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"Digivolution" Normal speech
'Digivolution' Normal thoughts
"Digivolution" Demon, Demonic person speech
'Digivolution' Demon thoughts

Naruto's Going Digital
Ch07 Digivolution! Rise BlackGreymon

Naruto and BlackAgumon were currently standing on a bridge in the middle of the town staring down at the street below. Naruto had his left arm on the railing with his chin resting on his forearm, staring at the card in his outstretched right hand. 'Digivolving, I don't understand it. How does it happen?'

-------- Flashback -----------------------------
Smoke covered the area from were Renamon's Diamond Storm had just hit. Jenrya seeing the explosion Terriermon was caught in ran up to him crying out "No." At that point a bright light was emitted from his digivice.


Large streams of green digital data started racing around Terriermon forming what looked to be a large green egg of swirling data. "Terriermon digivolved too..." The green shell of data exploded revealing a larger bunny Digimon with a green head and ears. He had gattling guns for hand and was wearing blue jeans. "Gargomon!"

-------- End Flashback -----------------------
Naruto then narrowed his eyes as he continued to stare at the card in his hand that had the word 'Digivolution' written on it. 'How did he digivolve? From the look of it he had no interest in the battle, so why?' An image of Gargomon on a rampage then entered his mind as he remembered how the Digimon seamed to have no control over itself. 'It was obvious that he wasn't ready for that kind of power, but...' He then cast a look at BlackAgumon out of the corner of his left eye 'Are we ready for that kind of power?' He then turned his eyes back towards the card.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as BlackAgumon let out a sight and turns to face him "You know, you can stare at that card all you want, but it's not going to give you any answers."

Naruto just turned his head towards BlackAgumon with his right eyebrow twitching "Fine. Then you tell me, just how the hell does a Digimon digivolve?"

BlackAgumon just shrugged "How am I supposed to know, I've never digivolved, and watching Terriermon digivolve into Gargomon is the first time I've ever even see a Digimon digivolve."

Naruto just shook his head and let out a sigh "You're useless." BlackAgumon just folded his arms over his chest and turned his head away with a small pout 'That's disturbing.' Naruto then shook his head "Anyway onto another topic. Why do you think that those three from yesterday are the only other people around here that seam to have Digimon partners?"

BlackAgumon just turned his head back towards Naruto "I have no idea." BlackAgumon then narrowed his eyes at Naruto "Why? Did you notice something about them?"

Naruto brought his right hand up to his chin in a thinking position before saying "Well the only thing that I could think of would be that their chakra levels were above the average person that we've seen here." Naruto then dropped his arm to the side and looked striate at BlackAgumon "Do you think that Digimon could be drawn to humans with high levels of chakra?"

BlackAgumon then took on his own thinking pose before saying "It is possible considering the amount of chakra you have. Plus you said it your self, a tamer shares their energy with their partner. If the energy that the tamer shares with their partner is chakra then it would make sense that a Digimon would be drawn to a human that has more chakra to become their tamer then they would to one that has less."

Naruto nodded his head "Anyway, speaking of high levels of chakra..." Naruto then turned around and took one step forwards "Come on."

BlackAgumon raised what would be his right eyebrow at Naruto before letting out a sigh "So what are we doing now?"

Naruto turned his head towards BlackAgumon and gave him a small smirk before saying one word "Training."

Hearing this BlackAgumon's eyes widened 'Crap, not more torture.' Shrugging his shoulders, BlackAgumon shot a glare a Naruto "Shouldn't you be concentrating more on that leaf burning thing. I mean the most you can seam to get is a small spark before the thing splits in half." Naruto turned to fully face BlackAgumon with a smirk on his face as he held up his right hand with the digivolution card still in it. After a second the card went up in flames. BlackAgumon just stared, wide eyed at the pile of ash on the ground. "Not that I'm not impressed, but wasn't that a waste of a card?"

Naruto just shrugged and pulled out another card from the deck holder on his belt "Meh, I've got duplicates. Now, let's go."

Hearing this BlackAgumon gulped before saying "Yeah, just one thing before that..." After saying that BlackAgumon turned around and started to make a run for it.

BlackAgumon didn't make it three steps before he was tackled to the ground by Naruto "Oh no you don't."

Naruto started pulling BlackAgumon by the legs but BlackAgumon was struggling against him by digging the claws on his hands into the ground "Dammit Naruto, you're evil! How could you put your own partner through that kind of torture?"

Naruto's right eye started twitching as he continued to drag BlackAgumon off the bridge "What the hell Agumon, I go through the same thing you do, so why are you complaining?" Naruto then picked up BlackAgumon and held him under his right arm. Naruto then started walking down the street with BlackAgumon flailing his arms and legs around. As he was walking Naruto looked around and saw that people were starting to stare at them and whisper to each other "God dammit Agumon, will you stop that. You're not getting out of this, and people are starting to stare." BlackAgumon took a look around and noticed the looks they were receiving before letting out a sigh and letting his limbs go limp, residing to his fate. Seeing BlackAgumon give in, Naruto had a small smirk on his face "Good."

Close by in the shadows of a nearby building a certain yellow humanoid fox Digimon watched the two heading off in the direction of the park with a small smirk on her face before fading out of existence.

Renamon reappeared in a small room kneeling down on one knee behind Ruki, who was sitting at a desk checking her digivice and going through her cards. Realizing that Renamon had appeared, Ruki lifted her head and narrowed her eyes "Well?"

Renamon lifted her head and stared at the back of Ruki "I've located that BlackAgumon and his tamer." After seeing the look that Ruki was sending her, Renamon continued "They're currently heading to Shinjuku park."

