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"I'll miss you mommy!" A little girl with long, curly, shocking blond hair told me, running forward to wrap her small arms around my legs.

I smiled slightly, then kneeled down to give her a hug. "Love you baby. Be good for Grandma."

"I will mommy." My daughter said, her voice muffled against my thigh.

I pulled away, smiling once again, and looked into my daughters crystal blue eyes. The eyes that matched mine perfectly- one of the only things that did. Everything else, she got from her father. "I'll see you at Christmas Riannon."

I gave her one last hug, then walked toward the fireplace. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." I said, fast and clear. It got harder and harder to leave her every year.

I stumbled out of the fireplace in Dumbledore's office only moments later. He looked up from where he was sitting at his desk and smiled. "Ah, Miss James. I trust Anna had a good birthday?"

I nodded, my face completely neutral except for a small smile tugging at my lips. "Yes. Two years old."

Dumbledore smiled, his blue eyes twinkling. "Your things have been sent to your room. You may head down to breakfast."

I nodded quickly and walked out of the office. You see, my fourth year, on Halloween night, I got a little-okay, more than a little- drunk. That night I got pregnant by the Slytherin Prince himself, Draco Malfoy. Not that he knew he had a daughter. I never told him. I mean, he knew that we had slept together, but it was like we both just agreed not to speak of it. The only one person knows he is the father, and that person is my best friend, Nessa.

Anyway, Riannon, or Anna as we call her, was born on September first, the first day of my fifth year. That year I was three weeks late to school, so it was a little obvoius to everyone that something had happened. I didnt bother trying to keep it a secret, when asked, I flat out told everyone that I had had a daughter.

There was absolutely no way I was going to head back to school on my daughters birthday, so Dumbledore let me come a day late the last two years. So, technically, today was my first day of my seventh year.

I asked into the Great Hall and was met with a very loud scream. "Ebony!"

A tall girl with dark Blondie hair and brown eyes ran over and pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged her back, though I was finding it a little difficult to breath. "Hi Ness." I gasped.

Nessa pulled away and smiled at me brightly. I saw people shooting us odd glances- mostly people from other houses that didn't think Slytherin's could ever be even a little bit nice. We can- but only to each other. Joking, joking- okay, not really. "How's my beautiful goddaughter?" Nessa asked me.

I smiled back, instantly thinking of my beautiful daughter once again. "She fine. Same as she was when you saw her three days ago."

Nessa laughed for a moment, then spoke hesitantly. "Listen, you know how much I like Blaise."

"Yeah, and?" I questioned, already knowing my best friend had liked Blaise for most of the time we had been in school.

Nessa continued, " Well, you know how I think he started to like me too this summer. He asked me to sit with him at meals and stuff, and your my best friend, so I want you to sit with me...but Draco is sitting with Blaise." She pouted, her eyes wide. I knew she was afraid I would refuse- only because I hadn't really even spoken to Draco since that night. "Please sit with us? I mean, everyone knows about Anna. You dont have to tell them who the father is..."

I laughed at how worried she was. "Nessa! It's fine."

She sighed in relief, then pulled me over to where Blaise, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle were all sitting. She sat next to Blaise, pulling me down beside her. Across from Draco. I swallowed hard, trying not to show how much my heart was pounding.

"Hey Ebony." Blaise smiled, making me calm down slighlty. "How's Anna?"

Blaise had met Anna this summer when he had come to my house with Nessa. Anna adored him. She kept getting him to play games with her, and begged me to let him teach her to ride a broom. I told her no, of course, but I had a feeling he had taken her out when I was doing other things.

"She's good. Keeps asking me when you're coming back." I told him, smiling ruefully.

Blaise laughed. "She's a great kid. Don't blame be if she likes me better than you."

I beamed. "I know she's a good kid." I said, then sent him a smirk. "And she'd never like you more than me. I'm her mother."

"Which is why she'd like me more than you." Blaise muttered, his mommy issues becoming apparent.

"Hello, James." A smooth voice cut in, instantly making my mouth go dry.

I looked up, straight into the cool eyes of Draco, then nodded. "Malfoy." I was proud of myself, keeping my voice as calm as I did.

He smirked back at me, and in that moment I realized how much Anna looked like him. I sent him a smirk, turning away quickly before I did something stupid.

"Miss James." I turned and saw Snape holding out my timetable. I snatched it from his hand quickly, hoping I had some good classes this time.

