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Naruto's Going Digital
Ch11 Frozen Hearts of Ice

Ruki was currently walking down the street looking down at the path in front of her lost in her own thoughts 'Digivolving, I don't understand it.'

-- Flashback --

As Guilmon was being crushed by Devidramon's tail Takato yells out "Guilmon!" before Guilmon starts to glow a bright red colour.


Large streams of red digital data started racing around Guilmon forming what looked to be a large red egg of swirling data. "Guilmon digivolved too..." The red shell of data exploded revealing a large red dinosaur like Digimon with golden coloured eyes and silvery white hair. "Growlmon!"

-- End Flashback --

Ruki looked up from the path for a second while saying to herself "I've seen hamsters with more battle experience then Guilmon but still he could digivolve, and so could that weeny little rabbit."

-- Flashback --

Smoke covered the area from were Renamon's Diamond Storm had just hit. Jenrya seeing the explosion Terriermon was caught in ran up to him crying out "No." At that point a bright light was emitted from his digivice.


Large streams of green digital data started racing around Terriermon forming what looked to be a large green egg of swirling data. "Terriermon digivolved too..." The green shell of data exploded revealing a larger bunny Digimon with a green head and ears. He had gattling guns for hand and was wearing blue jeans. "Gargomon!"

-- End Flashback --

Ruki's eyes then narrowed slightly "At least Whiskers and Agumon actual had battle experience, but still..."

-- Flashback --

Naruto's digivice gave off a small glow before he turned to face BlackAgumon with a determined look on his face "Let's do this." He then turned to face DexDorugamon again as he closed in on them before swiping a card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Digivolution, activate!" The glow from Naruto's digivice then changed into a bright light.


Large streams of dark purple digital data started racing around BlackAgumon forming what looked to be a large dark purple egg of swirling data. "BlackAgumon digivolved too..." The dark purple shell of data exploded revealing a large black dinosaur like Digimon with golder coloured stripes and eyes and a large brown mask covering most of his head with a large horn sticking out of the front and another on each side of it with a red ring around them. "BlackGreymon!"

-- End Flashback --

Ruki then returned her gaze to the path in front of her "And when it happened to Renamon."

-- Flashback --

Renamon says weakly "Please go." Before slowly closing her eyes.

Seeing this Ruki's eyes widen slightly "RENAMON!" Ruki's digivice then starts to give off a bright white light before Renamon starts to give of a similar white glow before her eyes snap open.


Large streams of blue digital data started racing around Renamon forming what looked to be a large blue egg of swirling data. "Renamon digivolved too..." The blue shell of data exploded revealing a larger yellow nine tailed fox with a yin yang symbol on her head and the tips of her nine tails and her four paws were glowing a ghostly blue. "Kyubimon!"

-- End Flashback --

Ruki just continued walking down the street while saying to herself "It's what I've wanted for the longest time. I should be satisfied." She then stopped in her tracks and let out a sigh "But still... I feel like there's something I'm missing." The air around her then seamed to drop a few degrees causing her to let out a gasp as a shiver ran down her spine. Ruki then turned around only to find nothing there "What was that?" 'That's weird, I could of sworn I felt something.' Ruki turned back around and was about to continue walking down the street when she noticed Calumon right in front of her.

Calumon looked right up at Ruki before cheerfully saying "Hi."

Naruto was currently running through the streets of Shinjuku with his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched shut bearing his teeth. Anyone who saw him coming down the street heading in their direction moved out of his way. Only one thing was going through his mind at the moment 'Damn it, he's here! I can sense his presence, he's close by.'

BlackAgumon was running close behind him with a confused look on his face as he looked at the back of his partner. He kept calling out to him every now and again only to have Naruto ignore him and keep on running 'Damn, what's this about? What could cause him to act like this?' BlackAgumon's eyes narrowed slightly as he called out his name again "Naruto! NARUTO!!"

This time Naruto did look back at BlackAgumon over his shoulder with narrowed eyes but still however kept running "What?!"

BlackAgumon seamed a little taken back by the way that he had said this for a second before recomposing himself "What the hell is going on here? What the fuck could get you so riled up like this?"

Naruto just turned his attention to the path in front of him while he continued to run down it "No time to talk. Just keep up!"

Hearing this BlackAgumon's right eye started twitching and ground his teeth together for a minute before letting out an annoyed sigh and narrowing his own eyes at the back of Naruto "Fine!"

After a few more minutes Naruto came to a stop and started furiously looking around "Damn it! He was here, I know he was. Where is he?"

BlackAgumon looked up at Naruto with a raised non-existent eyebrow "He who?" Getting no reply again BlackAgumon's look turned into an annoyed glare while folding his arms over his chest before yelling out "Damn it, Naruto! Answer me! Where is who? Who are we looking for?"

Naruto continued to look around while saying "That frozen bastard, IceDevimon."

BlackAgumon seamed to stiffen at this for a second before saying "Are you sure? I mean I can sense him anywhere. And if he was here wouldn't your digivice of alerted us to him by now?"

Naruto just turned his head towards BlackAgumon and shot him a small glare "I know what I sensed. He's here somewhere, I'm sure of it." Naruto then went back to looking around the area for any signs of IceDevimon.

BlackAgumon let out another annoyed sigh while shrugging his shoulders "Maybe your just seeing... Uh, sensing things. I mean there's no way he could have been here. There isn't even residual energy from a digital fie..." However that was a far as he could get before Naruto yelled out.

"There!" Naruto pointed off into the direction he was facing "Found him." He then proceeded to run off in the direction again 'I found you, you demonic bastard. You wont get away from me.'

BlackAgumon just stared after him for a second before letting out an annoyed sigh and running after him "Damn it." 'This is going to be a long, anoying, day.'

Ruki was continuing to walk down the street only this time with Calumon following close behind her. After a few minutes of this Ruki stopped in her tracks and turned to face Calumon with narrowed eyes "I don't have any food, so why are you following me?"

Calumon just looked up at her with large playful eyes "Wan'a play, huh?" He then bounced along the path towards Ruki before jumping into her arms "Here I go!"

Ruki just looked down at the little Digimon in her arms with narrowed eyes "What are you doing?!"

Calumon brought his face up to Ruki's "Eskimo kisses."

A voice then called out behind them drawing Ruki's attention towards it "Ruki!" The origin of the voice turned out to be a woman with long blond hair wearing a white and pink dress with a bright blue handbag over her shoulder.

Once she got right in front of Ruki, Ruki took a step back before looking up at her "Mum, what are you doing here?"

Ruki's mother just tilted her head to the side before leaning down towards her "What a day. Oh, we had photo shoot but before we could start all these people showed up wanting my autograph, and asking me the secrets to my youthful good looks. They just wouldn't leave me alone, we couldn't get anything done all day. Being famous and popular can be a pain in the neck. You are so lucky you don't know how that feels." Some time during this little 'talk' Ruki had taken several steps back while the small crowd around them had started looking between Ruki's mother and several posters of her on a nearby wall.

Ruki just looked at her mother with her eyebrow twitching slightly while Calumon, who was still in Ruki's arms, watched the whole thing with a large smile on his face "Yeah, lucky me. Well I gotta go."

Ruki started to turn around and was about at walk away when her mother called out to her "Wait!" Hearing this Ruki turned around before her mother continued "Ruki, I think your toy is just adorable."

Ruki just looks down at Calumon "You had to be cute, didn't you?" Calumon just stairs up at her with his smile still plastered on his face and blinked a few times at her.

Later Ruki made it to in front of some sort of shrine before putting Calumon back down on the ground and crouching down to his level "Listen you little squirt, I immune to your little utsy cutesy act, so scram." Calumon's seamed upset at hearing this before he turned around and ran of seemingly crying slightly. Seeing this Ruki stood back up "Keep going shorty." Once Calumon was out of the area the air around her seamed to drop a few degrees again causing another shiver to run down her spine before she whispered out "Renamon."

