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Not Alone

By: xSlythStratasfaction (formerly known as LadyStrata821)

Pairing: Kagura x Momiji (...eventually)


Kagura groaned as she rolled from her side to her back. Something seemed different in her bedroom, she thought as her grey unfocused eyes began to blink out the sleep held within them. The dark bedroom seemed much larger than what she remembered it being and her bed was ENORMOUS. Plus, she must've been sleeping with an electric blanket because the bed was so warm! ...Or at least she thought she was sleeping with an electric blanket, until the 'blanket' moved. Gasping, the girl sat up quickly and looked down at what was laying on top of her. She blinked a few more times to coax the remaining sleep from her eyes.

"What in the world?" She whispered as she looked down. A messy head of blonde hair laid on her lap and a large, slightly calloused hand was curled around the curve of her bare waist. She was wearing a overly large t-shirt that definitely wasn't hers. It was pushed up to just under her breasts, leaving her waist down bare, minus her underwear. The heat from the man's palm made shivers creep up the girl's back. Kagura also felt her face turn hot. What was she doing in a bed that wasn't her own? Let alone a bed that housed a man she didn't know. The more she thought about it, the more her stomach turned. Bile rose in her throat as she thought about the possibilities of WHY she was even in this man's bed.

"Oh, man."

Slowly, she reached down, picking up the large hand from her waist. The boar studied it for a moment and then let her eyes travel to the face of the hand's owner. She leaned close to the face until she could see the moonlight graced features clearly. The mop of blonde hair fell over the boy's closed eyes, but by the calm, handsome features etched on his face, Kagura could tell who is was easily.

"Momiji." She whispered as she brushed the rabbit's unruly hair from his eyes. He looked so much more peaceful when he was sleeping. Remembering the events from earlier that day, she could remember the way an angry flame danced in his eyes and how he had scowled so viciously at her. It was so unlike the Momiji she used to know, but from what she remembered Rin telling her, that Momiji was long gone. Something had happened to him in the five years that she had been away... something terrible. And somehow, she felt herself wanting to take the blame.

She could've stayed in Japan and watched him. The boy was so young when she fled to Europe. Now here he was, 21 years old and grown: a man. Sighing, she bit her lip and ran her soft, small fingers along Momiji's smooth skin. The flesh was still baby's bottom soft, not a stray hair in sight. Otherwise he had an amazing razor or he just never grew facial hair. She brushed his jawline, feeling the strength of it when he ground his teeth together. His jaw tensed and his eyes squinted shut quickly causing Kagura to flinch backwards a bit. What was wrong with him? Was he having a bad dream?

"Don't go!" The boy hissed. He turned away from the boar quickly and curled into the fetal position. "Don't!"

Kagura didn't know what to do. Instinct told her to reach out and wake him up, to help him, but something else was telling her to watch his nightmare unfold. There was something about Momiji that made her curious and maybe his sleep talking would tell her something.

"Kagura, please!"

A small gasp erupted from the girl's throat as she watched Momiji toss again. His long, lean frame almost hit her when he jerked from one side to the other, but luckily, he missed. Tears began to form in the older girl's eyes as she watched. He was in so much pain it seemed. And she was the cause.

"Stay! PLEASE! Kagura, I love you..." He whimpered.

Her mouth fell open when those words left his mouth. There were tears in his eyes and they were falling down his cheeks as he continued to suffer through his nightmare. Kagura pulled her knees to her chest and cried when she heard him cry out that he loved her once more. What had she done? She had practically broken the poor boy and now she felt terribly guilty. Sobs racked her small frame and she shook in depression. Why did it have to come to this? Why did he love her? ...why?

She never noticed that the room became quiet. The only sounds that were being made were her loud, heartbreaking sobs. Momiji had stilled... but only because he had been abruptly awakened by the sound of a female's cries. When he opened his eyes and found Kagura sitting before him, knees pulled up to her chest, he grew concerned.


The grey eyed girl jerked from her curled up position and locked her tear filled grey eyes onto Momiji's concerned brown ones. Had her heard her crying? How long had he been staring at her? Just the sight of his disheveled form in the moonlight made her want to burst into tears again. She had caused all of this pain and anguish that he suffered from and she wanted to take it away from him. She wanted to make everything right, to bring back the old, happy Momiji she once knew. She didn't want him to be like this: brash and angry with the world. That wasn't the Momiji she once knew.

"Kagura?" The zodiac rabbit whispered again, this time reaching out one of his hands to brush the crying female's cheek. "What's wrong?"

At the sight of Momiji's hand reaching out towards her, Kagura panicked. She was suddenly afraid, afraid of the confrontation that awaited her. She didn't want to have to tell Momiji why she was crying, that she was upset because she had caused him so much pain, that she was scared because he LOVED her. The boar wasn't ready for that. She wasn't ready to explain everything to him, nor was she ready to take on his demons as well as her own. A loud sob escaped her throat as she whipped her body around and jumped out of the large bed. The minute her bare feet hit the cool floor, she dashed out of the bedroom and into the darkness of the apartment.

"Kagura, wait!" Momiji yelled as he also jumped out of the bed.

