Author's notes

Hey everyone, Mykan here…

Now, I know a Paladin is usually a warrior of light, and never darkness and evil, but we'll just have to make an exception in this case.


Two years since Maylo-Myotismon was beaten, and Izzy, along with Gennai's help managed to re-open the Digital gate so everyone could access the digital world again.

Speaking of everyone…

Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, and Izzy himself were getting ready to head to college, and Mimi had sent everyone an email that she would be moving back to Japan soon.

Davis, Kari, TK, Yolei, and Ken, were in their second year of high-school, all except for Cody who was still in Grade-8, but they still saw him after school and in the Digital world on weekends.

Yolei and Ken had been dating for a whole year now. It took her some time to tell Ken how she felt about him after the Digital-World was saved, and restored, but Ken actually enjoyed dating her. It helped him more, and more to put his mind at ease over his dark past, and help him be a little braver.

TK had become the Basketball team Captain. Davis, the soccer team Captain, and Kari became the head of a photographers club she had started in school. She really loved taking pictures and making scrapbooks… but she didn't do it alone…

She had Davis to help her, and she helped him a bit too.

They were in a lot of classes together, and now these days, would you believe it, they actually looked as though they were getting close to each other. Doing homework together, and helping each other when they needed it most.

One time, Davis even passed off his homework as Kari's when she forgot her own. Disguising the hand writing to match Kari's, and putting Kari's name on the top… she didn't get a very high mark, but at least she still passed.

Davis had begun to mature a little bit now that he was teenager. Sure he still was a little obnoxious, and still had a little trouble keeping his cool, but he had done well in showing his soft side.

Kari thought Davis was actually becoming sweet. Either it was because he was just trying to impress her or that he was just maturing naturally… either way, she wasn't complaining. Nobody really was.

Today however… Davis was in the park all by himself, sitting on a bench with Demi-Veemon, and both of them enjoying an ice-cream.

"What'sh the matter, Davish?" the little Digimon asked. "You've been really quiet all afternoon."

Davis sighed. "I got a big problem on my hands." he said. "It's Kari…" He told Demi-Veemon that they had been spending a quite a load of time together, but Davis was starting to think about asking Kari out on a real date.

"Well… then why don't you?"

Davis sighed again. "Well I don't know if I can or should." he said. "I mean, sure I like-her, like her… but, I don't know if she feels that way about me. Besides, that's not my only problem."

He told Demi-Veemon that Kari also had been spending time with TK as well. They too were acting just as close as he was with Kari now, and they still did keep up with their little game of "Make Davis Jealous"

In other words, Davis was starting to think that TK was also getting into Kari, and maybe they were thinking of going to the next level. This really made Davis feel uncomfortable, and yet he didn't what to do.

He was worried that if he tried to ask Kari out, she'd say something like… "Sorry, Davis… but TK and I already going out." and he'd make a total idiot of himself

Demi-Veemon could now see where Davis was getting at. He had certain feelings for Gatomon. He still had dreams about them dancing the tango, and we she Digivolved into Angewomon… his legs, and his little Digi-heart melted at the captivating beauty he saw.

Still… he was far too shy to confess his feelings. Especially seeing as how she enjoyed spending time with Patamon. He knew they spent more time together long before Davis had released Demi-Veemon from his slumber… and these days he was starting to think…

"What would Gatomon possibly see in me. I can't even Digivolve into an angel-Digimon." (Well he can become ANGEL-VEEMON in Digiball Z… but not here)

The boys sighed softly as they ate their ice-creams. When they finished, they decided to head for home, and other their way through town, they could see Kari and TK were at the flower shop, buying some roses. TK even passed a rose to Kari, and she giggled and kissed his cheek.

Patamon even gave Gatomon a cute little daisy to wear in her fur, and she hugged him.

Davis Demi-Veemon felt numb inside. "Awe, man." Davis cried softly. "I knew it. IT really is too good to be true." he walked away sadly, and Demi-Veemon slipped sadly into his knap-sack.

Too bad for them, it wasn't what it looked like…

The roses were for TK's mom, he and Patamon just gave the girls each a flower to be nice, and the girls were just thanking them for such a nice gift. Too bad they didn't see Davis and Demi-Veemon walk away.

As they paid for the flowers, Patamon, and Gatomon noticed that Kari was just starring off into space. "Hey, Kari… you feeling alright?" asked Patamon.

Kari snapped out of her trance. "Oh, sorry… I was just thinking."

TK smiled, "About what… Davis?" TK teased. Kari blushed a little. "Well… yeah." They all shared a soft laugh.

She too had been enjoying all the time Davis was spending with her. He really had changed over the past couple of years and was starting to show compassion and sweet sides of himself.

"It's just… I'm a little worried about him. He's been acting a little weird lately. All quiet, and low down… and he's even been stuttering a little when I talk to him."

TK smiled. "I think I know what's on his mind."

As TK walked Kari home he told her exactly what he thought was on Davis' mind. "Do you really think so?" she asked. "Would he really want to ask me out?"

TK nodded. "Think about it, he's been crushing on you for a long time now… and he has done a lot of good things for everyone."

"TK's right…" added Patamon. "Davis and Demi-Veemon did do a lot to help us all."

Davis was never one to let odds beat him. He and Demi-Veemon always kept on going when all hope seemed lost. Even if they were just being silly, rushing into danger like that… they still did a fine job.

-They removed the power source from Ken's evil fortress causing it to crash down into he sand. (The base was already heading down before Kirmeramon blasted the engine room)

-With Wormon's help, Davis and Magnamon finished Kimeramon off for good.

-Davis was willing to forgive and forget all their bad things about Ken, and welcome him with open arms into the group.

-And if it wasn't for Davis being able to stand up to Maylo-Myotismon's brain-control. Then everyone would've still been trapped in worlds of illusion, and Maylo-Myotismon would have already won.

Davis was truly a hero, and Kari would always see that in him, no matter how bad, or weird Davis would act… not even if he was being snobby or immature.

Kari smiled. "You know… I think you're right." she said. "I guess if he does ask me out, I could give him a chance."

"And he doesn't ask you out… maybe you can ask him out." Gatomon joked. They all shared another good laugh… all of them completely unaware of the big misunderstanding that occurred earlier.