This is Naruto thinking about Konohamaru, of course. Poem, Poem, Poem. Enjoy.

I look at you,

And what is this feeling inside of me?

I am unsure,

This thing I am feeling, what could it be?

I've known you so long,

And this feeling is new,

Has something gone wrong?

I don't know what to do.

I look into your eyes,

And quickly lose my breath,

It's such a surprise,

Almost scares me to death.

It is just a normal day,

By accident we touch.

I cannot think of a thing to say,

This feeling, it's too much.

Thoughts are spinning around my head,

It's you I'm thinking of, my friend,

I think of you even in bed,

This feeling, will it ever end?

I have so many questions,

I believe an answer might be good.

Who knows when something more begins,

Or if it ever would or could or should.

I can't wait anymore,

I want to see,

I want to know

What's inside of me.

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