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Summary: After failing to bring back Sasuke, Naruto is attacked and runs from the village. Naruto discovers a blue card and creates a vortex into a different world. What will be awaiting him on the other side? A Naruto Digimon Tamers xover.

Naruto's Going Digital
Ch01 Blue Card

Down in the Valley of the End, two twelve year old boys stood opposite of each other. On the right, standing on the foot of the statue of the Shodai Hokage and former leader of the Senju clan, Senju Hashirama, was Uzumaki Naruto. His blond spiky hair had a wilder look then it usually did and his usual sapphire blue eye had turned crimson with slitted pupils from the influence of the Kyuubi no Yoko. The whisker like marks on his cheeks had deepened and seemed more defined while his nails had sharpened into claws and his canines had lengthened into fangs. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit with a hole in it over the right side of his chest. He also had on a pair of blue shinobi sandals and a Konoha Hitai-ate wrapped around his forehead. The reddish orange chakra of the Kyuubi had wrapped itself around his body, forming the shape of a one tailed fox. As Naruto continued to stand there he winced in pain before looking down at his dangling left arm "I can't… feel my left hand."

On the other side of the valley, standing in a crater formed in the leg of the statue of the former head of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Mandara, was Uchiha Sasuke. His usual black hair had lengthened slightly and turned a greyish blue colour. The sclera of his eyes had changed from their normal white to black as the three tomoes of his Sharingan eyes spun wildly. His skin colour had changed to a dark grey and a large black cross mark had appeared on his face, running vertically down from between his eyes to his nose and horizontally under his eyes. His nails had also changed to a grey colour and had sharpened into claws. He had on a pair of cargo shorts and pair of blue shinobi sandals. Wrapped around his forehead was a Konoha Hitai-ate and he wore a short sleeved blue, high collared shirt with the red and white fan like Uchiha clan crest on the back. However there were also two holes torn in the back of the shirt where a pair of grey webbed hand like wings had sprouted out of his back. Glaring out across at Naruto a small smirk appeared on Sasuke's face as he noticed him wince and look down at his left hand "For you…" he started, drawing Naruto's attention "Using this power is risky, isn't it?"

Naruto just sent a glare at him, not saying anything, until Sasuke looked up into the clouded sky "Did you know? This place… is called The Valley of the End. Isn't this is the perfect stage? Right Naruto?" He finished looking back down at Naruto. However getting no answer, other then Naruto narrowing his eyes, Sasuke let out a slight chuckle "That's right. I said the time for talk is over. This battle… Let's finish this now!" Kneeling down, Sasuke then formed the hand seals Ushi (Ox), U (Rabbit) and finally Saru (Monkey) before holding his left hand down while grabbing his left wrist with his right hand as blue lightning started appearing in his left hand while he called out "Chidori!"

While Sasuke started his Chidori, Naruto held his right hand out as a bluish purple orb of chakra formed in his out stretched hand, being kept within the Kyuubi's chakra, while he called out "Rasengan!" Naruto then stood in a crouched position, ready to lunge towards Sasuke, while Sasuke stood back up, hunched over, as he held his Chidori out to the side while it changed from its light blue colour to white and black. Both Naruto and Sasuke stood glaring at each other before, as if on a silent signal they both lunged through the air towards each other, holding out their respective attacks, ready to strike. They both called out the name of their attacks as they thrust those attacks forwards, towards each other.



As the two attacks collided wisps of blue and red chakra wave around the two attacks before merging into a purple colour as it formed an orb around Naruto and Sasuke. Within the orb of chakra Sasuke lifted his right hand as his chakra surrounded it before he plunged his hand into Naruto's chest. Wincing from the sudden pain, Naruto let go of his Rasengan before using the claw on his index finger to put a large slash across the Konoha symbol of Sasuke's Hitai-ate.

The orb of purple chakra then started to expand before turning black. As the orb of dense black chakra continued to expand it pushed against the walls, causing them to crumble as the waterfall between the two statues poured onto the orb, running down around it. The water was then repelled away from the black orb of chakra as a white light appeared from within the middle of the orb, quickly followed by lines of light cracking across the orb as the light expanded outwards before the entire thing turned into an orb of white light.

Once the light died down it revealed Naruto out cold on his back, with a hole in his chest and Sasuke standing over him, both back to their normal forms, as the last rays of sun were overtaken by the clouds. The knot of Sasuke's Hitai-ate then came undone as it fell of his forehead and landed on the ground, next to Naruto's head. "Naruto…" Sasuke called out quietly to himself as he continued to stare down at him before narrowing his eyes slightly "I…" However before he could continue he felt a drop on his face and looked up to find the sky opening up into a downpour. Sasuke then grabbed his shoulder as it was racked with pain before he collapsed to his hands and knees, while coughing up a small amount of blood. Sasuke just stayed there for a few seconds, staring down at Naruto before getting up off the ground and slowly walked away through the surrounding forest towards Orochimaru.

