For five years, Minerva had been working for Albus and she'd never even asked him if the rumors were true. Not that she'd never cared. It was just that she'd accepted that she would never have a chance. Even if he wasn't ... she'd just never have a chance.

So she had never questioned if it was true ...

Therefore, she was very confused when one day he just kissed her after a game of chess.


He smiled. „Yes, my dear?"

''Why have you done that?"

He grinned even more. „What do you think why a man kisses a woman?"

Albus could see that she was very confused.

''Well, Albus ... I know why most men would kiss a woman, but your are ..."

''Yes, my dear?"

She sighed.

''You are ... gay ..."

Now it was his part to look confused.



''Why do you think that I am ... gay?"

She looked shocked.

''You aren't?"


''But ..."


''There were rumors ..." Minerva's face had by now adapted the deepest shade of red Albus had ever seen.

''Not all rumors are true, my dear ..."

As if to prove his point, he kissed her again.


P.S. Just a little something I had to write after JKR had the „great" idea of telling everyone that she'd always imagined Albus as gay ... One of my theories is that she'd so many bad experiences with men that she things that every nice man is gay ...

No matter what JKR says ... I'm just gonna ignore her ... You all know that I've already ignore that she killed Albus ... So ... I just keep going and I hope everysone out there who loves ADMM will do the same!