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Naruto's Going Digital
Ch13 Before The Storm

The sun had set just an hour ago while Naruto and BlackAgumon were currently running through the street. As they continued to run down the street BlackAgumon called out behind Naruto "How much further is it?"

Without stopping Naruto just looked over his shoulder at BlackAgumon "It should be just at the end of this street."

BlackAgumon looked back up at him before saying "But there isn't ever a digital field in the area, are you sure about this?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly before turning his attention back towards the path in front of him "Yes I'm sure! Look it took us a while to get down here, the digital field's probably dispersed but I'm sure the Digimon's still here."

After a few more seconds of running, Naruto came to a stop at the entrance of an underground parking lot. Once BlackAgumon caught up to him he looked over at the entrance before letting out a sigh "You gotta be kidding."

Naruto just turned his attention towards BlackAgumon before he raised an eyebrow at him "What?"

BlackAgumon's eyes seamed to narrow slightly "This is the same place where we fought against Renamon and Guilmon."

Hearing this Naruto turned his attention back towards the entrance "Huh, so it is. Well no matter." He then started walking down the entrance while calling back "Well come on then."

BlackAgumon just let out a sigh and shook his head slightly before following behind Naruto "This better not be Renamon again, that's all I'm saying."

Once they made it down into the parking lot Naruto took a quick look around until he spotted what looked like some sort of dinosaur like Digimon. Its body was covered in dark red, almost black flames. It had three golden coloured claws on both hands as well as a golden coloured helmet covering the top half of its head. Seeing this Naruto spoke while casting a quick glance at BlackAgumon "Somehow I don't think that's Renamon." Hearing this, the Digimon turned its attention towards Naruto as he took out his digivice and pointed it at the Digimon. The usual holographic image of the Digimon appeared above the screen and Naruto started reading off the data to BlackAgumon "DarkLizardmon an evil dragon, virus type Digimon, champion level. Attacks are Dark Flare and Darkness Ray." Naruto finished by casting a quick glance at BlackAgumon "You ready?"

Without even sparing Naruto a glance BlackAgumon took off towards DarkLizardmon while calling back to Naruto "Dumb question!" Seeing BlackAgumon charge towards her DarkLizardmon let out a low growl before starting to fire out multiple fireballs in his direction with a cry of "Darkness Ray!" Seeing the incoming dark fireballs headed towards him, BlackAgumon weaved in and out of them as the claws on his right arm started to give off a grey glow. Each fireball collided with the ground close to BlackAgumon causing small explosions, which only seamed to push BlackAgumon to move faster. As BlackAgumon closed in on DarkLizardmon he jumped into the air and with a cry of "Claw Slash!" slammed his clawed hand into the jaw of DarkLizardmon. DarkLizardmon staggered back a few steps from the force of the impact while BlackAgumon pushed off her chest before landing back on the ground and spinning around to face DarkLizardmon again, with his right arm held out, showing steam rising from the burn marks on his hand. A small growl escaped from BlackAgumon's throat as glared at a recovered DarkLizardmon while shaking his burnt hand. Small black flames appeared in BlackAgumon's mouth and with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" he fired three black fireballs at DarkLizardmon. However as the fireballs collided with DarkLizardmon they only seamed to feed the flames her body was made up off. Seeing this, BlackAgumon let out another growl "Oh, come on!"

Seeing as BlackAgumon's attacks were having next to no effect on DarkLizardmon Naruto pulled a card out of his deck and looked down at it before a small smirk appeared on his face "Huh, it's been a while since you've actually needed my help in a battle."

BlackAgumon narrowed his eyes hearing this "Just swipe the damn thing already!"

Naruto let out a small chuckle at hearing the frustration in BlackAgumon's voice before swiping the card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Paildramon's Desperado Blaster, activate!"

Flakes of data started swirling around BlackAgumon until they formed into the twin black and dark green coloured blasters of Paildramon on either side of his waist. A smirk appeared on BlackAgumon's face as he looked up at DarkLizardmon "Let's see you survive this one." BlackAgumon then grabbed a hold of the twin blasters on his waist and aimed them up at DarkLizardmon. With a cry of "Desperado Blaster!" BlackAgumon fired out a barrage of glowing white energy bullets, from the twin blasters, at DarkLizardmon. As the energy bullets connected with DarkLizardmon she let out a pain filled cry before collapsing to the ground. Seeing this BlackAgumon's smirk widened slightly "Well, guess you did… for the moment at least."

A small smirk also appeared on Naruto's face "Well it's about time you launched an attack that worked." BlackAgumon just shot Naruto a small glare hearing this before turning his attention back towards DarkLizardmon. Seeing this Naruto let out a small chuckle "Alright Agumon, time to finish this one…" However before he could finish his sentence they were hit by a blinding light from what Naruto assumed were spotlights.

The wind around them suddenly seamed to swirl around them from what sounded like the rotor blades of helicopters. BlackAgumon raised his left arm up to shield his eyes from the light "What the hell's going on now?!"

Naruto, who was trying to block the light as well, called out sarcastically "Yeah, like I'm supposed to know!" It was then he noticed a small silvery coloured orb roll in-between them and DarkLizardmon. Seeing this Naruto's eyes widened slightly "Ah, crap!" Once he said this smoke started poring out of it. Naruto's eyes then narrowed as he lost sight of both BlackAgumon and DarkLizardmon "Damn, smoke bomb." Naruto narrowed his eyes into the smoke trying to make out any figure in it, when he saw something coming into view "Agumon?"

As it continued to advance on Naruto the siluet continued to increase in size until DarkLizardmon emerged into Naruto's eyesight. Seeing Naruto in front of her DarkLizardmon spoke up. "Please, I want to stay! Make me stronger! Make me Digivolve!" With that said DarkLizardmon lunged at Naruto.

Seeing this Naruto got into a defensive stance and held out his right hand, preparing a Rasengan, "Back off freak!" Before Naruto could make a move however metal wires were shot into DarkLizardmon causing her to scream out in pain as she was electrocuted before collapsing onto the ground. Seeing this Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion "What the hell?"

As the smoke started to dissipate BlackAgumon walked back up beside Naruto, the blasters already dispersed, "What the hell just happened?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and looked at the area DarkLizardmon had just collapsed in as the smoke cleared up revealing a tall blond haired man wearing a dark grey suite with a blue undershirt and a dark blue tie along with a pair of dark shades standing over DarkLizardmon. Without turning around the blond haired man spoke up "Well aren't you gonna thank me, after all I just saved your life? That deserves something." He finished up by looking over his shoulder at Naruto.

Naruto just narrowed his eyes at him "Yeah right. Just who the hell are you anyway?"

The blond haired man just seamed to ignore his question and spoke up again "This is dangerous work little boy, shouldn't you be napping?"

BlackAgumon let out a low growl hearing this while Naruto let out a snort before responding "Shouldn't you be minding your own business?"

The blond haired man's eyebrows seamed to furrow together giving Naruto the impression that he had his eyes narrowed at him from behind his shades before he snapped out "I'll ask the questions! Who do you think you are, attacking Digimon on your own? Do you think this is a game?"

Naruto just rolled his eyes at this before sarcastically saying "Oh yes… let's play catch with the deadly fireballs."

A man in a blue and white suit then walked up to the blond haired man and handed him a form to sight. While signing the form he spoke up again "Well… since you seam to realise that they're lethal creatures then maybe for your safety I should take your little dinosaur too."

