standing on the shoreline with a fishing pole, trying to catch fish. Josie and Alan were throwing a beach ball back and forth to each other. Alexandra was stretched out on her stomach, laying on a beach towel. She reached behind her, and undid her bikini top so she wouldn't get tan lines.

"Oh Alan!" she called, flirtaciously. "Would you be a dear and rub some suntan oil on my back?"

"Ho boy," Alan groaned, rolling his eyes. Josie had to laugh.

"She never gives up, does she?" she asked. "Go humor her, Alan. It's okay."

Alan nodded, and tossed the ball back to Josie. Then he walked over to Alexandra, picked up her tube of suntain oil, and squeezed some into his hand, then he started rubbing it on Alexandra's back.

"Be sure to rub it in good, Alan, dear," Alexandra said, thouroughly enjoying her back massage. Josie looked over, and rolled her eyes.

"She's persistant," she told Sebastian who had wandered over. "I'll give her credit for that."

"Eh," Sebastian shrugged. He and Josie continued to watch Alan and Alexandra.

"I'll have to get some more oil, Alexandra," Alan said. "I'll be right back."

Alexandra smiled, and began to get comfortable. Sebastian looked over at her and snickered. He thought he'd have a little fun. He snuck over behind Alexandra, and began taking a little walk across her back.

"Oh, Alan, I didn't hear you coming," Alexandra said. Sebastian continued to walk up and down her back. Alexandra sighed contentedly.

"That's just the spot," she said. Sebastian began kneading the spot he was standing on.

"Alan, that's great," Alexandra sighed.

Sebastian snickered softly, so Alexandra wouldn't hear him. He was enjoying this. Then he started to lick her back. Alexandra giggled.

"Oh, Alan, you are an animal!" she shouted. "You're wonderful!"

"Alexandra?" Alan asked, walking over. Alexandra looked up.

"Who are you talking to?" Alan asked again.

Alexandra turned around, and saw Sebastian sitting on her back. She let out a scream. Sebastian jumped up and ran off. Alexandra jumped up and chased after him.

"Come back here, you furry bean bag!" she yelled. "Just wait until I get my hands on you!"

"Alexandra!" Alan called. "Wait a minute!"

Alexandra didn't listen. She kept running after her cat, wanting to wring his furry little neck. She finally cornered him by a fence.

"Gotcha!" she shouted. "Thought you could get away from me, huh? Well . . . "

"Alexandra!" Josie shouted, running over holding a towel. "There's something you should know!"

"What is it, Josie?!" Alexandra shouted, sounding impatient.

Josie leaned down and whispered something in Alexandra's ear. Alexandra looked down and screamed, covering her chest with her arms. Josie handed her the towel. Alexandra grabbed it, and wrapped it around herself as fast as she could.

"I know you want to make an impression, Sis, but I think going topless is a little much," Alex said, with a laugh.

"Very funny," Alexandra said, sarcastically. She turned back to the fence, and found that Sebastian had run off.

"Oooh!" she growled. "That darn cat!"