Hearing this Ruki raised an eyebrow "Why would they be going to Shinjuku park? They couldn't be looking for dino boy could they?"

Renamon simple shook her head "No, I don't believe so. The tamer mentioned something about training."

Ruki narrowed her eyes "Training? Well no mater." She then stood up and clipped her digivice onto her belt "Renamon lets go." Renamon lifted her head up to meat Ruki before she continued "We have a rematch to attend." Hearing this Renamon once again faded out of existence and Ruki left through the door 'This time you'll find out who the best really is.'

Once Naruto made it to a small clearing in Shinjuku park he stopped and dropped BlackAgumon on the floor, earning him a glare from said Digimon. Naruto then turned his head around to make sure that no one was around before putting his hands together into the cross seal and called out "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" There was a small puff of smoke revealing an exact copy of Naruto. The Naruto Kage Bunshin then put it's hands into the Ohitsuji (Ram) seal and called out "Henge!" After a second puff of smoke appeared the Kage Bunshin looked almost the same, only with black hair and brown eyes, along with the fact that it no longer had the whisker marks on it's cheeks. Naruto then handed the Bunshin a scroll from his back pocket before it jumped off onto the branch of a tree and started reading through the scroll.

BlackAgumon tilted his head to the side in confusion and stared up at Naruto "What's with the scroll and why did you have the Bunshin use a Henge to change it's appearance?"

Naruto just shook his head at BlackAgumon before letting out a small sigh "The scroll contains information on the second stage of the fire manipulation training, along with a couple of Jutsu I want to learn. As for why I had the Bunshin use a Henge, well, people might get a bit curious if they see an exact copy of me in the exact same place and that would lead to questions that I don't think we want to answer, do we?"

BlackAgumon just looked up at him for a moment before speaking "Uh, no." BlackAgumon then let out a small sigh before asking "So what are we going to be doing for this torture session?"

Naruto just rolled his eyes "It's training, not torture." A small smirk then adorned his face "As for what we will be doing, I was thinking a little sparing match."

BlackAgumon just groaned "Great, so in other words I'm going to get my ass kicked."

Naruto just shrugged "I don't know what you're complaining about. I'm the one with the restrictions on my Jutsu, I even let you use your Pepper Flame attack." Naruto then dropped into a ready stance before calling out "Now get ready."

BlackAgumon just let out a sigh before dropping into his own stance. BlackAgumon sent a glare at Naruto before Naruto dashed at BlackAgumon and launched a roundhouse kick at BlackAgumon's head. BlackAgumon's eyes widen at seeing this and he quickly drops to the ground, narrowly avoiding Naruto's kick. Unfortunately for BlackAgumon, Naruto kept the momentum from the kick going and spun around while crouching down on his stationary leg and delivered a low sweeping kick to the side of BlackAgumon's head.

BlackAgumon was sent rolling across the ground before he pushed up off of the ground with his right hand and landed on his feet. BlackAgumon then sent a glare at Naruto before rubbing his right cheek "I take it you're not going to throw any punches in this little spare?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head "Agumon, Agumon, Agumon. You should know by now. Of course I wont throw any punches."

Hearing this BlackAgumon's right eye started twitching and muttered "Ass hole" under his breath. Naruto then charged across the field towards BlackAgumon at high speed. BlackAgumon seeing this thought to himself 'Screw this, I'm bringing the fire power.' BlackAgumon then launched a black fireball at Naruto with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" The fireball headed striate at Naruto but he managed to jump to the left at the last second. The black fireball connected with the ground and caused a small explosion. Naruto came skidding across the ground out of the smoke caused by the explosion, crouching on his left leg with his right extended out towards the side and with his right hand on the ground. After Naruto came to a complete stop he continued his charge at BlackAgumon. Seeing this BlackAgumon continued to launch Pepper Flame after Pepper Flame at Naruto, each time with the same result, Naruto dodging left and right and then continuing his charge at BlackAgumon.

Ruki was currently walking through the park with a scowl on her face searching for Naruto and BlackAgumon. "Stupid blond whisker marked baka. Who the hell made this park so large anyway, this is a complete waste of time." At that point Renamon fazed in beside her. Ruki turned her head towards Renamon and narrowed her eyes at her "Any sign of him."

Renamon nodded her head before pointing down a path "I believe that BlackAgumon is in that direction."

Ruki looked down that path with a smirk on her face "About time we found them." Ruki then continued down the path while Renamon fazed out of existence. Ruki continued down the path until she herd a cry of "Pepper Flame!" Hearing this she ducks behind a tree and looks around from behind it to see BlackAgumon launching Pepper Flame after Pepper Flame at Naruto who apparently had a smirk on his face. Seeing this she narrowed her eyes at them and said to herself "What the hell is going on here, why are those two fighting each other?"

Naruto evaded another one of BlackAgumon's Pepper Flame attacks and continued striate towards him. Once Naruto made it up to BlackAgumon he started launching a continues barrage of punches forcing BlackAgumon to go on the defence. BlackAgumon was slowly being forced back by Naruto but he had managed to block almost all of the punches Naruto threw at him, with only one or two slipping past his defences every now and again 'Crap, there's no room for a counter-attack with the speed at which he's throwing those punches.'

Naruto continued the barrage of punches but they were starting to slow down slightly 'I can't keep going at this pace for much longer, I need to change tactics.' Naruto then quickly spun on his left heal and launched a high right kick to BlackAgumon's head.

Seeing the incoming kick BlackAgumon raised his left right hand up and grabbed Naruto's leg before flipping up and standing on Naruto's outstretched leg. Naruto's eyes widened slightly at seeing this while BlackAgumon had a small smirk on his face before jumping off of his leg. The claws on BlackAgumon's right hand gave off a grey glow before he slammed them into Naruto's face with a cry of "Claw Slash!"

