Hours later, Alex woke up, feeling extremely disoriented.

"Oh boy," he groaned, as he started to sit up. "What a night."

"Lie back down, Alex," Josie said, as she and Melody pushed him back down.

"Yeah, you've just had surgery," Melody replied.

"Surgery?!" Alex shouted, shooting back up. Josie and Melody pushed him back down again.

"Calm down, Alex, and we'll explain," Valerie said. "Your indigestion last night turned out to be appendicitis. The doctors had to take your appendix out right away."

"They got it out in time," Alan said. "Any later, and it would have ruptured."

"Appendicitis?" Alex said. "But how did you guys figure out it was appendicitis and not indigestion?"

"We didn't," Josie said. "But Sebastian sure did!"

"Yeah, he kept trying to get us up all night," Alexandra said, stroking Sebastian's back. "We thought he was just being annoying, considering all the trouble he caused yesterday!"

Sebastian meowed, and jumped out of Alexandra's arms, onto Alex's hospital bed. He made himself comfortable and sat down. Alex started to scratch his ears.

"So, what's the story on this appendix thing?" he asked. "I mean, I'm gonna be okay, right?"

"Don't worry, Alex," Josie said. "The doctor said you'll be fine in a week or so."

"You're lucky Sebastian knew what was happening," Valerie said. "If he hadn't called nine-one-one, that appendix of yours would have ruptured, and you definitely wouldn't have made it."

"I guess I owe a lot to Sebastian," Alex said. "You know how they say that the dog is man's best friend? Well, this cat is definitely this man's best friend!"

"Let's hear it for Sebastian!" Melody shouted. "The most heroic cat in the world!"

"Yaaaayyyy!" everyone cheered, and applauded.

Sebastian just sat there, and snickered.

The End