Okay this is my first Kankuro x Hinata Fanfiction

Yes characters are OOC but think about it. They are in their 20's now don't ya think they might be a little less shy and more mature with things. Also yes i know this is a crack pairing but I like them so no flaming.

Warnings: There is talk of attempted rape and there will be a lemon in chapter 8 and 11 also minor language.

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Kankuro x Hinata Fanfiction

Could his life suck anymore? Wasn't it bad enough that he had been stuck the last month babysitting his emotional wreck of brother? Granted, he was happy his little brother wasn't such a monstrous blood driven killer. But these mood swings he had been going through as he dealt with the fact the Shukaku was gone were worse then Temari with PMS (and that was almost a fate worse then death!). That brought up another reason his life sucked. Just thinking about his sister and that stupid Shikamaru made him want to gag. Do they not understand the words "too much information" and "close the damn door"? Yep that was it… Shikamaru and Temari, this was their entire fault. Just so they could play footsies, he has to move to this godforsaken tree covered village. All this just so stupid Temari can have her lazy boyfriend! Who in Kami's name came up with the idea to have villages' trade jounin?

Sighing in defeat of his luck, he looked again at the paper in his hand and back at the large brick building.

"This had better be the one or I am going back to Suna and kicking pineapple head out." He grumbled as he jogged up the stairs. On the third floor, a dark haired man stood tapping his foot impatiently.

"You're Kankuro from the sand village I presume." The man asked his tone relieved.

"Yep so can we just get this over with and show me the damn apartment."

"Well, there may be a problem with that," the man hesitated as he saw Kankuro glare at him.

"Since you're late, another realtor is showing the place to a young woman."

"What!? Kami my life truly sucks. I got lost for a few minutes trying to find this dump and you let someone get dibs on my apartment," His voice growled. "I need this place; it's all I can afford." The last part he muttered under his breath. Grabbing the door handle he jerked it open.

"I called dibs on this place so who ever the hell you are get out!" He yelled as he stormed in. "Dibs… Dibs…!" His barrage of claim halted when he ran smack into an unknown object. Looking down at what he had run into, he frowned. There sitting at his feet was little Lady Hyuga.

"Gomen nasai Kankuro-san," She said quietly looking up at him. "But I am afraid that you can not call…Dibs" His mouth dropped open and then closed.

"What do you mean I can't call dibs?" he said hotly. Standing up, she brushed her self off and looked him straight in the face. He was surprised when he saw the strength and resolve behind them.

"Because I called… Dibs!" Folding her arms across her chest she stood her ground.

"Huh!?" Kankuro twisted his eyebrows, looking at her as if she had grown a second head.

"I said… Dibs! I was here first and I need this place."

"Why and the hell would an heiress need an apartment? Want to hide your boyfriend from daddy?" He sneered. 'Annoying little miss heiress was taking the only affordable apartment left in the village, over his dead body!' He thought.

"Why you jerk…!" She balled up her fists and glared at him. 'Whoa, am I going crazy or did she just stand up to me? Since when did she lose the stutter? This is the same weak girl that got her ass beat by her own cousin in the Chuunin exams 7 years ago!' A sly smile crossed his face.

"My apologize princess, but why would you need an apartment?" He said slowly like she was mentally challenged.


"You I…I… what?" He smarted back.

"Ilefthome!" She said all at once. Her eyes looked at him in hope that he would understand her.

"Say what?" He looked at her confusedly

I left home…I am not an heiress anymore." She looked up at him her fingers poking together.

'She is rather cute when she does that… Oh what the hell Kankuro, don't go soft on her.'

""So what you can afford another place?" He scoffed.

"No, I can't when I gave up the title I also gave up claim to any Hyuga funds." Her eyes starting to well up with tears.

"Maybe you could both share the place. It has a den that could easily be turned into a second bedroom." One of the realtors said.

"What!" Kankuro and Hinata said together.

"If you share the apartment you would also share the rent and utilities costs."

"Hey that's not a bad idea and think of the money I would save." Kankuro murmured out loud in thought.

"I don't know." Hinata said nervously as she stared at her feet.

"What you afraid I might scare you princess?" Kankuro taunted her.

"No… I am not scared of a guy who wears makeup!" She said her voice stern.

"Why you…this is not makeup it is kabuki paint." He glared. At that being said Hinata giggled her tiny hand trying to cover her mouth. 'Damn she is cute. That laugh is so…urgh.. No!… no!… Damn women don't need that kinda trouble'

"So do you want to share it or not princess?" He asked trying to regain his composure." Sounds like we both need the place and with sharing the rent it sure would help financially but I am not cleaning up after you."

"Okay… we can try and see how it goes." The smile returning to her face.

'Okay maybe today didn't suck quiet as bad as I thought.' He smirked to himself as he looked at her smiling face.