The air seamed to return to normal again as she turned around to see nothing again. Renamon then fazed in, in front of a tree "You called."

Ruki just turned around to face her before calling out "Where have you been?!"

Renamon turned her head to her right "Watching you from over there."

Ruki just seamed to hand her head slightly at this "Oh."

Hearing this Renamon turned her attention towards Ruki "You don't look well, Ruki is there something troubling you?"

Ruki turned away from her and started walking away "N-nothing, I'm fine."

Once Ruki left the area Renamon started looking around the area until she noticed something coming up behind her "Huh?" Turning around she just let out an annoyed groan at who she saw, Impmon.

Impmon just looked up at her with his right eye narrowed slightly "Hey there fine and foxy, so we meet again."

Renamon looked down at him with what looked like an annoyed look "Oh it's just you." With that said Renamon just started to walk away.

Seeing this Impmon started waving his fist in the air "What do ya mean just me, come back here. Oh, check out miss high and mighty." He then added quietly to himself "Maybe a good fight will knock her off her perch." before calling back out to Renamon "Hey I heard Terriermon call you a fat tailed bully. If I were you I'd teach that egg shaped loud mouth a lesson." Renamon just stopped in her tracks before closing her eyes before letting out a "Ha." Hearing this Impmon started waving his fist in the air again "What your gon'a let him get away with that!"

Renamon opens her eyes again before answering without even turning around to face Impmon "Terriermon wont fight."

Impmon seamed confused by this before saying "Why not?"

Renamon turns around slightly to look at Impmon out of her right eye "His tamer has forbidden it."

Impmon just let out a confused "Huh?" as Renamon turned around and continued to walk away. Once she was out of the area Impmon said to himself "What kind of Digimon doesn't fight? Those rotten humans, they've turned him into a pet, a digipoodle." Impmon's face then turned into a smirk "But if Terriermon can't fight back, then I could whip his bunny butt and steel his lunch and get away without a scratch. Think of the potabilities."

Naruto continued to run down the street heading towards the area where he just felt IceDevimon's digital signature coming from with BlackAgumon close behind him. While running down the street Naruto kept thinking to himself 'I have to find him, that frozen bastard.' He then cast a quick glance at BlackAgumon for a second 'I have to face him myself, alone.'

-- Flashback --

Naruto moved over to BlackAgumon and plucked the card he was holding out of his clawed hand. BlackAgumon turned towards Naruto and yelled out "Hey, give that back!"

Naruto just turned the card around and let out an exhausted sigh as he saw that it was an Agumon card "Let it go Agumon."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at Naruto "Let it go, let it go?! How can you say just let it go? That bastard wiped them out and you want me to just let it go?! I wont just let it go, I'll find that freak and when I do I'll tear him apart!"

Naruto just glared at BlackAgumon and narrowed his own eyes "No, you wont. When we find him again I'll be the one to take him down. Don't let your desire for vengeance be the only thing to drive you, because if you do then you wont be any better then him, just a cold blooded monster."

After hearing this BlackAgumon lowered his head "It's just that..."

Naruto interrupted him by handing him back the Agumon card "It's okay to remember them, just don't let the memory of their death be the thing that destroys you."

BlackAgumon looked up at Naruto and took the card. He looked down at the Agumon card in his clawed hand before looking back up at Naruto. "Just promise me one thing. When the time comes, take him down, don't let him kill anyone ells." Naruto gave him a reassuring nod before BlackAgumon continued "Just make sure you don't die."

Naruto gave a small nod "That demonic frozen bastard wont know what hit him."

-- End Flashback --

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly as he continued to run down the path in front of him 'I made a promise, and I will keep it. I have to do it alone, if Agumon is the one to finish him he'll start down a dark path.' Naruto's eyes then narrowed further 'And I wont let that happen. Not to him.'

After a few more minutes of running Naruto and BlackAgumon found themselves in front of some kind of shrine. Naruto started turning his head from side to side trying to find any sign of IceDevimon while BlackAgumon just let out an annoyed sigh "Well what do you know, he's not here."

Naruto continued to look around the area before turning his attention towards BlackAgumon "He was here, I know he was." Naruto's eyes then narrowed 'And so where Ruki and Renamon along with, sigh, Impmon. Strange.'

BlackAgumon folded his arms over his chest and turned his head away from Naruto before saying to himself "Sure doesn't look that way." Hearing this Naruto shot a glare at BlackAgumon who just let out a sigh before turning his head back towards Naruto "Look, there isn't any indication that he was here. No lingering data floating around, no signs of a digital field, nothing."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes further at BlackAgumon "I know he was here." Naruto's eyes then widened slightly 'There's his signature again.' Naruto then turned around and started to run while calling back to BlackAgumon "Come on his signatures coming from this direction." After a few second Naruto stopped in his tracks and looked back over at BlackAgumon only to see he hadn't moved "What are you waiting for, come on!"

BlackAgumon narrowed his eyes at him "There is no signature, he isn't anywhere near here."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at him "You've said it yourself my abilities at sensing a Digimon's digital signature are a lot more acute then yours are." BlackAgumon just snorted at this not buying it so Naruto continued "Agumon, he's here, I know he is." his eyes then softened slightly "Trust me."

BlackAgumon just rolled his eyes before letting out a sigh and walking up to Naruto "Fine." Naruto then turned around and ran off in the direction he sensed IceDevimon's digital signature coming from with BlackAgumon close behind him, looking up at Naruto's back with slightly narrowed eyes.

Ruki stood in one of the rooms in her home with her mother kneeling in front of her holding up a dress "Oh what about this dress with the lase sleeves, or this one. Try it, it'll make you look more like a girl.

Ruki just closed her eyes and lowered her head "Am I being punished for something? I told you before I can't stand cute things like this."

Ruki's mother turned her attention away from the mirror beside them and looked strait at Ruki "Uh, well what about that stuffed toy I saw you holding?"

Ruki looked down at her for a second contemplating what to say "That was for a science project, we had to measure the effects of gravity on small objects so I through it off a bridge." Ruki's mother just let out a sigh before Ruki turned around and started walking away "I'm out of here."

Ruki's mother seamed to deflate at that and her eyes travelled down to the floor "Well, I guess she's still into tomboy shiek."

Ruki's grandmother who was sitting at a table just behind them turned around to face her "Ruki just has her own style, that's all, honestly dear there are more important things in life then looking pretty." she finished by eating a strawberry.

While she was saying this Ruki's mother was looking at the same mirror before turning her attention towards her "Really, like what?"

While this was going on Ruki was walking down the wooden porch when the air around her seamed to drop again causing her to let out a startled "Huh?" before diving into her room and slamming the doors shut behind her. After a few seconds of getting her breathing back under control she called out in a slightly shaky voice "Renamon!"

Being called Renamon fazed into the corner of the room "Yes Ruki."

Ruki sat down at the table in the middle of the room looking at the door before turning her attention towards Renamon "Go and see what's out there, okay."

Renamon just walked up to the doors "As you wish." She opening them and sticking her head out the door to look around the porch before returning to the room and closing the door again.

Without turning around Ruki just asked "Well who was it?"

Renamon just looked down at her "No one."

Hearing this Ruki shun around and looked up at Renamon "Don't lie to me, I know some thing's out there." Renamon just looked down at Ruki was a concerned look on her face. Seeing this Ruki narrowed her eyes at Renamon "What's that look for?"

Renamon didn't move, only saying "Don't worry, I'll do everything I can to protect you."

Ruki just stood up and shot a small glare at Renamon "You don't need to protect me! I don't know why you even say stuff like that."

Renamon looked straight at her "Because Ruki, I'm your partner."