It was about ten minutes later when Naruto woke back up. Slowly opened his eyes, he grit his teeth together as an intense pain shot throughout his body and he grabbed his chest with his right hand. After a few seconds of letting the pain die down he brought his hand up to his face and noticed that it was covered in blood. As he stared at his hand for a little while longer he whispered out to himself "Sasuke…" while tightly closing his eyes shut 'Why?' As Naruto opened his eyes again he caught something out of the corner of his eyes and turned his head to find it was Sasuke's Hitai-ate. Slowly Naruto's left hand moved over towards the Hitai-ate before he grasped it in his hand and brought it close to his face before scrunching his eyes shut again "Damn it…" He then grit his teeth together in pain again as he slowly pushed himself up onto his feet. Once back on his feet he took in a shaky breath before looking back down at the Hitai-ate "This isn't over Sasuke." He then took a step forwards before he grabbed his chest in pain again and let out a pained sigh before he continued onwards towards the forest, leading back to Konoha.

A twenty-six year old man with gravity deifying silvery hair, Hatake Kakashi was currently jumping from tree branch to tree branch. He wore a pair of dark blue cargo pants and a pair of blue shinobi styled sandals. He also had on a dark blue long sleeved shirt along with a similar colour face mask that covered up to the bridge of his nose and a pair of fingerless gloves with a metal plate on the back of each one. Finally he had a green Konoha Jonin vest over his shirt and a Konoha Hitai-ate wrapped around his forehead, however it was tilted down so that it covered his left eye. "Rain!" Kakashi called out as turned his attention towards the small brown ninja dog, Pakkun "Have their scent's disappeared?"

The ninja dog, Pakkun was a small pug with a dark blue cloth tied around his back, with a white smiley face on it, making it look like some sort of miniature cape. He also had a Konoha Hitai-ate wrapped around his head so that it rested on the top of his head. "It's okay, they're close. Over here!"

With that said the two of them jumped out of the forest and down into The Valley of the End. Once they reached the bottom of the valley Kakashi looked around the area at the destruction caused before narrowing his eyes "So, I was too late…" He then turned his attention back towards Pakkun "Can you pick up their scents?"

Pakkun was sniffing around the ground until he came to a patch of blood on the floor. After sniffing it for a few seconds he turned his head back to Kakashi. "Sasuke and Naruto were here a short time ago, but their scents diverge here." Pakkun then turned back to the ground to determine which way the two had gone. "Sasuke left in the direction of the rice country and Naruto is heading back in the direction of Konoha, but the rain is washing away their scents. I won't be able to track them any further."

Kakashi just nodded his head at this while he looked down at the patch of blood, now being washed away, before turning back towards Pakkun "Come on, we better head back to the village and inform Hokage-sama about this." Pakkun just nodded at this before they headed back towards the forest leading to Konoha, however once they reached the edge of the forest Kakashi turned around and looked up at the statues of Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Mandara.

"The Valley of the End… For Naruto and Sasuke to fight in a place like this… it's ironic." Pakkun said, looking up at Kakashi.

"Yeah…" He then turned his head in the direction of the flowing river "If you observe the river's flow… it seems to go on forever without stopping as if marking the battle. Like the fate of the two who founded the village of Konoha…" He finished looking back up at the statues. "Naruto and Sasuke… Their lives are like theirs."

As Naruto reached the edge of the forest leading to Konoha he placed his left hand, which was still clutching the scratched Konoha Hitai-ate, on the trunk of the tree before he leaned against it in order to take a moment to catch his breath before he let out a haggard cough and spat out a glob of blood. "Damn it…" Naruto let out with a wheezing breath before leaning his back against the tree and looking out over at the gate of Konoha "Almost there."

With that said Naruto pushed off the tree and continued towards the gate. Once Naruto made it to the gate he looked up from the ground to find a group of villagers waiting there for him. A small frown appeared on Naruto's face seeing this 'This can't be good.' However his frown soon disappeared as he saw a pink short haired twelve year old girl, Haruno Sakura walked forwards from the crowed. She had green eyes and wore a red dress that reached down to her knees. She also had on a pair of black bike shorts and blue shinobi sandals along with a Konoha Hitai-ate that was used to keep her hair back. Seeing her step forwards, Naruto let out a quite grown as he looked back down towards the ground 'Great, I was hoping to have some time to figure out how to break it to her before I actually saw her.' Unable to look her in the eye, Naruto turned his head to the side away from her "Gomen, Sakura-chan. I wasn't able to bring back Sasu…"

"SHUT UP!!!"

Naruto's head shot up hearing this as he looked up at Sakura only for his eyes to widen slightly "Sa-Sakura-chan…" He stammered out as she glared down at him with pure unhindered rage.

"Don't you dare say Sasuke-kun's name, you filthy BEAST!!!" She finished yelling at him with a thunderous slap to the side of his face, causing him to be sent falling to the ground. Naruto soon rolled over and started to push himself up onto his hands and knees while gritting his teeth in pain before he started coughing up more blood again.