Naruto was sent back flying through the air 'Didn't see that coming.' Before Naruto could hit the ground he brought his right palm down onto the ground and pushed himself up into a back flip landing on his feet and tacking a few steps back. Naruto then looked back up to see BlackAgumon still in the air and launching another black fireball at him with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" Seeing the incoming fireball Naruto pulls out his kunai and spins it around on his middle finger before spinning around and slashing through the fireball with his kunai causing a large explosion.

BlackAgumon stared at the large smoke cloud that had been caused by the explosion in a ready stance 'Okay, now what?' Before BlackAgumon could think any further Naruto came charging out of the smoke cloud and charged at BlackAgumon catching him off guard. Naruto made a slash at BlackAgumon with his kunai that was glowing red hot from colliding with the Pepper Flame attack. BlackAgumon managed to snap out of it at the last second and roll out of the way, narrowly evading the slash from Naruto. Once BlackAgumon pulled himself up off of the ground he glared at Naruto with narrowed eyes 'That was to close.'

Naruto turned around to face BlackAgumon while pulling out a few shuriken from the holster on his right leg and launched them at him. BlackAgumon's eyes widened seeing the incoming projectiles before firing a black fireball at them with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" The fireball connected with the incoming shuriken and caused another explosion but before BlackAgumon could do anything the same glowing red kunai came flying through the explosion heading striate at him. As the kunai got closer BlackAgumon's claws started to give off a slight grey glow and with a cry of "Claw Slash!" BlackAgumon slammed his claw into the incoming kunai sending it spinning striate up into the sky. The kunai continued to fly up into the air until Naruto grabbed it by the handle and started his decent upon BlackAgumon, his kunai poised to strike BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon looked up to see Naruto above him with kunai in hand ready to attack 'Crap, how the hell did I miss that?'

BlackAgumon dodged to side and jumped back at the last second causing Naruto to wedge his kunai into the ground. Naruto pulled his kunai out of the ground and charged at BlackAgumon again. Seeing Naruto close in on him, BlackAgumon launched another Pepper Flame attack at him. At the last second Naruto slid across the ground causing BlackAgumon's Pepper Flame to soar over his head while he kicked BlackAgumon's feet out from under him. Naruto spun back up to his feet behind BlackAgumon and grabbed his right arm and holding it behind his back while pinning him to the ground. Naruto then brought his kunai down next to BlackAgumon's throat "Sorry Agumon, looks like I win this one."

BlackAgumon narrowed his eyes and mumbled under his breath "Sadistic Bastard." Hearing this Naruto squeezed BlackAgumon's arm "Okay, okay, I give. Just get off me."

Naruto had a small smirk on his face as he got off of BlackAgumon "Good." Just as BlackAgumon pulled himself off of the ground Naruto's digivice suddenly went off. Hearing this Naruto pulled it off of his belt and looked at the screen.

Once BlackAgumon pulled himself up off the ground, he turned to face Naruto and said "What's up now?"

As Naruto stared at the screen of the digivice an image of a large white gorilla like Digimon that looked like it had a canon for a right hand appeared on in. Seeing this Naruto read off the information to BlackAgumon "Gorillamon, a data beast human Digimon, champion level. Attacks are Energy Cannon and Power Lifter." The screen on the digivice then changes into a holographic compass pointing into the direction of the Digimon. Naruto looked out in the direction the compass was pointing in and could sense two familiar chakra signals 'Hu, look like those other two tamers have this one.'

BlackAgumon looked up at Naruto and saw the look that he had on his face "Hey, aren't we gon'a go after this Digimon?"

Naruto just shook his head before clipping his digivice back onto his belt "No, seams that it is already being taken care off, and besides..." Naruto then spins around and launches his kunai into the tree that Ruki was behind "We have an uninvited guest to attend to." Hearing this Ruki walks out from behind the tree with the same scowl on her face. Naruto shot her a glare and narrowed his eyes "Why are you spying on us?"

Ruki just let out a snort before responding "Don't flatter yourself, the only reason I'm here is to finish the battle we started earlier."

Naruto just kept his glare on Ruki "Tch, not interested. I've already beaten Renamon, and I don't fell like taking on a rookie tamer."

Ruki just shot Naruto an angry glare "Who do you think you're calling a rookie, whiskers. I'm the best there is."

Naruto had a large smirk adorn his face "The best? Don't you mean second best. If our previous battle was any indication, it proved that I'm the best there is." Naruto then narrowed his eyes at Ruki "And the name's Uzumaki Naruto, rookie."

Ruki's glare just seamed to intensify after hearing that. "You bastard, do you have any idea who I am?"

Naruto just looked over at BlackAgumon before both looked back over at Ruki before Naruto just shrugged "Should I?"

Ruki just narrowed her eyes at him "The name's Makino Ruki, also know as The Digimon Queen."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at that "Digimon Queen?" Naruto and BlackAgumon just looked at each other again before both shrugging and turning back towards Ruki before both of them saying "And we care because?"

Ruki just scoffed at them "Obviously you're completely clueless, whiskers. I'm the raining champion of the Digimon card game, The Digimon Queen."

Hearing this both Naruto's and BlackAgumon's right eyes start twitching before turning towards each other. BlackAgumon then spoke up to Naruto "Did she just say...?"

