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He had to get out of there quick. He had to be silent and make sure no one saw him. If anyone saw him they would take him back. He couldn't go back. If he stayed, if he went back, only death, darkness, and eternal loneliness awaited him. He quickly continued to shove everything he had, which wasn't very much, into his small backpack. He proceeded to run out of his room, grabbing his toothbrush along the way, put on his hooded jacked, pulled the hood as tight as he could, and ran out of the door. He couldn't help but wish he hadn't thrown away his hat but he made do with his hooded jacket. The hood had fallen do once but luckily no one had seen him. He held the hood firmly in place with his small hands. He needed to keep his identity hidden until he reached the bus stop.

He sighed in relief as the bus stop came into view. He rushed to the stop and waited for the bus to come. He prayed it came soon, he didn't know how much time he had before they came for him. When the bus finally came into view he almost wept in joy. He hadn't been caught yet. All he needed to do now was get on the bus and get as far away as he could. He quickly got on the bus, using almost half of the all money he had, and got on the nearest empty seat.

He began to think out his next course of action, all the while unconsciously hugging his backpack to his chest as he did so. He had an excuse planned if anyone asked him were he was going and way he was alone. He knew that he had to get as far away a possible so he would have to ride the bus to its last stop. From there he would go to the nearest train station and see how far he could go by train. If he didn't have the money for the train he would just get on another bus. He just hoped that if it came to that he didn't get on the wrong bus and end up back were he started.

He watched as people got on and off the bus, waiting until the bus reached its final destination. After sitting on the bus for over two hours it finally reached its final stop. Once he got off he stopped to take a look at his surroundings. He made a note of all the tall buildings that surrounded him, which made since seeing as he was in the middle of a city. He needed to find the nearest train station and see if he could get a ticket to anywhere. It shouldn't be to hard since he was in the city and there would be several train stops scattered around the city.

After nearly an hour of searching he finally found a train stop. It had been pure luck on his part that he found it. Even though he was in the city there weren't as many train station as he had expected and he was getting lost trying to find one. When he looked at the price for a ticket he almost cried in despair. A ticket cost twice what he had on him. It looked like he would have to go with his backup plan and hope he didn't accidentally send himself back home. First, though, he needed to find some more money. He had enough for a bus ticket but it would take everything he had left, and he was getting hungry. He frantically ran around the train station looking for, and picking up, loose change. When he felt he had collected enough he ran off to find another bus stop.

The small boy could only sit and panic as he waited for the next bus to come. He wished he could have found enough money to take the train. With a train he was guaranteed to get away from his home. However, with the bus he was making a gamble. He didn't know the bus schedule or the destination of the various buses. He would just have to get on and hope he didn't take the wrong bus.

When the bus finally arrived he did his best to look calm as he got on the bus. On the inside, however, he was panicking. He couldn't go back. If he went back he knew he would die, he would die slowly and alone. He couldn't, wouldn't let that happen not while he still had the ability to run, to get away.

He spent the entire ride looking out the window to make sure he wasn't back were he started. When he reached the last stop he let out a sigh of relief since he didn't recognize his surroundings. Normally people would panic at such a thing but since he was trying to escape this was perfectly fine with him. He turned around long to see what was the name of the place he was at. The sign on the front on the bus read Karakura Town. The boy let out a small smile. Karakura Town would be his new home.

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