After a few seconds of spitting out the remaining globs of blood in his mouth he turned his head to look back at Sakura, over his shoulder "Sa-Sakura, w-wha…"

"You're nothing compared to Sasuke-kun. You don't even deserve to lie at his feet. You're an abomination that never should have been born Naruto, a freak, a fucking demon!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes hearing this as he started to push himself back up onto his knees before he started getting back up to his feet "No… I'm NOT!!!"

However before he could get back up to his feet, Sakura delivered a right hook to the side of Naruto's head, knocking him back down to the ground. "You are what you are, and what you are is the Kyuubi!" From back down on the ground Naruto's eyes widened hearing this before a smirk appeared on Sakura's face "Yes I know about you and Kyuubi, but… I know the real truth. You're not the container for the Kyuubi. You ARE the bastard YOKO!!!"

"NO I'M NOT!!!" Naruto yelled out as he turned his head to glare angrily up at Sakura and began to push himself back up to his hands and feet.

However before he could manage to push himself up, Sakura grabbed him by the collar of his jumpsuit before pulling him up so that he was now on his knees. She then brought her face right down in front of Naruto's before she snarled at him "Yes. You! ARE!!!" She screamed into his face "It's why nobody cares about you!" She yelled as she slammed her fist into his face "It's why you will never be acknowledged!" She slammed her fist into his face again "It's why you are now and forever will be alone!" She finished yelling as she slammed her fist into her face again while letting go of his collar, causing him to drop back down to the ground.

Naruto then started to push himself back up off the ground again, however this time the edge of his vision was starting to turn dark as he coughed out another glob of blood. Lifting his head back up again, only this time with his left eye shut, Naruto shot another glare at Sakura "T-That's not true… I-Iruka-sensei and Ji…"

However he was cut off again as Sakura let out a quite sinister laugh "Baka, do you really believe that?" Naruto just growled at her hearing this causing a frown to appear on Sakura's face "Don't you dare growl at me, BASTARD!!!" She yelled out, slamming her fist into his head again, causing him to let out a cry of pain. "Think about it, Baka! The only reason Iruka-sensei and Sarutobi-sama ever treated you like a human was so that you would stay loyal to Konoha and not turn against us like that sociopath suna demon!"

"No, that's not…" Naruto started to say before Sakura kicked him in the stomach, sending him rolling along the ground.

Sakura narrowed her eyes at him as an arrogant smirk appeared on her face "And once she finds out enough about you, Tsunade-sama will see you the same way as all the others."

Naruto just stared up at Sakura from his place on the ground as a tear rolled down the side of his face. As Sakura started walking towards him, his vision started turning black and the last thought that passed through his mind before he passed out was 'No, that can't be… can it?'

Sakura's smirk seemed to widen as she watched Naruto pass out before she started walking towards him, closely followed by the villagers "And now it's time to finish what Yondaime-sama started all those years ago." Hearing this, the villagers gave a loud cheer of agreement before rushing towards Naruto. However before they could reach him, they were floored by a powerful killing intent as Kakashi jumped down in front of Naruto, with Pakkun beside him.

Kakashi just glared out at assembled villagers, his now revealed Sharingan eye spinning furiously as his killing intent only seemed to increase "If any of you so much as take one more step forwards your life shall be forfeited!" As Kakashi said this most of the gathered villagers took several steps back.

While this was going on Pakkun moved over to check on Naruto's condition before he turned his attention back towards Kakashi "Kakashi, we need to get him to medic, now!"

Kakashi just nodded his head at this "Right…" He sent one final glare towards the gathered villagers before turning around and gentling picking Naruto. Looking down at him, Kakashi's look softened "Hang in there, Naruto…" He then looked over towards Pakkun "Inform Hokage-sama of what has happened. I'll take Naruto for medical attention."

"Hai!" With that said Pakkun turned around and took off towards the Hokage tower.

Kakashi was then about to take off towards the hospital when Sakura stepped forwards "Kakashi-sensei, what are you…?

However that was as far as she got as Kakashi glared at her over his shoulder with his Sharingan eye while focusing his killing intent on her "I'll deal with you later, Sakura!" With that said he turned back around and took back off with Naruto towards the hospital.

As Kakashi disappeared form view the crowd slowly started to disperse until only Sakura was left standing there as a large sinister smirk appeared on her face "Well that went better then I planned." She said to herself, only now her voice had changed sounding more like that of a young child. With the smirk still plastered on her face, Sakura moved towards a shadowed back ally. Once hidden from view by the shadows of the ally Sakura's eyes gave off a ghostly glow and she let out a sinister chuckle before eight angelic wings sprouted out from her back. Another pair then wrapped around her waist while a smaller pair sprouted out of her head, which was now covered in golden blond hair instead of pink.

