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The little boy looked around to see if he could find any nearby shelter. He needed a safe place to sleep for the night and he wasn't willing to sleep in the streets. After a few hours of searching he finally found shelter in a small plastic house setup in a local park playground. It was late in the day so no one was around to see him sneak inside.

He quickly made a sleeping area for himself in a corner of the house. He didn't have a sleeping bag or any blanks so he had to make a bed out of the clothes he bought with him. Lying down, he began to cover himself in his own clothes. The overall effect looked like a giant cocoon. While rapt up, the boy began to wonder what he would do now but before he could think too much on the subject he drifted off to sleep.

Masaki smiled as she watched her oldest child run off ahead of her only to run back when he got to far away. Masaki smiled as she continued to walk with little Karin and Yuzu while keeping an eye on Ichigo. They were going to a nearby park to play but Masaki was going slow so she didn't wakeup the twins. After all, there was no need to hurry since it was still early in the morning.

Ichigo, however, could hardly contain his excitement. He couldn't wait to show Karin and Yuzu around even though his mom said they were too little to understand or remember anything. Once they reached the park Ichigo ran off to the playground and looked around trying to decide were to start. He finally settled on the plastic house setup on the outer area of the playground.

He opened the door and prepared to show Yuzu and Karin inside when he noticed a strange lump in the corner. When he got closer he noticed it was a pile of clothes. He was trying to figure out what to do when the clothes began to move.

A little boy began to stir under the mass of his own clothes. He had slept later than he had intended to. He just hoped no one had come by while he was sleeping or they might end up taking him back there. He mentally shivered at the thought.

When he finally opened his eyes they immediately widened in horror as he spotted another boy across from him. He sat up immediately and began looking for the nearest possible exit. He couldn't help but wonder how many other people were outside and if he could escape them. He began to panic as thoughts of what would happen to him flashed through his mind. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice the other boy get closer until he spoke to him.

"My name's Ichigo. What's yours?"

The boy took a moment to decide whether or not to tell the other boy his name. Apparently he took too long since the other boy stuck his head out the window and shouted, "Mama, there's somebody in here."

The boy panicked when he herd this and quickly yanked the other boy back inside.

Masaki watched Ichigo as he disappeared inside the plastic house and checked to see if the twins were still asleep. She looked up when she heard her son shout for her only to see him being pulled back inside. Masaki quickly ran over to see what was going on. When she looked inside the house her eyes landed on another boy who looked just like her son. His eyes were wide and his hand was still clenched around the back of Ichigo's shirt.

The boy let go of Ichigo's shirt and quickly moved away from her. Masaki could only look at the boy in confusion. The little boy was giving her a look of absolute terror. She tried to calm him down by giving him a reassuring smile.

"My name is Masaki. Kurosaki Masaki and this is my son Ichigo. What's your name?"

"Mama, I already told him my name," Ichigo said in a huff.

The boy shifted around a bit before he stuttered out, "K-Kyo."

"Kyo, can you come out of there so I can talk to you a little better?" she asked trying to get a better look at the other boy through the window.

Before Kyo could even answer Ichigo grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the house. Once they were outside Masaki took a better look at Kyo. He looked clean and healthy so he must have either ran away from home or he was lost since there weren't any other people in the park.

"Ichigo, could you watch Karin and Yuzu for me? I want to talk to Kyo for a moment and I don't want to leave the two alone any longer or they might get lonely."

Ichigo quickly nodded his head and ran to take care of the twins. Masaki smiled as she watched Ichigo run off before turning back to Kyo. She looked at him trying to figure out what he was doing in the park by himself. Finally, she decided to ask him.

"Where are your parents? Are you here with your mom or dad?"

"Ma-mama died. She didn't want me. She died to get away from me because I'm a monster! I didn't kill her! I swear I didn't! I didn't want her to die! It's not my fault! I didn't do it! Papa said he didn't want me! He said I'm not his son!" Kyo began to shout hysterically and tears started to flow down his face.

Masaki's eyes widened when she heard this. She reached out to hug him but stopped when she saw him flinched. Instead, she placed one hand on his shoulder and ran her other hand through his hair. She continued to do this until Kyo finally calmed down.

When he did she wiped the tears off his face she asked, "Do you want to stay with us?"

Kyo's head shot up when he heard her and looked up with a mixture of fear and hope. Masaki just gave him a soft smile. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on but it sounded like his father had disowned him and he was now homeless. She couldn't stand the thought of leaving the boy on his own when he looked so much like her son Ichigo.

"Did you bring anything with you? If you did you should gather your things up so you can take them with you when we leave."

Kyo's eyes widened before he nodded his head furiously before he ran back into the playhouse to gather his things. Masaki let out a small chuckle before she went back to check on her children. It looked like the Kurosaki residence would have another mouth to feed.

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