I had barely began to look at it before it was ripped from my hand. "Nessa!"

She studied it a moment, then passed it to Blaise. "We have two classes together on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Blaise and Draco are in those too."

"I also have a class with you on Tuesdays." Blaise said, passing my schedule to Draco. I rolled my eyes. I barely talked to Draco and Blaise, why are they all the sudden wanting to know my schedule?

Draco stared down at it for only a moment, then smirked. "Everything."

"No fair." Nessa whined, shooting me a glance. "Trade you."

I rolled my eyes, trying to appear nonchalent. Everything? I had to sit through every single class with Draco? "What's first?"

"History of Magic." Daco answered, not even glancing at the schedule in his hand.

I groaned. "Great." Binns on the first day, in the morning? At least I'll get some sleep.

Nessa laughed, knowing exactly what was running through my mind. "No sleeping." She warned me.

"Ahhh." I whined, sounding just like my daughter. "Please?"

"No." Nessa said, acting angry. She turned to Draco, her eyes narrowed. "Don't let her sleep." She told him, motioning to me.

"Yes ma'am." Daco smirked, rolling his eyes. I chuckled, knowing there was no way Draco Malfoy would just take orders from her as easy as that. He smirked at me once again, then stood. "Come on, James. Time to go."

I rolled my eyes, but stood anyway. I was about to leave the great hall when someone grabbed my arm. Hard, "James." The person said in my ear. I whirled around, recoiling instantly. Shit.

"What do you want Avery?"

He licked his disgusting lips, "When are you going to admit Anna's mine? Then you and I could get to work on another."

I rolled my eyes and tried to break free of his grip. He just held on tighter, making me gasp in pain. "You raped me Avery." I hissed, glaring at him. "And Anna's NOT yours! I got pregnant a month after that! If you could do that math, you'd have known that already!"

Avery raised an eyebrow, leering at me. "Then maybe I should try again..."

"Avery." A voice cut in sharply. Draco. "Let her go."

Avery scowled, but slowly let my arms go. He smirked at me slightly, sent a glare over his shoulder, then he walked away. Like nothing had happened.

"You okay Ebony?" Blaise asked slowly, almost like he was afraid I was going to break down at any moment.

"Fine." I growled, rubbing my sore arms.

"I was going to wait till later," Nessa said slowly, "But Avery's telling everyone Anna's his."

I let out a hiss, glaring after the bastard. He was an idiot if he thought that.

"Which is ridicules if you ever saw her, Draco." Blaise told his best friend, laughing loudly. "She has Ebony's eyes, and her curly hair, but her hair is blond and she has really pale skin. And she's totally Slytherin. She's only two and has this smirk-" He broke off suddenly, something like comprehension on his face. He stared at Draco a moment, then looked at me, his eyes narrowing. I swallowed hard, not meeting his eyes. Hey, I wasn't in Gryffindor. No courage here.

Nessa cut in quickly. "I keep telling people he's not the father, but I dont think they believe me."

I shrugged, still not looking toward Blaise or Draco. "If anyone bothered to do the math, they'd know he's a month off." I was getting really uncomfortable with the way Blaise was staring at me. I shifted, then started walking once again. "Time for class." I muttered.

I walked into the History of Magic classroom and sat in the back row. Draco slid into next to me. Now I was DEFINITELY uncomfortable. We sat in silence as everyone else filed into the room. I wiped my hands on my robe, then took a deep breath. I hadn't been this close to him since that night- and I wasnt to sure how I felt about it.

"So..." Draco started, obviously wanting to say something and trying to see if I was going to let him continue.

I braced myself.

"Avery really isn't Anna's father then?"

"No." I said shortly, already not liking where this was going.

"Hmm." Draco looked thoughtful, a smirk on his lips. "Blaise talked about Anna a lot after he came back from your house."

I blinked, surprised. I knew he liked my daughter, but I didnt think it was that much. "Really?"

Draco nodded. "I heard about her all summer. She must really be something."

I smiled."I think so."

Draco smirked at me, though his eyes were watching me intently. Like he was studying me. "You look different when you talk about her. Happier."

My smile got bigger. If I kept this up, some Gryffindor's might die of shock- hey, that's not a bad idea. "I am."

Draco merely nodded and faced the front once more. Neither of us said anything the remainder of the class.