"Hehehe, the first phase is now complete." She said to herself in that same child like voice before a round black portal opened up beneath her, with green lines of digital code swirling around within it. (AN// Think the digital portals in Digimon Savers.) She then started sinking down into the portal as her usual attire was replaced with a white toga and large golden anklets and bracelets. Her facial features then slowly changed as purple marks appeared on the left side of her, now his, chest along with down his left arm and leg. Finally the mark of the Digital Hazard appeared on the back of his left hand. "Now to return and prepare for the next stage of my perfect world order." With that said he completely sank down into the portal before it closed up, leaving behind a sinister laugh.

Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto found himself standing on a wooden platform looking down at a large crowd of people, looking up at him with hate filled glares. After a few seconds cries of rage burst out from the crowd as they started throwing surrounding rocks at him. Naruto winced in pain as the rocks made contact before he glared at the people. "Bastards…" Naruto muttered out to himself before attempting to charge towards the crown, only to find that he couldn't move. Looking down he found that he was chained to a large wooden stake "What the fuck!"

Before he could say anything else there came a loud yell of "Enough!"

Naruto looked over to the side, where the voice had called out from, only to see Tsunade walking up to him with a scroll in hand. "Baa-chan?" Hearing this Tsunade just glared down at him before ramming her fist into Naruto's gut. Naruto winced in pain before coughing up some blood. He then raised his head back up and shot a glare at Tsunade "What the hell was that for, you old hag?!"

Tsunade just narrowed her eyes "Silence!" She then turned her back to him and faced the crowd. Naruto let out a growl seeing this before Tsunade opened the scroll and started speaking up to the crowd "Uzumaki Naruto a.k.a Kyuubi no Yoko, you are hereby charged with the following crimes, the attempted murder of not only Hyuga Neji, but also Uchiha Sasuke and aiding and abetting the S-ranked nukenin Orochimaru. For these crimes against Konoha you are hereby sentenced to death."

Naruto's eyes widened hearing this, until he noticed a mess of pink hair belonging to Sakura moving through the crowd before stepping onto the platform. Noticing she was carrying a flaming torch in her had, his eyes narrowed into a glare as he watched her walk up to him. As Sakura appeared in front of Naruto she glared down at him and raised her free hand before delivering a powerful slap around Naruto's face, leaving a large red mark on his cheek. Naruto turned his head back towards her direction with a hated glare and let out a growl "Bitch…"

Sakura just narrowed her eyes at him before spitting in his face. "This is for Sasuke-kun, Kyuubi!" She yelled out as she threw the flaming torch at his feet. Naruto bit his bottom lip, as he felt the flames lick up at his legs, in an attempt to keep from screaming out in pain. He tightly closed his eyes shut as the flames started to engulf him, but tears of pain freely flowed down his face as he continued to bite back his screams of pain. The last thing he heard was Sakura screaming out "Scream Demon!" before everything around him faded to black, however he was still chaired to the stake as the flames licked up around him.

"Do you won't to live?"

Hearing this Naruto cracked open an eye as a tear rolled down his cheek "N-Nani?"

"Do you wish to live?"

"H-Hai!" Naruto called out as the pain became too much. The flames then died down as Naruto let out a sigh of relief.

"Betrayed by those closest to you, destined for pain and loneliness, lost in the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed."

"What are you getting at?" Naruto called out, narrowing his eyes.

"I can guide you back into the light."

"The light?" Naruto asked, as the wooden stake he was chained to disappeared causing him to drop down to the 'ground' on his hands and knees before the knot of his Hitai-ate came undone and dropped down to the 'ground' in front of him. It was then that sparks started coming off the metal plate of his Hitai-ate before it gave off a ghostly blue light. Naruto brought his arm up to shield his eyes from the light just a strong wind picked up, swirling around him "What… what is this?"

"The key to your light."

"The key?" Naruto asked as the wind died down. He then moved his arm away from his eyes as looked back down at what was once the metal plate of his Hitai-ate. However now that the light had died down, Naruto found that he was looking down at a metallic looking blue card with what looked like a yellow D in the centre with a pixelated dinosaur coming out of it. Picking up the card Naruto brought it up to his face before narrowing his eyes at it "This thing is a key?"

"Maybe not in this world, but in mine it will be the key to your shinning future."

"Another world?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow before looking back down at the blue card in his hand "But… what about this world?"

"This world is consumed by darkness and the hate created by that darkness. Given time it will only drag you down into its cycle of hate."

"What about my friends…?"

"Friends? These, 'friends' of yours have only ever seeked you out when it was in their best interest to do so and when it has ever come to return the favour, you've had to stand on your own. They've taken from you everything they've needed and left you to fend for yourself. True they may have given you short reprieves from the darkness, but in the end they've left you dwelling deeper within that same darkness then you were to begin with."

Naruto just looked down at the ground hearing this "How can I be sure…?"

"Soon you will come to find just where you will find the acceptance that you seek."

