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Naruto's Going Digital
Ch02 Digital World

Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he let out a groan before taking a deep intake of breath. However he soon started coughing as he choked on the sand he had just inhaled as a result. Once he finished coughing up all the sand, Naruto let out another groan and slowly pulled himself up into a sitting position before rubbing his eyes, attempting to get his vision back into focus "Ugh, what hit me? …oh right."

Naruto pushed off the branch towards the gateway as a grin appeared on his face before he heard Kakashi call out "Naruto!"

Hearing this, Naruto turned around in midair to find Kakashi right behind him with his arm extended, ready to grab him. Seeing this, Naruto's eyes widened 'Kuso… not now!'

Kakashi's hand was right in front of him as Kakashi called out "I'm not letting you go!"

However before Kakashi could reach him, Naruto passed through the entrance of the gateway before it closed behind him. Letting out a sigh, Naruto turned back around "That was close." He then looked down the tunnel he was now travelling through however he was unable to see any signs of it coming to an end any time soon. "So, how long until I reach the other side?" he question. However, receiving no answer Naruto started looking around from side to side "Hey voice, you there? …Freaky disembodied voice?!" Still receiving no answer, Naruto let out a frustrated groan before moving into a position were he appeared to be leaning back with his hands behind his head "Ugh, just great… no blue card no disembodied voice."

As Naruto continued to drift through the tunnel his right eyebrow began to twitch before he let out a frustrated sigh. "Ugh, when the hell is this gonna end?!" he called out in frustration while furiously rubbing his hands over his hair. It was then that a gateway seemed to open a fair distance away in front of him. Seeing this, Naruto let out another sigh "Finally!" However he soon blinked a few times as he realised something "Why am I picking up speed?" After a few seconds of this it now felt more like he was falling through the tunnel rather then just drifting through it. At this point Naruto's eyes just widened as he shouted out "Agh, kuso! This can't be good!"

As Naruto fell through the new gateway that had opened within the tunnel he suddenly felt the wind rushing past him, which hadn't been in the tunnel. Looking down he found that he had exited out of the tunnel, however he was still falling. Below him seemed to be several layers of glowing white plates that looked more like giant computer chips. Seeing this, Naruto let out a loud "Agh, kuso!" while crossing his arms in front of himself in an attempt to absorb some of the impact. As Naruto continued to crash through the 'giant glowing computer chips' he let out a slight grunt of pain at each one he crashed through.

Once he crashed through the last one, Naruto let out a sigh of relief before realising that he was still falling. Looking back down, his eyes widened as he saw the sandy ground quickly coming towards him. Seeing this, Naruto just called out again "Agh, kuso! This is gonna hurt…!" With that said Naruto crashed into the ground, creating a large dust cloud. "Ow…" Naruto groaned out as the dust cleared. Naruto just let out another groan before muttering out to himself "I'm just… gonna, pass out… for a little while."

--End Flashback--
"Man that hurt…" Naruto said with a groan as he pulled himself out of the crater he had created on impact with the ground. Standing back up to his full height, Naruto dusted off his orange cargo pants before letting out a sigh "Well now that I'm here what exactly am I… supposed… to… do…?" He finished slowly as a large glowing pink ball that look like a tumbleweed rolled by "Ugh… o-kay." A large group of these pink glowing 'tumbleweeds' then came following after the first one as they passed all around Naruto. Naruto just watched them pass by before blinking at them a few times as they continued across the desert "Well, that was… freakish." A thought then occurred to him as his eyes widened "Wait a minute…" He then started turning around to find out that he was surrounded by sand on all sides before he yelled out "I'm in the middle of a freakin' desert!"