Running through the apartment was a bad idea. The rabbit hadn't cleaned the place in forever and a day and who knows what Kagura could step on or trip over. He did not want her to get hurt, but unfortunately for him (and her), not tripping wasn't an option. A loud crash occured in the living room, followed by the thump of a body hitting the ground. Momiji yelled, dashing across his messy bedroom and into his equally dirty living room. Frantically, his hand patted the wall as he searched for the room's light switch. As soon as the lights flickered on, a gasp erupted from his throat.

There on the floor was Kagura. Her body curled into an odd position... she looked as if she was in severe pain.

"Oh God, Kagura..." Momiji whispered as he leapt to her side. He leaned down, bringing his hands to wrap around the fallen girl's waist. "Are you alright?" His brown eyes clouded over with tears of worry. Please, let her be alright, his heart pleaded.

The room was silent for a few moments... and then a soft laughter filled the room. The crumbled form that Momiji held in his arms had started shaking. First, her shoulders started heaving, followed by her back, and then her entire body quivered in laughter. The frightened boy raised an eyebrow at this bout of insanity that had befallen the girl in his arms. What in the world was she laughing about? He turned her body a bit so that he could look at her face and was shocked at what he saw.

The usually saddened grey eyes he was used to seeing were squeezed shut, large, hot tears leaking from the sides of them. Her mouth was open in a smile as the sweetest sound he had ever heard slipped out of it. She was laughing hysterically. For what, he did not know, but just hearing her laughter made him grin too. And soon, he was joining her in her fit of giggles.

"Momiji?" Kagura asked, breathlessly, her large grey eyes staring up at him, still slightly watery.

The young man glanced down at her through equally watery eyes, "Hmm?"

"Do you ever clean this place? I just tripped over a shoe! A SHOE!" Then she burst into giggles again. "How does one trip over a shoe?! I could've died... because of a SHOE!"

Momiji started laughing once again after hearing Kagura's lament about her possible death because of a shoe. Sure, it wasn't THAT funny, but just hearing her flip out over it was amusing enough. Plus, Momiji hadn't had a good laugh in what seemed like forever. His arms, still around Kagura's shaking sides, pulled her closer into his body and he leaned his cheek against her forehead. "Sorry about that," he whispered. "I should clean up around here more often."

Kagura leaned into his chest, her body somewhat betraying her, as the feeling of his lean body against her own felt amazing. Her giggles died down a bit and she let her breathing get back to normal before answering the man that held her. "If you need help cleaning up or anything, I'd be willing to lend a hand." She manuvered herself slowly from the arms that were interlocked around her waist and turned so that she was facing him.

"I wanna apologize for what just happened. You never would've tripped over that stupid shoe if I would've just taken you back to your mom's house and-"

He was soon cut off as Kagura brought a small finger to his lips, shushing him from speaking furthermore. "Shh," she whispered. "I don't need an apology. I really don't mind that you brought me back here. It's been so long since I've seen you... and if anything, I should be the one who should be apologizing for not keeping my promises over the last few years. I'm sor-"

Momiji moved the finger that was pressed against his lips. He held Kagura's small hand firmly in his own as he locked his brown eyes onto her grey ones. "I thought I said that I didn't want to hear your apologies. Really, this isn't the time for that right now." He looked at her with a certain sadness in his eyes, but that didn't stop the outspoken boar from retorting.

"No, damnit. Listen to me!" Kagura hissed, her grey eyes slightly flaring. "I really need to get this off my chest!" She pulled her hand from Momiji's grasp and stood up from the floor. "I should've kept in contact with you like I promised! Instead, I slacked off and didn't write like I was supposed to. I just got so caught up in my classes and I thought I never had the time... but I DID! I should've written... I should've kept my promise, but I failed at that... and because of my failure, I let you and everyone else down. I should've been more thoughtful. I should've been more caring, but I wasn't... I'm so sorry, Momiji. I really am!"

The blonde former rabbit stared up at the girl with an expressionless face. He really did not know what to think. Earlier, at the coffee shop, he was pissed with her for being so naive and rude about writing to him. But, as he watched her now, asking him for forgiveness, he felt that she was truly sorry. "Don't worry about it, Kagura." His voice was soft and it kind of scared the older girl. She wasn't expecting him to be so forgiving of her, especially since he seemed like he had changed so much. She automatically assumed that he was going to be angry with her.

A sigh escaped from her parted lips, "Thanks, Momiji. Thanks for understanding and hearing me out."

Rising from his spot on the floor, Momiji kept his eyes locked on the petite girl before him. When he next spoke, his voice came out breathlessly, as if he was struggling to speak. "It's okay, Kag. I'm just glad your home for the time being... and that right now, you are with me."

As soon as those words flew out of his mouth, Kagura started remembering just moments before, in the bedroom, when the young man was having his nightmare. When he mumbled out that he was in love with her, when he didn't want her to leave. Remembering those words that he spoke made her heart start pounding out of her chest. The world seemed like it was going to start spinning on her and she leaned forward slightly.

"Kagura, are you okay?"

She titled a bit and he wrapped his arms around her. Once again, she was overpowered by his fresh woodsy scented form and she snuggled into it. The world stopped spinning. "Momiji... did you mean it? Did you mean it when you said you loved me?"

Shock resenated on the rabbit's face. When had he confessed his love to her?! When had he said those very words? He couldn't remember telling her his true feelings. He didn't remember spilling his heart's contents out to her. But, somehow, he did and she wanted to know if he was telling the truth. Bile rose in his throat as he started to answer her.

"I... I..."

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