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This is my first story, inspired by the movies "The Day After Tomorrow", "Stargate" and the most disturbing fanfiction I ever read, namely "Trapped under the knife" by NamelessEntity9. Please read it before reading this fic, you won't regret it! You can find it in my C2 archive or by choosing NamelessEntity9 from my favourite authors.

New York, United Nations General Assembly 11th Emergency Special Session, 27th October.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the bad news that this disastrous cold wave, which has frozen the entire world and has caused tremendous ecological disaster and uncounted millions of deaths in the last week, is not a natural phenomenon.

It is the result of war in a parallel reality, won by energy-based life forms called Youkai, who are draining energy from our universe by using a supernatural climatic weapon called The Tree of Ages.

This war was lost by humans and their Youkai allies living in that world because of our interference, because of torturing and nearly killing a young half-Youkai prince named InuYasha, who came to our world with peaceful intentions through an ancient portal connecting parallel universes by a wormhole.

This heinous crime was committed by Japanese scientists under the leadership of Dr. Adam Smith, known psychopath who had escaped to Japan from U. S. prosecution on the charge of sadistically killing his patients.

Over two months ago, there had been a car accident in Tokyo; the victim was a strange teenaged boy with dog ears on top of his head, yellow eyes with slit shaped pupils, long white hair and claw-like fingernails.

He healed his injuries amazingly fast, the next day after the accident he removed bandages and orthopedic cast from his formerly broken leg, and demanded to be released immediately. When the physicians refused him and attempted to take a sample of his blood for DNA analysis, he became aggressive and tried to escape from the hospital.

Because of his failed desperate escape attempt by jumping from the tenth story window, he was deemed suicidal and locked in a high security psychiatric ward. Now we know that he had no intention of killing himself, two years ago he saved a child from the burning building by jumping with her from the eight-story window and supernaturally slowing the fall to a safe speed.

After being kept under observation for a week and a few acts of violence on both sides during that time, he was transferred to Japanese government-owned research laboratory. During the move InuYasha attempted to escape by taking one of the guards as a hostage and demanding to be set free. He was shot in the leg and stabbed instead; as a result of the shock and pain he clenched his jaws on the throat of the hostage, killing him.

In this laboratory prince InuYasha was subjected to the worst medical horror imaginable, comparable only to Japanese crimes of Unit 731 during the Second World War.

He was treated like a lab rat; those so-called scientists chained him to the wall and inserted steel rods into his ear canals to restrain him from any movement. They shaved his head and put electrodes into his brain to record brain waves and his reactions to electroshocks.

They forced him into obedience by threatening to harm his girlfriend Kagome Higurashi, who had agreed to be a subject of medical experiments to be allowed to visit him.

At the end of her visit InuYasha was shot with tranquilizer darts and hit in the head with a hammer. Instead of being stunned, he transformed into his battle form and attacked the scientist who brutally grabbed Kagome by the neck to drag her out of lab.

Unfortunately Dr. Smith subdued InuYasha easily with paralyzing gas. To make him defenseless, this psychopath drained half of his blood volume and ripped off his canines and fingernails without any anesthesia.

Dr. Smith allowed his assistant, who had been wounded in this attack, to torture InuYasha with an electric baton. InuYasha's symbiotic energy based life form, which provided him with a superhuman strength and regeneration capabilities, had collapsed during this torture session, as a result he transformed into his human form.

Hoping to discover the source of InuYasha's power, Dr. Smith performed on him the first of many exploratory surgeries that were in fact vivisections with insufficient anesthesia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prince InuYasha spent the last month strapped by the Kevlar shackles to the operating table! He had rods inserted deep into his ear canals, steel collar binding him to the table, muzzle with a steel tube reaching deep into his throat and chest clamp, that prevented him from moving his head, hearing, speaking and even breathing unrestricted. He was chemically paralyzed all the time and subjected to doses of sedatives and narcotics exceeding the lethal dose for humans many times!

Those ruthless torturers took numerous samples of his tissues, blood, bone marrow and sperm, sold them to pharmaceutical research companies, and earned millions of dollars in return.