With that the voice faded as Naruto looked around the darkness "Wait…" However before Naruto could say anything everything around him just grew fuzzy before he became overtaken by the darkness again.

As Naruto's eyes slowly opened again, he found himself staring up at the ceiling of one of the rooms in the hospital. Seeing this, Naruto let out a groan 'So none of that was real, sigh… figures.' With that thought in mind he slowly started to sit up in the hospital bed, noticing that his body wasn't as racked with pain as it had been previously. 'Just how long was I out?' He thought to himself as he rubbed his eyes. However he stopped suddenly as he brought his hand away form his face and looked down at it, only to find it covered in bandages. Seeing this, Naruto looked up at the mirror on the other side of the room to find that he was now covered in bandages and was currently wearing a hospital gown. Naruto's eyes narrowed seeing this as he remembered his run-in with Sakura before he whispered out to himself "…bitch."

He then let out another sigh as he turned his attention towards the small bedside table on the right side of the bed, between the bed and the window. On the table lay his folded jumpsuit and shirt; however his eyes widened at seeing what lay on top of his folded clothes. On top of the clothes lay the fabric to both his and Sasuke's Hitai-ate, however while the slashed metal plate was still attached to Sasuke's; on top of Naruto's lay the very same metallic looking blue card. Seeing this, Naruto just stared dumbly at the card. "T-That card… But then, that… that means, all that was… real?" He said to himself while picking up the card before turning it around, examining it in thought 'The key to my shinning future?'

"Why do we have to guard this little Oni-gaki anyway?!"

Hearing this, Naruto turned his attention towards the direction of the door where the voice seemed to have come from before a second voice spoke up "Because Hokage-sama ordered us to."

'So Baa-chan placed ANBU guards outside my room.' Naruto thought with a sigh as he narrowed his eyes at the door as he continued to listen to the two of them.

"Sigh… When is Hokage-sama just gonna realise that he's just a demon and be done with it."

"Don't you think you're being harsh? I mean he did save the village form the suna demon during the sound suna invasion."

"My point exactly, only a demon would be able to defeat something like the Shukaku and live to tell the tail."

"Hugh, you may have a point there. But as long as he's loyal, I can put up with him; doesn't mean I have to like him though."

"But that's just it, if he has the power to defeat a demon that powerful then just how much longer do you think we can keep him under our thumb?"

A sneer appeared on Naruto's face as he listened to this while he let out a low growl "…Bastards."

"Do you see the darkness surrounding them now?"

Hearing the same childlike voice from before Naruto let out a startled yelp and dropping the card down onto the bed sheet. "Nani?!" Looking back down at the card Naruto watched as it gave off a single pulse of light "Uh, how are you still talking to me?"

"Just as this card is the key to your future, I can use its light as a way of communication between us."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "Uh, okay… so what happens now."

"Do you see now? Even the ones chosen to guard you believe you to be lost to the darkness, when it is they themselves that as been consumed by it as they plot your demise."

Naruto just looked down at his hands "I… I just, I don't know." With that said he pulled back the cover and got off the bed before taking off the hospital gown and ripping off most of the bandages aside from the ones wrapped around his chest. He then grabbed his orange pants of his jumpsuit and the black short sleeved shirt, which still had a hole in the chest, before putting them on along with his blue shinobi sandals. Once dressed, he moved over to the window while saying to himself "I need to think."

Naruto then slid the blue card into his pocket and was about to open the window when Sasuke's Hitai-ate caught his attention. Moving over to it, he picked it up before narrowing his eyes at it before tying it around his left bicep. With that done he moved back over to the window and opened it before jumping out of it down onto the roof of the building across the street. Landing on the rooftop in a crouch he then started jumping from rooftop to rooftop before coming to a stop and crouching back down, narrowing his eyes at a few of the villagers that passed by on the street below him as he caught what they were talking about.

"I can't believe Hatake-san got in our way and saved that demon."

"Yeah I know, but from all the time he's spent around that freak he probably can't see past its human shell, not to mention he just came out of coma."

"Well anyway, next time that demon brat won't get away."

"Yeah, next time we'll defiantly do this village a serves and put that thing down once and for all."

"You see, no matter how hard you try, these fools will never be able to see past the hatred of their own darkness to accept you. This world is just too full of the hatred empowered by the darkness of these beings for you to survive it."

"Alright, alright…" Naruto said with a sigh "you've made your point." He finished as he glared down at the villagers while muttering out to himself "Fucking assholes."

"Then you have come to accept the future being offered to you?"

