Because we never hear anything from good, ole' Jii-chan. And as Edmondia Dantes says "Yaaaaaaaay, jiichan!" (Then again, she's been known to say all manner of other strange things aside from giving me huggles of doom… xD ) Anywhatsits, enjoy!

Puzzling Dreams
By Hales731

He never tells his grandson, but he dreams about the Puzzle too. Ever since the night in the Valley of the Kings. That voice, in which he sometimes hears from his grandson's lips (especially when indigo eyes flicker with crimson), murmurs "Simon" in his sleeping ears. And in the night, his mind wanders to an ancient time when his grandson—Yuugi, but not Yuugi—reclines majestically on a wooden chair as he, himself, whispers words of advice. He also dreams of power in his hands; the power of Eternal Life and that of unlocking the secrets to one's very soul.

Even in his waking moments, it'll happen from time to time. While he serenely sweeps his front porch, Yuugi will come rushing out on his way to school. Sunlight glints off the heavy pendant dangling from his grandson's pale throat and he'll see a vision of Exodia's true form, bound to him not by paper cards, but by stone tablets. Power radiates from him as he struggles to protect his pharaoh—no, his grandson. Lines blur, and he loses track of when and who he is.

That is, until Yuugi's soft voices interrupts his waking dream.

"I'm sorry, my boy," he explains. "I've seemed to forgotten myself."

"Don't worry, jii-chan," Yuugi replies, but he knows it's not Yuugi, because unlike Yuugi's usual voice, this voice haunts his dreams. And Yuugi's eyes are not scarlet.

"It happens to me too." And then Yuugi is gone, running down the road to catch up with his friends.

He doesn't remember, the older man realizes. But he does sometimes, and is not sure if he wants to. Because that boy—majesty, power, and all—is also his grandson, his little Yuugi. And though he thinks he would never tell him that he also dreams about the Puzzle, he worries that if he doesn't, history would repeat itself. Then, no one would remember anything at all.

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