Naruto just nodded his head "Yeah." Naruto then turns his head back towards Ruki "A champion card player. That's your reasoning for why you're the best tamer." Seeing the smug look she had on her face, Naruto's eye started twitching violently until he slapped his head with his right hand before dragging his hand off his face "You're joking right? You're basing your skill as a tamer off a card game." Naruto then just shook his head "You really are just a rookie aren't you."

Ruki just shot him another glare before clenching her fist in rage "What the hell are you talking about? In a battle you use the cards effects to increase the abilities of your Digimon."

Naruto just let out a sigh "Yes the cards effects increase the abilities of the tamers Digimon. However you also need the abilities to read the battle, a skill you can only acquire through your own experience. You need more then just skills at a card game to be a true tamer. " Naruto then narrowed his eyes at her "You challenge me to a battle without even having your own experience out on the field. Tch, stop wasting my time." Naruto then started to walk off with BlackAgumon at his side but he stopped when he was standing next to Ruki and turned his head towards her "If you must challenge me, then wait until your Digimon digivolves to the champion level, maybe then you can offer me a challenge. Until then..." Naruto then turned his head back to the path in front of him and started walking off again with BlackAgumon still at his side before calling back "Stay out of my way."

As Naruto walked off Ruki narrowed her eyes and clenched her fist before Renamon fazed into existence "Ruki, what..." but that was as far Renamon could get before Ruki cut her off

"Save it. If he wants to wait until you digivolve to the champion level, then so be it." Ruki then shot a glare at Renamon "And then I'll prove once and for all that I am the best."

Renamon just nods her head "As you wish Ruki."

Renamon then fades out of existence as Ruki starts her walk back home 'I will be the one to beat you, whiskers.'

Later that evening just after the sun had set Naruto was standing on top of a large building looking out over Shinjuku with BlackAgumon right beside him. The sky was clouded over and the rain was poring down on them. Naruto had an i-pod clipped onto his back pocket and had the headphones in his ears. They stayed in silence for a few minutes until BlackAgumon lets out a sigh and turns to face Naruto with the rain poring down his face "Don't you think you were a little harsh on her back their?"

Naruto just narrowed his eyes as he stared out over Shinjuku before letting out a sigh "Maybe, but she needs to realise that this isn't a card game, that it's real life and that the danger that comes with it is real too, and that goes for those other two as well. If they don't come to terms with that then they're just going to get themselves killed, 'cause I can't always be there to bale them out when it gets to tough for them to handle."

BlackAgumon just let out a small sigh but before he could say anything both he and Naruto heard a voice call out "Calumon zoom zoom, Calumon zoom zoom. No under ware zoom." Hearing this Both Naruto and BlackAgumon turned their heads towards the voice to see a small white Digimon running through the puddles on the roof, with small ears on top of it's head with a purple rim around the tip of them. It also had large sparkly green eyes and an upside-down red triangle on it's forehead with a smaller black triangle on each of the sides of the triangle. Once the Digimon noticed that they were there it turned around and stared at them while tilting it's head to the side before letting out a giggle. It's ears suddenly expanded and it glided towards Naruto while saying "Hey, wan'a play?"

The little Digimon then landed on BlackAgumon's head and stared up at Naruto. Naruto then lifted up his right hand into the air and said "Yo. Uh, who are you?"

Before the little white Digimon could answer BlackAgumon spoke up "And would you get off my head."

The little white Digimon just let out a small giggle "You're funny." before turning back towards Naruto and jumping up and down on BlackAgumon's head before calling out "Calumon, Calumon, Calumon yay."

Naruto just rose an eyebrow at the the Digimon "Okay, so you're... Calumon?" Calumon just smiled brightly at Naruto before giving him an "uh hu." before Naruto continued "Okay then Calumon, can you tell me what you're doing up here?"

Calumon then jumped off of BlackAgumon's head and landed in a large puddle before splashing around in it with a large smile on his face "playing." Calumon then looked up at Naruto with his large green eyes and tilted his head to the side "So, wan'a play?"

Naruto let out a short sigh before shaking his "Sorry not right now." Calumon's ears shrank back into his head hearing this. Naruto was about to say something when his eyes narrowed before he walked back over to the side of the building and saw a digital field appear on the street below 'Two in one day, that's a first.' Naruto then turned his head towards BlackAgumon receiving a nod in return. "Well looks like it's time for our fun." With that said Naruto and BlackAgumon jumped off of the building.

Calumon jumped up onto the edge of the building and looked down to see Naruto and BlackAgumon heading towards the ground with wide eyes and a large smile on his face "Wow, those two sure know have to have fun, wonder what their playing."

As Naruto fell in a free-fall towards the ground he drifted closer to the wall of the building before pumping chakra into his feet and starting to run down the side of the building. Naruto then pulled out his digivice and a card from his deck container before swiping it though the digivice while calling out "DIGIMODIFY... Hyper Wing, activate!"

Ruki was staring out of the window in her room at the downpour of rain when she heard her digivice beeping. Turning around to the desk that her digivice was currently resting on she walked up to it and picked it up. A holographic compass appeared above the screen pointing in the direction of the digital field. A small smirk appeared on Ruki's face 'Perfect.' She then lifted her head up and said "Are you ready?"

At that point Renamon fazed into the room leaning against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest before lifting her head up towards Ruki "Always."

Ruki then turned around and strapped her deck onto her belt before also clipped her digivice onto it "Let's go then." Renamon then fazed back out of the room while Ruki walked out of the door heading in the direction of the digital field.

Takato and Jenrya along with Terriermon and Guilmon were currently inside a small shed in the middle of Shinjuku park waiting for the rain to let up. The four were sitting in circle facing each other before Takato let out a sigh "Oh man, isn't this storm ever going to let up? My parents are gon'a kill me when I get in."

