Chapter 5

At Esthar, red dragons were everywhere. The largest of them was at the main castle, which was where Laguna had been held. Squall and the others fought their way inside, but to no avail. Selphie was running out of healing magic and most of their GFs were exhausted. Ellone could only heal very little, and she was usually getting injured. Irvine was running out of Ammo, and even Zell was getting a bit tired.

"We can't keep doing this!" Irvine cried out, shooting another dragon down. "We're going to be killed if we don't get supplies fast!"

Selphie cried out, dodging a dragon's beam. "Ow, I think I sprained my ankle."

Zell decided to carry her, and place her in a safe corner. "Don't move, Selphie. We'll be back for you. The dragons are too big to get you here, and you are hardly visible. Just take care of yourself."

"Oh, guys, be careful!" Selphie cried out as everyone else left.

Another few yards and Ellone was injured. Irvine brought her to another safe place. He beckoned to Zell. "Zell, you also need to rest. Stay here with Ellone, so you could also have an eye out for Selphie. Squall and I will go on. We'll be fine."

The hot-dog lover nodded and sat next to Ellone, gazing at the skies for dragons that might attack. Irvine and Squall ran on, killing dragons on their way. When they neared the castle, the great red dragon loomed over all. His golden eyes glowed with darkness and his scales were as hard as metal. Even Irvine's most powerful Ammo didn't work on this dragon.

"This must be the father of them all," Irvine muttered, trying another kind of Ammo. "I can't hit him."

Squall closed his eyes and whispered a word of help. He had another vision. This time, though, it all became clear. The figure turned to face him this time and he gasped. Clear azure eyes stared at his own smoky gray. She had the same ivory flesh and silky golden hair. It was none other than Quistis.

"Quistis!" Squall cried out, shaking with emotion. "You're…"

The figure shook her head. She came closer and put a hand on his mouth. "Listen, I'm okay. I'm fine where I am."

"But, why…"

"Shh…listen to me," Quistis went on, "Take my feathers and let it do the trick. The last dragon will be killed."

She let her hand drop. Squall still gazed at her. "After that? What will happen?"

"After that," Quistis said, smiling sadly, "You won't be able to see me any more. Ever since I was gone from this world, I've always watched over you. I always will. You won't see me, but I'm eternally yours. Now go…Squall."


The blonde beauty smiled knowingly, "I know, Squall. I know. I will be waiting for you here. Now go."

Squall opened his eyes to see that Irvine was trying Ammo after Ammo. Taking out the feather that he obtained, it glowed white this time, blinding the oncoming dragons. The feather grew and grew until a beautiful creature with wings came out and used a golden whip to slaughter the great red dragon. As the dragon was killed, all the other dragons disappeared, out of sight. Irvine whistled, amazed at their Savior. He looked at Squall. "Wow, how did you get quite a powerful…Squall?"

The gunblade specialist fell on the floor, numb. Irvine tried to get him to sit up, but failed. Squall shook his head. "Leave me be. Get my father. Tell him…thank you for offering to let me live in Esthar, but I'm going to have to decline the offer. And tell Ellone that I will love her always."

"Squall, what are you talking about?" Irvine asked, "You don't plan on dying now, do you?"

The gunblade specialist shook his head. "I don't, but they do. I know that the only way to stop them is to distract them, and it is better off that I'll be the one. I have nothing to lose, and much to gain from dying."

Irvine understood his reasons and nodded his head slowly, "Good luck to you, Squall. And when you see her, tell her that she's still a part of my heart."

Squall nodded and Irvine left him, searching the castle for Laguna and the other survivors. An even bigger dragon appeared, and Squall was ready for him this time. Closing his eyes, he refused to dream, but called on an inner power instead. He summoned Griever, his strongest GF and put his own soul into it. At last, the final dragon was dead.

When Irvine and Laguna came out, they found the dead dragon and Squall's body on the floor. Irvine knew what became of his friend and hoped that his two great friends were together for all eternity. As Irvine picked up Squall's chain, he noticed that a lone feather was still found, but strangely enough, his lion ring was nowhere to be seen. Looking up to the sky, Irvine smiled as he thought of Quistis laughing happily, for it was her time of happiness and joy. And it was his job to make it so while he was still alive to do it.