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At Seiko Academy, the Intraschool Music Concours is held irregularly every 2 to 3 years. Though it is an 'intraschool' competition, it has always been more of an intra-music-department kind of competition.

This year, however, a female student from the regular department who had never played a musical instrument before, Hino Kahoko had been chosen to compete in the concours, much to the surprise of everyone, including herself.

What was even more surprising was that she actually did fairly well in the concours, playing a magical violin. But of course, no one knew of the magical violin part, otherwise her results wouldn't have been surprising. (Haha.)

Previously, when the concours was in full swing, she would go to the music practice rooms every day to practice. She had also gotten to know the other concours participants and had formed several close friendships with them.

Now that the concours is over, Kahoko has no reason to go to the music section of the school any longer. Though she does occasionally meet the other concours participants, she never has the opportunity to exchange more than a few pleasantries with them. Even Tsuchiura, the only other regular student in the concours, is busy with the Soccer Club, now that the season was in full swing. Thus, other than practicing her violin at home and occasionally dropping in on Minami Instruments, Kahoko's link to the music world was practically non-existent. That was, until…

"Oi, Hino." Kahoko turned around at the sound of her name.