Jenrya looked over at Takato and gave him a sympathetic smile "I hear ya. I don't even want to think about the lecture I'm gon'a get from my mother has ready for me."

Terriermon was the next to speak "Well I'd rather be here then in the clutches of Shuichon being given the princess pretty pants treatment."

Jenrya just lets out a sigh as Takato looks over at Terriermon "Uh, princess pretty pants?"

Jenrya just turns his head towards him "Don't ask." Takato just turns his head back to Terriermon and just gives out a nervous chuckle at seeing him shudder uncontrollably.

After a few second Terriermon stops shuddering and all for of them got a determined look in their eyes before pulling their fist back and saying "One, two, three." All four of them then push their fists in front of them, Guilmon had has hand out stretched while the others only had two fingers pointed out before the said "And scissors beats paper." Guilmon then looks around at them with a confused look on his face before they pull their hands back again and launching them forwards again with the same outcome "Everyone wins except for Guilmon."

Guilmon then starts looking around at them again before falling on his back. Takato then looks over at him and said "Not your game, hu boy?"

Takato, Jenrya and Terriermon then started laughing before Terriermon stopped all of a sudden with a shocked look on his face. Seeing this Jenrya looked over at him "Hey Terriermon, what's up?"

Both of their digivices started to beep before Guilmon jumped up to his feet with a viral look in his eyes before running out of the shed in the direction of the digital field. Seeing this Takato jumped to his feet and takes off after Guilmon "Guilmon, wait up will ya?"

Jenrya was right behind Takato with Terriermon hanging off his shoulder "This can't be good."

Terriermon then spoke up "When is it ever?"

As Naruto neared the street he jumped off of the wall and grabbed onto a street light, swinging on it and flipping in the air Naruto landed on the same bridge as before, that was now engulfed in the digital field as well. (AN/ The same bridge that Growlmon and Devidramon fought on.) BlackAgumon then landed on the bridge next to Naruto with six glowing white wings coming out of his back. BlackAgumon then turns his head towards Naruto "Were is it? I don't see it."

Naruto just narrowed his eyes into the field "Keep your guard up. It's out there and from the feel of it, it's powerful."

After that was said a loud stomping sound could be heard throughout the field before the Digimon came into view. It looked like a large dark blue, almost black dinosaur with dog like ears on the top of it's head. There was a pair of thick pterodactyl like wings coming out of its back with a large metal bolt on each one. It's tail had metal plates running down it and the tail itself seamed to split at the end with red and black wires coming out of it. There were three large sharp crimson claws on this of it's feet and hands. It's arms and legs were covered in what looked to metal braises. It also had a large metal plate over it's head showing it's razor sharp teeth in the front of it's mouth along with it's splited blood red eyes.

Seeing the Digimon in front of him Naruto pulls out his digivice and points it at the Digimon. A holographic image of it appears before Naruto read off the information on it "DexDorugamon, an undead virus type Digimon. Champion level. Attacks are Cannon Ball and Metal Cast." Naruto then turns his head towards BlackAgumon "Careful, this one seams different from the other ones we've faced." BlackAgumon nods his head before sending a determined look towards DexDorugamon.

As DexDorugamon stepped closer towards Naruto and BlackAgumon the digital field seamed to dissipate. Once the field had completely dissipated DexDorugamon stood right in front of the bridge glaring up at Naruto before it growled out "Uzumaki." Naruto's and BlackAgumon's eyes widened slightly at hearing this before casting confused looks at each other. Once they turned their attention back towards DexDorugamon, said Digimon continued "By order of the master you are to be eliminated."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at DexDorugamon before speaking "Eliminated?"

BlackAgumon then sent his own glare at DexDorugamon "You'll have to go through me first if you want him."

Naruto eyes hardened into an icy glare before he spoke "If you attack, we will defeat you." Naruto then pointed at DexDorugamon "But just what are you exactly anyway? I can tell you're different from the other Digimon we've faced."

DexDorugamon sent another growl at Naruto "I am but an agent of the master. Born to carry out his will."

Naruto kept his glare focused on DexDorugamon and let out his own small growl before saying "And just why exactly has your master sent you specifically to eliminate me? From our last encounter it didn't seam that he cared much about this world."

DexDorugamon just growled at Naruto again before responding "The master has deemed the power sealed within you as a threat to his plans if left unattended to." DexDorugamon then let out an enraged growl "Enough of this, it's time that I eliminate you." With that said DexDorugamon leaped up into the air before taking off.

Naruto continued to glare up at DexDorugamon before saying to himself "We'll see who will be eliminated." He then turns his head towards BlackAgumon "You ready?"

BlackAgumon faced Naruto with a determined look on his face "I'm always ready."

Naruto turns his head back towards DexDorugamon glaring at him again "All right, this is were we make our stand." BlackAgumon nods his head before sending his own glare at DexDorugamon. Naruto then continues "This is were the battle begins." He then took out digivice and a card from his deck before swiping it through the digivice " DIGIMODIFY... Hyper Speed, activate!"

Ruki was running down the street heading to the bridge when she stopped in her tracks as she saw DexDorugamon ascend into the sky. Her eyes widened slightly at the sight of it before she called out "Renamon" and started to dig through her deck for the correct card.

However she stop when Renamon fazed in next to her and simply said "I can't." Ruki stopped digging through her deck and turned to face Renamon with a confused look. Seeing this Renamon turned her head towards the bridge before continuing "This is their fight."

Ruki just gave out an annoyed sigh right before Guilmon ran up to them, his eyes still dilated and feral as he faced in the direction DexDorugamon was in and let out a low growl. Ruki narrowed her eyes at Guilmon before speaking "Dino-boy. If he's here then..."