Ruki's eyes just seamed to narrow further "Let's get this straight, I don't buy all this stuff about partners and feelings!" Renamon seamed a little taken back by this as her eyes seamed to widen slightly. Seeing this Ruki looked down at the floor for a second "I don't need you." She then proceeded to walk out of the room leaving Renamon just standing there "I don't need anybody."

Naruto and BlackAgumon continued to run down the path as Naruto's eyes widened slightly 'Damn it! His signature disappeared again. Oh well, I can at least check out his last location, hopefully find some clue as to where that bastard is.' Naruto's eyes then narrowed again as he continued down the path while whispering out to himself "You can't hide from me."

After a few more seconds Naruto stopped running and ended up in front of a fairly large house. BlackAgumon looked up at the house and raised an eyebrow at Naruto before letting out an annoyed sigh and saying sarcastically "So, now he's at Ruki's and Renamon's place huh?"

Naruto just turned his head in the direction of BlackAgumon and shot his a small glare "Hey, I'm just following the digital signature. I can't help where it ends up."

BlackAgumon just folded his arms over his chest before turning his head away from Naruto and muttered out to himself "Yeah, right."

Naruto just let out a low growl at this before turning around "I know he was here." Naruto then looked up at the door and let out a sigh "Well might as well get this over with." Taking a deep breath Naruto knocked on the door.

After a few seconds the door opened revealing Ruki "Yeah." Once Ruki saw that it was Naruto her eyes narrowed at him "Oh, it's just you whiskers, great." She then looked over at BlackAgumon to see he had a board and annoyed look on his face before turning her attention back towards Naruto "So, what do you want?"

Naruto turned her head to the side avoiding looking at Ruki "Look, this is gon'a sound a little... weird. But you haven't, by chance, seen a... demonic ice devil walking around here, have you?"

Ruki visibly flinched at this and her eyes seamed to widen slightly 'Ice?' however this was missed by Naruto and BlackAgumon as they both had their heads turned away. Ruki managed to compose herself before simply saying "No." She then turned her head in the direction of BlackAgumon as he let out out a snort and said under his breath something that sounded like "Told you that freak wasn't here." Ruki then looked over at Naruto to see that he was shooting BlackAgumon an annoyed glare out of the corner of his eyes while letting and a low growl at him. Seeing this Ruki narrowed her eyes at Naruto and asked "Why?"

Naruto just turned his head to the side again looking away from her "Just thought I felt something."

Ruki raised an eyebrow at him "Riiight." She then took a step back and started to close the door "Well if that's all."

Once Ruki shut the door BlackAgumon looked up at Naruto "Satisfied now?"

Naruto just looked up at the sky before looking back down the road with narrowed eyes and started to walk down it calling back to BlackAgumon "Come on."

BlackAgumon just let out a sigh before looking up at Naruto "Where are we going now?"

Naruto stopped in his tracks and turned to face BlackAgumon "We're going to look around down town, see if we can find anything on IceDevimon down there."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at him "Damn it, Naruto! You're starting to get obsessed with. I'm telling you he not here!"

Naruto shot BlackAgumon a glare "And I'm telling you he is here." 'I know it's him, I'd recognise that digital signature anywhere."

BlackAgumon's eyes just seamed to narrow further at him "Look no one wants to see that frozen freak more then me, but. He's. Not. Here."

An annoyed growl escaped Naruto's throat before he yelled out "I know what I sensed!"

BlackAgumon's eyes widened slightly before they narrowed again "Get a grip! You're loosing it!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed at BlackAgumon hearing this "I know what I sensed, Agumon. But if that's the way fell about it, then maybe I'll just head this one sollo."

BlackAgumon just let out a snort "Yeah right, you know your lost without me. You'd just end up getting your ass kicked."

A vain on the side of Naruto's head seamed to bulge at this while he let out an angry growl "You seam to have forgotten just who it was that trained you. I don't need you. I can get along just fine without you. I never needed anything from anyone before and I don't need anybody now."

BlackAgumon just looked up at Naruto a little taken back by this before narrowing his eyes "Is that a fact?"

Naruto just looked down at BlackAgumon "Yeah, it is."

BlackAgumon's eyes just narrowed further while he let out a growl "Fine then, go search for your imaginary ice devil. It's not like I need you anyway, after all I can get along just fine without you to."

Naruto and BlackAgumon just shot an icy glare at each other before Naruto called out "Fine."

Hearing this BlackAgumon just snapped back "Fine."

They both just continued to glare at each other before both yelling out "Fine!" and turning around from each other. They both started walking in opposite direction down the street before stopping for a second and casting a glance at each other over their shoulders. They both just turned away from each other and continued down the path in their own direction while both saying "Who needs you anyway."

Takato, Jenrya and Terriermon where currently in Shinjuku park. While Guilmon was playing around chasing around a butterfly, Jenrya and Terriermon were watching at Takato held up a card above his head "Okay here we go." Takato the proceeded to swipe the card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... activate!" He then looked over at Jenrya and Terriermon "So how'd I do?"

Jenrya and Terriermon just stared at Takato before Jenrya just shrugged "Not bad."

Takato had a small frown on his face at this "Not bad?"

Jenrya just let out a sigh "Let's just work on strategies okay. Have you heard of combos?"

Takato just said "Sure, Uh I think I have. That's when you use two or more cards at a time right."

Jenrya pulled two cards out of his pocket "Right, and if you use them in succession you can get some pretty potent results. It's a good thing to keep in mind."

Jenrya then put the cards back in his pocket before Takato said "Yeah, that and the other million things you've told me."

Out of nowhere Impmon suddenly dropped out of a nearby tree "Well if it isn't the dumb dumb club." Takato, Jenrya and Terriermon just let out a groan as they turned around to see Impmon before he continued "Well did you miss me boys?"

Jenrya turned his attention away from him "Just ignore him."

Terriermon looked up at Jenrya "Easy for you to say, you can't smell him."

Takato just said "Let's go." before turning his head towards where Guilmon was "Guilmon come on!"

Impmon started stomping up and down on the branch he was standing on "I just want to have a friendly fight, give you all a friendly butt kicking." Takato, Guilmon, Jenrya and Terriermon then started walking away from the area 'Renamon was right they wont fight, well here's my chance to blast some sense into them.'

As Takato, Guilmon, Jenrya and Terriermon continued walking away Terriermon looked back over at Impmon giving out a "Hmm" Before Jenrya said to him "Terriermon don't touch him."

Terriermon just let out a sigh "I know."

Impmon lit a fireball on the tip of his finger before flinging it at them with a cry of "Badda-Boom!" Seeing the incoming fireball Terriermon started spinning around creating a small green tornado around his body before firing it at Impmon's attack with a cry of "Terrier Tornado!" The attack destroyed Impmon's attack before it kept going and slammed into Impmon sending him flying.

Jenrya just watched as Impmon flew away "Terriermon what did I just say?"

Terriermon just shrugged "I didn't actually touch him ya know."

Jenrya just let out a chuckle before lightly hitting Terriermon on the head "You are incorrigible."

The Sun was currently setting causing the sky to turn a golden orange colour. Renamon was sitting on top of a roof staring off into the sunset 'Terriermon and his tamer, their relationship is so different from mine and Ruki's. I wonder, if I acted more human would she except me, would she finally let me get close to her.' Renamon then looked down at the path below and saw BlackAgumon walking by with his arms folded over his chest 'Agumon?'

BlackAgumon was walking down the path with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowed while muttering to himself "Bastard, I can't believe he'd actually say that." He then let out a sigh 'Still, was I any better for what I said.' His eyes then widened slightly as he sensed something 'A Digimon.' BlackAgumon then spun around on his heel with the claws on his right hand glowing grey. He looked up at a street lamp only to see Renamon standing on it. Seeing this he let out a sigh and his claws stopped glowing before he said "Oh, it's just you Renamon."

