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Not Alone

By: xSlythStratasfaction (formerly known as LadyStrata821)

Pairing: Kagura x Momiji (...eventually)

How perfect of them to choose the spring for their wedding. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and a few wilted flowers floated through the windy sky. Along with the blossoms floated a sweet sounding music. Sweet and sickening to a certain former zodiac boar. The girl was standing in the courtyard of one of the most gorgeous mansions she had ever seen. Inside the mansion, a wedding reception was going on, a reception for the newly married Kyo and Tohru Sohma. Just the thought of the two together made Kagura flinch, but she got used to it. She practically told Kyo that she only loved him out of pity and she gave her blessings to the two when they announced their engagement. However, everything she spoke were lies. She still loved Kyo and it wasn't love out of pity either. It was that complicated feeling of love that left her constantly feeling sick and betrayed.

Kyo betrayed her when he married Tohru, but Kagura couldn't blame the cheery, bright eyed girl for what had happened.

The world seemed to get a little better, a little brighter when Miss Honda- well, Mrs. Sohma- entered the picture. Kyo fell head over heels in love with her and she accepted him after his true form was revealed to her, something Kagura couldn't do. It took a while for the two to admit their feelings, but everyone was cheering them on... or so they thought. Kagura kept herself in the shadows; no one would know that she still cared for Kyo more than life itself. She had to fight herself from fainting earlier that day during the wedding ceremony. When Kyo and Tohru started exchanging vows, her world swayed and her eyes grew watery. People thought she was getting teary eyed out of happiness for the couple, but they were wrong. When the priest asked Kyo to kiss his bride, Kagura felt the hot lump of regret pool in her throat. A sob had threatened to escape from her throat and it did, but she waved it off and told Kyo and Tohru congrats before she fled to the bathroom to break down in a fit of tears.

No one saw her leave. They were busy throwing rice at the new husband and wife.

Then everyone headed over to the parlor for refreshments and the introduction of the wedding party. Kagura, unfortunately, was asked to be one of Tohru's bridesmaids, which would explain the reason why she was standing there in a tight, curve hugging strapless lilac gown. Her hair was whipping in the wind, likely wretching it from the tight bun it was once in, and her make-up was smeared with tear stains. The grey eyed girl wiped her eyes again and glanced back towards the mansion. She could still see Kyo dancing with her, the very reason why she fled the reception in the first place. She could've been Kyo's wife. She could've been the one to make him happy. She could've been Mrs. Kyo Sohma, but life was so cruel.

She sighed loudly and closed her eyes, hot streams of salt water falling down her cheeks. She would be leaving soon. No one would have to put up with Kagura Sohma for the time being because she just had to get away. There was no sense in staying around Japan any longer when she had no one. How ironic was it that in the beginning everyone pegged her to be the happiest Sohma, the one who would marry Kyo and have tons of children. Then a starry blue eyed orphan shows up at Shigure's house and Kagura's life turns upside down. How ironic was it that in the end it was she who ended up with no one. Even Akito, the Sohma's resident bitch, ended up with someone. Lucky her. Kagura cursed her bad luck and kicked some rocks from the zen garden. Forget everyone! She didn't need anyone!

"You're not the only one who's alone, you know." A soft voice interrupted Kagura's thoughts and she whipped around to see who it was who had found her.

A sad chuckle erupted from her throat when she locked her grey eyes on the intruder's brown ones. "So it's you. I thought you had left after the ceremony. One would've thought you would've since you loved Tohru and all."

The person sighed and walked up to Kagura until the two were standing side by side. "Nah, Kagura. I wouldn't have left for that reason. Tohru is my friend and so is Kyo, though I beg to differ sometimes, but I wouldn't leave their wedding. And you aren't the one who should talk. You ran away after the wedding and during Kyo and Tohru's first dance as husband and wife." He gulped when they mentioned his friends' new martial status. "Are you okay?"

Kagura frowned, then turned to look at her friend's face. Sadness was etched on his features, which was so rare to see, or at least it was to her. She reached up and tucked a stray lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear. "I'm sorry, Momiji... I shouldn't have said that and you're right. I shouldn't talk. I have no right because I have been so weak today. I thought I could take it, but I can't. I just can't. I still love him..."