Ruki was cut off though when she heard a shout from were Guilmon had just come from "Guilmon, hold up a minute."

Ruki turned her head towards the origin of the voice and saw Takato and Jenrya with Terriermon hanging off his shoulder. Seeing this Ruki let out a grown "Great just what I need Gogglehead and Brainiac, what are they doing here?"

Once Takato and Jenrya made it up to them Terriermon jumped off of Jenrya's shoulder and ran up to Guilmon while Jenrya turned to face Ruki "I should of known that you'd be here. I just don't get why you make your Digimon fight, there are other ways of dealing with things."

Ruki just rolled her eyes at him "Tch, the cowards credo. Anyway I'm not the one you need to worry about."

Takato who up until now had been hunched over trying to catch his breath stood up strait and turned to face Ruki "Hu, what do you mean?"

Ruki just moved her head towards the bridge and motioned them to look in the direction. Takato and Jenrya turned their focus towards the bridge just in time to see BlackAgumon with six glowing white wings sticking out of his back heading striate up from the bridge towards DexDorugamon. Seeing this Guilmon took off towards the bridge again with Terriermon on his back this time. Takato and Jenrya both called out to them "Hey, Guilmon/Terriermon wait come back." before running after them.

Renamon then turned her head towards Ruki "Should we follow them?"

Ruki just shrugged "Might as well. Not much ells to do after coming all this way, might as well watch the fight." Ruki then headed off towards the bridge.

BlackAgumon flew up at DexDorugamon at top speed as DexDorugamon stopped climbing and turned in the air to face BlackAgumon. Seeing BlackAgumon heading strait at him, DexDorugamon fired a large iron ball out of his mouth with a cry of "Cannon Ball!" As the iron ball flew through the air BlackAgumon fired a black fireball at it with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" When the two attacks connected there was a large explosion however the iron ball wasn't even fazed and flew strait out of the smoke screen. At the last second BlackAgumon dodged to the side as the iron ball sailed past him missing him by a few inches.

The iron ball flew strait down to the bridge, seeing this Naruto quickly jumped to the side right before the iron ball hit the spot he had just been standing on and smashed right through the bridge to the road below. Naruto looked over at the large hole in the bridge "That was to close." He then turned his attention back towards the battle above him while clenching his digivice in his left hand. 'Was that attack aimed at me, or was it just coincidence?' BlackAgumon and DexDorugamon were now flying around each other at high speeds firing fireballs and iron balls at each other. Naruto then whispered out to himself "Come on Agumon, you can do it. Take this freak down." Naruto was then brought out of his thoughts when an orange and white fireball was launched at the two combatants with a cry of "Pyro Sphere!" Naruto turned his head towards the voice and narrowed his eyes at the sight of Guilmon and Terriermon just a few meters away on the bridge 'Just great, what are they doing here?'

Takato, Jenrya and Ruki then ran up onto the bridge before Renamon fazed in next to Ruki. The four of them then looked up into the sky at the battle going on between BlackAgumon and DexDorugamon. Takato then turned his head towards Guilmon and started to rummage through his pocket "Okay boy, let's get in this and give him a hand."

However before he could pull out a card Naruto yelled out at them "This is our battle, stay out of it!"

Guilmon and Terriermon ran back over to their tamers who along with Ruki turned their attention towards Naruto to see him staring right at them. Guilmon then turned his head towards Takato before speaking his thoughts " This Digimon's strong, Takatomon. Shouldn't we be helping Agumon?"

Takato nodded his head "Yeah we should." He then turns his head to were Naruto is standing "But..."

Hearing this Naruto shot the group an icy glare causing them to visibly flinch before saying "This battle has nothing to do with you, so just stay out of it!"

After Naruto turned his attention back towards the battle Terriermon spoke up "He's intense." He then turned to face Ruki "His glares scarier then your's."

Ruki just narrowed her eyes at Terriermon while Jenrya sent his own glare at him "Terriermon!"

Hearing this Terriermon turned his attention back towards Jenrya "I know, that wasn't very nice."

"No it wasn't." Jenrya then took a thinking pose "However I think there's something ells going on here."

Takato then gave Jenrya a confused look "Hu, what do you mean?"

Jenrya looked over at Naruto before turning towards Takato "From the sound of it this battle is personal for Naruto."

Ruki just scoffed "So Whiskers and DexDorugamon have some sort of history or something?"

Takato gave Ruki a confused look "Uh, Whiskers?"

Hearing this Ruki shot Takato a glare "Yeah, Whiskers. You got a problem with that, Gogglehead?"

Takato rose his hands in front of his chest "Uh, no, no problem here."

Seeing this Ruki had a small smirk on her face before she and Takato heard a small cough coming from Jenrya "Anyway, I think you may be right about those two having some kind of history. As to what that history is, I have no idea." The group of tamers and Digimon then look over at Naruto again before turning their attention towards the ongoing battle.

BlackAgumon dodged out of the way as another iron ball while firing another Pepper Flame attack at DexDorugamon, who also managed to dodge out of the way. Seeing this BlackAgumon grit his teeth 'This is ridiculous. At this rate the battle will never end, I need to find a way to land a hit in, but how?' BlackAgumon then cast a look back down at Naruto before his eyes widened 'That's it. I just hope this works.' BlackAgumon then takes off at full speed strait towards the ground in front of the bridge.

Seeing BlackAgumon 'retreat' DexDorugamon took off after him yelled out "You can't escape me. Cannon Ball!" Shooting out an iron ball at BlackAgumon.