Renamon just looked down at him with a raised eyebrow "What are you doing here? It's rare to see you away from your tamer, where is your tamer anyway?"

BlackAgumon just turned his head away from Renamon and narrowed his eyes "I don't know, he can go jump off a bridge for all I care." Renamon let out a small chuckle at this causing BlackAgumon to cast a glare at her "And just what pray tell is so funny?"

Renamon just looked down at him "I just find it amusing that you and your tamer act more like siblings towards each other rather then just partners."

BlackAgumon just turned his head away from her with a slight blush "Is that so, well what makes you say that?"

Renamon just lets out another chuckle "I've seen you two around often enough. Your usually bickering and arguing with each other like any other siblings I've seen, not to mention your little 'brotherly spat' earlier."

BlackAgumon just looked at the ground "You saw that?"

Renamon just nodded her head "Yes, but don't you think you should have gone with him anyway, just in case?"

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes "Naruto can take care of himself, he's the last person I'd be worried about." BlackAgumon then looked up at Renamon "What about you, shouldn't you be looking after Ruki?"

Renamon just looks back over to the sunset "Like your tamer, Ruki doesn't want me around right now."

Ruki was walking down an underground path when the air temperature seamed to drop again causing her to shiver slightly before turning around and yelling out "What do you want?!"

But the only thing behind her were two men wearing suits, one green, one blue. The one wearing green just looks at her before saying "Nothing."

Ruki then lets out a silent gasp as she sees some sort of white figure gliding up the stairs over at the side. She then pushes past the two men in the suits saying "Get out of the way!" and runs up the stairs chasing after whatever it was that just headed up them. After a few seconds she stops at the top of one set of stairs next to a closed metal door "Hey I saw you, you creep. Now come out!" Getting no reply Ruki backed up against the door and started to look around the area. After a few second Ruki placed her right hand against the door and her left over her chest before taking a few deep breaths. It was then a pair of arms shot out of the solid door and grabbed Ruki before she could even move. A small digital field appeared for a second while a dark laughter came out of it. Once the digital field dispersed There was no sign of Ruki or the figure that had just grabbed her.

Naruto was walking down a street in down town Shinjuku looking down at the path in front of him 'So I'm on my own again huh?' Naruto then let out a small sigh as he looked up into the nights sky 'Maybe I did go a little to far with him this time.' Naruto looked back down from the sky to the street path before letting out a small sigh "Guess I should probably apologise to him." Naruto's eyes then narrowed as he sensed IceDevimon digital signature again "But first things first."

Naruto looked across the street in the direction he could sense the signature coming from before looking up at the top of the building, only to see that it was covered in ice. Seeing this Naruto's eyes narrowed "He's definitely here this time, that demonic frozen bastard." With that said Naruto ran across the street towards the building before pumping chakra into his feet. Not caring if anyone saw him Naruto put one foot on the side of the building before continuing to run up the side of the building towards the ice covered roof. He heard a few gasps coming from the people below 'It doesn't matter, no one here really knows me, and I doubt that they got a good look at me.' With that in mind Naruto continued to run up the side of the building with his eyes narrowed "I'm coming for you, you frozen bastard."

Ruki found herself in some kind of blue void that seamed to be made out of ice causing her to shiver with her arms wrapped around herself "It's so cold." A figure then slowly emerged out of the ground behind her that turned out to be IceDevimon. IceDevimon then quickly wrapped his white wings around Ruki causing her to let out a gasp.

IceDevimon lifted her off her feet before looking down at her "Welcome to my humble abode."

Ruki just asked without looking at IceDevimon "Are you a Digimon?"


Ruki then asked "So this is a digital field?"

IceDevimon just looked around before looking back down at Ruki "Exactly, Beautiful isn't it? It suits you perfectly."

Ruki just looks down at the ground "It suits me?"

A small grin appears on IceDevimon's face as he looks down at Ruki "The way treat people, how you think your cold as ice. You have no time for warm weak relationship. You always expect perfection from yourself and others, you demand it." Ruki just absent-mindedly nodded her head before IceDevimon continued "I'm the only one who understands you, Ruki. That is why we are destined to become partners."

Ruki still looking at the ground just says "Partners, us?"


"No I can't. I... I... I already have a partner. Renamon." Ruki finishes by looking over to the side.

Once Naruto reached the top of the building he flipped up and landed on top of the roof. Once Naruto landed on the ice covered roof top he started walking towards the centre of it while turning his head from side to side looking for any trace of IceDevimon "Okay, now I'm here. I can still sense his presence, so I know he's still here. But still where is he?"

Naruto then felt the ice he was standing on start to shake slightly. Looking down at this Naruto noticed pillars of ice appear on the other side of the ice he was standing on, with Digimon trapped inside them "What the hell? These are all of that bastard's... opponents, but why would he make them appear here." Naruto then looked around the inside of the 'ice cavern' inside until his eyes narrowed as they lay on IceDevimon "I found you." His eyes then widened slightly as he noticed IceDevimon had a hold of Ruki "What would he want Ruki for?" Naruto's eyes then hardened again as a swirling ball of chakra appeared in his right hand "I'll figure that out later. As for now..."

Ruki moved her hand over her digivice just before IceDevimon placed his hand over hers "I want to show you something."

Ruki just said half-heartedly "What is it?"

IceDevimon just looked back down at Ruki "To prove I'm worthy of being your partner I've set-up a little show and tell, so you can see my power for yourself." IceDevimon then spread his wings out as ice pillars formed all around the area. Each pillar of ice had a Digimon frozen in it "For years I have hunted hundreds of Digimon and absorbed their data. They were friends to some, maybe even partners." Ruki's eyes widened hearing this before IceDevimon continued "But as you once said, they are mearly stepping stones."

Ruki just looked around at the Digimon trapped within the pillars of ice "I never said that."

A smirk soon appears on IceDevimon's face "Ah but you did. I fight to digivolve, you make your Digimon do the exact same thing."

Ruki just seamed to frieze before saying "No, I couldn't see it before but there's more to Digimon then just fighting. I would eat dirt before I ever let Renamon become what you are. A monster."

IceDevimon's smirk just seamed to widen at this "Better a powerful monster then a weak nobody..." IceDevimon was then cut off as a large explosion went off above the ice roof causing the area around and below it to be covered in smoke before something dropped down in the smoke. Seeing this a frown appeared on IceDevimon's face before quickly turning back into a smirk "Seams we have an uninvited guess." Ruki just stared at the smoke with slightly widened eyes.

A voice then sounded from the smoke as the silhouette of a person appeared within it "Still using the same old lines, huh? What do you rehears this or something..." The figure then stepped out of the smoke revealing itself to be Naruto with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowed dangerously at IceDevimon "You demonic frozen bastard."

Ruki just stared at Naruto with slightly widened eyes before whispering out "Naruto?"

IceDevimon just let out a dark chuckle "Ah, Uzumaki, a pleasure to see you again."

Naruto just snorted at this "Tch, yeah I bet."

IceDevimon just lets out a sigh "Pity you had to turn up just as my new tamer and I were just getting acquainted, but you know the old saying 'business before pleasure'." At the end of this IceDevimon let go of Ruki, dropping her to the ground before turning his full attention towards Naruto.

As Ruki backed away from IceDevimon Naruto spoke up "To bad, you wont be getting a tamer today or any day for that matter. To quote my former sensei 'your future is death'."

IceDevimon then gave out a dark chuckle "Speaking of partners, where would that BlackAgumon you call a partner be." Hearing this Ruki looked over at Naruto only to see him looking at the ground out of the corners of his eyes. IceDevimon let out another dark chuckle "Oh, did we have a little falling out?"