It took Naruto a few seconds to calm down, when he did however he noticed something out of the corner of his eye and turned his attention towards the direction it was in. Naruto just raised an eyebrow at what he saw "Well that's… actually I don't know what to say about that." In the distance was a large beam of pink light that reached all the way from the sky down to the ground. Seeing this, Naruto just followed it up to where it appeared to be originating from, and when he did his eyes just widened "Ugh… wow." Up in the sky was what looked to be Earth, only not? It certainly looked like Earth, but the giant orb in the sky was defiantly smaller then the actual planet Earth, not to mention that the continents seemed to be in all the wrong places, at least from what Naruto could remember from Iruka's globe. And not to mention that there was what appeared to be rings of white glowing data circling it. "Forget what I said before, now THAT'S just fucking freakish!" He then squinted his eyes as he noticed something about the 'Earth' "Hey wait a minute…" The rings of data looked a lot more like computer chips "You mean I fell all the way from up there!" Naruto yelled out with wide eyes "How the hell did I survive that?!" He then spun around to find out that the crater he had created was actually a lot larger then he had first thought "Well fuck…"

Once he recomposed himself, Naruto let out a sigh and turned around to look out over the desert "Well I'm not gonna get much done just standing here." He said to himself before walking off in a random direction "Maybe I can find some actual signs of civilisation around this place."

However after walking through the desert for a few hours, Naruto let out a frustrated groan before stopping in his tracks and furiously rubbed his hands over his hair "Agh! I've had it with this place, there's nothing around except for sand and rocks… and glowing pink things!" Letting out another sigh, Naruto slouched his shoulders before he caught sight of something out of the corner of his eyes. Seeing this, he looked over in its direction before raising an eyebrow "The hell?" In the distance seemed to be a layer of darkness that was quickly spreading out over the ground, quickly heading towards Naruto's direction. As it raced over the ground and finally passed over Naruto, he blinked a few time before noticing that the sky had turned dark as well "The hell? Did it just… turn to night?" A thoughtful expression then appeared on his face as he looked up towards the sky "Hey wait, there was no sun in the sky, so… where did the daylight come from?" Thinking about this he turned his attention away from the sky and towards the Earth "It couldn't have come from the Earth 'cause its night now, I think, and its still in the sky." Still thinking this over, Naruto let out another groan and rubbed his temples "Why even bother thinking about it? I mean nothing else about this world has made any sense."

Letting out another sigh, Naruto looked over towards the nearest rock formation that looked like some sort of antenna. Seeing this, Naruto started heading towards it "The formation should be able to provide enough cover from whatever curveball this world decides to throw at me next until morning, or whatever it is that happens in this world, a switch from night to day I guess."

Once Naruto made it up to the rock formation he thought he saw a small orange glow at the top of the rock formation, out of the corner of his eye. However when he looked up in the direction, he only saw one of the pink beams passing by just behind the rock formation. Seeing this, Naruto let out a sigh and shook his head "Ugh, alright… calm down Naruto, this world's making you paranoid." However after he finished say this to himself he heard laughter coming up from the top of the rock formation. Looking back up towards it, he saw what looked like a tall humanoid figure covered in yellow and orange flames, giving off an orange glow, and its mouth seemed to be sewn shut. Finally it had large blue eyes that had no sclera or pupil to them, just solid blue. Seeing the figure, Naruto just let out an "Or not."

The figure just looked down at Naruto as a large smirk appeared on its face before it lifted its arms up into the air as the fire around his hands seemed to intensify. Then with a cry of "Magma Bomb!" large rocks of magma shot out of its hands like fireworks before crashing down towards Naruto.

Seeing this, Naruto's eyes widened as he jumped from side to side evading the magma rocks while pulling a kunai out of his holster before wrapping an exploding tag around it. Throwing the kunai towards the figure, its smirk turned into a large grin as it jumped into the air just before the kunai lodged itself in the spot it had been standing in and exploding, destroying a portion of the formation as it came falling down. Looking over its shoulder at the explosion created by the kunai and explosive tag, it let out a chuckle that quickly grew into a full blown laugh. Heading towards Naruto, the flames around the figure seemed to intensify as he called out "Fire Wave!" Pulling its fist it prepared to strike Naruto.