"Hai!" Naruto stated, nodding his head before jumping off the roof heading towards his apartment "But first, there's something I need to take care of." With that said he continued in the direction of his apartment, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

As Naruto landed on the porch in front of his apartment he looked around from side to side to make sure that no-one saw him before slipping through the doorway and into his apartment. Looking around the room, Naruto let out a low growl finding everything in disarray. "Damn villagers." He muttered out to himself as he moved over to the closet. Opening the door Naruto kicked the back of the closet out before he pulled out a large dark blue back pack. He then proceeded to pack his required things before strapping a kunai holster to his right leg and an item pouch around the back of his waist. Finally Naruto moved over next to his bed and pried open the floorboard. Reaching down, he pulled out a small black box with a small smirk on his face 'When no one lets you even in their stores you tend to accumulate some cash reserves.' With that thought in mind he placed the 'cash box' into his bag before swinging it over his shoulder.

Exiting the apartment, Naruto turned his attention towards the Hokage tower "One more thing to take care of." With that said he took off towards the tower, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Once Naruto made it to the base of the tower, he looked up towards where the Hokage's office was before channelling chakra into his hands and feet and scaled up the side of the building. Once just below the window of the office, he took a quick look inside the room before letting out a sigh 'Baa-chan must still be down at the hospital taking care of the rest of the retrieval team.' With that thought in mind he moved to open the window only to find it locked causing him to let out a frustrated groan 'Oh for Kami's sake, the one time she actually locks the damn thing!' Pulling a kunai out of his holster, Naruto placed his chakra lased left hand on the glass before cutting a large circle around it with the kunai knife. (AN// Before anyone asks how he managed to do this without anyone noticing, I think if he can get away with painting the Hokage mountain without anyone noticing before he was finished, then this should be a piece of cake for him.)

Moving the cut circle of glass to the side, Naruto slipped through the opening and into the room. Moving over towards the wooden desk, he looked down at the draws while thinking to himself 'Okay, this is where Oji-san kept most of his scrolls.' With that thought in mind he attempted to open the draws only to find them locked as well. Letting out a low growl at this, Naruto pulled his kunai out again and used it to hack off the locks before pulling the draws open. Rummaging through the draws he pulled out several scrolls before reading them over and placing several of them in his bag 'Lets see here, Taijutsu styles, huh Kenjutsu. Ninjutsu, now that's more like it. Katon, Futon, Raiton, Doton and Suiton… nice.' Naruto put the scrolls into his bag and shouldered it again before another scroll caught his attention. Moving over to it, he picked it up and quietly read it to himself with a raised eyebrow "Elemental chakra manipulation training?" Shrugging his shoulders he was about to put it into his item pouch when he heard a voice call out from behind the door.

"Damn that Gaki! Just leaving the hospital, when I find him I'll send him right back with a few more fractures to boot!"

"Ugh… troublesome blonds."

"Sigh… I'm sure he'll turn up when he's ready, he probably just needs some time to think."

Naruto's eyes widened hearing this while he whispered out "Kuso…" The door was then pushed open revealing the newly stated Godaime Hokage, Tsunade, newly appointed Chuunin, Shikamaru and finally his Jonin sensei, Kakashi. Upon seeing Naruto standing behind her desk, Tsunade shot him an annoyed look "What did you think you were going Naruto, leaving your room like…" However she cut herself off as she saw the scrolls splayed across the desk along with the remaining one in his hand. Seeing this she narrowed her eyes at him "Alright, what the hell's going on here, Naruto?!"

However, Naruto only narrowed his own eyes at her "Gomen, Baa-chan…" he started as he slid the scroll into his item pouch and pulled out a few smoke bombs "not this time." He finished throwing the smoke bombs down on the ground, filling the room with smoke. Naruto then charged towards the window and broke through it, as he head calls of "Naruto!" coming from Tsunade, Kakashi and Shikamaru. As Naruto landed on the roof of one the surrounding buildings, he took one last look up at the tower before dashing off through the village jumping from rooftop to rooftop, that is until he heard two voices call out after him.

"Naruto, wait!"

"Hey, come on Naruto, what's this about?!"

Looking back over his shoulder, Naruto found Kakashi and Shikamaru following close behind him. Seeing this, he let out an annoyed growl "Great…" With that Naruto increased his speed until he noticed a wooden fence up ahead, down on the street. Seeing this, a small smirk appeared on his face 'Perfect.' Naruto then jumped down onto the street and continued running down it, quickly followed by Kakashi and Shikamaru. As all three of them passed the fence a camouflaged sheet dropped down, revealing the form of Naruto 'Works every time.' He then took off down the street in front of him. As he continued on down the street a sneer appeared on his face as the villagers started running about screaming their heads off.

"Run… the demon's attacking!"

As he continued to run, he noticed a bottle being hurled through the air at him. Seeing this however, he pulled a kunai out of his holster and threw it at the bottle, shattering it on contact. Narrowing his eyes at the man in front of him, who had just thrown the bottle, Naruto let out a growl while calling out "No more!" It was at this point the Sakura and Ino came walking out of one the stores, to find out what all the commotion was about, just in time to see Naruto throw a punch at the guys face before flipping over and using him as a springboard to jump back up onto the rooftops.

Seeing this, Ino looked over at Sakura "Was that Naruto?"