After a court battle and detailed DNA analysis, InuYasha had been recognized as a human, but shortly after release from that hellish laboratory he fell unconscious in the arms of Kagome. Physicians took the sample of his blood for analysis. The results were appalling, when his girlfriend heard that he had been poisoned with a lethal dose of drugs, she went into hysterics! She screamed that he was not a monster, but a great hero and a prince from another world, that he was going to transform into his human form at the beginning of the night of the new moon, and that's why she insisted so much on releasing him this day!

She warned the doctors that if prince InuYasha had died, our world would have been destroyed. She begged them to keep him alive until morning, when he was going to transform back into his half-Youkai form, at any cost.

Unfortunately, it was already late afternoon, and the physicians failed to reduce the level of drugs in his organism to a safe level before he transformed into his human form in the evening.

He was resuscitated and put on life support when his heart stopped beating during that night; as a result he suffered a brain damage and he is still on coma after a week.

The next day after that tragic night, the air temperature started to drop rapidly, about 20 degrees Celsius a day, until it stabilized at –50 deg. C (-58 deg. F) in the temperate zone and –20 deg. C (-4 deg. F) in the tropics.

Such sudden temperature drop had happened two and a half years ago, but after two days temperatures returned to normal. Kagome Higurashi testified that we owe this to InuYasha, who had managed to destroy The Tree of Ages in his world. These two teenagers are the only ones able to travel between worlds through the ancient portal and they are our only hope for survival.

We can only pray that InuYasha's incredible healing capabilities are going to cure his brain damages, and that he regains consciousness and forgives us before it's too late to save the mankind.

I, Secretary-General of the United Nations on a legal basis of unilateral resolution of the Security Council hereby declare global state of emergency; constitute martial law, curfew and food rationing.

I appeal for peace and solidarity among nations in this time of ordeal.

Not all Japanese are guilty of causing this apocalypse, only those mad scientists and their government, which sponsored these sinister experiments and did nothing to save the visitor from another world from torture and maybe even death.

I assure you that these criminals who turned the first contact with an extraterrestrial into a tragedy and involved our world in a hopeless war against the super-civilization will be punished, as they deserve.

May God have mercy on their souls, because we won't!

CNN, 30 October

We are in the Japanese government-owned laboratory, where visitor from another world, now known as prince InuYasha, was detained against his will, subjected to criminal medical experiments and plainly tortured. You can see a blood stained vivisecting table with Kevlar shackles, fetters hanging from a steel wall, abandoned medical equipment used for experiments and claw marks on unbreakable glass.

Scientists that did these criminal acts have been sentenced to death by a court martial for crimes against humanity and for starting the war. Some of them have unsuccessfully attempted a suicide when they have been told that they are still alive only because prince InuYasha may wish to exact revenge himself the way he seems fit if he regains consciousness.

Now they are being held in Japanese solitary death cells, chained and in straightjackets, under constant surveillance by the security cameras. At least they have the TV sets turned on all the time to watch our program.

Still, they are luckier than scientists from the research companies that bought InuYasha's tissue samples; commissions and invoices for these samples had been stolen, scanned and published on the Internet.

As a result, research labs and office buildings of these companies were demolished and burned by angry lynch mobs, many of the scientists were beaten to death, shot or slaughtered, some even gutted alive. Their explanations that they did this for the greater good of humanity were apparently not well received.

We are switching to our studio to hear the news from the world.

Death toll in tropical countries has already exceeded two hundred millions and is rising fast, because people in these countries do not have enough warm clothes and their homes are not heated. The survivors are hiding in mines, churches, factories, schools and office buildings, burning everything they could find, wood, books, furniture, even now worthless money.

Warm clothes, food and fuel are scarce goods, worth killing for. Acts of cannibalism are becoming common.

Unfortunately, we can't provide much help to these people because oceans have frozen to the bed, it seems that this demonic Tree of Ages is draining energy not only from the air, but it is also affecting the waters of our world.