Narrowing his eyes at this, Naruto channelled his chakra into his legs before jumping away into the air just the figure connected with ground, slamming its flaming fist down, creating a shockwave that kicked up a large dust cloud. From his position in the air, Naruto just narrowed his eyes further as the dust cleared away revealing the figure with its hand held back and a ball of fire in its palm. With a cry of "Burning Fist!" the figure hurled the fireball at Naruto. Seeing this, Naruto grit his teeth together "Damn it!" and formed the familiar cross like Hitsuji (Ram) seal, calling out "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Seeing the fireball head towards Naruto and then explode in front of him, seemingly on impact, a large grin appeared on the figures face "Alright, I smoked him, hahaha!" However his laughter soon died down as the smoke started to fade away before several copies of Naruto, came flying out of it towards him. Seeing this however, the figures eyes widened "Nani?!" Each one of the Bunshins then threw a fist out towards the figure, each one making contact earning a grunt of pain form the figure. However this was short lived as each one went up in a ball of fire after making contact with the figure. Seeing this, the figure just let out another laugh "Hahaha, this victory's mine, hahaha…"

His laughter was cut off again as he heard a voice coming from above him call out "Don't count on it!"

Looking up towards the voice the figure found one of the copies of Naruto spinning the original around in midair, while the original had a ball of spiralling chakra in his hand. "Nani?!"

The Bunshin then launched down towards the figure as Naruto called out "This victory is MINE!" He then thrust his right hand, with the ball of chakra in it, towards the figure with a cry of "Rasengan!" The Rasengan connected with the figure and pushed him down into the ground, creating a crater around it while the figure let out a loud grunt of pain.

With that done, Naruto moved over to the side of the crater and looked down inside of it only to find the figure laying down on his back as his orange glow seemed to die down slightly before he held his arms up towards the sky and called out "Well you've finally defeated me you vile fiends, go ahead, load my data!"

Hearing this, Naruto's right eye started twitching "What the hell are you talking about?! You're the one who attacked me!"

The figure moved his head towards Naruto "Hey wait, you're not a Digimon."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "A Digiwhat now?"

"A Digimon… you know a Digital Monster."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly hearing this "Monster?"

The figure sat up in the crater and shrugged his shoulders "It's more of a name really. I think it was originally given to us by the humans. Anyway most of us just live out our normal daily lives. Yeah we wanna get stronger but only a few of psychotically power hungry ones could really be considered monster."

"Makes sense." Naruto said nodding his head 'Sounds a lot like back home… damn Orochimaru!' Letting out a sigh, Naruto looked back down at the figure "So I take it you're one of these Digimon?"

"Sure am, Shorty. Meramon's the name." Meramon said with a large grin on his face.

Naruto just let out a low growl at the 'Shorty' comment "The names Naruto not Shorty." He finished off throwing a rock at Meramon.

Meramon just rubbed the shot on his head where the rock had hit him "Ugh… okay, gomen Shorty… I mean Naruto." He quickly emended seeing Naruto's glare.

The two of them sat in silence after that until Naruto spoke up again "Hey, Meramon."


"You're from around here, right?"


"So would you happen to know if there's any form of civilization around here?"

Meramon took a thoughtful pose for a second before looking back over at Naruto "Yeah… the Tsuchidarumon village is about a half a days walk from here."

"Tsuchidarumon?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"They're a group of piece loving Digimon that collect old and discarded data." Meramon told him before making a suggestion "If you want, I could take you there."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes at this "Why?"

"Think of it as my way of making it up to you for attacking you before." Meramon said while rubbing the back of his head.

"Well okay then I guess." Naruto said, still not completely sure about it, and let out a sigh "We'll head out there first thing tomorrow."

"Alright, sound like a plan, Shorty!" Meramon called out before being hit in the head with another rock.

"It's Naruto!" Naruto shouted out before taking his backpack off and resting it down to use as a makeshift pillow "Night."

"Yeah, night Shorty." Meramon replied before lying back against the side of the crater with his arms behind his head before seeing Naruto glaring at him "Ugh… I mean Naruto."

Naruto just let out an annoyed sigh before lying back down, with his head resting on his backpack. Naruto just continued to lay awake for the next half hour, staring up at 'Earth' before finally letting out a sigh "Hey, Meramon."

"Yeah, Shorty."

Naruto just let out an annoyed groan hearing the 'Shorty' name again but decided to let it slide this time "Something's been bugging me. What exactly is a Digimon anyway?"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

Naruto let out a sigh hearing this "I mean, what is it that you Digimon tend to do exactly."

"Oh, well most of us are warriors by nature. We want to get stronger, usually by defeating other Digimon and loading their data, in order to evolve and reach our next level of power."

