Angua tilted her head and smiled at Carrot, whose mouth had dropped open at the sight of her dress.

'Maybe Sally isn't so bad after all,' she thought.


Angua thought Carrot was a copper 24/8, which was true. But she never suspected that he was Angua's boyfriend every moment of the day and night.


Carrot sneaked a peek as Angua got up from the bed to stretch in the moonlight, and found himself blushing furiously for the rest of the night and day.


"Angua!" Carrot called. He was leaning against the wall, bleeding heavily from the shoulder.

"Let go, slowly," he continued. Angua's strong jaw had been placed around the unlicensed thief's throat, who had just wet himself.

She nearly whined but quickly turned it into a snarl instead. She glanced at Carrot's wound and the weapon in the thief's hand, the blood making her dizzy and nauseous. Angua flexed her jaw, and sharp points pricked his skin, dangerously close to his pulse.

"Angua," Carrot said again. "You don't want to do that." The conviction in his voice was so strong Angua believed him, and carefully released her grip on the thief. She backed away slowly, eyeing the man, daringhim to try to attack again.

He stared at the wolf, then at Carrot, then at the weapon in his hand, and fainted.

Carrot collapsed to the floor, panting heavily. "Thank you," he told Angua, who snuffled and gave him a worried look.


Vimes often wondered about their relationship - after all, how many werewolf/human relationships did you hear about?

They seemed happy enough...

Although Vimes nearly swallowed his tongue trying to keep from asking after the long claw marks he had glimpsed on Carrot's lower back in the changing room.


Angua always wondered if she was doing the right thing, staying in the city. But every time she began to tell Carrot she had to leave, he interrupted with a damnable request to visit the dwarf bread museum, or to just leisurely stroll through the city.

And she could never resist, every time.