NICOLE's muse

Nicole has always been jealous of sally. Mors so then ever after she relizes what her feelings are doing to her. If anyone ever made this story before I ma sorry for making it again.

NICOLE hated to hear how sally talked about how she felt for sonic. She hated to here her say how they kissed. What they did last night.

NICOLE would always just nod and laugh at the joke that sally told her last night. But yet she would never till sally any of her feelings. Not even the deepest one that was haunting her insides.

She loved sonic. Yes there she just told all of you. She loved sonic with her whole fake heart.

Hse could not help herself, she always stole little glances of sonic here and there. She did this to quench her first for him.

She would watch him as he slept right beside sally in their bed. Sometimes as he layed there she would touch him lightly on the check, just to see how he felt. Once she even wen't into his dremas hoping that they could have there ever after there. But what she saw was the exact same thing sh saw every single day. Him and sally were kissing.

She could not even be with him in his dreams.

She could still have him in her dream. Whenever she was in sally's pocket she would dream of what it might be if they were together. Of how they would kiss. Of how he would see her after he was finished with sally. But every single time she woke up and saw there childrens faces she felt like she betrayed sally.

She hated to have these feelings, she wished that they would go. But every single time that sonic would wlak by, she would blush, that is if computer knew how to blush she would be doing it.

So today on this particular day she was doing her evening patrols. She stopped at the childrens room. She looked over their cribs. She smiled at them. Remembering her dream last night of watching her and sonics children scamper around. Clearing her head she made her way to their room. Watching sonic roll over on bed she could not help but let out a sigh. She watched him for ocver ten minute sbefore she knew that she needed a recharge. Tonight instead of touching sonic she bent down and kissed him on the cheek. The closest she will ever get to being with him. Making her way to her pocket she waited ofr her dremas to take over her so she can just for tonight be with sonic.