"Data?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"All Digimon are made up of data." Meramon explained "Why do you think we're called Digital Monsters?"

"Makes sense, I suppose." Naruto said before looking back over at Meramon "But what did you mean by 'evolve'?"

"When a Digimon gains enough power it advances to the next level of power. All Digimon, or most of them anyway, start off at the Baby level. At this point they're pretty much off limits for battles. Anyway, after a certain amount of time they evolve into their Child level forms. At this level they start to battle against other Digimon as they continue to evolve into their higher level. These levels go from Child to Adult, Adult to Perfect and Perfect to Ultimate." Meramon explained.

"That actually sounds pretty cool." Naruto said before asking "So just what level are you at?"

"Me?" Meramon asks looking over at Naruto before a grin appears on his face "I'm at the adult level."

Naruto just nodded his head at this. "That's cool." he said before letting out a yawn "Well, night Meramon."

"Night, Shorty."

"For Kami's sake Meramon, the name's Naruto."

In a large round room, which seemed more like a large chamber, shrouded in darkness aside from the light of several torches scattered around the room, sat in what looked like a large stone thrown at the top of a large flight of stairs was a lone figure. Said figure held out a rounded hand with three blade like fingers, well two fingers and a thumb, which currently had an orb held out in it surrounded by orange flames. The glow from the fire was enough to light the figures skull like head it was held up to. Showing that it seemed more metallic the actual bone with two large horns poking out of the top of its head. The glow from the fire also illuminated the top half of its plated torso, with a large metal plate around where its head was connected to its body, making it look like a large collar and the large blade that was its right arm. As the figure looked into the orb it watched as Naruto and Meramon settled down for the night. Seeing this, its vacant eye sockets gave off a red glow before it turned its attention away form the orb "IceDevimon!"

As the figures voice boomed out across the room, snow started swirling around the centre of the room before a large icicle stuck out of the ground with what looked like another figure inside it. This figure seemed to be completely white with a humanoid body and a pair of horns coming out either side of its head. Its eyes seemed to be closed and it had a pair of demonic looking wings wrapped around its body. The figures eyes then shot open revealing glowing red eyes before it spread its wings out, causing the icicle to explode sending shards of ice all over the room. With its wings now extended the figures body was now revealed. It had a large purple bat design over its chest and its arms were freakishly long, almost the entire length of its body. It had four belts around its left forearm as well as another three around its waist that seemed to be holding up a pair of white leather pants that had another three belts around the left thigh. It had a skull design on its right knee as well as its left shoulder and finally a pair of white boots that had a purple bat design over the foot of the left one. Looking up at the figure sat on the thrown; IceDevimon bowed down onto one knee "I am at your call, Leader-sama."

The figure in the thrown, the 'Leader' looked down at IceDevimon as his eyes gave off another red glow before looking back down at the orb in his clawed hand "I have located the human. He and a Meramon are currently heading towards the Tsuchidarumon village, in the lowest plain of the Digital World…"

"Huh, those… garbage collectors." IceDevimon stated with a sneer.

"Do not interrupt me!" the 'Leader' growled out in irritation.

"Forgive me, Leader-sama." IceDevimon said while bowing his.

The 'Leader' just narrowed his eyes at him "Be thankful that you still provide some use to me." He then turned his attention back towards the orb before continuing "You are to head them off at the village and bring the child back here, use any force necessary."

A smirk appeared on IceDevimon's face hearing this before it soon disappeared being replaced with a scowl "What of the Meramon?"

"The Meramon is of no significance to us." the 'Leader' stated before his eyes narrowed "However if it appears that a partnership has formed between the two of them has formed, eliminate it."

IceDevimon's scowl then changed into a feral grin as he stood back up "As you wish, Leader-sama." With that said he turned around and started heading back out of the room before he heard the 'Leader' speak up again.

"And IceDevimon!" Hearing this IceDevimon stopped in his tracks and looked back towards the 'Leader' "Do not fail me."

IceDevimon just let out a simple "Of course." before he turned back around and continued back out of the room.