Naruto still looking down at the ground started to speak "I told you before." Naruto's head then shot up and he aimed an icy glare at IceDevimon "I don't need a partner, and I still don't. Not to take you down anyway!" With that said Naruto charged straight towards IceDevimon.

Seeing Naruto charge at IceDevimon Ruki's eyes widened slightly 'What does he think he's doing? He can't take on a Digimon, he's gon'a get himself killed.'

The same smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face as he watched Naruto charge towards him "Just what do you hope to accomplish by this? We've been down this path before, you can't even hope to defeat me."

Naruto just glared hatefully up at IceDevimon as he closed in on him "Shut up freak! That was then and this is now!" Naruto finished this by jumping into the air in front of IceDevimon before throwing a barrage of punches at him, however IceDevimon either managed to dodge or block the attacks. Seeing this Naruto's eyes narrowed before he spun around in the air and delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of IceDevimon. IceDevimon however brought his left arm up and blocked the strike before pushing Naruto back.

Being pushed back by IceDevimon Naruto flips back in the air. IceDevimon brought his index and middle fingers on his right hand up to his forehead before pointing his fingers in the direction of Naruto while firing a blue beam out of his for forehead with a cry of "Tundra Freeze!" Hearing this Naruto landed on his hands before continuing to do back flips in order to evade IceDevimon's attack. IceDevimon's beam hit the ground just as Naruto back flipped away from it causing pillars of ice to shoot out of the ground. IceDevimon's beam followed Naruto creating more ice pillars to shoot up until Naruto pushed off the ground back into the air while pulling out three shuriken and throwing them at IceDevimon.

Seeing the incoming projectiles heading towards him IceDevimon brought up his left arm to defend himself causing the shuriken to embed themselves into his arm. As Naruto landed back on the ground behind the ice pillars IceDevimon shot him an annoyed glare before thrusting his right arm out in the direction of Naruto with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" IceDevimon's arm then extended towards Naruto with his claws pointed towards him. As IceDevimon's arm extended towards Naruto it ploughed through the ice pillars shattering them on contact. Once IceDevimon's claw was right in front of him, Naruto flipped up in the air and landed on IceDevimon's arm before running along it towards IceDevimon himself. As he was running towards him a ball of spiralling blue chakra started to form in his right hand.

Seeing the ball appear in Naruto's hand Ruki's eyes widened "What the?" 'What is that thing?'

As Naruto continued to run along IceDevimon's arm a smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face as he started retracting his arm back to himself. Once IceDevimon's hand was right behind Naruto he back flipped off his arm and into the air while still keeping his forwards momentum. Naruto then dove down on IceDevimon with his right arm held back before thrusting it towards IceDevimon with a cry of "Rasengan!" Seeing this IceDevimon extended his wings and took off into the air just before Naruto's Rasengan connected with the ground causing a large explosion to cover Naruto from view.

Ruki just stared at the explosion with a dumbfound expression 'How is something like that even possible?'

IceDevimon just stared down at the smokescreen created by the explosion until Naruto comes flying out of it heading straight towards towards him. Seeing this a smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face "Fool." IceDevimon then brings his right arm up by his head with his hand held out straight out before slashing down at Naruto with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" IceDevimon's smirk widened as his strike connected with the side of Naruto's neck, however his smirk soon disappeared as a large smirk appeared on Naruto's face right before he went up in a poof of smoke.

Naruto then appeared above IceDevimon with his hands clasped together around the side of his head "Now who's the fool." Naruto then delivered a powerful strike to IceDevimon's back causing him fly towards the floor. IceDevimon collided with the floor on his hands and knees causing a few cracks to appear on the floor. IceDevimon then turned his head around before seeing Naruto descending upon him with his hands clasped together again over his head. Seeing this IceDevimon pushes of the ground with his left hand managing to dodge out of the way before Naruto's strike connected with the ground causing a few more cracks to form.

IceDevimon looked over at Naruto with a smirk on his face as he got back up to his feet "I'll admit, your skill have improved Uzumaki. But what will you do when I do this?!" IceDevimon then turns around and heads straight at Ruki with his arm drawn back and claws extended, ready to strike.

Seeing this Naruto's eyes widened "Shit!" He then started pumping chakra into his legs and started running in Ruki's direction hoping to intercept the attack before it hit 'Damn it, I gotta make it!'

Seeing IceDevimon heading straight at her Ruki took a step back only slip on the ice. She then looked back up only to see IceDevimon just a few feet in front of her thrusting his arm towards Ruki with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" Ruki's eyes widened for a second before scrunching them shut and letting out a scream.

Renamon was currently sitting on top of the same street lamp as earlier, looking up at the night sky while BlackAgumon was leaning against the bottom of it with his arms folded over his chest and his head hung slightly with his eyes closed. It was then that Renamon lowered her head from the sky and looked directly in front of her while BlackAgumon's head snapped up and his eyes opened. They both then just said one word each "Ruki! / Naruto!"

Renamon then looked off into the direction that she felt Ruki in before Ruki's last words to her appeared in her mind 'I don't need you. I don't need anybody.'

BlackAgumon was also looking off in the same direction as the last thing that Naruto said to him also appeared in his mind 'I don't need you. I can get along just fine without you. I never needed anything from anyone before and I don't need anybody now.'

Takato, Guilmon and Jenrya, with Terriermon hanging off his shoulder were currently running up the stairs of the building towards the frozen roof. Once they reached the door at the top of the stairs Takato looked over at the door leading to the roof before saying "This is it, does anyone have any bright ideas?"

Jenrya looked up at the door in front of them "Just one..." Takato pulled down his goggles over his eyes while Jenrya pulled out his shades "let's try not to get ourselves creamed."

The four of them then burst through the door and onto the roof. They started looking around the roof until their eyes landed on Naruto, Ruki and IceDevimon, however when they did their eyes widened at the sight before them and they let out a shocked gasp.

After a few seconds of waiting for the blow to hit, nothing happened. Ruki then slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head up only to see Naruto standing between IceDevimon and herself with his back to her. Before she could say anything however she heard what sounded like slowly dripping water. Looking down to the floor to see what it was here eyes widened as she saw that what was dripping onto the floor was blood, Naruto's blood. Ruki looked back up towards the back Naruto, eyes still wide from the shock of this, just as Naruto slowly turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. Seeing this she said the only thing she could think of "Why?"

Naruto just let out a small chuckle "Yeah, why did I..? I wonder." He then closed his eyes for a second before opening them again "No... Maybe I already know." Naruto then looked down at his hands that were rapped around IceDevimon's wrist, who's claws were still embedded in Naruto's torso. Images of the remaining Konoha 12 minus Sakura appeared in his mind, followed by Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade and then finally BlackAgumon "I keep pushing people away from me, so that I don't have to go through the pain of being of being turned on and abandoned." The images of Sasuke and Sakura then appeared in his mind causing him to grind his teeth.

Ruki just continued to stair up at him with wide eyes unable to bring herself to say anything but one thought did pass her mind as she listened to what he was saying 'Abandoned?!'

Naruto tightened his grip on IceDevimon's wrist before looking up into his smirking face "What you told me, the first time we met. I wanted nothing more then to prove you completely wrong, to show that I wasn't like that." Naruto's head dropped down back to looking at his own hands "But, when I forced my self to really take the time to look, I realised... You were right about be." At this IceDevimon's smirk just grew wider while Ruki just looked up at him in confusion before he continued "My heart is encased in a block of ice. But as least..." Naruto's head then shot up and he stop IceDevimon an icy glare before shouting out "At least it's still there! Unlike you I still have a heart, it may be encased in ice but at least I still have one."

IceDevimon's smirk then changed into a sneer hearing this "Is that a fact? Well then..." His seer then changed back into a smirk before he yelled out "Die Naruto!" IceDevimon's claws then dug in deeper, causing Naruto to grunt out in pain, until they shot out of his back. Ruki's eyes widened as she saw IceDevimon's claws sticking out of Naruto's back, stained red from blood. IceDevimon let out a haunting laugh before pulling Naruto closer to himself "Pity really."