BlackAgumon let out another growl before dropping into a battle stance while Naruto sneered and pulled out a kunai from his holster before taking up his own stance "Let's see you try it!"

As soon as Naruto said this, a group of what looked like six solders came in behind the blond man and aimed rifles at Naruto and BlackAgumon. Seeing this Naruto further narrowed his eyes into a heated glare. The blond haired man then spoke up again as a second group came in to take DarkLizardmon away "Well, probably more trouble then he's worth, right?" He then turned around and walked past the solders while letting out a chuck. He continued to walk to the entrance of the parking lot while saying "Don't say I didn't warn you, little boy."

Naruto just sneered at the retreating form of the man before growling out "Yeah, whatever you bastard!"

The blond haired man then came to a stop at the entrance before saying "Then again your little friend could become dangerous too, maybe I should take him too. After all I could always use more subjects." He then looked over at the soldiers still in front of Naruto "I'll leave its capture to you." With that said he turned around and walked out of the parking lot.

Once the blond haired man was out of sight one of the soldiers in front of Naruto and BlackAgumon spoke up "Okay kid, just hand over the creature and nobody has to get hurt."

Naruto just intensified his glare at them "I don't think so!" With that said he jumped into the air and ran through a few hand seals ending in tora (Tiger) before bring him right hand up to the side of his mouth and called out "Katon! Hosenka No Jutsu!" With that said Naruto blow out six fireballs at the armed soldiers. Each fireball collided with the ground right in front of the soldiers causing them to stumble back. Using this to his advantage Naruto landed next to BlackAgumon and placed his hand onto his shoulder "Okay, time to go." Wind then swirled around both Naruto and BlackAgumon before both disappeared into thin air.

As the blond haired man walked up to the first helicopter he looked over towards the second one to see DarkLizardmon being loaded into it. He then turned around to find the six soldiers walking out of the parking lot. The first one to arrive stopped in front of him before saying "The creature managed to escape containment along with the boy."

The blond haired man just let out a grunt hearing this before looking over at the second helicopter as they finished loading DarkLizardmon into it "No matter, we got what we came for." With that said he pulled himself up into the helicopter before sitting down "Let the tamers play their little game, soon all Digimon will be completely destroyed."

As the two helicopters took off one of the pilots spoke up "Mission complete, returning captive to headquarters."

Once the helicopters were in the air no one noticed that Naruto, channelling chakra into his hands and feet to stick to the bottom of it, with BlackAgumon securely between Naruto's back and the bottom of the helicopter. BlackAgumon then called out over the whirring of the rotors "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Naruto just looked over his shoulder at BlackAgumon "I never said it was a good idea. I just said I wanted to find out what they were doing with DarkLizardmon."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at this "Oh great plan, and what about me? In case you forgot they wanted to capture me too. What happens if we get caught?"

Naruto shook his head at this "We're not going to get caught."

BlackAgumon just yelled out "And how do you know that!"

Shrugging his shoulders Naruto responded by saying "Hey I'm a ninja remember, no worries."

BlackAgumon just rolled his eyes at this "Oh that makes me feel just so much better."

Naruto let out a small sigh hearing this "Quit complaining!" BlackAgumon then mumbled something out but Naruto just ignored it favour of looking out over the twin towers they were heading towards. Seeing them getting closer to them Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly 'I recognise those towers.'

A few minutes latter the two helicopters landed on top of one of the towers. Seeing that they had come to a stop Naruto looked over his shoulder at BlackAgumon who gave a quick nod in return. Keeping themselves hidden underneath the helicopter they watched as the blond haired man walk up to the entrance to the building before turning around as the group of soldiers brought DarkLizardmon off the helicopter. Seeing this the blond haired spoke up "Take the specimen to the scanning chamber."

Naruto and BlackAgumon watched as they all entered the building before the helicopters started to take off again. Cancelling the flow of chakra Naruto and BlackAgumon dropped to the ground before the helicopters left the ground. Pulling themselves up to their feet BlackAgumon looked over at Naruto while folding his arms over his chest "Well what now then?"

Naruto just looked around for a second before walking over to the side of the roof "Come on." BlackAgumon just let out a sigh before following after him. Once he made it over to where Naruto was standing a small smirk appeared on Naruto's face before he pointed over the side of the building to an air vent one floor down "There's our way in."

BlackAgumon looked over the slide at the air vent before turning his attention back towards Naruto with an annoyed look on his face "You've got to be kidding?"

Naruto just rolled his eyes at this "Quit complaining and come on." BlackAgumon muttered something incoherent under his breath before jumping back onto Naruto's back. With BlackAgumon on his back Naruto applied chakra to his feet again and started walking down the building towards the air vent. Once he reached the vent Naruto crouched down and pulled out a kunai before using it to pry the cover off the vent "Hope that doest hit anyone."

BlackAgumon just rolled his eyes before Naruto climbed into the vent. As they started crawling through the vent BlackAgumon's eye started twitching as the light seamed to vanish "When you came up this plan did you take into consideration the fact that there aren't any light in the vents and the fact that it's the middle of the night!"

Naruto just looked over at BlackAgumon with narrowed eyes "Obviously, I didn't. Now stop complaining so we can find out what's going on around here."

"Well sorry if I'm nervous about sneaking into a place filled with people who were trying to abduct me... AGH" BlackAgumon finished crying out as both he and Naruto came to a point were the shaft came to a vertical drop, causing both of them to fall down it. Naruto pumped his chakra into his hands and feet again and grabbed on to the side of the vent to slow down his decent. Seeing the slight glow from Naruto's chakra BlackAgumon grabbed onto Naruto. Once they came to a stop Naruto let out a small sigh before BlackAgumon yelled out "Oh yeah, this was such a great plan, you freaking bastarmuph…muph!" He finished up as Naruto took one hand off the side of the vent and covered BlackAgumon's mouth.

Naruto looked over his shoulder and glared at BlackAgumon "Keep it down, baka, unless you really do want to get caught."

As Naruto removed his hand from BlackAgumon's mouth, BlackAgumon shot him a small glare before slowly nodding his head "Alright I get your point, now here's a question. Do you have any idea where we are going?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders at this "Hey I've never been here before."

BlackAgumon's eye started twitching at this "I really hate you right now, you know that right?"

Hearing this Naruto rolled his eyes "Whatever." He then started crawling down the vent, with BlackAgumon still on his back, until he noticed a new light source appear "Guess that where we need to go."

BlackAgumon just raised a non-existent eyebrow at this "What makes you say that?"

Naruto just let out a sigh at this "If there's a light then that would mean that there's a room that the vent leads into, which is probably in use right now."

BlackAgumon narrowed his eyes at Naruto hearing this "How do we even know that that's the room they put DarkLizardmon in."

Naruto's right eyebrow started twitching at this "Do you have to question everything I do?"

Shrugging his shoulders BlackAgumon replied "Hey what can I say, I like living thank you."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes and ground his teeth together while muttering out "Bastard." Naruto continued down to the level where the light was coming from. Once there they both crawled along until they came to the vent cover that led into the room.

Looking through the vent they saw a large dull room with different machines and computers spread around the walls. The odd thing however was that there seamed to a large pool of water, or some sort of liquid with what looked like two thin white bridges standing side to side with each other. Seeing this BlackAgumon let out a whistle "Nice, they have an indoor pool." He then turned his head towards Naruto "How come we never go swimming?"

Naruto just rolled his eyes and let out a small sight "Agumon… this really isn't the time for this." He then turned his head towards BlackAgumon "Here's a question however. Why would they put all this electrical equipment around a pool of water, doesn't that seam like a potential health hazard?"