Once IceDevimon left the room a bolt of purple lightning struck the centre of the room creating a cloud of smoke before it died down to reveal another figure that looked like the top of a human skeleton, only made out of metal instead of bone with a large red orb lodged in its ribcage. The end of its spine was connected to what looked like a bright purple plasma ball. Purple energy also seemed to be running down its arms, connecting its shoulders to its metal skeletal wrists and hands. It had on a large black cloak with a hood pulled up over its metal skull. Finally held in its hands was a long metal staff with a purple energy scythe blade attached to the top of it. Looking up towards the 'Leader' the figure spoke up "Are you sure it is wise."

The 'Leader' just stared down at the figure "It is the wish of Lucemon-sama."

"Do you truly believe that Lucemon can be trusted?"

"Do you take me for a fool, MetalFantomon?" the 'Leader' shot back while narrowing his eyes at him "Of course he can not be trusted. However for the moment this alliance benefits me greatly."

Hearing this, MetalFantomon looked up towards the 'Leader' "So you plan to turn on him before his plans are complete." Hearing a chuckle coming form the 'Leader', MetalFantomon continued "Are you sure about this? Do not forget that Lucemon is not only one of the seven Demon Lords but also the most powerful of them."

The 'Leader' just let out a dark chuckle hearing this "Lucemon may be a Demon Lord but after his defeat at the hands of the Juttoushi (Ten Warriors) he is now trapped in his Child form. And as such his powers are limited."

"Even weakened, Lucemon's power should not be underestimated."

The 'Leader's' eyes gave off another red glow hearing this before he glared down at MetalFantomon "Perhaps it is you who underestimates me!"

"Very well then, Leader-sama… I shall take my leave." With that another flash of purple lightning struck the spot MetalFantomon was in creating a cloud of smoke again before it died down revealing that MetalFantomon was no longer there.

The 'Leader' glared down at the spot that MetalFantomon had been in "Fool, I know exactly what Lucemon wants with this human child, and once I get my hands on him I shall take the power of the beast for myself and use it to crush Lucemon before taking over both worlds myself, hahaha…"

The next morning down on the lowest plain of the Digital World, Naruto and Meramon were currently heading towards the Tsuchidarumon village when Meramon suddenly called out "Hey, Shorty!" However seeing the glare Naruto shot him he quickly corrected himself "Ugh… Naruto!"

Naruto just let out a sigh at this "What is it?"

"You're a human, right?"

"Obviously." Naruto replied with a questioning tone.

"Then you're from the real world then."

At this Naruto just raised an eyebrow at Meramon "Real world?"

"Yeah, you know that one up there." Meramon said pointing up towards 'Earth'.

"Yeah I know that…" Naruto rolled his eyes "I meant what do you mean by 'real world', how is it any different from this one?"

"Huh?" Meramon uttered out, blinking his eyes "You mean you don't know?" Naruto just gave him a look that clearly said 'what do you think?' causing Meramon to let out a nervous chuckle "Ugh, right… Anyway unlike the real world this world is completely digital, it's the Digital World!"

"Digital World?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow "But this world's still real right?"

"Well yeah…" Meramon started while nodding his head "It's like the difference between humans and Digimon, you're made of flesh and bone and we're made of data but we're both still alive. It's the same for our two worlds, the real world is made of… whatever it's made of and the Digital World is made of data, but they still both exist."

Naruto just nodded his head at this "Makes sense, I guess."

Meramon then let out a sigh and reached a hand out towards the real world "Still I want to be able to go to the real world. I've heard the rumours of other Digimon crossing over but never really paid it much mind, but if you…" He turned his attention away from to the real world and towards Naruto "were able to cross over from the real world then it must be possible."

A scowl appeared on Naruto's face hearing this "Trust me; you don't want to go there. The only thing waiting for anyone over there is hatred and loneliness. I mean it's the reason it's the reason that I left in the first place, I didn't want to sucome to their hatred anymore."

"Still…" Meramon said looking back up at the real world "I would like to see it."

"Why do you want to go there anyway?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I want to get stronger." Meramon said looking back down at Naruto "It's said that a Digimon with a human partner will be able to gain the power to evolve. I want to go to the real world to find a partner." He finished tilting his head back up towards the real world.

Naruto just let out a sigh hearing this "Meramon… don't you think about anything other then getting stronger?"

"Huh?" Meramon muttered out bringing his attention back towards Naruto "Well what about you, Shorty? Don't you want to get stronger too?"

