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"This mark…This is the seed of Escalus planted within me. Giving sprout to it and safeguarding the world is my fate. I wonder why? I wasn't able to speak of this to anyone…but I was able to tell you.

Perhaps it is because you are Romeo's elder brother. Tybalt, please look after Romeo. Lend Romeo your strength."

"Is it so necessary for you to offer your life?"

"I have come to this decision myself for the sake of everyone alive in this world. Thank you for listening. I'm going now."


And she turned to look at him, her soft tresses flowing with every delicate movement she made. Her eyes jovial and sparkling with a message only he could interpret with his own.

"It'll be all right…" She seemed to say.

She smiled at him, and she turned away, silently departing from his sight like she had been nothing more than a stupor in the night.

And Tybalt watched.

Wondering on her cruel fate…

Wondering if this was the only way…

Wondering why she chose him, of all people, to confide all this.

Wondering why he had cried out her name so impulsively…

Wondering why his heart seemed caught in the heartbeat moment she looked at him….

Wondering why his heart tinged with ache as she looked away.

…And distantly wondering if there was more to that reason, other than the fact that he was Romeo's elder brother, of telling him all this.

…And unconsciously wishing and yearning to hold her in his arms like so many nights before of pearled tears and cold wind. (1)

Tybalt could find no answer as he noted the biting cold of the wintry air.

Theme(s): Cold

A/n: Inspired from the first part of Act 22.

(1) – A reference to Act 8.