Now you can see a frozen rainforest, if you dig in the snow, you can find dead birds and other animals. Losses of biodiversity are nearly total; the warming will transform these rainforests into rotting bogs.

The situation in developed countries is much better; heat and power stations are operating at maximum efficiency to provide energy for towns. Despite these efforts, it was necessary to cut power to the suburbs and to move occupants to the office buildings and schools, which have been transformed into shelters.

Main roads and railways are passable; snowfalls have ceased, because there is virtually no moisture in the atmosphere left.

The food and the warm clothes are being distributed free of charge to those who can't pay for it. Most of the stock animals have been killed and left to freeze as food reserves and to save grain and fodder supplies.

Violence towards Japanese escalates around the globe despite UN calls for peace and composure. Fortunately majority of the Japanese embassies have been evacuated in time.

The deadly cold prevents mass demonstrations and riots; everyone cares mostly about himself, nevertheless the Japanese immigrants have to be kept locked in the shelters under strict guard for their own safety.

Now it's time for the science news.

The law of the conservation of energy does not apply anymore, minuscule amounts of the kinetic energy disappears at every collision of atoms. The warmer something is, the faster it loses its heat.

This phenomenon does not limit itself to Earth, Martian rovers, satellites and deep space probes had reported it also before most of them failed because of the cold.

Astronomers have measured significant decrease of the temperature and the brightness of the Sun.

Physicists have observed theoretically impossible solidification of the helium-3 under the normal pressure; it means that the invisible sea of quantum energy that provides existence of the space-time continuum has severely limited its supplies.

It looks as if our Universe is shutting itself down.

Elsewhen and elsewhere

InuYasha, answer me!

Who are you, I can't see or scent you in this void! And where I am, damn it, is this heaven or hell?

You had already met me before. I am a priestess Midoriko, and this is neither heaven nor hell. Your soul has been suspended beyond the timestream, while your body is being kept alive in the hospital.

Then what are you doing here, why are you not inside your jewel?

The Shikon Jewel does not exist anymore; all evil spirits trapped inside have been released to the world!

By whom?

By your death!


You were supposed to destroy Naraku and to give the jewel to Kagome, so she could banish the evil spirits from this world and therefore transform Youkais into animals they were based on and Hanyous into humans. You would have had a normal happy life and many children with Kagome. Unfortunately we hadn't anticipated that the evil never disappears, only changes its forms. Your death by the hands of Adam Smith and his servants has caused a disturbance in the time itself. While you were tortured, Naraku had completed the jewel with the help of an evil spirit Magatsuhi, who escaped from it. But this fool Naraku had thought that the jewel was some magical crystal ball that grants wishes, while in fact it was only a prison for evil spirits, guarded by me. So Naraku's wish to become a god had not been granted. But at the moment of your death the future era became detached from the past, such temporal paradox weakened me severely and allowed evil spirits to escape from the jewel. These spirits possessed predatory animals, forming new powerful Youkais.

Keh, so my services as leader of the team of the Youkai slayers are required again?

Exactly, that's why I am talking to you. You had already expressed your wish in my cave and proved in Smith's lab that you could control your Youkai side. So I will help you to unlock full potential of your Youkai.

But I don't want to become unreasoning murderous beast anymore!

Don't worry, your human soul will have full control over your Youkai side, and you will have the physical abilities of your father, energy attacks powerful enough to burn through solid steel walls, insusceptibility to poisons, ability to transform into a sphere of pure energy and into your true white Akita dog form. If you train hard, you will even be able to project an energy whip and to establish a magical barrier strong enough to repel arrows and bullets!

What about Kagome, I can't live without her!

She already has your blood in her veins, you have to take her as your mate to bind her life force to your Youki, and grant her your immortality. But you have to stop hating and despising humans as a whole, direct your rage only to the guilty ones!

I accept your gift, for Kagome I will do everything!

Now I will return your soul to your body. But remember, you have to return to the past with Kagome as soon as possible, because this era is going to be erased from the existence in order to repair the timestream! Even we can't delay this for much longer.

