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The WoLf At BaY Proudly Presents Chapter 32:


Sirius Black wanted coffee, really badly, in fact, he was fully prepared to commit the murders he had been accused of if it meant he would get his coffee. All of the damned students with their tests and studying were drinking all of the coffee. Well Sirius had the safety of the entire country as well as teaching most of the same ungrateful brats that were drinking all of his coffee. It just wasn't fair!

"Where's all the damn coffee!" Sirius yelled, bursting into the Great Hall.

"You all think life is so hard with your classes and tests, well I spend as much time teaching as you do learning, and as much time grading as you do studying, AND THEN I have to go and fight some idiot Death Eaters every damned night, because they can't seem to work during the day. So stop taking all my damn coffee!"

"You done yet Sirius?" asked Harry while calmly sipping a steaming mug of coffee.

Sirius moved towards his godson until they were practically nose to nose.

"Where did you get that coffee?" asked Sirius, his voice barely above a low whisper.

"I had Dobby save me the very last cup in the castle." Answered Harry, smirking at the now enraged Professor.

"That's it! No one screws with a Marauders Coffee and gets away with it!"

Sirius pushed off the table with his arms and legs, vertically leaping back 3 feet and then casting a very strong Banishing Curse at Harry, which only succeeded in splattering breakfast across the wall, as Harry had started to move at the same instant as Sirius, and was now three feet to his left, still sipping his coffee. The entire school was present in the Great Hall and turned to watch the 'famous Death Eater Hunters' dueling each other, over a cup of coffee. Sirius cast another Banishing Charm at the spot where Harry was when he started, only to have to duck a Stunner that Harry had silently cast from another three feet to the left, while still drinking coffee. As his stunner missed, Harry cast a Banishing Charm at the wall behind him, angled down about halfway, which sent him airborne over the Gryffindor Table, and out of the path of Sirius' latest missed spell. Sirius was getting angry at this point, firing spells almost randomly at his swiftly dodging godson, but not even managing to get Harry to spill his coffee.

Harry it seemed was content to duck and dodge, only occasionally shooting spells at Sirius, and sipping his coffee the entire time. He ducked his head slightly to avoid a nasty cutting curse, something he wouldn't think Sirius would use over a cup of coffee, and cast another Banishing Charm, propelling himself up into the air and onto the Hufflepuff table, from there he cast three silent Stunners at Sirius, which he easily dodged. Looking down Harry saw that his coffee cup was empty, and grinned in a predatory manor as he dropped the mug, prepared to fully start dueling.

Sirius saw this as well and took a moment to calm himself, knowing that this was now a serious contest, as opposed to him venting his frustration. Harry wanted to see if he could really beat his godfather and teacher, and Sirius was only too happy to show him the error of his ways. By an unspoken acknowledgement the impromptu duel started, both Harry and Sirius moving clockwise, occasionally using a Banishing Charm or Summoning Charm to aid and speed their movements. It took nearly 6 minutes of calculating and assessing for either duelist to take real action; both Harry and Sirius had seen each other duel so many times, against Remus, in Sirius' case, or classmates, in Harry's case, and both against Death Eaters, that they felt they could anticipate, and be anticipated, too well. Harry moved first, using his superior speed to duck around and behind some Ravenclaws at their table, and shoot two Stunners at Sirius. Unsurprisingly both missed, and Sirius answered with rather more powerful Cutting and Bludgeoning Curses. Harry dodged the Cutting Curses and contempously blocked the Bludgeoning Curses.

"If that's how you wanna play Sirius, fine by me. Sectumsempra!"

The arc of purple light hit Sirius in the shoulder, completely crippling his left arm, spraying half of Gryffindor House with blood. Sirius answered with a curse that Harry didn't know, which hit him in the leg, causing his right thigh to shatter like someone had taken a sledge hammer to it. Harry cried out in pain and immediately dove to his left, shooting four stunners at Sirius as he fell.