Naruto managed to pull his head up to look IceDevimon in the eye before saying "Bastard." Hearing this IceDevimon let out another chuckle before pulling his hand back and launching Naruto into the ice wall opposite them, causing Naruto to let out a pained cry once he hit it.

Seeing this Ruki spun around with still wide eyes and yelled out "Naruto!" before watching him slump down the wall and onto the floor leaving a small trail of blood on the wall where he had slid down it.

IceDevimon then let out a sickening laughter before he heard a startled gasp and turned his attention towards Takato and Jenrya "Ah, more uninvited guests."

Hearing this Takato turned his attention away from the form of Naruto and looked at IceDevimon before turning towards Jenrya "What do we do?"

Jenrya just stared at IceDevimon with his right hand clenched "This is not good, he's much stronger then any other Digimon we've ever defeated before." He then turned his head back towards Takato and Guilmon "What we really need is an effective strategy to deal with him." Guilmon seamed to give a slight nod of his head at this.

Terriermon then looked up at Jenrya "Like a kick in the pants."

Hearing this Jenrya looked down at Terriermon "I wish it were that easy."

Takato turned his attention towards IceDevimon before calling out "Ready Guilmon?!" Guilmon just gave a nod of his head to this before Takato continued "Go for it!"

Guilmon then said to himself "Ready, set and go." before running towards IceDevimon.

Seeing this Jenrya looks down at Terriermon "Terriermon, here's your chance."

Terriermon nods his head at this "Well it's about time!" He then took off with Guilmon towards IceDevimon.

As Guilmon and Terriermon continued to advance on IceDevimon, said Digimon just turned his attention towards them "Goody, goody, time to fight." His eyes then started to give off a bright blue glow before he fired a beam at them, freezing them in a block of ice. Seeing this Takato and Jenrya both call out to their respective Digimon right before IceDevimon let out a demonic laugh.

IceDevimon's laughter was cut short however as a small shuriken whizzed past him cutting his cheek slightly before a voice sounded out "What exactly is so funny?" Hearing this everyone turned their attention to the direction that the shuriken and voice had come from.

Standing by the ice wall with his left hand against it and head held low was Naruto. Seeing this Ruki just whispered out "Naruto?"

IceDevimon just sneered at him before a smirk appeared on his face again "So the shinobi still wants to play."

Hearing this Ruki, Takato and Jenrya all had one thought running through their minds 'Shinobi?"

Naruto just let out a small growl before he lifted his head to look at IceDevimon "That's x-shinobi!"

IceDevimon just let out a dark chuckle at this "You may have left but you will never be able to turn your back on what you are."

Naruto glared at IceDevimon with his jaw clenched shut, grinding his teeth before yelling "What do you know about it anyway, huh?!" Naruto then pushed off the wall and started charging towards IceDevimon again.

As Naruto passed Ruki still heading towards IceDevimon she just called out "No, stop." while thinking 'What's he doing, he's going to get himself killed. Why is he doing this?'

As Naruto reached up to IceDevimon he jumped up into the air and attempted to deliver a roundhouse kick only to have IceDevimon bring his left arm up to block the kick. A small smirk then appeared on Naruto's face before he twisted his body slightly causing him to wince slightly from the wounds in his torso. Naruto then delivered a left hook to IceDevimon's face. However IceDevimon bent his back absorbing the blow from the hit. Seeing this Naruto pushed off IceDevimon's chest with his left foot, jumping into the air. IceDevimon brought himself back up to his full hight before looking up at Naruto to see him flipping forwards about to deliver an axe kick. IceDevimon then brought his arms over his head and blocked the blow before pushing Naruto back causing him to back flip in the air landing on his feet and hands while skidding across the ice slightly.

Naruto looked up at IceDevimon only to see him charging at him with his fist pulled back, seeing this Naruto pushed off to left spinning in the air, narrowly evading IceDevimon's fist. Once Naruto landed back on his feet he immediately had to bend back as IceDevimon's clawed hand passed right over him with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" Naruto then span around on his hand before delivering a low sweeping kick to IceDevimon's legs knocking him off balance. As IceDevimon continued to fall his and Naruto's faces met before a small smirk appeared on Naruto's face. Naruto pushed himself up onto his hands allowing him to deliver a high kick to IceDevimon's chin, knocking him back up. A sneer appeared on IceDevimon's face before he grabbed Naruto around the leg causing Naruto's eyes to widen slightly. IceDevimon then started swinging Naruto around by his leg before slamming him through one of the nearby ice pilers causing it to brake in half. IceDevimon swung Naruto around one last time slamming him into the broken off part of the ice pillar, shattering it, before throwing him through the air.

Naruto managed to grab onto the top of one of the pilers of ice before swinging around it and standing on the side of it with his hand still grabbing the top of it. IceDevimon looked over at Naruto with a large smirk on his face "Just what are you trying to pull, you can't hope to fight in that condition. Your movements are becoming sluggish."

Naruto just shot a glare at IceDevimon "Hn, whatever." while thinking to himself 'Damn it, he's right. I wont be able to keep this up much longer.' Naruto just pushed himself off the ice pillar towards IceDevimon "Just fight!"

IceDevimon just let out a sigh "The warriors pride huh? Fine then." IceDevimon then thrust his clawed hand out in the direction of Naruto before his arm started stretching towards him with a cry of "Frozen Claw!"

Seeing the incoming attack Naruto just shouted out "Oh shit!" before IceDevimon's hand encircled his head pushing him back slamming through Ice pillar after Ice pillar until finally slamming him into the icy wall again. Once IceDevimon's arm retracted Naruto dropped to his knees before collapsing to the ground. Naruto then moved his arms to the side and slowly started to push himself back up "No, I'm not gon'a lose."

IceDevimon just let out another sigh before looking at the ice celling above Naruto before a smirk appeared on his face. With a cry of "Avalanche Claw!" A barrage of icicles were then fired out of his wings before colliding with the celling above Naruto causing a large explosion.

Hearing the explosion Naruto looked up at it only to see that part of the ice falling down on top of him causing his eyes to widen at the sight while shouting out "Oh, crap!" before the ice crashed into him knocking him back down to the floor and partly covering him.

Seeing this Ruki, Takato and Jenrya's eyes all widened in concerned shock before Naruto started to push himself back up again before muttering something out that sounded like "Damn." and collapsing back onto the ground. Seeing this Ruki called out "Naruto!" but got no response and just whispered out to herself "Naruto."

As IceDevimon started an insane laugh Takato looked out over Naruto "Is he?"

Jenrya just shook his head slowly while saying "I don't know, Takato."

Takato then looked over at IceDevimon as he continued to laugh before looking down at the still frozen Guilmon and Terriermon "We've got to get them out."

Hearing this IceDevimon turns his attention towards them before calling out "I here one becomes quite warm just before freezing."

Jenrya turns his attention towards IceDevimon "Your so twisted it's scary." He then proceeded to pull a card out before swiping it through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Heat, activate!" Terriermon started to give of a small red glow from within the ice before it suddenly died out. Jenrya then looked over to the downed form of Naruto before turning towards Ruki "I don't get it, where are Agumon and Renamon?"

IceDevimon just let out a dark chuckle as Ruki looked down towards the ground "Renamon's gone. Even if I called her, she wouldn't come."

Takato turned away from the block of ice housing Guilmon and looked over at Ruki "Huh, but Ruki, why not?"

IceDevimon just looked over at Ruki "Come on Ruki fess up, did you two have a fight? Just proves she's to weak to be with such a special tamer such as you. You need a partner who understands you, who appreciates you and who craves your cold strength." IceDevimon then threw his arms into the air towards the ice pillars in the icy celling "Embrace the future I offer you."