BlackAgumon shrugged his shoulders "Maybe it's filled with some sort of non-conductive liquid instead of water."

Nodding his head slowly Naruto replied "I guess that could be the reason." Once he said this they heard the doors in the room opening to see the same blond haired man from before walk in. seeing this Naruto narrowed his eyes at him before saying "Well, hopefully we'll get our answers now." BlackAgumon just gave a quick nod before they both turned their attention back towards the blond haired man.

As the blond haired man walked towards the bridges both Naruto and BlackAgumon heard a voice speak out "What is this place!? Let me out! I don't want to go back!"

Hearing this Naruto and BlackAgumon turned their heads towards each other. Naruto was the first to speak "Was that…?"

Only to be finished by BlackAgumon "DarkLizardmon…? Yeah I think it was." They both then turned their attention back to what was going on in the room.

One of the two men in white lab coats on the bridge with the blond haired man was adjusting some of the settings on one of the machines before he spoke up "Sir, Uh, we're ready to initiate the data scan, but the creature may not survive."

The blond haired man was currently looking over the side of the bridge down at the pool. Without moving from his spot he responded to the man in the lab coat "Huh, you say that as if I should care. It's not as if that thing down there is flesh and blood you know."

The lab coat wearing man looked up at him hearing this "Excuse me, Yamaki-san, sir but it has a real body, it's a life form."

The blond haired man, Yamaki turned around from the pool to face the man "A worm is more of a life form then this thing. They're just packets of data, computer code, zeros and ones. Their ability to appear in our world is a fluke, but our monstrous friend here is not without its use. By analysing its data we can learn how Digimon are created and how they can be destroyed."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "Wow, this guy makes Ruki seam like a Digimon loving saint."

BlackAgumon just slowly nodded his head before they turn their attention back towards the group just in time to see Yamaki turn his attention back towards the men in the lab coats "Proceed with the scan, I want full power." He finished by motioning towards the man behind he machine.

Said man gave a quick "Hai" before flipping the switch on the machine. It was at this point that they could hear DarkLizardmon cry out in pain "Ahh, no let me out of here!"

The man at the machine looked down at the reading on the screen before speaking up "Its particles are dissipating."

The pool started to give off a red glow while Yamaki called out "Don't stop until we have all of its data! We're only steps away from achieving our ultimate goal."

DarkLizardmon gave out one last cry of pain before one of them men in the lab coats spoke up again "It's gone. Its data hasn't disappeared though, just the body. Should I save the data?"

Yamaki just looked down at the man before saying "I don't see the point. We got all the information we needed from the scanning procedure. Eliminate anything that's left."

The man in the lab coat seamed to be taken back by this "W-what? Uh… Yes sir, destroying all particles now." Once he said this he started typing in on the machine before the pool gave off a bright blue glow.

Seeing this BlackAgumon's eyes widened "Holy shit! And they wanted to put me in that thing!"

Naruto just turned his head towards BlackAgumon "And you wanted to go swimming."

BlackAgumon's right eye started twitching at this before he yelled out "Fuck that plan…"

Naruto slammed his hand over BlackAgumon's mouth and narrowed his eyes at him "Keep it down." He then took a quick look back into the room to see if anyone had heard them. Seeing that apparently no one had, Naruto let out a small sigh before removing his hand from BlackAgumon's mouth before motioning his head behind them "Come on, we found out what we need, let's go." BlackAgumon gave a quick nod at this before the two of them turned around and crawled back down the air vent.

Back in the room the blue glow was starting to fade, indicating that DarkLizardmon's data had been completely eliminated. Yamaki looked out over the side of the bridge before speaking up to the men in lab coats "Get used to it. We'll scan as many as we have to 'till they're all gone."

Outside the building Naruto and BlackAgumon came to another air vent cover, on a lower floor. Coming up to it Naruto kicked the cover off before dropping down to the ground, quickly followed by BlackAgumon. Naruto let out an annoyed sigh "Well, this could be a problem."

BlackAgumon looked up at Naruto and crossed his arms over his chest "So what are we gonna do?"

Naruto just let out another sigh and looked down at BlackAgumon "Not much we can do. But one thing's for sure, we can't let them continue it is whatever they're planning."

Raising a non-existent eyebrow BlackAgumon spoke up again "So I take it you have a plan then."

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders "Well if you can call it that." Seeing the look that BlackAgumon was giving him Naruto continued "The only thing to really do would be to sneak back in tomorrow evening and take out those machines before they can complete their plan. I doubt it would stop them permanently, but, it should buy us some time to come up with a more permanent plan."

BlackAgumon just nodded his head "Right." However after saying this he looked up at Naruto with a raised non-existent eyebrow "Wait. Why wait until the evening? Why not sneak in sooner?"

Naruto just rolled his eyes before saying sarcastically "Oh yeah, let's just sneak into the heavily populated governmental building in broad daylight, I'm sure no one will see us." BlackAgumon let out a low growl before muttering something out under his breath. Not paying attention to this however Naruto shrugged his shoulders before continuing "Besides, I've got school tomorrow, remember?"

BlackAgumon stopped glaring at the floor and looked back up at Naruto with slightly narrowed eyes before a small smirk appeared on his face "But it's already four in the morning."

Naruto looked down at BlackAgumon with his eye twitching "Okay, fine, I have school in a few hours. Now will you stop contradicting me?"

BlackAgumon just looked over to the side with a thoughtful look on his face before turning back towards Naruto "Uh, no!"

Naruto let out a quiet growl "Whatever!" With that said he turned around and started walking back down the path. BlackAgumon watched as Naruto headed down the path before letting out a sigh and headed off after Naruto.

Naruto was currently sitting at his desk in class, with his head resting in his left hand. He looked up at the clock on the wall, with half-lidded eyes, and let out a quiet sigh 'Great only 2:30, still another half hour until the end of the torture.' He then looked back down at his opened history book 'History, argh, what is the point, I mean it's history it's in the past, who cares. I mean shouldn't you be look to the future, not the past.' Naruto then narrowed his eye slightly 'It's not like looking at the past ever really helps!' With that thought in mind Naruto let out a quite sigh before his eyes slowly started to slide shut.

Opening his eyes again Naruto found himself standing on a wooden platform looking down at a large crowd of people, looking up at him with hate filled glares. After a few seconds cries of rage burst out from the crowd as they started throwing surrounding rocks at him. Naruto winced in pain the rocks made contact before he glared at the people "Bastards!" Naruto cried out before attempting to charge towards the crown, only to find that he couldn't move. Looking down he found that he was chained to a large wooden stake "What the fuck!"

Before he could say anything ells there came a loud yell of "Enough!"

Naruto look over to the side and the source of the voice only to see Tsunade walking up to him with a scroll in hand. "Baa-chan?" Hearing this Tsunade just glared down at him before ramming her fist into Naruto's gut. Naruto winced in pain before coughing up some blood. He then raised his head back up and shot a glare at Tsunade "What the hell was that for, you old hag?!"

Tsunade just narrowed her eyes "Silence!" She then turned her back to him and faced the crowd. Naruto let out a growl seeing this before Tsunade opened the scroll and started speaking up to the crowd "Uzumaki Naruto a.k.a Kyuubi no Yoko, you are hereby charged with the following crimes, the attempted murder of not only Hyuga Neji, but also Uchiha Sasuke and aiding and abetting the S-ranked missing nin Orochimaru. For these crimes against Konoha you are hereby sentenced to death, by being burnt at the stake."

