Flutter by Chloroform Perfume

Just an Alice/Jasper drabble (exactly 100 words, I counted and counted again). My first Twilight fanfic that I've actually put on here.

I don't own Stephenie's lovely characters or storyline.

Rated T for suggestions perhaps? And fluff.

I have seen the Jasper Hale no one else sees. Stretched on the canopy bed with his arms folded behind his head, eyes closed, blond hair untidy, covers pooled around his waist.

I lean over him, eyes taking him in, his beautiful marble face- dreamed up by Botticelli, perhaps- and he opens up his eyes, flashes me a lazy smile that almost says my name in an even lazier Southern drawl. A graceful hand reaches up to my face, my lips, caressing me.

My heart hasn't beat in nearly 100 years, and yet I swear in moments like these, it flutters.