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Chapter 21 - Epilogue

She hadn't gone back to work, after all. She hadn't come back to her place and rest as she had told Booth. Instead, she had driven to Staunton, Virginia. She didn't intend to stay long. She merely needed to see her. It was something she couldn't explain, something she couldn't help. Something she desperately needed. She had found her address in the file and there she was, parked on the other side of the street where she lived.

Ironically, she didn't have enough guts to go out of the car and knock at the door. She didn't want to do that, anyway. It would have been a bad idea. They had to be left alone, now. They had to be left a chance to recover a sense of normal life.

For someone who didn't know their story, they seemed like a normal family. It was almost noon and they were about to have lunch. Despite the sun which she knew was burning hot, she rolled down the window. Her father playfullychased her while intending to tickle her, and Chloe was laughing while carrying the plates. Hopefully, she'd remember the past period of her life a stupid, terrifying nightmare. Hopefully, it wouldn't ruin her life.

"You're not going to freak out, are you?"

She had smiled, even if it wasn't actually funny. It was sort of sad, in fact, when she thought about it. During so many years, she had let her past influence her life, she had let her fears lead her choices. But she had decided that this time was over. Max was who he was; he had done what he had done. He was still her father. Russ had done his best, and his mistakes didn't keep him from having a good heart. He was still her brother. And Booth... Nothing felt scary with him. It felt simple, natural. Easy.

She rolled up the window, turned thekey in the ignition. And after a last look at the happy family, she left, a smile on her face. This was why she did this job.

All the way back, she kept this picture of Chloe in her mind, a beaming little girl, full of life, like in the photograph. She realised that she was humming this song she had heard the girl sing with her mother while setting the table. It made her remember her own mother.

This is the way we bake our bread,
Bake our bread, bake our bread.
This is the way we bake our bread,
So early Saturday morning.

Today was the first day of the rest of their lives.

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