Naruto just blinked a few times at this "Well yeah, of course I want to get stronger, but that's not my only goal."

"Well what other goals do you have?" Meramon questioned.

"Well there's…ugh…" Naruto started before trailing off 'There is no way in hell I'm counting that pink haired bitch of a team mate.' "There's the…" 'No, there's no becoming Hokage anymore… agh, kuso…' Naruto then hung his head while saying in a defeated tone "Agh, just… shut up…"

Meramon just let out a chuckle hearing this "Haha… see everyone wants to get stronger. Hey, I know, why don't we become partners?!"

"Partners, us…?" Naruto trailed off looking towards the ground.

"Yeah!" Meramon called out "Think about it, we could make a great team!"

'Team?' Naruto thought to himself "No…"

"Nani?!" Meramon called out before jumping out in front of Naruto "Why not?! You could help me evolve and I could help you get stronger! It's what we both want!"

"No!" Naruto said again, continuing past Meramon "No more partners, no more team mates…. From now on I'm doing things my way… on my own."

Meramon just blinked a few times as he looked at the back of Naruto "Shorty…"

As the two continued to walk through the desert a few dome like buildings came into view. Seeing this, Naruto squinted his eyes "Hey, Meramon is that the village?"

"Yeah sure is, Shorty!" Meramon called out in a chuckle until Naruto shot a glare at him.

"For the last time, I'm not short and it's Naruto, say it with me Na-ru-to, got it?!" Meramon just quickly nodded his head at this "Good!" With that said the two of them continued towards the village.

As Naruto and Meramon entered the village, Naruto started looking around at the seemingly abandoned "You said this village belonged to the Tsuchidarumon right?" Receiving a nod from Meramon he continued "Then where are they?"

"Beats me." Meramon stated with a shrug.

Naruto just let out a sigh before noticing something over to the side of one of the buildings that looked like some sort of tracks. Moving over towards them, Naruto knelt down to examine them before calling Meramon over "Hey, Meramon! Could these have been made by the Tsuchidarumon?"

Meramon shook his head as he looked down at the tracks "No, I don't think so. The Tsuchidarumon are humanoid in form. They resemble snowmen… only made of mud. These look like tire tracks, meaning whatever made them had wheels."

Naruto just nodded his head at this before he started wiping away at some of the dirt "Now what's this?" Naruto asked out loud as the corner of a card became visible.

"What's what?" Meramon asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Some sort of card." Naruto said as pulled the card out ground before dusting away the last of the dust on it "A modify card?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow before reading out the name on the card "Holy Barrier!" However before he could continue reading what was on the card he could pick up a faint sound that sounded like an engine of some sort. Hearing this, Naruto stood up back up and narrowed his eyes slightly while sliding the card into his pocket "Do you hear that?"

"Huh, hear what?" Meramon asked curiously.

"I'm not sure, it sound almost like…" Naruto trailed off as he looked over to his left just as a large motorcycle came roaring out from behind one of the dome like buildings "That!"

Hearing this, Meramon turned his attention towards the bike "Huh?" before he took notice of something "There's no-one riding that thing!"

"Okay… that's just weird!" Naruto called out before the bike turned around and started charging right towards them "Oh crap, that can't be good." With that said Naruto dived to the side as the bike charge right towards them, however Meramon wasn't as lucky and got knocked out of the way by the bike. Seeing this, Naruto called out "Meramon!"

Meramon just let out a groan as he sat back up and rubbed his head "I'm okay."

Naruto just nodded his head at this "Good, 'cause it's coming back!"

Hearing this, Meramon looked towards the bike only to see it pass around another one of the dome like buildings before charging towards them again. Seeing this, a smirk appeared on Meramon's face as he jumped back up onto his feet "Alright, leave this to me, Shorty!" Meramon called out causing Naruto's eyebrow to twitch, before Meramon held his right hand out. A ball of fire then appeared in the palm of Meramon's hand before he threw it out towards the bike with a cry of "Burning Fist!" The fireball flew through the air before colliding with the front of the bike; however the flames just seemed to dissipate around it as the bike continued towards them.

Seeing this, Naruto yelled out "That did nothing at all!"