It was at this point that Naruto noticed a mess of pink hair belonging to Sakura moving through the crowd before stepping onto the platform. Noticing she was carrying a flaming torch in her had, his eyes narrowed into a glare as he watched her walk up to him. As Sakura appeared in front of Naruto she glared down at him and raised her free hand before delivering a powerful slap around Naruto's face, leaving a large red mark on his cheek. Naruto turned his head back towards her direction with a hated glare and let out a growl "Fucking Bitch!"

Sakura just narrowed her eyes at him before spitting in his face. "This is for Sasuke-kun you fucking demon!" She yelled out as threw the flaming torch at his feet. Naruto bit his bottom lip, as he felt the flames lick up at his legs, in an attempt to keep from screaming out in pain. He tightly closed his eyes shut as the flames started to engulf him, but tears of pain freely flowed down his face as he continued to bite back his screams of pain. The last thing he heard was Sakura screaming out "Scream Demon!" Then all of a sudden the pain and heat of the flames disappeared, as did the sound of the cheering crowd.

Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto found himself surrounded by total darkness. Narrowing his eyes Naruto looked around himself, seeing nothing but the never-ending darkness "What the hell is this?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he heard a familiar voice call out through the darkness "Hmm, the darkness suits you so much more then the ice."

Spinning around Naruto finds a pillar of ice stick out of the 'ground', but it was what was held within that caused Naruto's eyes to widen before narrowing dangerously at the white demonic Digimon encased in the ice "IceDevimon! What the fuck!? You're supposed to be dead!"

IceDevimon's eyes snap open, glowing red, before he lets out an insane laughter. Naruto watches as the surrounding ice starts to take on a dark tinge before turning completely into a dark purple colour; however what catches his attention is the fact that IceDevimon had changed from white to black while his laughter seamed to now hold a darker quality to it. Naruto noticed cracks appearing over the pillar of dark ice before it suddenly exploded, freeing the demonic Digimon within. Naruto shielded himself, bringing his arm up, as shards of dark ice and smoke shot outwards. As Naruto brought his arm back down the smoke cleared from the area where the demonic looking Digimon had been standing. However Naruto's eyes widened slightly at the sight in front of him.

Stand where the demonic Digimon was previously now stood a feminine version of it. The new Digimon was clad in what appeared to be a skin-tight black bodysuit of leather with the design of a white skull over her right breast; however her left leg and left arm, from her shoulder to her elbow, were exposed revealing deathly pale skin. The leather reached up to cover the top half of her head, revealing only her glowing red eyes. Chains were wrapped around her right arm and hung down from her left hip. While her right hand seamed fairly human like her right seamed more demonic with large sharp crimson claws. She had silvery white hair that reached down to just below her waist and a pair of demonic like black wings that lay limp making them seam more like a shredded cape. Finally reaching off her left shoulder was what looked to be a dark spectre, with the same glowing red eyes as the Digimon. The Digimon looked over at Naruto before a small smirk appeared on her face. She let out a small chuckle before saying "You really are suited to the darkness."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes at her and let out a growl "Just who the hell are you?!" The Digimon just let out another chuckle before she was engulfed in purple flames. Only her glowing red eyes could be seen through the flames. What caught Naruto's attention however was the large pair of slitted golden eyes that suddenly appeared out of the darkness behind the purple flames. The eyes seamed to be filled with hate and rage as they appeared to glare down at Naruto. Seeing this Naruto calls out "Okay, just what the hell is going on here?!"

Before Naruto could say anything ells a pair of arms wrapped around his waist from behind causing his eyes to widen slightly. "All in due time." He heard the voice of the person behind him say.

Recognising that this voice was the same one that belonged to the demonic female Digimon who had just been engulfed in purple flames Naruto turned his attention back towards the flames only to see her glowing red eyes still appear within the flames. Seeing her eyes still glowing in the flames Naruto's eyes widened slightly again "How?" 'How can she be behind me and still be in the flames?'

Before Naruto could come up with anything ells however the Digimon lifted him up slightly off the ground before resting her chin on his shoulder "Hmm, this place truly does suit your true self."

Naruto tore his eyes away from the glowing red ones within the purple flames and looked down at the 'ground' 'True self?' He then looked back up and asked "Just where is this place anyway?"

The Digimon let out an amused chuckle, without moving her head from his shoulder "This place is just a representation of your own soul." She then let out another quiet chuckle before continuing "You try to hide it, the rage, the anger and hatred you hold for that village and the people within it. You've always felt this, and these emotions have festered deep inside you, feeding the darkness in your soul." She then tilted her head to the side before whispering into Naruto's ear "Our dark prince, our little demon of the night."

Naruto narrowed his eyes hearing this before growling out "I'm no demon."

The Digimon let out an amused chuckle before tightening her hold around Naruto, holding him closer to herself "That's not what they seam to think."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "They?" Out of the corner of his eye he saw the Digimon motion her head towards the purple flames. Seeing this Naruto turned his attention back towards the flames, but not before noticing that the golden eyes seamed to still be glaring down at him, filled with rage and hatred and what Naruto thought could be a glint of insanity.

Naruto watched as the glowing red eyes seamed to slowly shrink in size before a small black round pupil. Surrounding the pupil appeared three tomoe marks. Naruto then heard a familiar voice call out, but it sounded as if it was being said from all around him "She is right, dobe…" He watched as the flames died down slightly revealing Sasuke standing in the flames before the flame like markings of the curse seal spread across his body. Once the markings covered Sasuke's body a pair of webbed hand like wings appeared on his back. The glow of the curse seal died down revealing Sasuke in his curse seal's second form. Sasuke looked up at Naruto and locked eyes with him before his usual arrogant smirk appeared on his face "They have and always will see you as what you truly are."

Once he had said this, the rest of the Konoha twelve emerged from behind the flames. Each one just glared up at Naruto with disgust and hatred. One by one each of them spoke out towards Naruto, each one of their voices contained distain and loathing towards him.

"You're the reason my Sasuke-kun ran away from me, you damn beast!"

"Sigh, troublesome demon."

"No monster could ever be considered a comrade."

"No-one could ever see you as more then a monster, baka."

"No damn beast will ever be a part of our pack!"

"You should always keep your enemies close, even a demon."

"D-did you really think t-that you could be considered one of us."

"Did you think you could escape your destiny, like I told you, this is your fate."

"After all, you are what you have always been."

"Our youthful flames shall engulf your un-youthfully dark nature!"

The remaining members of the Konoha twelve started fading into the darkness once all this was said, however Naruto heard a quiet voice calling out through the darkness "The will of fire has truly dwindled." Hearing this Naruto looked out into the darkness whispering out "Oji-san?" It was at this point that Naruto noticed that he was standing back on the 'ground' and that the Digimon that was just holding him was nowhere to be found.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as he heard a dark laughter and turned back towards Sasuke just in time to see him stop laughing before he levelled him with another glare, only this one seamed to contain some amusement in it "Do you see now, they will always see you for what you are… a demon!" He then let out another, more insane laughter, as the purple flames once again came to life and engulfed him.