As BlackAgumon got closer to the ground with the iron ball close behind him he turns his head towards Naruto. Seeing this a small smirk appears on Naruto's face "I see. About time you started using the surrounding area to your advantage." Naruto then gives BlackAgumon a small nod of his head before pulling out a card and swiping it through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Digmon's Drill, activate!"

The same black and silver drills appeared around BlackAgumon's arms as he pointed them towards the ground. Once BlackAgumon reached the ground he plunged strait under the ground. As the iron ball that was following him connected with the ground it created a large dust cloud. DexDorugamon who had been chasing BlackAgumon at top speed was unable to stop in time and crashed strait into the ground. After a few seconds passed DexDorugamon pulled himself to his feat and turned one of his eyes towards Naruto, glowing red with rage and said "You will be eliminated."

Hearing this everyone ells eyes seamed to widen slightly, but before anyone could say anything BlackAgumon burst out of the ground a few feet away. The drills on his arms dispersed into flakes of digital data before he fired out a large glowing hot fireball at DexDorugamon with a cry of "Pepper Flame!" The fireball hit DexDorugamon dead on the side of the head causing him to fall back onto the ground. BlackAgumon then yells out at him "No-one threatens my tamer."

Naruto just rolled his eyes at this 'He's making it sound like I can't take care of myself.' He then takes a quick look at the other tamers 'Then again with this lot here that's probably not a bad idea.'

DexDorugamon pulled himself off the ground again before shooting a glare at BlackAgumon "It makes no difference, you and your tamer are to be eliminated. Cannon Ball!" DexDorugamon then fired another three iron balls at him. BlackAgumon managed to dodge left and right out of the way of the incoming projectiles before taking back off into the sky. Seeing this DexDorugamon took off after him yelling out "You wont escape." Once BlackAgumon reached a reasonable hight he moved to the side as DexDorugamon charged past him. As DexDorugamon flew past BlackAgumon he cast an enraged glare at him out of the corner of his eye. DexDorugamon flies around and charges at BlackAgumon at full speed before launching an iron ball at him with a cry of "Cannon Ball!"

Seeing the incoming projectile BlackAgumon's eyes widen 'Crap, no time to dodge.'

Back on the bridge Naruto looked up and saw that BlackAgumon didn't have time to dodge the attack and pulled out another card "Hold on Agumon." Naruto then swiped the card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Holy Barrier, activate!"

A large transparent barrier formed around BlackAgumon. The iron ball exploded on contact with the barrier causing a large smokescreen to cover the area. BlackAgumon charged back out of the smokescreen and started looking around for any signs of DexDorugamon before he charging out of the smokescreen heading strait for him. BlackAgumon's eyes widened at seeing thins "Crap!" DexDorugamon then charged head first strait into BlackAgumon knocking the wind out of him. From the force of the impact BlackAgumon was knocked out of the sky. As BlackAgumon fell towards the ground the wings on his back suddenly dispersed into digital flakes. DexDorugamon then took off after him with his right arm extended towards BlackAgumon with a cry of "Metal Cast!"

Naruto seeing BlackAgumon fall towards the ground and his wings fade out yelled out "Agumon!" As BlackAgumon got closer to the ground DexDorugamon was closing in on him. Seeing this Naruto climbed up onto railing of the bridge before pumping chakra into his legs and jumping up towards BlackAgumon. Right as DexDorugamon was about to stick his claw through BlackAgumon Naruto grabbed BlackAgumon and landed on the ground in a roll. DexDorugamon let out a growl before pulling up out of his descent and headed back up while destroying part of the railing on the bridge as he flew over it.

Seeing Naruto and BlackAgumon land on the ground Takato, Jenrya, Ruki and their Digimon ran up to the middle of the bridge and stared over at Naruto and BlackAgumon who still hadn't moved. Ruki was the first to speak up "Are they?" But before anyone could answer Naruto started to move.

Naruto slowly pulled himself up off of the ground and then looked over at BlackAgumon who was currently shaking his head "Yo, Agumon you all right?"

BlackAgumon pulled himself up off the ground and looked up at Naruto "I'll live if that's what you mean."

Naruto let out a small sigh before continuing "Can you still fight?"

BlackAgumon just shot him a small glare "What kind of question is that? Of course I can still fight." He then lets out a small sigh before sending a glare at DexDorugamon "Not that I can do much against him."

Naruto just nodded his head "Yeah." He then pulls out a card and stairs at it "If only you could digivolve, I know you could take him down then."

BlackAgumon sent a glare at DexDorugamon before saying "Then I'll just have to digivolve wont I?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at him "How, the Digivolution card doesn't have any effect on you? We've tried it over and over again and it's always had the same result."

BlackAgumon turned his head towards Naruto with a determined look on his face "Then this will just have to be the first time it does work 'cause I refuse to lose to this freak." BlackAgumon then turned his attention back towards DexDorugamon as he turned around for another charge "I know together we can make it work."

Naruto turned to face DexDorugamon and sent him a glare "All right." Naruto's digivice then gave off a small glow before he turned to face BlackAgumon with his own determined look on his face "Let's do this." He then turned to face DexDorugamon again as he closed in on them before swiping the card through his digivice "DIGIMODIFI... Digivolution, activate!" The glow from Naruto's digivice then changed into a bright light.


Large streams of dark purple digital data started racing around BlackAgumon forming what looked to be a large dark purple egg of swirling data. "BlackAgumon digivolved too..." Inside the shell of data BlackAgumon's skin was pealing off of himself revealing orange square lines covering the black glowing form of BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon's form then started to change as new skin was placed on his new form. The dark purple shell of data exploded revealing a large black dinosaur like Digimon with golder coloured stripes on it and three silvery white claws on both it's hands and feet. He had a large brown mask covering most of his head with a large horn sticking out of the front and another on each side of it with a red ring around them. He had golden yellow coloured eyes and there seamed to be three bands around both his forearms that looked like brown leather belts with silver buckles. "BlackGreymon!"