Ruki's eyes widened at this before she closed them tightly shut while saying out loud to herself "Renamon." An explosion was then heard coming from above them before a large hole appeared in the ice revealing Renamon and BlackAgumon. Seeing this Ruki stared up at her "I can't believe it."

A large smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face as he looked up at Renamon "Ah, the infamous Renamon, I'd love to sit and chat but I have to destroy you."

Hearing this Ruki turned her attention towards IceDevimon "No."

BlackAgumon just shoots a glare at IceDevimon "What am I, chopped liver or something?" Something then catches his attention out of the corner of his eye before turning his head towards it. His eyes then widen as he sees Naruto laying on the ground "Naruto." BlackAgumon then shoots an icy glare at IceDevimon before yelling out "You bastard!" BlackAgumon jumps into the air and fires out a black fireball at IceDevimon with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" IceDevimon just flew up into the air evading the attack before charging at BlackAgumon and delivering a chop to the side of his head with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" sending him crashing through a pillar of ice and onto the floor.

Seeing this Renamon then jumped into the air before calling out "Diamond..." Only to be cut off as IceDevimon flew from the spot he just attacked BlackAgumon from straight to he and grabbed her around the waist before throwing her to the ground with another cry of "Frozen Claw!" As Renamon hit the ground IceDevimon flew straight down towards her. Renamon then jumped back up to her feet and spread out her arms before calling out "Diamond Storm!" But before the attack could begin to form IceDevimon delivered a chop to the side of her neck with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" As IceDevimon then flew back a few feet he watched as Renamon dropped to her hands and knees before falling to the floor.

Seeing this Takato called out "Ruki, she has to digivolve now!"

Ruki just looked from Naruto to IceDevimon and then to Renamon 'I can't let her digivolve, she might end up like IceDevimon.' Renamon then started to pull herself off the ground as Ruki turned her head away 'Forgive me.'

IceDevimon just looked over his shoulder at Ruki "Why do you look at her like that? A Digimon is only useful if it can fight, tell me, why do you care for this pathetic creature?"

Ruki's fist just started shaking before she said "She's my friend." She then lifted her head and sent a glare at IceDevimon "I care because Renamon's my friend!" After saying this Ruki's digivice seamed to give off a bright light.


Large streams of blue digital data started racing around Renamon forming what looked to be a large blue egg of swirling data. "Renamon digivolved too..." The blue shell of data exploded revealing a larger yellow nine tailed fox with a yin yang symbol on her head and the tips of her nine tails and her four paws were glowing a ghostly blue. "Kyubimon!"

Ruki just looked over at Kyubimon in shock "Why did you digivolve?"

Small blue fireballs then appeared on each of Kyubimon's nine tails as she called out "Fox Tail Inferno!" The same fireballs then appeared around IceDevimon, however he took off into the air before the flames could hit him. Seeing this Kyubimon ran after him "Where do you think your going frosty? Dragon Wheel!" Kyubimon then started spinning around before firing off a blue flame in the shape of a dragon towards IceDevimon. Seeing this IceDevimon fired out a blue beam with a cry of "Tundra Freeze!" freezing the fire before it shattered and fell to the ground. IceDevimon then gave out a cry of "Avalanche Claw!" firing a barrage of icicles from his wings at Kyubimon.

Seeing Kyubimon being blasted with icicles Ruki's eyes widened slightly "Kyubimon."

As Takato and Jenrya watched this Takato continued to pound away on the block of ice trapping Guilmon and Terriermon "We've gotta help!"

Jenrya just pulled a card out of his pocket "I've got it!" He then proceeded to swipe the card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Expansion, activate!" Terriermon's small body then began to expand within the ice causing the ice to crack before it finally shattered into pieces freeing the two trapped Digimon.

Terriermon's body then returned to it's normal size before Takato called out "All right now it's our turn!"

IceDevimon just looks over at them hovering over the fallen form of Kyubimon "I don't think so, boy."

However before anything could happen a small pressure hit the air around them. Looking around everyone found the source to be Naruto, who was slowly pushing himself up off the ground while blue chakra was swirling around him on the ground. Seeing this BlackAgumon pulled himself up with a small smirk on his face "Show time."

Naruto continued to slowly push himself off the ground as his black headband seamed to be slashed through the centre of it causing it to slide off his forehead and hit the ground. Naruto then pulled the Hitai-ate off his left bicep before tying it around his forehead "Like I said, I'm your opponent." Naruto finished off as lifted his head up facing IceDevimon, revealing that blood was now trickling down his arms and forehead.

IceDevimon let out a sinister chuckle at this causing Naruto to narrow his eyes at him before his eyes seamed to widen slightly as the image of Sasuke in his curse seal Lv. 2 form appeared above IceDevimon. Seeing this Naruto clenched his fist and started grinding his teeth before a voice called out to him "Naruto."

Hearing this Naruto just turned his head to the side to see BlackAgumon standing next to him "A-Agumon?"

A small smirk then appeared on BlackAgumon's face "What, you sound surprised that I'm actually here."

A small chuckle escaped Naruto's throat "Maybe I am, a little."

BlackAgumon just snorted at this "Hey, we may fight at times but we're still partners..." as small smile then appeared on his face "And friends." After saying this BlackAgumon turned his attention to IceDevimon and his eyes hardened into a glare "Now, it's time we take this freak down."

Naruto just shook his head at this "No." Hearing this BlackAgumon's head spun around to face him with a confused look before Naruto continued "This is something I have to do... alone."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at him "You can't be serious? You can't take him down in your con..."

However Naruto cut him off from going further "Agumon!" Once Agumon turned his full attention back to Naruto he continued "Trust me. I can do this."

Seeing the look in his eyes BlackAgumon just let out a sigh before "All right, but just remember your not alone. I'm right here if you need me." A small smile appears on Naruto's face for a second before he turns his attention towards IceDevimon.

IceDevimon let out a dark chuckle before looking out over Naruto "So the shinobi is finally ready to play, huh?"

Naruto's eyes just narrowed at this "Play time's over, you frozen bastard" Naruto then reached around behind his back, under his jacket and pulled out a round metal ring with a large blade sticking out of it "I'll end this." Naruto's pupils then flashed into slits for a second before turning back to normal. Naruto held out the weapon in his right hand before three more blades appeared from behind the first and moved round the metal ring before Naruto called out "Fuuma shuriken!" Naruto then started spinning the held out shuriken before charging towards IceDevimon.

Seeing Naruto charge towards him IceDevimon fired out a blue beam towards him with a cry of "Tundra Freeze!" As the beam ran across the ground creating pillars of ice behind it Naruto jumped to the right evading the beam as it passed right by him. Seeing this IceDevimon fired another beam at him only to have Naruto vanish and appear on the other side of the pillars of ice before he jumped up onto them and continued running along them. Once Naruto was close enough to IceDevimon he jumped up into the air before bringing the large shuriken down on him. However seeing this IceDevimon jumped to the side narrowly evading the blades of the shuriken. Naruto then pushed off the ground towards IceDevimon, who swung his arm out with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" The spinning blades of the shuriken met IceDevimon's arm causing sparks to fly. As Naruto and IceDevimon came face to face from the struggle against the two attacks, a sick grin appeared on IceDevimon's face "You can't beat me boy, you forget we know everything about you."

Naruto just sneered at IceDevimon as his eyes flashed red for a second before he yelled out "Then you should know not to piss me off!" The two then jumped back from each other before Naruto pulled out two kunai knives with his left hand and threw them at IceDevimon. Seeing the incoming projectiles IceDevimon fired another blue beam at the first one with a cry of "Tundra Freeze!" freezing the first kunai knife solid, slowing it down slightly so that the second slammed into it causing both of them to spin off in different directions away from IceDevimon.