"Yeah…" Meramon agreed while blinking a few time "This could be a problem."

Naruto then dived out of the way again as the bike almost slammed into them again, Meramon however managed to grab a hold of one of the handlebars of the bike before pulling himself up onto the back of it. Seeing this, Naruto raised an eyebrow "Okay, that wasn't too bad." However he soon raised an eyebrow as Meramon continued to ride the bike around another one of dome shaped buildings, while letting out an insane laugh "Ugh… Meramon?" Meramon then came rushing towards Naruto, still on the bike, and hurled another fireball at him with another cry of "Burning Fist!" Seeing this, Naruto's eyes widened before he jumped out of the way, just before the fireball connected with the ground. "What the hell's your problem?!" Naruto yelled out as he looked up towards Meramon only to find that his eyes were now giving off a red glow "Ugh, Meramon…"

Naruto then rolled out of the way just before Meramon could slam into him. "I don't know what's gotten into you." He started saying while getting back up to his feet and pulling out a couple of kunai "And I hate to do this to you…" He then wrapped an explosive note around the handle of each handle before tying them together with some of his ninja wire "But even though it's not a great one, I happen to enjoy living." With that said Naruto grabbed a hold of the wire connecting the two kunai before he started spinning them around. Then once Meramon had rounded another on of the buildings threw the two kunai out towards Meramon, so that they embedded themselves into the ground a few meters in front of him, with the wire held out tight.

As Meramon continued to ride the bike towards Naruto he ran over the wire connecting the two kunai causing the explosive notes to explode, covering the Meramon and the bike in a cloud of smoke. Seeing this, a smirk appeared on Naruto's face "Got ya!" However Meramon, still on the bike, then charged out of the smoke causing Naruto's eyes to widen "Ugh, come on!" With that said Naruto turned around and started running through the village with Meramon close behind him. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto called out "Okay, I take it back, you're not annoying!" Meramon then held his hand out as a ball of fire started to form in his palm "Agh, kuso!"

Meramon then started calling out the name of his attack "Burning…" However he was cut off as another voice called out "Icy Shower!" Several icicles then struck Meramon in the chest sending him flying off the bike and causing the bike to crash into the side of one of the buildings.

Seeing this, Naruto just stopped in his tracks "What the…?"

"I believe that you have me to thank for that." The same voice called out causing Naruto to turn around to find IceDevimon floating down to the ground in front of him with a large smirk on his face.

"And just what do you want?!" Naruto called back, moving into a combat position 'Something about that smirk just screams 'ambition' and I know what that tends to lead to.'

"I was sent to bring you back to the leader." IceDevimon stated causing Naruto's eyes to narrow before he let out a slight chuckle "However I have my own plans."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at this "What plans, what are you talking about?"

IceDevimon let out a chuckle hearing this "I've been searching for a special tamer. One capable of giving me the power I desire. I've decided, I want you to be my tamer."

"Yeah, well to bad." Naruto said while narrowing his eyes "You don't always get what you want."

However before he could do anything, IceDevimon grabbed him around the forearm "Why not? You want to be the strongest you can be; I want to be the most powerful Digimon. Don't you see, we're perfect for each other."

"Not interested!" Naruto called out while trying to pull his arm free from IceDevimon's grip "Now let go!"

Before anything else could be said between the two of them however a voice called out "Burning Fist!" as a fireball connected with IceDevimon's chest, knocking him away from Naruto just before Meramon appeared in front of Naruto "Keep your hands off of Shorty!"

Naruto just let out a groan hearing this before looking over towards Meramon "Nice to see you back to your senses."

"Ugh, yeah… sorry about that." Meramon said while rubbing the back of his head.

Before they could say anything else they heard IceDevimon let out a groan before he got back up to his feet and shot a glare at Meramon. His glare then changed to a gleam as he let out a sinister chuckle and took off into the sky "Well if you need a demonstration of my power, I'll give it to you, by destroying this annoyance!" He finished while firing a blue beam from his eyes "Zero Freeze!"

Seeing the incoming beam Naruto jumped out of the way to the side and onto the top of one of the building, while Meramon jumped straight up into the air before the beam connected with the ground they had been standing on, freezing it solid. "Leave this to me, Shorty!" Meramon called out before throwing a fireball at IceDevimon with another cry of "Burning Fist!"