The bright black spell left Harry's wand and hit Sirius, who was busy blocking Stunners, leaving him writhing on the stone floor, screaming in agony. Harry showed no intention of releasing Sirius until the older man forced him to, and there was sure as hell no one else trying to get on the wrong side of his wand, even the teachers remained still.

"Albus surely-"

"No Minerva, we must let Harry fully test himself, and, though I deplore his choice of spells, it will do the students good to have a champion, one of their own to stand behind against Voldemort." Though not even the learned Headmaster expected what happened next.

In fact most of those present believed Harry responsible for the flurry of spells raining down, it was his signature Explosion Hex, except for the fact that every curse was aimed at, and squarely connected with one Harry James Potter.

Hundreds of pair of curious eyes, some much older than others, followed the graceful yet destructive arc of spell fire back to its caster. A boy, apparently no older than Harry himself, dressed, albeit casually, in what was to the trained eye a VERY expensive suit and tie, and curved, pointed shoes. The two wands in the newcomers hands were dispensing spells as fast, or maybe even faster than Harry has when endeavoring to retake his first real home.


A scream to rival Molly Weasley on her best day erupted from the tall, mousy haired, and quite attractive woman now seen to be standing behind the boy, who visibly winced at the scolding from what was undoubtedly his mother. The spell fire immediately stopped.

"But mom, I've never even met Dad, I can't just let some kid curse him now can I?" replied the stranger.

"DAD?" the question was echoed by nearly the entire school, heads revolving between the newly arrived couple, and Sirius Black, just getting to his feet.

"Nice curse by the way Harry," remarked Sirius, "And who the hell are you callin dad kid?"

"Well Sirius Orion Black, I would think that would be painfully obvious." Answered the boys mother.

"Hey I've been in Azkaban for twelve years, sorry to disappoint, your good looking, but no way I was the one that knocked you up." Sirius said this deadpan with a real shit eating grin on face. Which was promptly removed.

"You "knocked me up" before you went to Azkaban you idiot."

Sirius immediately fell flat on his ass in shock, as did Remus Lupin, who had appeared conveniently and with no explanation.

"SYNTHIA?" this came from Remus, Sirius too busy hyperventilating to speak.

The woman, who did bear a striking resemblance to the werewolf, nodded confirmation, causing Remus to join Sirius on the floor in shock.

"Ummmm question? Who the fuck is Synthia?" asked Harry.

The boy answered this question.

"My mother, his sister, and his wife." As he spoke this he pointed to himself, Remus, and Sirius in turn.

Harry joined the other two flat on the floor in shock.

"Jeez mom, what a bunch of pussies…"

Understandably, this sobered the three up very quickly, though Harry was the only one with capacity for abstract thought at the moment.

"Hang on a second, your Remus' sister, Sirius' wife, and his mother, which would make him… Sirius has a bloody kid!"

"Guilty." Spoke Sirius from the floor, though Harry barely noticed.

"And its by Remus' sister, Padfoot you dog, knocked up your best friends sister, should we make sure Dudley isn't yours as well?"

"Sorry kiddo, no way your cousin is mine, though I will take full credit for the young man that just nearly blew you into your bacon, especially considering his mother looks better now than when she was twenty."

"Easy Sirius, that's my little sister…" warned Remus.

"Synthia where in the hell have you two been?" asked Sirius, seriously for a change.

"With you in prison as a deranged murderer? Australia of course."


"Yes, idiot, Australia."

"As in kangaroo's?"


"Like throw another shrimp on the Barbie Australia?"

"YES! And that accent is really terrible by the way."

Sirius and Remus both broke down in tears at this point running to the woman and grabbing her in a rib crushing, two man hug, lifting her clean off the floor in the process. This of course caused her to hit the both soundly about the head for several minutes.

The boy, in the mean moved towards Harry, extending his hand.

"A.J. Black, I suppose your Harry, and I think that makes us just about brothers."

Harry considered the outstretched hand for a moment, then grasped it warmly.

"I'd say so, coffee?" offered Harry

"Much appreciated."

A.J. Black took a cup of delicious, steaming coffee from Harry Potter, and both boys turned to watch the touching family reunion moment.

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