Sakura just nodded her head "Yeah… but what's he doing?" She then looked over in the direction that Naruto was heading in before calling out to Ino "Come on!" as she jumped up onto the roof, following Naruto, with Ino close behind.

As Naruto continued along the rooftops, a small grin appeared on his face as his destination came into view; however that grin soon disappeared as he heard two voices call out from behind him.

"Naruto, wait up!"

"What the hell are you doing, baka?!"

Looking over his should, a sneer appeared on Naruto's face again as he saw Sakura and Ino chasing after him. Jumping over the next street, to the rooftop on the opposite side, Naruto spun around while pulling out several shuriken from his item pouch before throwing them in their direction while calling out "Stay the hell away from me!"

Seeing the incoming projectiles, Sakura and Ino both dropped to the ground as the shuriken passed overhead. Getting back up to her feet, Ino yelled out "What the hell, is that baka trying to kill us?!"

"Something's wrong." Sakura said looking up at the area Naruto was in.

"You mean aside from the fact that he just tried to kill us?!"

"Not that…" Sakura said shaking her head "Something's not right here. First the guards outside his room, now this… Something's going on." She then jumped back up onto the roof, while calling back "Come on!"

"Yeah, yeah…" Ino said with a sigh as followed after Sakura "This is just too troublesome… ugh; I've been spending way to much time around Shikamaru."

A small grin appeared on Naruto's face as he jumped off the final rooftop and started running down the path leading towards The Forest of Death 'Almost there.' However as he came to the entrance to the forest another recognisable voice called out.


Hearing the voice, Naruto skidded to a stop before spinning around and whipping out a kunai on the ready. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the forms of Hinata and Shino, before Shino spoke up "It is advised that you do not move, Naruto."

"And if I do?" Naruto asked back, narrowing his own eyes.

In response Shino lifted his arms as his Kikaichū bugs started swarming around them. Before the bugs could move however, Kakashi and Shikamaru dropped down next to Hinata and Shino. "Naruto!" Kakashi called out "Just take it easy… now tell me, what's doing on?"

A small growl escaped Naruto's throat as he tightened his grip on the kunai in his hand "Just leave me the hell alone!" With that he threw the kunai out so that it landed just in front of the group; however Kakashi's visible eye widened before he yelled out to the group "Move!"

As the paper, that was wrapped around the handle, caught fire, the group dived to the side before the kunai exploded, creating a cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared Kakashi stood back up and turned towards Naruto, only to find him running into The Forest of Death. Seeing this Kakashi let out an annoyed sigh "Naruto, just what the hell's gotten into you?"

"Kakashi-sensei!" Hearing this, the group turned around to find Sakura and Ino running up to them on the path Naruto had just taken to get there.

Kakashi just narrowed his eyes at them however "I don't have time to deal with you now Sakura!" With that said he turned back around and took off into The Forest of Death after Naruto, quickly followed by Shikamaru, Hinata, Shino and, after giving each other a quick nod of encouragement, Sakura and Ino.

Travelling deeper into The Forest of Death, Naruto was jumping from branch to branch when he looked over his shoulder only to find Kakashi and the remains of the rookie nine, who weren't currently in the hospital, still following close behind him. Seeing this, he narrowed his eyes and let out a low growl 'Damn it! Why can't they just let me go?' Turning his attention back to the direction he was heading in, he brought his hands together into an altered version of the Hitsuji (Ram) seal, resembling a cross before he called out "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A puff of smoke appeared on either side of Naruto before dying down to reveal two perfect Bunshins of Naruto. Holding his hands back towards the Bunshins, they started weaving their hands around his as a sphere of blue chakra appeared in each of his hands. As the spheres finished forming the two Bunshins took hold of them before turning around and heading towards the incoming group while Naruto continued further into the forest.

Seeing the two Bunshins coming towards them, Kakashi called out "Everyone, watch out!" The two Bunshins then appeared in front of the group with their hands pulled back. The first one attempted to slam its attack into Kakashi calling out "Back off!" However, Kakashi managed to grab its wrist before the attack could connect right before he pulled a kunai out and slit its throat, causing it to go up in a puff of smoke. The second Bunshin however appeared in front of the branch the group was about to jump onto and swung its arm forwards into the branch with a cry of "Rasengan!" causing the branch to shatter on contact, just as the group touched down on it. The Bunshin then glared at Shikamaru, who was crouching on a shattered piece of the branch right in front of him, before growling out "Don't interfere!" and disappearing in another puff of smoke.

The group then used the shattered pieces of the branch to push off and jump onto the next branch while Ino yelled out "What the hell was that?!"

"The Rasengan…" Shikamaru answered without looking back "one of the prized Jutsu created by the Yondaime Hokage. It's a sealless A ranked close range Jutsu."

"The hell?!" Ino called out again "So what, Naruto really is trying to kill us?"

"How should I know?" Shikamaru said with a sigh "But there must me some reason to all of this… Naruto's not the type to attack for no reasons… sigh, this is just too troublesome."