Naruto watched the flames as, like before, the only thing that remained visible was the red eyes of the Sharingan. However the tomoe marks in both eyes disappeared while the pupils in the eyes became slitted, rather then round. Naruto then turned his attention towards the large golden eyes that seamed to be filled with mirth, and Naruto was sure that if there was a mouth to accompany those eyes in would be twisted into a damned arrogant annoying smirk. His attention was brought back to the flames as they seamed to be increasing in size. Looking up into the slitted red eyes they also seamed to be increasing in size along with the flames "Okay, this can't be good." Two pillars of flames burst out from the main flames, like a pair of arms. The two pillars of flames shot out towards Naruto causing his eyes to widen "Oh, crap." The ends of the pillars snapped opened to resemble a pair of hands. As the pair of 'flame hands' grabbed a hold of Naruto, he let out a gasp of breath as they began to squeeze him tightly bust surprisingly despite being made out of fire they didn't burn.

Naruto continued to wince as the flames continued to grow in size and lift him off the 'ground' all the while continuing to squeeze him tighter. As the rate the flames were increasing started to slow it appeared as if they were starting to take on an actual form. Flames from the top seamed to spread further up to give the look of two large 'flame ears'. As the flames seamed to finish forming they started to reseed, showing what looked like dark reddish orange fur. As the purple flames finished reseeding Naruto's eyes widened as he saw what had him in its grasp. Grabbing a hold of him, while glaring down at him with large slitted red eyes, was a giant fox with nine tails swishing around behind it. Seeing this Naruto whispered out "Kyuubi?"

Despite just being a whisper a large smirk appeared on Kyuubi's face from hearing this before it let out a low growl and tightened its hold on Naruto. Kyuubi's eyes narrowed dangerously before it opened its jaws and yelled "Did you think you could be safe from me kit, me! You're mine kit, MINE!!!" Kyuubi then let out another, louder, growl. While this was going on the pair of golden eyes seamed to narrow before the slitted pupil in each eye seamed to pulse before they flew open and the eyes seamed to fade back into the darkness.

Naruto looked up at the Kyuubi and narrowed his eyes at it as it continued to glare down at him with uncontrolled hatred 'There is no-way in hell I'm going to show fear to this freak!' It was then that Naruto noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. Turning his head around to look down at Kyuubi's hands, were he noticed its once reddish orange fur changing into a yellow colour. Seeing this Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion "What the hell?" He continued to watch as Kyuubi's fur continued to change colour until it had completely changed from its former reddish orange colour into a sickly neon yellow colour. Naruto then turned his attention away from Kyuubi's fur and looked up into its eyes again only to find that a golden ring had appeared around the slitted pupil in both his eyes. He watched as the golden ring seamed to spread out, similarly to the way the curse seal would, until it covered the irises of Kyuubi's eyes changing them from a blood red to a golden colour that seamed eerily similar to the eyes that had been floating in the darkness mere moments before.

As Naruto continued to look into Kyuubi's now golden eyes he noticed that the pure hatred that they held before in their glare had dwindled slightly but had not completely disappeared, however now they also seamed to hold a hint of insanity "Ah crap, this can't be good." Kyuubi let out a dark and sinister chuckle before its jaws snapped open and it let out a powerful roar. The shear force of the roar blasted into Naruto forcing him to hold his breath and force his eyes shut as the powerful and rank wind that was picked up from Kyuubi's roar continued to assault him.

Naruto's eyes snapped open as he shot straight up in his seat and took in a sharp breath. This of cause caused everyone in the room to stop what they were doing and turn their attention towards Naruto. His sensei turned away from the board and looked up from the text book he was holding up towards Naruto "Is there a problem Uzumaki-san?"

Naruto seamed to relax slightly while letting out a quiet sigh before turning his head towards the window "Uh, no… no there's no problem Moory-sensei."

Moory just seamed to raise an eyebrow at this before saying "Well then I suppose you wouldn't mind telling us why you were interrupting class."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly at this "Well I… uh, that is I umm…" 'Oh crap, what can I say 'sorry, I fell asleep during class and dreamt that my psychotic inner demon tried to devour me?' Yeah that doesn't sound the least bit insane.' As Naruto was contemplating a plausible answer to give he overheard a few of the snide, quiet, remarks the rest of the class was making about him. "Ha, what a looser." "Well what do you expect from that social reject." "Yeah tell me about it. I mean he's just as much of a freak as that kid he hangs around with." Hearing this Naruto just narrowed his 'Yeah, I'm the looser, right, like I'd even waste my time with these ignorant fools. They're not worth my time.'

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as Moory called out again "Well Uzumaki-san, I'm waiting."

Naruto blinked a few times before looking back up at Moory "Well uh… yeah, about that… well uh, ya see…" However before he could come up with anything the bell suddenly sounded, signalling the end of the school day. 'Yes! Saved by the bell, thank you Kami, for once you're actually deciding to help me.' He then turned his attention back towards Moory before saying "Sorry, but I gotta go." With that said Naruto, along with everyone ells in the room, got up and made their way out of the room.

As Naruto made his way out of the building he was heading to the front entrance when he heard a familiar voice call out "Naruto!" Hearing this Naruto looked over his shoulder to find Jenrya jogging up to him with Terriermon's ear draped over his shoulder. Seeing this Naruto raised an eyebrow "Jenrya, what do you want?"

Jenrya stopped just behind Naruto before looking up at him "Can we talk for a second?"

Naruto moved over to a nearby tree and leaned his back against with his arms folded over his chest "About?"

Jenrya looked over at Naruto "I just wanted to talk to you about what happened back there."

Naruto lifted his head up towards Jenrya's direction and raised an eyebrow "What do you mean?"

All of a sudden Terriermon appeared over Jenrya's shoulder "He means the fact that you just wigged out back there."

Jenrya looked over at Terriermon with an annoyed look on his face "Terriermon!"

"What!? Well he did." Terriermon called out with a somewhat defeated tone towards the end.

Jenrya shook his head and let out a sigh before turning his attention back towards Naruto "Anyway he is right, what happened back there?"

Naruto turned his head to the side away from Jenrya and Terriermon "Nothing happened."

Jenrya folded his arms over his own chest "Really, 'cause it sure didn't seam like nothing."

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly while his eyebrow started twitching "Fine, I fell asleep, okay? I mean it was history class."

"He's got a point." Terriermon said nodding his head before looking over at Jenrya "I've wanted to sleep through it more then once." Jenrya just shot an annoyed look at Terriermon resulting in a "Momentai" from Terriermon.

Jenrya just let out another sigh before looking back over at Naruto "Still… that doesn't explain why you…" However before he could finish what he was about to say BlackAgumon dropped out of the tree and landed next to Naruto startling both Jenrya and Terriermon.

Re-finding his place on Jenrya's shoulder Terriermon looked over at BlackAgumon with slightly widened eyes "Jeez, don't do that! It's bad enough having Renamon appearing out of nowhere all the time, we don't need another one."

A small smirk appeared on BlackAgumon's face before he let out a slam chuckle "I guess there are some perks to having a ninja for a tamer." Hearing this both Jenrya's and Terriermon's eyes widened while Naruto cast an annoyed glare at BlackAgumon, before BlackAgumon opened his eyes and looked up slightly at Jenrya and Terriermon realising what he had just said "Oops."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes at BlackAgumon and let out a low growl "Oops huh?" He then shook his head and let out an annoyed sigh "What are you doing here anyway? I told you to wait back home 'till I got there."

BlackAgumon just shrugged his shoulders "Meh, I got bored of just waiting around so I thought I'd just meet you here, you know, save time and all that. I mean if we're gonna find out what that blond haired guy in the business suit is up to then we should probably head straight there, right."

Naruto let out another sigh "Yeah that would make sense…" He then narrowed his eyes at BlackAgumon "If I didn't need to head back home in-order to arrange the 'equipment' I'll need." He motioned towards his right thigh, which was lacking the usual kunai holster "Not to mention sort out any modify cards that we might need." He finishes by shaking his head slightly.

