Sara Pezzini; Homicide detective or shy lover?

The almost non-existent wind whistled around the trees while a few near-silent crickets chirped under the cloudy night sky. Some stars peeked out from under the mass of cloud so it seemed like a huge beauty bound fishing net.

The air was warm and clammy surrounding her like a blanket of heat. Sara tossed and turned uncontrollably as the trees were rapping on the windows to her bedroom and she suddenly awoke to find herself panting and gasping for a hint of cold. The Witchblade bracelet scratched her perfect flesh around her wrist. She flinched.


She swiped her forehead with one hand and was disgusted to find it red hot and dripping with sweat.

"Must be catching a virus or something." Sara said in her exhausted state.

"Work down the PD has been troublesome lately what with the Microwave murder case and all." She sighed.

She carried on mumbling as she struggled out of bed and slipped on a silken gown. Perfect. Her body was outlined by the clinging silk and her curvaceous, toned body was enough to bring Gods to their knees. The gown's silken belt sat elegantly on her hips. She looked like a temptress.

As she headed for the bedroom door handle, she stopped. Something stirred on the balcony.

"That damn cat!"

Next doors' cat seemed to be a magically talented acrobat and took great pleasure in storming my balcony every other night.

But was it something more sinister than a wretched cat?

Sara almost accurately noticed a flick of a long black coat and launched into protective mode. Her stance was spread and her hands at the ready to reveal blowing punches. In a silk gown!?!

As quick as she could she jolted over her bed in a rehearsed roll and grabbed the legendary .357 Snub-Nosed Revolver from the side table. She regained her standpoint aiming the revolver at the windows. It seemed very disturbed outside. The almost non-existent wind suddenly became existent and ripped through the garden while the leaves from the trees blew about like vicious bubbles.

She waited impatiently as her grip around the revolver tightened. Her finger was sharply pressed against the trigger as though any second she could blast seven shades of Hell from the sky…

Are you ready?