Wait, may I save at least Kagome's family, they accepted me as a member of their own, Souta calls me brother, I never truly had, and Kagome's mother thinks of me as her son-in-law. Even Kagome's crazy grandfather doesn't call me demon spawn anymore, since I repaired the roof of the shrine.

I can allow that, just tell them to jump into the well, I will let them go through. But there is no turning back; this era will cease to exist shortly after all of you travel to the past. Of course don't tell this to anyone! Now go, live again and change the world so that both races could live in peace!

Tokyo, government-owned hospital,

intensive care unit, 31 October

InuYasha's emaciated body was laid supine on the hospital bed, surrounded by beeping medical equipment, connected to electrocardiograph, medical ventilator, intravenous tube, Foley catheter, and nasogastric feeding tube. He had a thick cable connected to the plug-in socket on his head, a ghastly residue of Smith's experiments. Unfortunately all EEG indications were flats and did not show any brain activity.

There was nothing else to do, except praying for the miracle.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, so the young doctor on duty glanced at the EEG monitor. Green charts weren't flat lines anymore; they displayed REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) brain waves of a sleeping and dreaming person!

The doctor looked at InuYasha, and noticed jagged magenta stripes on his cheeks, formidable claws on his hands, fangs protruding from between his lips and twitches of his ears. He knew what it meant, the extraterrestrial known as prince InuYasha had transformed into his battle form! In any other circumstances it would be a reason to panic, but then it gave hope to the doctor, where there previously was none.

The doctor pressed the intercom button:

"Come here quickly, he has transformed and now he is waking up!"

Less than half a minute later, the physicians burst in the ward.

"Disconnect the patient from the life support, or he may hurt himself when he wakes up!"

The physicians cautiously removed the tubes and cables from InuYasha's body, and then dressed him in hospital pajama bottoms, mindful of his clawed feet. No one dared to move his arms to put the pajama top on.

"Now get out, and send in for Kagome, his girlfriend is the only one who is safe when he is in this condition!"

Despite his own words, the doctor bravely stayed with his patient.

InuYasha had awakened fifteen minutes later with a gasp and opened his eyes.

They were bright yellow eyes of an InuYoukai, not blood red eyes of a berserk Hanyou.

"Where I am, is this a lab? Are you going to torture me again?"

"No, prince InuYasha, there will be no more tests against your will, you are safe in the best Japanese hospital. You have been poisoned with the lethal dose of drugs by these criminals and it's a miracle that you have awakened from coma. You nearly died when you had transformed into your human form." The doctor answered.

"How do you know that I am a prince? It's not like I've been bragging about this worthless title."

"Kagome told us that you are a warrior and a prince from another world." The doctor responded.

"Where is Kagome? I want to see her!"

"She will be here soon, her helicopter will land on the hospital roof in a half hour"

"What is a helicopter, I don't know this word?" Confused InuYasha asked.

"It is a flying machine, it's the best way to travel because of snow-drifts". The doctor explained.

"Snow-drifts? It was summer when I had been captured! How long I've been unconscious?"

"About ten days, so it should be the middle of the autumn season. Unfortunately the next day after the night you fell on coma, the air temperature started to drop very rapidly."

InuYasha managed to sit in the bed to look through the window. It was before midnight, but he could see the winter panorama of the city of Tokyo.

"Whatever, just give me something to eat before Kagome arrives, I'd like some raw meat and Ramen noodles. It will help me to recover my strength, but I don't want Kagome to see me eating that. And I'd like to take a quick bath afterwards; I can't bear my own stench!"

A half hour later InuYasha looked more presentable, and he felt much better after a meal and a shower. He could walk, thanks to his full Youkai strength, but his motorial coordination and depth perception were still off. The hospital attendants helped him to scrub his body, and then dressed him in a new pajama set, after InuYasha promised not to hurt them with his claws. He was eager to see Kagome as soon as possible, so he accepted their help.

The doctor explained to him that some loss of dexterity was expected after such trauma, and that he was going to return to normal in due time, after a rehabilitation.

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