Harry Potter woke to a sudden glare of sunlight and shut his sensitive eyes shut hastily, flipping onto his side, away from the morning sun someone had exposed him to. As he sunk back into the cocoon of pillows and blankets, a gentle poke disturbed his attempted slumber slightly, but was quickly dismissed. However, it was not easily dismissed and the pokes continued, only to be followed by harder pokes and what could only be described as an outright jab.

"What?!" the brunet almost snapped, bolting up into a sitting position and preparing to round on the owner of the poking finger until he met a pair of large, silver eyes. "Oh, um . . . yes?"

"Mummy wants you," his son said, his eyes watering with the already perfected art of appearing sorrowful. "I'm sorry I woke you, Daddy."

"Aw, don't be," Harry groaned, pulling his son into his arms and planting a kiss atop his blond head. "Let Daddy just wash up. Wanna come with me?"

"Uh huh!" the four year old exclaimed with a vigorous nod, anticipating his daddy's exciting assortment of floating potions, soaps, and creams. As his father climbed from the bed and put his glasses on, the tiny blond bounded after him so quickly that Harry barely had time to catch him before he tumbled onto the floor; an event that had happened once already and earned Harry a present from a very angry sliver of hawthorn that still ached every time it rained.

"Careful," he urged, tugging the boy up into his arms. Silver eyes blinked impishly at him and he kissed the pale skin between them, earning a scrunched nose for his efforts. "What shall Daddy do first, hmm?"

"Brush his teeth!" was exclaimed and Harry opted to smile rather than take offence, seeing as he had been a witness of many a stinky diaper from this child.

"Alright." The pair quickly tested all of Daddy's teeth cleaning potions and a few of Mummy's until they were each giggling through their foaming mouths.

"Hey!" Their attention – along with a pair of guilty expressions – turned to the expectant blonde leaning in the doorway. As silence only followed, a silver brow rose in question.

"Um, we're brushing our teeth," Harry explained as cool green eyes scrutinized them.

"Mum wants you downstairs right now," his eldest daughter told him as she reached her arms out to take her little brother. "And he says no blaming Narciss on your habitual tardiness and lack of general human traits such as manners or the consideration well deserved for someone who waits after you all the bloody time."

"Is that all he said?" Harry asked flatly, pleased that he had managed not to roll his eyes.

"He also called you a big ape, but that's neither here nor there," she said, parading from the room with her little brother in tow.

"You're beginning to sound just like him, Lucia!" he shouted after her. "Stop it before it gets too late!" He finished rinsing out his mouth, hoping his husband would not notice that their youngest was foaming at the mouth himself, and donned a robe to go downstairs.

He made it successfully to the last step before he found his arms full of an eager eleven year old. "Good morning, Dad."

"Good morning, Jamie," he answered his favorite tomboy, kissing her on the cheek and effectively jostling their glasses together. "Oops. You'd think we'd learn by now."

The girl just grinned, lifted a hand to sweep her inky black hair from her face, and covered her green eyes with her pair of glasses. "No problem, Dad. Uh, Mum wants you in the kitchen."

Harry made a great deal of rolling his eyes and sighing heavily, but allowed his youngest daughter to take position of his hand and tug him to the love of his life, who was currently standing with his back to the kitchen door. He looked to be arranging a pile of toast – the only food he had managed to prepare successfully to date – and swayed the black silk clad behind Harry had owned the night before back and forth as he hummed a little tune with Narciss. All and all, the blond was completely unsuspecting. Harry smiled at the opportunity and stealthily made his way to his husband's back – under the watchful eyes of Jamie, Lucia, and Narciss – and tugged the slender blond into his arms, effectively scaring the crap out of one Draco Malfoy.

"Potter, I'll kill you!" the blond screeched as he was swung haphazardly into the air.

"Not in front of the children, dear," Harry chided; setting his husband on the ground and kissing him soundly despite the chorus of protest from his children. Draco moaned into the kiss, which resulted in longer and louder groans and a bout of "My eyes! My eyes!" to which they ignored. "Now what's so important that I have to be down here this damn early?"

"It's eleven-thirty."

"Saturday," Harry replied with a finality to which Draco just shrugged as he stood behind Jamie and played with her thick black hair. The girl laughed and told her father that he made no sense. He responded gruffly, "Neither does waking up this early on Saturday, despite it almost being noon."

"Well, today is a special day, Mister Early-Bird," the blond told him before turning to his miniature. "Isn't that right, Narciss?"