Seeing this a small smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face before the fuuma shuriken came sailing towards him, however it passed harmlessly past him causing his smirk to reappear on his face as he looked out over towards Naruto "Just what were you aiming at?"

A smirk then appeared on Naruto's face as he pulled his right hand towards his chest while calling out "This!" Light seamed to be reflected of a thin metallic wire extending from Naruto's hand to the fuuma shuriken before the shuriken seamed to turn around and head back towards IceDevimon causing his eyes to widen. The shuriken then proceeded to spin around IceDevimon tying him up in the wire before the shuriken finally struck him in the back causing him to let out a pained yell."

IceDevimon then looked out over at the smirking form of Naruto with narrowed eyes that soon turned into a hated glare "You bastard, you'll pay for this!" IceDevimon then flexed his arms snapping the wire before grabbing a hold of the end of it and pulling Naruto off his feet. IceDevimon then proceeded to swing the wire around causing Naruto to crash through several ice pillars before Naruto pulled out another kunai knife and slashed through the wire, however due to the speed his moving at he slammed into the ice wall causing to let out a cry of pain while a large cloud of mist to appear around him, blocking him from view.

Everyone's eyes seamed to widen at seeing this while Ruki just shot a small glare at BlackAgumon "Aren't you gon'a help him."

BlackAgumon just cast an eye over at Ruki before saying "It's not over yet." He then turned his attention back towards the battle "Just watch." At hearing this everyone just turned their attention back towards the cloud of mist just before Naruto came bursting out of it towards IceDevimon with his right fist pulled back. Seeing this a small smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face before he delivered a chop to the side of Naruto's head when he came into range with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" However a smirk appeared on Naruto's face right before he exploded into a cloud of smoke causing a sneer to appear on IceDevimon's face.

Before IceDevimon could make his next move however he felt a knee connect with the side of his head. After delivering the blow to the side of IceDevimon's head, Naruto placed his right hand on top of IceDevimon's head and spun around before delivering an upwards kick to his jaw with his right foot and pushing of his face with his left leading him to do a back flip in mid-air. Recovering from the kick to his jaw IceDevimon looked to see Naruto halfway though with his back flip glaring down at him before continuing his flip and delivering another kick to his jaw while pushing off with left foot again. However this time it caused IceDevimon to stumble back a few feet while Naruto did a combination of a spin and back flip landing back on the floor a few feet away from IceDevimon with his back turned to him.

Naruto then raised his right arm into the air before turning around slightly and fixing IceDevimon with a hard glare. IceDevimon just sneered at him before a ball of blue swirling chakra then appeared in Naruto's raised hand. Seeing the ball of Chakra Jenrya's and Takato's eyes widened, not understanding how something like that is possible. IceDevimon then charged at Naruto with his right arm extended with a cry of "Frozen Claw!" Once IceDevimon was in range Naruto ducked under his strike before thrusting his right arm forwards with a cry of "Rasengan!" The Rasengan connected with IceDevimon causing him to cry out in pain as Naruto continued to push him back into the ice wall. Once IceDevimon collided with the wall Naruto continued to push the Rasengan into him while holding out his left hand as a second Rasengan formed in it before he also thrust it into IceDevimon along with the first with a cry of "Second strike!"

After a few more seconds of IceDevimon screaming in pain Naruto jumped back away from him and watched as the two Rasengans died down revealing the form of IceDevimon however he seamed to be having some trouble keeping his form together as his form seamed to be flickering in and out. IceDevimon then shot a glare at Naruto and charged straight at him "I won't go alone. Frozen Claw!" Naruto just let out a sigh before flashing through hand seals before landing on Tora (Tiger). Naruto then took a deep breath with his right hand held up next to his mouth in a half Tora (Tiger) sign before calling out "Katon! Gokakyu No Jutsu!" before breathing out a large fireball, engulfing IceDevimon. Seeing Naruto breath out a fireball everyone's eyes, except BlackAgumon's, widened at the sight. As the flames continued to engulf IceDevimon, he let out an ear splitting scream before bursting into red flakes of red digital data.

The flakes of data just passed by Naruto as he dropped down onto one knee. BlackAgumon then appeared beside Naruto "Bro, you okay?"

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "Bro?"

BlackAgumon just let out a small chuckle as he turned his head away from Naruto "Yeah, because we act more like siblings then partners."

Naruto looked over at him and just gave a confused "Huh?"

BlackAgumon just let out a defeated sigh and hung his head while saying "Well it made sense when Renamon said it."

A small smirk appeared on Naruto's face at that "Oh, so when Renamon said it, huh?"

BlackAgumon just sharply turned his head towards Naruto "Shut up!" He then turned his head to the direction of the other tamers who seamed to be gathered around Ruki. BlackAgumon then let out a small sigh before asking "So what should we do now?"

Naruto just looked over at the other tamers before turning his attention back towards BlackAgumon "Let's leave, for now, I really don't feel like answering any questions that they might have for me at the moment." BlackAgumon just nodded his head at this and helped Naruto back up to his feet before the two quietly left the rooftop without anyone noticing.

While this was happening Takato and Jenrya along with Guilmon and Terriermon walked up to Ruki to see her staring off into empty space before saying "I hate 'em."

Takato just rubbed the back of his head and smiled at her "Well he's gone now."

Ruki just continued to stair out in the same direction "Not him." She then shouted out "I hat Digimon, all of them!"

Ruki then started walking away as Takato called over to her "Ruki you don't mean that." Kyubimon then pulled herself off the floor and started walking off in the other direction before Takato turned his attention towards her "Kyubimon, where are you going?" Kyubimon then proceeded to jump off the roof before fading out while Ruki walked through the door leading to the stairs out of the building. Takato then called out to both of them "Hey, what's wrong with you?! Aren't you guys supposed to be friends?!"

Once Ruki made it through the doors she noticed a small trail of blood on the floor leading down one of the setts of stirs. Looking down at the trail her eyes soften slightly as she sees Naruto leaning against the side of the wall for support while walking down the stairs with BlackAgumon just in front of him. BlackAgumon then turns his head around to face Naruto "Come on hurry up."

Naruto just shot a small glare at BlackAgumon before saying "Does the term blood loss mean anything to you?" BlackAgumon just shrugged his shoulders as Naruto lets out a grown and stumbles slightly.

Seeing this Ruki takes a few steps towards him before BlackAgumon appears at his side and continues to help him down the stairs while saying half-heartedly "You are so useless."

Naruto just rolls his eyes at this before saying "Ah, shut up." Ruki just continues to watch them for a second with a small smile on her face before steeling her gaze and walking down the second set of stairs away from Naruto and BlackAgumon.

Jutsus and Techniques

Katon! Gokakyu No Jutsu: (Fire Style! Great Fireball Jutsu)
C Rank Technique
User: Uzumaki Naruto
Description: Fires a large fireball at his opponent. The power varies depending on the amount of Chakra used.

Frozen Claw
Champion Level Technique
User: IceDevimon
Description: Slashes enemies with his sharp claws.

Avalanche Claw
Champion Level Technique
User: IceDevimon
Description: Fires a barrage of icicles from his wings.

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Okay I'll say it now, that little combination that Naruto used near the end of the fight with IceDevimon, with the whole flipping and Rasengan was based off Gogeta's Stardust Braker attack from DBZ (which I also don't own) I just used it 'cause I've always wanted to see Naruto do something like that.

Okay, the first time that BlackAgumon Matrix Digivolves should the virus sealed within him interfere and cause him to digivolve into SkullGreymon?

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6). / 13 / Lee, partner Coronamon

Second choice.
7). / 10 / Ino, partner Lalamon
8). / 26 / Hinata, partner Lunamon
9). / 15 / Tenten, partner Dracomon

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