Momiji's eyes darted to Kagura's, noting the pain that was obviously there. Her eyes were also red and puffy, meaning that she had been out here crying for quite some time. Was the girl lying when she announced to them so long ago that she didn't love Kyo anymore? Was she fibbing when she congratulated the couple on their engagement and ultimately, their marriage? Well, she did just say that she still loved that stupid cat. The blonde boy's face fell and he panicked. What should he do? Then slowly, he leaned forward and pulled the older girl into his arms. She collapsed into him at that moment, sobbing loudly as he ran his hands up and down her back to soothe her. "Shh, Kagura. It's going to be alright. Everything will be fine. I'm here... you still have me."

She choked into his chest, staining his white dress shirt with her tears, but that didn't bother him. He just wanted to comfort her and hope that she could comfort him in return. The two were alone, the only ones left from the zodiac cursed family who didn't have a significant other to complete them. They weren't wanted. He leaned down, being taller than her now, and leaned his blonde head against her own. "Don't cry. Don't waste your tears on him." He really wished she would stop because her crying was hurting him, too. He brushed his hand along her cheek and wiped some of her tears away with his thumb. "Kagura, don't."

Then she pulled away quickly, as if he had just shocked her or something. His expression flipped from shock to hurt as he watched her turn away from him. "You should go back inside, Momiji. I'm leaving soon..."

"What?" He questioned as his brow's furrowed. What did she say? What was she planning anyways?

The older girl walked towards one of the cherry blossom trees and placed her hand on it's bark. "I'm moving away... to England, actually. I don't want to waste my time here in Japan. I need to get away, so I'm going to go to college at Oxford instead of taking classes here anymore. At least moving away will keep my mind off of Kyo... and maybe I'll find someone to love there. I can't find anyone here..."

Momiji's mouth had fallen open when she had mentioned her move. He wasn't shocked that she was moving to say the least, but he had expected her to move out of town, not out of the country. Before he could think, he had reached out, grabbing Kagura's arm rather forcefully, which caused the smaller girl to gasp. Momiji had never acted out like that and the fire that blazed in his eyes burned her skin, or at least it felt like that. "Why would you leave Japan?! I don't understand!"

"I must," she mumbled in a shaky voice, "I must leave here before I go insane. You've gotta understand. I can't stay here because if I do, I'll lose myself. I've already lost so much and I can't bear to lose anymore. I might die if I stay here any longer. Studying aboard would be a welcome change. It really would."

"I wouldn't let you die," Momiji whispered under his breath. "I'm still here... you still have me. What about me?!"

His sudden outburst startled Kagura and she noted that he still hadn't loosened his rock hard grip on her upper arm. At that moment, she looked up at him and noticed the hurt and pain that seemed to be radiating from him. He stood over her a few good inches and he had definitely matured in the few months that Kyo and Tohru had been engaged. His blonde hair blew wildly in the spring wind and it made him look even more upset. Kagura whined underneath his gaze, "You don't understand! I have to go Momiji! I have NO ONE!"

Her shrill yell broke Momiji's hard grip on her arm and he slightly stumbled backwards. "You have no one," he whispered softly. "I see. Then why don't you go? I won't stop you." He turned to walk away, but was stopped when her small hand landed on his forearm.

"I'll keep in touch with you, Momiji. I promise, but you must trust me. I'll be fine in England and I'll definitely be happier... not like I am now." She glanced sadly at the mansion, taking in the blurry sight of what looked like Isuzu and Haru gliding across the ballroom floor. "Maybe you can come visit me sometime."

His brown eyes stared into her brown ones for the umpteenth time that night. "Maybe I will visit you, but you have to promise you'll be careful, okay?" She nodded with a sad smile on her face and he continued, "When are you to leave?"


The ex-zodiac rabbit almost gasped, but caught himself. "Tonight?! So soon?! But... aren't you going to stay for the rest of the reception? Aren't you going to say goodbye?"