"Uh huh, Mummy!" the four year old shouted, almost bounding out of his Lucia's arms and lap where they sat at the kitchen table. "Can we sing now, Mummy?"

"Not yet, but later," Draco promised with a sweet smile, bending down to kiss his son's forehead, then his daughter's cheek. Lucia smiled just as sweetly. "We have to wait for your brother first. Didn't you wake him, Lu?"

"Yeah, but . . . um," the blonde muttered. Draco pulled Narciss from her arms and gave her an arched stare. "Um . . . he's still in his room."


"And . . . about his room –" she began, an ultimate look of strain on her delicate features. Draco did not even allow her to finish, just huffed and stomped out of the kitchen, and then doubled back to hand Narciss over to Harry.

"What was that about?" Harry asked his children as he positioned himself and Narciss on a stool and lifted his husband's cup of tea to his lips. As always it was too bitter, so he added in a few sugars Draco would be angry about later. "Is something wrong with Evan?"

"No," Lucia said hastily, crossing her arms and jutting out her chin in a way that Harry knew the fourteen year old would grow up to be just like her mother. "Teddy's in his room."

"Teddy? When the hell did he get here?" he asked, not even noticing when the blond child in his lap had taken to adding even more sugar into the tea as he gaped. There had been a ban of his godson in their household as of last week for numerous incidents involving the young man and his own son that he did not want to even begin to recall. He would have to owl Lupin and tell him to put his kid on a leash while he chained his own to the wall.

"He stole his mum's broom and flew in through the window around three in the morning," Lucia reported, her jade eyes flashing at the memory. "The only reason I know this was because he mistook my window for Evan's and I ended up with a heap of blue-haired geek in my lap and woke up. Then Evan made me promise not to tell."

"What did he bribe you with?" Jamie asked, gaining her sister's glare.

"It's really none of your business, but I am now the owner of Evan's servitude for a week," Lucia bragged, a true Slytherin smirk on her lips. Harry rolled his eyes and forcibly removed the spoon from his son's overly eager fingers.

"You didn't attempt the Unbreakable bond with him again, did you?" he had to ask, but she shook her head.

"Not that spell, no." Just as he opened his mouth to respond, Harry was interrupted by the sudden appearance of his godson on the kitchen floor. When the young man noticed he was being watched, his face burned beet red, the color climbing into the roots of his sky blue hair.

"Uh . . . Hullo, Harry," he said sheepishly.

"Don't you 'hello, Harry' anybody, you little sneak!" Draco barked as he crashed into the room, his eldest son following close behind, seeing as he was practically being dragged by the hand on the scruff of his neck. "Now sit over there. You might as well be here for this before I floo your parents and you get your sneaky little ass handed to you."

A resigned Teddy pouted and sat on a stool next to Harry where Narciss gave him a cheeky grin of greeting as he licked his sticky fingers.

"And you," Draco hissed dangerously, rounding on his son, whose back went rigid automatically. "Sit at the table with your sisters and if I hear one whine of the 'Evan's poking me' game you all are so found of, I'll make sure none of you have the ability to poke anything ever again."

Evan pouted and dragged himself to sit across from Lucia and next to Jamie where he muttered almost silently, "I don't know what the big deal is. He's still a virgin."

"And the only one, apparently!" Draco fumed at the fifteen year old, aiming a spell at the boy that had him digging for the underwear that tightened uncomfortably up his behind as his sisters giggled. "And he's your cousin, you demon."

"No, he's not!" Evan protested, looking to Teddy for help, but the boy looked away with a blush.

"Second cousin," Lucia said softly.

"Yeah, second cousin. Thank you, minion," Draco said to his daughter her beamed at him. "Anyway, we don't have to punish you now; that can always wait until later. Don't you have something to say to your father?"

Harry looked at his eldest, a mixture of amusement and wonder on his face. This was his Evan? This lanky kid with rain-straight, raven black hair and eyes so light a silver they appeared white at certain angles? This kid, as infuriating as he was, but so damn smart and headstrong about everything was his son; his little boy, his baby? This kid, able to withstand the terror his mother became with every stubborn thing he did, was his Evan? This kid that was becoming a man right before his eyes was Evan, the tiny thing he had held in his arms not too long ago?

This lunatic kid with an odd fascination of everything perverse and sexual and Teddy Lupin?

Strangely, Harry was not disappointed – with the Teddy incident, the having to wake up on Saturday, the way his daughter was turning into the second coming of Draco, or even the fact that Narciss would be a bouncing ball of sugar in a moment – as the teen looked him in the eye and said, "Happy birthday, Dad. I love you."


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