Jenrya seamed to come out of his shock at this point "Wait, blond haired guy in a suit?" He then put his hand on his chin in a thinking position before turning back towards Naruto and BlackAgumon "This blond haired guy, did he wear a dark grey suite with a blue undershirt and a pair of dark shades?"

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "I take it you've met…"

Before Naruto could continue however BlackAgumon cut in "Yeah, that's the guy. Bastard broke in on our battle last night and abducted my opponent."

Jenrya raised his own eyebrow at this "He abducted the Digimon?"

BlackAgumon nodded his head at this "Yeah, then we tracked him back to those twin towers downtown where they were conducting some sort of experiment on it."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes at BlackAgumon "You know there is such a thing as to much information."

BlackAgumon shrugged his shoulders at this "Does it really matter, I mean it's not like you're gonna let them tag along anyway."

Hearing this Jenrya turned his attention back towards Naruto "You're gonna sneak into the building and find out what he's up to aren't you." A quick glance from Naruto told him all he needed to know "I'll call Takato and Guilmon to give a hand and I'm sure Ruki and Renamon wouldn't want to miss out on this."

Naruto just pushed off the tree and turned towards Jenrya "No. Agumon and I can handle this by ourselves, so just leave it to us." BlackAgumon just gave a quick nod and also pushing himself off the tree before Naruto continued "No offence or anything but as of how things currently stand you guys will only slow me down."

With that said Naruto and BlackAgumon continued heading out of the area but not before BlackAgumon looked back over his shoulder back at Jenrya and Terriermon "Yeah, just sit back and leave this to the pros."

Once Naruto and BlackAgumon made it out of the area Jenrya let out a sigh right before Terriermon seamed to snap out of his thoughts "Did he just say he's a ninja! As in one of those super shinobi like that Hayabusa guy!"

Jenrya let out another sigh and shook his head slightly "I guess he could be, it would explain the whole breathing fire thing… Huh, wait a minute, Hayabusa? Have you been playing online again?"

Terriermon just turned his head away from him "Uh, no?"

Jenrya narrowed his eyes slightly at this "Terriermon!"

Terriermon let out a nervous chuckle "Ah come on Jenrya, Momentai!"

As Takato walked into the park, he had a slight frown on his face as he noticed two people around the swing-set. The first was leaning back against the metal bar at the side of the swings 'Hirokazu.' He had brown eyes and brown hair that was spiked up in back with a dark blue and green visor on. He wore a black T-shirt with a yellow cross in the middle, a pair of tanned cargo pants with grey and pale blue sneakers and a pair of brown wristbands. The second one seamed to be sitting on the swing and looking down at his feet 'Kenta.' He had dark green hair and dark brown, almost black, coloured eyes with a pair of glasses on. He wore a button up grey shirt, left open to reveal a plain orange undershirt accompanied by a pair of dark grey cargo pants and pale green and grey sneakers. Walking up to them Takato forced a small smile onto his face before calling out "Uh, hey guys!"

Hearing this both Hirokazu and Kenta both looked up from the ground before both gave a quick reply of "Hi/Hey."

Takato just stopped in his tracks a few feet away from the two before his smile seamed to drop "So, what's up?"

Before they could respond to that however they heard what sounded like someone making barking sounds. Turning around the three of them found out that it was coming from Juri with what looked like an orangey yellow dog hand-puppet. She then looked over in their direction before calling out "So what are you boys up to today, playing Digimon?"

Kenta just snorted at this while narrowing his eyes slightly "No way, Digimon's for kids."

Hirokazu just nodded his head at this "Yeah, it's all just pretend anyway."

Hearing this Takato turned his attention away from Juri and back towards Hirokazu and Kent "Well Guilmon's real."

Hirokazu just shook his head slightly and let out a sigh "Oh, not that again. Listen dude you're not scarring anyone with that oversized stuffed dinosaur of yours okay."

Kenta looked up at Hirokazu as he said this before looking back down at his shoes "Uh, yeah."

Juri just seamed to watch on in confusion "But Guilmon's not a toy."

Both Hirokazu and Kenta seamed slightly taken back by this before Kenta turned his head away from them "Whatever, we're just not into playing Digimon anymore, it's lame."

Takato just turned his full attention towards them and looked down slightly "You don't have to dump on it. If you don't like it then don't play."

Juri seamed to be getting worried as she watched the three of them "Uh-oh, what's wrong with them?" Then a small smile seamed to appear on her face "I know." She then brought up her hand-puppet and started a conversation with it "Ruff, boys are silly; sometime they fight even when there's nothing to fight about. It's all just pretend, right?" Juri just nodded her head at this "Yeah, that's right."

Takato, Hirokazu and Kenta just seamed to stair at this in confusion before Hirokazu pushed himself off the metal poll and turned his attention towards Kenta "Kenta let's go hang at my place." With that said he started walking off.

Kenta quickly got to his feet and started following Hirokazu "Yeah, let's leave Takato with his kiddie game."

Hearing this Takato looked down at the ground slightly before whispering out to himself "It's not a game."

Juri just looked over in Takato's direction in confusion for a few seconds before calling out "Where'd they go, did I say something wrong Takato?"

Takato just shook his head slightly while quietly saying "It's not you."

Trying to lighten up the mood slightly Juri brought her hand-puppet back up and started using it to talk again "Ruff, hey are you gonna play with Guilmon today?"

Takato's head shot up hearing this before he gave Juri a slight glare "Juri I'm not just playing!" Juri seamed slightly taken back by this. Seeing this Takato softened the look on his face before looking away "Uh, I… I gotta go." With that said Takato turned around and headed off.

Once Naruto and BlackAgumon made it back to their apartment Naruto opened the door and walked over to the cabinet against the far wall and started looking through the draws for different shuriken and kunai knifes. As he placed a few shuriken on top of the cabinet he heard BlackAgumon speak up "Don't you think we should have just accepted help from Jenrya and the others help, instead to turning them down?"

Naruto just let out a sigh as he pulled out his kunai holster "No. This is going to be about stealth. While I agree that Renamon would probably be of great help with this and Terriermon might, might, be of some help with this if he can keep his mouth under control, which I seriously doubt, but can you honestly see Guilmon being quiet and stealthy? Then there's Ruki, Takato and Jenrya, none of them have had and kind of training for this kind of thing, let alone any experience. If they were to help out my attention would be divided between what we have to do and keeping them out of danger. It'll be better just for the two of us to do this on our own."

BlackAgumon just closed his eyes and folded his arms over his chest "Do you really feel that way or are you just looking for reasons to keep them at arms distance from you."

Hearing this Naruto just stopped what he was doing and looked down at the smoke bombs he had just taken out, contemplating what BlackAgumon had just said "I…"

However before Naruto could really come up with an answer BlackAgumon let out a sigh "Oh well, not like it really maters, you did have a point in that they don't really have any experience in handling this kind of thing." BlackAgumon then started walking over to the small kitchen "I'm gonna get a drink, you want anything?"

Naruto just shook his head at this "Na, I'm good. Actually wait, before you go have you seen my Fuuma shuriken, it's not with the rest of my equipment?"

BlackAgumon just stopped in his tracks and brought a claw up to scratch the side of his head "Uh, yeah, it's in the fridge. I'll just go get it for you."

Naruto just nodded his head as he continued to put the rest of his shuriken and kunai into his kunai holster, not really paying much attention "Okay, thanks… Wait what!? What the hell is it doing in the fridge!?"