IceDevimon just swerved out of the way, while in mid air before glaring at Meramon "Fool, do you real think you stand a chance… Frost Claw!" With that said, IceDevimon dived down towards Meramon.

Seeing IceDevimon charge towards him as he landed on the top of one of the buildings, flames started roaring around Meramon before he jumped up towards IceDevimon with a cry of "Fire Wave!" As the two Digimon charged towards each other, Meramon's flaming fist met with IceDevimon's frozen outstretched hand. Once the two attacks met a shockwave was created that pushed the two Digimon away form each other and would have sent Naruto flying off the roof if he hadn't channelled chakra into his feet to keep him in place.

As Meramon landed back on the roof he had been standing on previously a smirk appeared on his face before he lifted his arms up into the air before fire started roaring around his hands. Meramon then gave out a cry of "Magma Bomb!" as rocks of magma flew up into the air before crashing back down all over the village.

IceDevimon swerved around each of the rocks as a sneer appeared on his face while Naruto jumped off of the roof he had been standing on, right before one of the rocks crashed into it causing it cave in on itself. Landing back on the ground, Naruto shot a glare at Meramon "Hey, watch it!"

Once the rocks stopped falling, Ice Devimon sneered at Meramon "Fool… Zero Freeze!" With that IceDevimon sent another blue beam out of his eyes towards Meramon. However seeing this, Meramon started focusing his flames around his right fist and then with a cry of "Guren no Honoo!" shot out a blast of fire out of it.

Both IceDevimon's and Meramon's attacks flew towards each other until they clashed together creating a large explosion that sent out a powerful shockwave, sending IceDevimon and Meramon flying to opposite sides of the village. Naruto fell down onto ground and channelled chakra into his hands and feet in order to keep himself grounded to the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a large pink beam of light moving towards him; however because of the shock wave he was unable to do anything about it "What is that thing?" Soon the beam of light was over the top of him and started to pull him in. "Kuso!" Naruto yelled out as he was pulled off the ground and into the beam.

Seeing this, Meramon called out "Shorty!" while IceDevimon merely let a sneer appear on his face "Damn!"

In the sky, as the beam of light passed over the area and the shockwave died down, MetalFantomon watched the events unfold with a frown "He is not gonna like this…" With that MetalFantomon held out his hand before an orb appeared in it.

Sitting in his stone throne, the 'Leader' held out his hand as a flaming orb appeared within it "Has the child been obtained yet."

The image of MetalFantomon appeared within the orb "No! During battle with the Meramon, IceDevimon lost track of the boy when he fell into a data stream."

The 'Leader's' eyes gave off a red glow hearing this "He has failed me for the last time!"

"Of course." MetalFantomon said "What do you want done about the boy?"

"Find him you fool!" the 'Leader' bellowed out before crushing the orb in his hand "Incompetent fool!"

"This does not please me."

Hearing this, the 'Leader' looked down towards the source of the voice to find the shadowed figure of Lucemon "Lucemon-sama!"

Lucemon sent a glare up towards the 'Leader' "You assured me that you would be able to secure the child."

"I assure you Lucemon-sama this is only a small set back. Once we have located him we will capture him immediately."

"See that you do." Lucemon stated before a portal opened up beneath him "Remember well, I do not take failure well, Gokumon!"

Jutsu and Techniques

Magma Bomb
Adult Level Technique
User: Meramon
Description: Emits magma rocks which rain upon his opponents.

Fire Wave
Adult Level Technique
User: Meramon
Description: Meramon inflames himself and charges at the opponent recklessly.

Burning Fist
Adult Level Technique
User: Meramon
Description: Throws very hot and very dangerous fireballs at opponents.

Guren no Honoo (Crimson Flame)
Adult Level Technique
User: Meramon
Description: Emits fire from his fists.

Icy Shower
Adult Level Technique
User: IceDevimon
Description: Releases a barrage of icicles from his wings.

Zero Freeze
Adult Level Technique
User: IceDevimon
Description: Fires a freezing beam from his eyes.

Frost Claw
Adult Level Technique
User: IceDevimon
Description: Slashes enemies with his sharp claws.

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