Over the Years

Part twenty-one

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Authors note: This is it everyone! It's the end… Thanks to everyone who reviewed!


It's been two years since I've seen Peter, or anyone else in the family. I heard that Peter moved back to New York two months after he left me, but that's all I really know.

I have a good job, and a great life…no, I don't have another boyfriend, or anyone I care about. Nobody has been able to come close to what I once had.

And now, here I am, standing in New York once again. Hiro is getting married to a woman he met on one of his hero missions and I was here for the wedding. And now I have to see the people I have spent the last two years running from.

I walked into the church and instantly froze. Because it was just my luck that the very first person I see was Peter himself.


Claire. I stared at her in complete shock. She was beautiful, as beautiful as she has ever been. And I was still completely in love with her. I just stood staring at her. Then the wedding started.


I watched the wedding, wished Hiro my congratulations, then tried to get away as quickly as possible. I didn't make it.


I stopped Claire as she tried to run out of the wedding. "Claire-"

That's the only thing I had a chance to say before Claire ran into my arms.


I don't know what came over me. I just broke and ran straight into Peters arms. I glanced up and saw him staring at me with the same look he used to give me.


"I still love you Claire."

"I love you too."