BlackAgumon seamed to freeze hearing this as sweat started to appear on the back of his head "Uh… you see, about that…"

Before BlackAgumon could get any further however Naruto just let out a sigh "Never mind, somehow I think I don't even want to know."

BlackAgumon just nodded his head while letting out a nervous chuckle "That's probably a good call." With that said BlackAgumon continued towards the kitchen while muttering something under his breath that sounded like "Last time I listen to Calumon."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this before shaking his head with a sigh. He then finished putting everything he needed into his kunai holster before strapping it to his right thigh. Naruto then looked over to the corner of the room where his futon was, along with his card. As he walked towards the pile of cards resting on top of the futon the images from his dream flooded back into his mind. Naruto then reached for the pile of cards and started to shuffle through them 'I know that was IceDevimon, and I'm guessing that the black version of him was just the basic Devimon, but who was that one that looked like a female version of him?' He then stopped when he came to one card in specific and whispered out "LadyDevimon." After saying that he could have sworn he saw the image on the card wink at him.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at this before giving out a quick "Na" However he did unclip his digivice from his belt and looked back down at the card in his hand again "However, I wonder." Naruto then swiped the LadyDevimon card through his digivice and watched as its stats appeared with the usual holographic image of LadyDevimon 'LadyDevimon, a fallen angel Digimon, virus type. Huh, she's an ultimate level. Believed to be an Angewomon that fell under the powers of darkness, her special attack is Darkness Wave.' Naruto looked up from his digivice before looking back down at the card still in his hand before he shook his head slightly 'Get a grip Naruto it was just a dream.' He looked back down at the card "But still…"

However before Naruto could further his thoughts he heard BlackAgumon's voice call out from behind him "What are you doing?"

Naruto pushed a button on his digivice cancelling the information display of LadyDevimon before turning around to face BlackAgumon while slipping the LadyDevimon card into his back pocket. BlackAgumon just looked at Naruto in confusion with a coke glass in his right clawed hand and Naruto's Fuuma shuriken in his left. Naruto just raised an eyebrow at him "What, I was just checking the stats on a card."

BlackAgumon just raised his own non-existent eyebrow "Uh, okay." He then let out a sigh before handing out Naruto's Fuuma shuriken "Anyway, here."

Naruto took the Fuuma shuriken off BlackAgumon and placed into the hidden compartment on the inside of the back of his jacket "Thanks." Naruto then walked back over to him futon and picked up the deck of cards that was already in the deck case before strapping it back onto his belt while BlackAgumon downed the rest of the coke that was in the bottle. Naruto then turned his attention back towards BlackAgumon and tightened his new Hitai-ate "Right, let's get going."

BlackAgumon gave a quick cry of "Yeah, let's do this" before he threw the empty glass bottle over his shoulder causing it to shatter when it hit the wall.

Seeing this Naruto's right eyebrow started twitching before he looked back down at BlackAgumon "You know you're cleaning that up when we get back right."

BlackAgumon just hung his head down low "Yeah, I kind of figured as much."

Takato and Guilmon were currently down in the park sitting on the railing of a wooden climbing frame. Takato was currently looking down at his feet when he heard the voice of a small girl behind them "Go on he doesn't mind, see." Looking over his shoulder he sees a slightly younger boy with the girl poking Guilmon's tail as the tip of it twitched back and forth after each poke. Letting out a sigh Takato looked back down at his feet.

Hearing this Guilmon looks at Takato out of the corner of his eye "You still mad?"

Without turning his head around Takato spoke up "I'm not mad, I'm just worried about you, that's all."

Guilmon turned his head towards Takato hearing this, tilting his head to the side slightly "But why?"

Takato looked away from his feet and looked up into the sky before blinking a few times "When you Digivolved you scared the pants off me, how you looked, your eyes."

A confused look appeared on Guilmon's face at this point "It was just me."

Takato turned his attention towards Guilmon, with a somewhat fearful look on his face "Yeah but you hardly even knew who I was. What if one day you like quantum Digivolve and totally forgot me or who you used to be."

Guilmon just gave him a quick smile before responding "I wouldn't forget you, you're my friend." He then looked over towards the tree line "Takato, no matter how much you change your still you and no matter how much I change I hope you know I'm still me too, okay?"

Hearing this Takato had somewhat of a shocked look on his face "Guilmon?"

Without turning around Guilmon just gave a quick "Yeah."

Takato's shocked look quickly turned into a smile "You are totally amazing, it's like it was just yesterday that you were thinking and talking like a baby, but look at you now, you see things so clearly maybe even better then I do sometimes."

Guilmon just let out a chuckle hearing this "I get it all from you Takato."

Takato turned his attention back towards the sky with a somewhat wishful look on his face "You know what, I wish I could change to."

A large grin appeared on Guilmon's face before he threw his arms into the air "Takato digivolve…"

Hearing Guilmon say this Takato jumped up so he was now standing on the railing before throwing his arms into the air again and calling out "Takato digivolve too MegaTakatomon!" Takato then seamed to let out a low growl before bursting out laughing along with Guilmon joining in before he looked back down towards Guilmon "Guilmon, I'm sorry for acting all weird, you know."

Guilmon just gave Takato another confused look "Why, you said you were only worried about me right."

A large grin appeared on Takato's face as he nodded his head slightly "I know, but I should have known that even though you were Growlmon on the outside you were still the same bread scarfing goof on the inside, right."

Guilmon just nodded his head while letting out an enthusiastic "Right." Both Takato and Guilmon started chuckling for a second before Guilmon jumped up onto the railing as well and both started howling into the sky before once again bursting out into laughter.

Meanwhile Ruki was currently sitting on the wooden porch, in her backyard, with her back against the support beam. She was currently looking down at the kunai in her hands before looking back up and speaking to seamlessly nobody "When you fought Harpymon you didn't load her data, that's the first time I've seen you do that, why?"

Once she asked this Renamon just fazed into the area, sitting to Ruki's left, also with her back against the wooden beam "I didn't need to."

Ruki seamed to think this over for a second before asking "But how will you digivolve?"

Lifting her head up slightly Renamon responded by saying "I believe Agumon may have been right when he said Digimon with human partners don't need to absorb data. I think something special about their relationship with their tamers makes them digivolve."

Ruki just let out a small sigh "Naruto and Agumon, they always did seam to pride themselves with their fighting abilities." A small smile appeared on her face as Ruki looked back down at the kunai in her hands "I guess the two of us are like that too, huh?"

Renamon's eyes closed hearing this, into what could only be seen as a smile "I guess so."

Ruki then spoke up again as she started to twiddle the kunai around in her hands "I never thought I'd feel this way. It's kind of weird."

Tilting her head to the side to see Ruki Renamon asked "What?"

Ruki looked back up from the kunai while saying "It's like I can't remember what I used to be so angry about. I don't even feel like poking fun at Takato and Jenrya's silly Digimon anymore."

Hearing this Renamon turned her attention to back in front of her again while closing her eyes "Huh, you're right, that is weird."

Naruto and BlackAgumon were currently heading down the street towards the two towers; however Naruto's eyes were narrowed slightly as he just stared out into space while the images from his earlier dream just seamed to flood his mind. He was soon brought out of his thoughts however when BlackAgumon let out a sigh "Okay, what's wrong?"