(AN/ Before anyone says anything I know that's not what BlackGreymon actually looks like, but come on tell me that's not better then just a blue version of Greymon.)

Once the light died down Naruto looked up at BlackGreymon with a slight smirk on his face 'Well what do you know, it actually worked.'

Back on the bridge Ruki just stared at BlackGreymon with wide eyes "He digivolved, but how?"

Takato was also staring at BlackGreymon with his mouth open "No way."

Jenrya just took out his digivice and pointed it at BlackGreymon. A holographic image him appeared above the screen before Jenrya read off information "BlackGreymon, a viral dinosaur type Digimon, champion level. He attacks his opponents with his powerful Dark Horn and Nova Burst attacks."

DexDorugamon continued onwards towards Naruto and BlackGreymon at full speed "It doesn't matter weather you're a rookie or a champion, I will still eliminate you and your tamer." He then fired out another iron ball at BlackGreymon with a cry of "Cannon Ball!"

Seeing the incoming projectile BlackGreymon fired out a large black and blue coloured fireball with a cry of "Nova Burst!" The two attacks connected flying over the bridge creating a large explosion. The tamers and there Digimon on the bridge shielded their eyes from the explosion as DexDorugamon flew strait through the explosion heading right for BlackGreymon. Once he was close enough BlackGreymon spun around and hit DexDorugamon in the side of his head. The hit caused DexDorugamon to be sent flying back in the direction bridge.

Seeing the incoming DexDorugamon The tamers and their Digimon ran off the bridge before DexDorugamon crashed into it causing a large cloud of dust to pick up. Once the dust parted DexDorugamon could be seen hovering just above the ground sending a heated glare at BlackGreymon and letting out a low growl. He then took off at full speed strait at BlackGreymon. Once he was right in front of him BlackGreymon lifted his hands up and caught DexDorugamon's as their claws liked up. BlackGreymon was pushed back a few feet before DexDorugamon's feet landed back on the ground and the two started pushing each other back. Both BlackGreymon and DexDorugamon kept growling at each other as they both tried to get the upper hand on each other.

BlackGreymon then let out a load roar as his horn started to glow dark purple. He then pulled DexDorugamon in towards himself and slammed his horn into him with a cry of "Dark Horn!" DexDorugamon was sent back slightly but as BlackGreymon still had a hold of him he didn't hit the ground. BlackGreymon then let go of DexDorugamon's left arm and grabbed his right with both hands. He then turned around and flipped DexDorugamon over his shoulder and threw him onto the ground. DexDorugamon hit the ground and rolled down the road. Once he came to a stop BlackGreymon fired a powerful black and blue fireball at the downed DexDorugamon with a cry of "Nova Burst!" The fireball exploded on connected with DexDorugamon who let out a cry of pain before bursting into red flacks of digital data.

Takato, Jenrya and Ruki watched as DexDorugamon burst into digital data and faded away. Seeing this Ruki spoke up "Why didn't that digital dino absorb the data?"

BlackGreymon then walked up to Naruto before being engulfed in a white light and de-digivolving back into BlackAgumon. Naruto had a small smirk on his face as he looked down at BlackAgumon "Good work Agumon."

BlackAgumon just shrugged his shoulders before giving Naruto his own smirk "Well what did you expect. I told you I could digivolve."

Naruto and BlackAgumon turned around and were about to leave when Takato, Jenrya and Ruki along with Guilmon and Terriermon walked up to him while Renamon just fazed in next to Ruki. Jenrya was the first one to speak up "Naruto, hold up a sec. Why was that Digimon trying to destroy you?"

Naruto just looked over his shoulder at Jenrya and narrowed his eyes at him before shrugging "How should I know."

Jenrya just rose an eyebrow at him "Really, 'cause it sounded like you had some kind of history with that Digimon."

BlackAgumon sent a small glare at Jenrya before Naruto spoke up "Even if we did have some sort of history that would be my business and not yours." Naruto then turned his head around and started walking away with BlackAgumon at his side before saying "Don't go poking into my past."

After Naruto and BlackAgumon left Takato spoke up "Well that was weird."

Ruki just scoffed "Like I care." With that said she walked off with Renamon fazing back out of the area.

Once Ruki was out of sight Takato turned to face Jenrya and let out a sigh "What's up with those two?"

Jenrya just turns around and sighs "Who knows, but I think we should keep a close eye on them."

Hearing this Terriermon jumps up onto Jenrya's shoulder "Momentai, Jenrya. With our luck those two will end up being a couple."

Jenrya just shakes his head "Terriermon, sigh, just what am I gon'a do with you?"

Jutsus and Techniques

Energy Cannon
Champion Level Technique
User: Gorillamon
Description: Shoots his right arm cannon at his opponents.

Power Lifter
Champion Level Technique
User: Gorillamon
Description: Knocks his opponents out with his left hand.

Cannon Ball
Champion Level Technique
User: DexDorugamon
Description: Spits out iron balls at his opponent.

Metal Cast
Champion Level Technique
User: DexDorugamon
Description: Tears out his opponent's digicore with his iron arms.

Dark Horn
Champion Level Technique
User: BlackGreymon
Description: Thrust the horn on the front of his head at his opponent.

Nova Burst
Champion Level Technique
User: BlackGreymon
Description: Fires a black and blue fire ball at his opponent at varying levels of power.

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