A few cherry blossoms fell into Kagura's hair and she reached up to dust them away. "I can't go back in there. I'm waiting for my ride as we speak, actually. I don't want to be there when Tohru and Kyo open my wedding gift." She noticed one of Momiji's eyebrows pop up and she frowned. "I gave them something very special. Something that I worked so hard on and I hope that they'll get as much joy from it as I did."

Her eyes glazed over as she remembered sitting on the floor of her bedroom, tucking a small orange kitty backpack into a box before wrapping it up in some pink paisley wrapping paper. Inside the box with the cat backpack was a letter that told Kyo and Tohru about how they could have the backpack and how they could pass it on to their children and so on. She just hoped that the couple wouldn't notice the tear stains that laced the stationary that she had written it on.

"You gave them your neko backpack, didn't you?" Momiji's question was answered when Kagura nodded slowly. "That must've been hard."

She nodded again, "I am fighting myself right now to not go back in there and get it, but it's for the best right?" The cool spring air blew against her bare shoulders and she ran her hands up and down her arms. She noticed Momiji getting ready to take off his black tuxedo coat, but his kind gesture was interrupted when a soft jingle erupted from a bench near the zen garden. "Oooh, my phone!" Kagura squealed as she rushed across the courtyard to her purse. She felt around the bag before she pulled out a light lime green cellphone and flipped it open. Momiji watched the small kitty keychain that was attached to the phone blink orange wildly and he smirked. Kagura was indeed obsessed... and it was sad because her obsession was hurting her.

He watched her eyes sadden a bit more as she talked softly on the phone. Then she quickly clicked the cell shut and picked up her purse from the bench. "Who was that?" The younger boy called out, watching Kagura slowly make her way back to where they were standing moments before.

"It's my ride. They're here..."

He sighed, "So, you are leaving now and I'm never going to see you again?" She laughed sadly and walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him in a warm embrace. He waited a moment to return the gesture, but when he did envelope his arms around her, he held her tight. Something was telling him to not let go, but he pushed the silly thought into the back of his mind and leaned his cheek against her head. "I'm going to miss you, Kagura Sohma."

"I'll miss you, too, Momiji Sohma. And no, you won't have to worry about never seeing me again. I'll come by once in a while and I told you I'd keep in touch. Maybe one of these days, you will be sending me a picture of one of those silly girls that are always throwing themselves at your feet because I know girls aren't going to ignore your boyishly good looks!" She laughed at Momiji's blush and continued, "But, you do understand. I don't want to be alone anymore. Maybe England will change that..."

He nodded into her hair. A familiar wetness rubbed up against his cheek and he sighed. He was crying and from the sounds of it, she was crying, too. "Maybe."

She pulled away too quickly for his liking, but she did stand there and stare at him for a while. "Tell everyone I said goodbye and that I'm sorry I departed so early, will you?" He nodded to her and she startled him by leaning up and pressing her cool lips against his warm, blush red cheek. "Stay handsome, Momiji."

Then she left. He watched her leave, too. Her hands were bunched in her lilac gown, holding it up above her matching high heels as she rushed over to a silver SUV that was parked across the way. Before she jumped in it, she turned and waved at him, a sad smile on her face. He smiled sadly back at her and waved as well. Then she climbed into the SUV and they drove off. The fading red lights on the back of the car finally disappearing over the crest of a hill signifying that Momiji was now in the courtyard...alone.

"You weren't alone, Kagura." He whispered, balling his hands into fists. He now realized what in the world was going on in his head. He wasn't losing it. The voice in the back of his brain wasn't out to get him. It was giving him advice... it was telling him something that he thought wasn't true...

He loved Kagura.

He ran a hand through his blonde hair and looked back at the hill that the former zodiac boar has disappeared over. Maybe she would comeback? Nah, he knew she was gone and so was his heart. A sad sigh fell from his lips and he crossed his arms over his chest, making his way across the courtyard and back into the parlor. He would have to be the one to break the news that Kagura Sohma had fled the safety of Japan to go somewhere foreign, like England.

How ironic it was that at that very moment the skies decided to cloud over, like Momiji's mind, and pour down the rain just as the heartbroken teenager disappeared into the joyness that filled the ballroom...

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