Naruto just blinked a few times before looking down at BlackAgumon "What do you? Nothing's wrong."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at him and folded his arms over his chest "Don't think you can fool me, I know you. You haven't said a word since we left the apartment and you've been staring off into space. I know you always tended to keep things like this bottled up to yourself but come on we're partners, we're here for each other. Now tell me what's wrong."

Naruto looked down at BlackAgumon with a small amount of shock on his face before letting out a sigh "How the hell do you do that?" Seeing the small smirk appear on BlackAgumon's face Naruto's right eyebrow started to twitch slightly 'Damn, at this rate I won't be able to keep anything to myself without Agumon being able to dig it out of me.' Letting out a sigh Naruto looked back down at BlackAgumon "All right, All right I'll tell you. It was during history class, I fell asleep and well…"

BlackAgumon let out a sigh seeing where this was going "You had that dream again." He then looked up at Naruto with a raised non-existent eyebrow "But you have that dream near enough every night and you've never thought much about it before. Why would this time be any different?"

Naruto just let out a sigh "True, however this one was different. Where I'll admit it started off the same towards where it usually ends everything changed and Kyuubi was there." He stated leaving out the part about LadyDevimon 'Doubt it really even matters anyway. I mean it's just a dream after all.' BlackAgumon's eyes seamed to widen hearing Kyuubi mentioned. Seeing this Naruto let out a sigh before looking back down at BlackAgumon "Now just relax, It was only a dream."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes at this "If you truly believe that then why are you thinking about it so much?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders "'Cause it was a weird dream, why else."

BlackAgumon just narrowed his eyes hearing this "That's a pile of bull and you know it!" Before Naruto could respond to this however the ground started shaking causing BlackAgumon to turn towards Naruto again "Is this an earthquake."

Naruto just shook his head while looking into the sky "I don't think so." He then pointed over into the sky "Look." BlackAgumon turned his attention towards the area Naruto was pointing in and besides from the setting sun there was what looked to be a geyser made up of the same digital particles that make up the digital fields. But from where the 'geyser' seamed to end there appeared to be what seamed like blue pulsing rings heading out over the city. Seeing this Naruto looked down at BlackAgumon "That's coming from the same direction that those towers are in."

BlackAgumon's eyes just widened slightly at this "Are you saying we're too late?"

Naruto just narrowed his eyes and shook his head at this "No, I don't think so, not yet anyway." He then looked back "Come on, let's go!" He said as he took off down the street.

BlackAgumon just nodded his head at this while also narrowing his eyes before running down the street after Naruto while calling out "Yeah, I'm right behind you!"

At the same time Takato and Guilmon had made it back to Guilmon's hut. Guilmon was currently laying on the ground with his arms folded resting under his head while Takato was looking through his cards in a shoebox. As Takato continued to sort through his card he spoke up towards Guilmon, without actually turning to face him "Hey Guilmon, now that we're back on track, I've got some new attacks I want to try. Maybe we should have a team name too, like awesome twosome or dynamite duo, what do you think?" He then turned his attention towards Guilmon to see his reaction before the ground started shaking slightly and he looked over towards the entrance of the hut "An earthquake?"

Guilmon just seamed to stay in the same spot without moving; only narrowing his eyes slightly 'It's coming.'

Both Takato and Guilmon just stayed in their same positions for a few seconds, only looking out of the hut entrance before both got up and walked back outside. Once outside they caught sight on the 'digital geyser' shooting out into the sky. Seeing it Takato just mumbled to himself "The sky."

Guilmon just let out a low growl and narrowed his eyes before saying "Takato it's coming, a Digimon, and it's really big."

Jutsus and Techniques

Katon! Hosenka No Jutsu: (Fire Style! Phoenix Immortal Fire Jutsu)
B Rank Technique
User: Uzumaki Naruto
Description: Fires small multiple fireball at his opponent.

Dark Flare
Champion Level Technique
User: DarkLizardmon
Description: Unleashes a wave of dark flames from its body.

Darkness Ray
Champion Level Technique
User: DarkLizardmon
Description: Shoots out continues dark flame bullets.

Desperado Blaster
Ultimate Level Technique
User: Paildramon
Description: Fires energy bullets from the twin blasters on his hips.

Darkness Wave
Ultimate Level Technique
User: LadyDevimon
Description: Fires out a wave of dark energy at her opponent.

There we go the next chapter of Naruto's Going Digital is up and ready to go.

AN/. Okay first sorry for the long wait. Two updates in six months, man I'm slipping. Anyway sorry about all that collage has been keeping me really busy lately. I'll try and get the next chapter done as soon as possible and hopefully get it up for Christmas.

Now some people have been asking me about Gamabunta and the rest of Naruto's summons so I'm just gonna describe now I've got it set up with the connections between the different worlds. The two main worlds would be the ninja world and the tamer world. Now normally these two worlds would not be connected to each other. The digital world however serves as a sort of bridge between the worlds, as both the ninja world and the tamers world are connected to it. So if you wanted to travel from the ninja world to the tamers one you would first have to travel to the digital world and then the tamers world, the same way Naruto did. (If you watch Stargate Atlantice then just think of the space bridge, linking the pegusas system with the milkyway one, it's near enough the same thing.) Now as for the summoning world, it's connected to the ninja world, so summoning is not possible in the tamers world. However just like the Ninja world is connected to the digital one so is the summoning world. So Naruto will be able to summon in the digital world. (Does this make any sense at all?) And yes Gamabunta will be making an appearance in the story, just not until they go to the digital world.

Okay now for the characters from the Naruto world that will become tamers. With 102 votes the first one will be Shikamaru, with his partner Ryudamon, and the second one, with 87 votes, will be Hinata, with her partner Lunamon. Also since she scored third in the poll with 42 votes I may also add in Tenten with Dracomon. Now people have been asking me when they will be introduced to the story. Well, like it says at the bottom of the first chapter, this story will follow the tamers story line, more or less. Then after that there will be a time skip, similar to the main one in Naruto, where the story will pick up again with a more original storyline, with more aspects from Naruto being introduced. It will be in this part of the story that the other tamers will be introduced into the plot.

Just to clear up when I said Just Agumon, I meant that he doesn't get a second partner, sorry if that confused anyone. Also the Gatomon/BlackGatomon won't be an official partner for Naruto. It'll be more like Calumon and Impmon, only able to fight and digivolve to ultimate, she'll just prefer to stay around Naruto more then the others.

1). / 25 / Gatomon
2). / 38 / BlackGatomon
3). / 25 / Don't add her to the team.

Finally I keep getting asked what Agumon's mega level will be, so I'm putting his path of Digivolution up to a vote. Should he follow the WarGreymon path or the ShineGreymon path? If WarGreymon is chosen then I'll have Agumon converted into his X form, so it will be more like the WarGreymon X path, and he'll have some sort of limited immunity to the D-reaper. If ShineGreymon is chosen well then I can have some fun with the burst mode and whole light and dark thing, you know Naruto believing his nature to be dark and then Biomerging with Agumon into a Digimon of light. Also ShineGreymon would be the same size as Gallantmon in this. I mean in savers the sizes of the Digimon seamed to be really inconsistent, and Gallantmon and ShineGreymon were the same size in that anyway, so might as well shrink him down to Gallantmon's size as well. Anyway, If you ask me in savers ShineGreymon's size seamed to be more of a hindrance then an asset, I mean he was slow as anything, at least until he reached burst mode. So with a smaller size he should be more agile, to fit in better with Naruto's combat style. So anyway here are the choices.

1). / WarGreymon X
2). / ShineGreymon

Next time "Ch14 The Tiger's Tail" so till then see ya, and don't forget to review.