"This most likely has to do with what happened when he arrived back at the village yesterday!" Kakashi called back with an annoyed tone.

"W-what do you mean?" Hinata stuttered out "Did s-something happen to N-Naruto-kun?"

"When Naruto made it back yesterday he had a 'run in' with Sakura and a group of the villagers." Kakashi stated while casting an annoyed look over his shoulder at Sakura.

"What do you mean sensei?" Sakura asked back with a confused look on her face "This is the first time I've seen Naruto since he left on his last mission. We tried visiting him at the hospital but we couldn't get past the guards."

Ino just nodded her head at this "Yeah, forehead and I…" Sakura cast Ino an annoyed look at his "met up with Shikamaru and the medical recovery team at the gates and followed them to the hospital. We were there for most of the night."

"I can vouch for that." Shikamaru added "And Naruto wasn't admitted into the hospital until at least a half hour after I arrived."

"But that can't be…" Kakashi said; his one visible eye widening "But if that wasn't you, Sakura… then who the hell was at the gates? And how were they able to imitate you down to your chakra so perfectly that even my Sharingan couldn't detect it?"

"A better question…" Shino spoke for the first time "is what do they want with Naruto?"

Further up ahead of them, Naruto narrowed his eyes 'Damn, Kakashi-sensei just slit its throat… wait, how the hell do I know that?!" He then let out a sigh before shaking his head "Ugh, never mind, I'll think about it later. Right now however…" He said looking down at his pocket before pulling the blue card out of it "Hey, voice! You still here, 'cause I could really use some help!"

"I am, and you have all that you need within your grasp."

Behind him, the group had also heard the voice as Ino called out "Where the hell did that voice come from?! And just who was that anyway?!"

"I don't know." Kakashi said shaking his head "But I would guess that's probably the one behind all of this and apparently manipulating Naruto."

"Then what do we do?" Sakura asked frantically "We have to stop him before he does something stupid!"

"We have to catch him first!" Kakashi called back, as he started pumping chakra into his legs, slowly gaining on Naruto.

As this was going on, Naruto looked back down at the card in his hand "What do you mean?"

"As I said, this card is the key to your light. Just as it is able to serve as a medium to allow us to communicate, it also serves as a link between our two worlds."

"Okay…so how do I use it?"

"Simply throw it out in front of you and I will do the rest and open the gateway to your future."

Naruto just nodded his head at this "Right…" before throwing the card out in front of himself, the same way he would a shuriken. The card flew through the air before coming to a stop, standing straight up in midair as arks of lightning came off of it. The card itself then seemed to turn completely black before widening out into a large circular hole in the sky, as codes of green data were swirling around within it.

"What… what the hell is that?!" Ino called out from the group behind him, seeing the gateway open.

As Naruto pushed off the final branch before the gateway a large grin appeared on his face as he was about to enter it, however it soon disappeared as he heard Kakashi call out from behind him "Naruto!" Hearing this, Naruto turned around in midair to find Kakashi right behind him with his arm extended, ready to grab him. Seeing this, Naruto's eyes widened while Kakashi called out "I'm not letting you go!" However right before Kakashi could grab a hold of Naruto, he passed through the entrance of the gateway, which quickly closed afterwards causing Kakashi to stumble before crashing down on the next branch.

The rest of the group then landed on the branch behind him before Sakura called out "Kakashi-sensei, what… was that?"

"Some sort of space time Jutsu…" Kakashi slowly responded, standing back up on the branch while keeping his back to the rest of the group.

"Then what do we do now?" She asked again as tears started forming in her eyes 'This can't be happening again.'

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?!" Ino called out "We find out where Naruto is and then we drag that baka back!"

"That's easier said then done." Shikamaru responded letting out a tiered sigh.

"What do you mean?"

Letting out his own sigh, Kakashi spoke up "Without knowing how the Jutsu works or where it sent him we have no way of finding him."

"B-but then t-that means, N-Naruto-kun's…" Hinata trailed off as her own eyes turned watery.

Kakashi slowly turned his head to look up towards the sky "Wherever Naruto is now, he's on his own."

Jutsu and Techniques

Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eye)
Kekkei Genkai / Implanted
User: Uchiha Sasuke / Hatake Kakashi
Description: Allows the user to analyse and copy Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu as well as also being able to see through Genjutsu.

Chidori (One thousand Chirping Birds)
A Rank Technique
User: Uchiha Sasuke
Description: Chakra formed in the palm of his hand and altered to form lightning giving off the sound of chirping birds.

Rasengan (Spiralling Sphere)
A Rank Technique
User: Uzumaki Naruto
Description: A small blue ball of spiralling chakra formed in the palm of his hand.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
B Rank Technique
User: Uzumaki Naruto
Description: Creates a solid clone of the user, the chakra from the user is divided up evenly between the clones. When the clones are dispelled anything learned by the clone is passed onto the original.

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