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"Kagome, I'd like to speak with you." Flustered InuYasha asked his mate, when he returned to the mansion.

"Of course, my beloved. Shippo, go play with Rin or Souta."

"No, please stay for a moment, Shippo. You don't have to be afraid of me. I promise I won't hurt you."

"But… You look exactly like when you have gone mad, only your claws are even more scary!" Terrified Shippo shouted.

"Shippo, I'm sorry that I was bullying you and hitting you in the head. You were only trying to get my attention by pulling my ears and using your magical toys on me, and I reacted inconsiderately."

"Feh, your puny hanyou hits couldn't hurt me, and I always enjoyed watching Kagome when she sat you!" Shippo revealed his hidden motives. Apparently he learned some of InuYasha's mannerisms.

"You are a spoiled brat, Shippo, The next time you pull such stunt you'll be spanked! It's my responsibility as your father to teach you proper behavior in my pack!" InuYasha retorted sternly.

"Father? Will you really be my dad?" Shocked Shippo stuttered out.

"Keh, I was your dad for the last three years. Now I'm a TaiYoukai and you are officially my son." InuYasha declared solemnly and hugged him.

"Now go play with Souta. I want to speak with my mate." InuYasha commanded when he released Shippo.

"Yes, father." Shippo obeyed and left the room.

"InuYasha, I have to say that I'm impressed by your behavior. Shippo won't bug you anymore." Kagome affirmed.

InuYasha looked at his claws.

"Now I know that every action has its consequences. Maybe if I had behaved differently in the hospital after my car accident, I wouldn't have been sent to that lab. Not every problem could be resolved by violence. I'm just worried that I'm no longer the arrogant and carefree boy you fell in love with."

"InuYasha, you are no longer a boy, you are an adult man, the lord of Musashi Domain and my mate. You are not the only one who suffers. I've lost my entire world, all my friends living there and my faith in human goodness. I saw my world being turned into a frozen hell and humans behaving worse than devils. When I was told that you might never recover from the coma, I realized that without you my life is empty and worthless. Don't doubt my love to you ever again!" Kagome retorted.

"Keh, I won't, I promise. There is one more thing I'd like to ask you for."

"Then ask, InuYasha."

"I'm going to visit Midoriko's cave today and I want you and my brother to come with me too!"

"Why so hurry? I am tired after the battle"

"In this damned lab I was so drugged most of the time I couldn't discern my nightmares from the nightmarish reality. But if this human beast Smith continues to plague my dreams, I won't be able to remain sane and go on with living! I'm going to beg Midoriko to exorcise this bastard from my head!"

"I understand, InuYasha. Frankly, I'd like to ask her a few questions too! But why do you want your brother to come with us?"

"I've lost much of my compassion for humans, but I have to be sure that Sesshoumaru as the emperor won't turn this world into hell! Maybe Midoriko could talk some sense into his head. I don't want him to become the next Naraku!"

"Alright, I'm going to pack for the trip, and you should ask your brother".

"What do you want, InuYasha?"

"I'd like to ask you for a favor. I want you to visit the cave of the priestess Midoriko with me and my mate."

"May I ask why?"

"I just have an irresistible feeling that she wishes to speak with us. It wouldn't be wise to ignore the goddess who created the Shikon Jewel and resurrected me!"

"I will visit her, but I want you to do me a favor too."

"What do you want from me, Sesshoumaru?"

"I want you and your mate to take care of Rin, until I become the emperor of Japan. I'm going to train an army of Youkai released from the Shikon Jewel and it would be too dangerous for her to stay with me. I also need one of the thinking machines, your magical box with movies about those incredible bombs, and one of your guns, to warn the Youkai leaders about the danger of human weapons. I'm also going to ask this old warrior Akira to become the general in my army and to come with me."

"Feh, I don't care about these things, you can have them. You gave me this mansion after all. Kagome will gladly take care of Rin and educate her. And you can ask Kagome's grandpa to be the general in your army. I'll gladly get rid of this NekoYasha crazy pussy cat, as well as of your stinky toad."

"NekoYasha is going with Akira and me, but Jaken will stay here with Rin to keep watching her. In exchange for your inconvenience you may keep this gold I gave to your mate for a ransom."

"Keh, let it be. Even I can see that you care about that child deeply, although I don't understand why."

"When you play a God, you must take responsibility for your actions."

"Tenseiga…You have revived her with this sword!"

"Yes, InuYasha. She found me when I was laying in the forest badly wounded by your Wind Scar attack. She suffered severe beating for stealing fishes for me. Her village had been raided by the wolf youkai and she was killed by his wolves. I revived her to test my sword supernatural powers and I couldn't leave her in that forest to perish. But Tenseiga can save someone's life only once. The second time she died I had to descend to Hell to save her. So don't waste my efforts, brother."

"I won't. I'll protect her with my life, just like the rest of my pack."

"Good. We will meet in the stable, come there with your mate when you are ready."

They were flying high over the forests and rice fields on the Ah&Un dragonet's back. Sesshoumaru was dressed in his finest silk, Kagome wore her priestess robes and InuYasha donned his magical Fire Rat Robe. Of course they had their weapons with them, but they decided it wouldn't be proper to visit the ascended priestess grave in their battle armors, not to mention Kagome's green school mini-skirt called fuku.

Kagome sat behind Sesshoumaru and before InuYasha, who held her endearingly in his embrace. It was quite comfortable, with one exception…

'He is poking me!' She realized. 'Well, it's good to know what his second head thinks… It's a pity that I am not in my school uniform, where is my fuku when I really need it?' She thought lecherously.


"Yes, Kagome?"

"I'm sorry that I have sat you so often."

InuYasha shuddered reflexly when he heard this hated word of pain."

"Now I know why you were so cranky and hid from me in the trees for hours afterwards" She continued. "You were too proud to complain, but it wasn't your head that hit the ground first. Well, at least not the head I knew of. I fully deserved to be called a bossy bitch and then I only hurt you more!" Kagome lamented.

InuYasha hugged Kagome comfortingly.

"Feh, I'm not a puny human, you didn't hurt me badly. It was nothing in comparison to Smith's tortures! I forgive you, I often deserved to be punished, and sometimes even provoked it!"

"It sucks to be you, little brother. If I had known how your bitch treats you, I would have showed you compassion and pity, instead of kicking the crap out of you!" Sesshoumaru put some words in.

"Frankly, I prefer the latter, Fluffy. I can't wait until we land!"

"Behave, dogs, both of you! It wouldn't be proper to visit Midoriko in torn and bloody clothes. You may have your fun after the visit!" Kagome rebuked them.

"We are nearing the ruined youkai slayers village. The cave should be nearby. You may land there." Kagome pointed at the meadow near the cave.

Sesshoumaru landed his dragonet and removed its muzzles, so it could pasture and defend itself with the fire from its mouths, if necessary. The group entered the cave entrance and passed through the pink barrier. Kagome took small white LED flashlights out of her backpack and gave them to the brothers. After traveling a few hundred meters through the rocky corridor they entered a large cavern with the statues of Midoriko and youkais she turned into stone at the last moment of her life. Kagome noticed that Midoriko's statue had no hole in its chest and she felt Her powerful divine aura, as well as the brothers.

They understood that She could purify them in an instant easier than they could kill a fly and they prostrated in front of Her, like the dogs they were. Even Kagome knelt before Her.

"Stand up, my warriors. You did well, the evil spirit that killed me and created Naraku, Adam Smith, as well as countless other monsters is definitively defeated." They heard Midoriko's voice in their minds.

"Midoriko, I want to hear the truth about your plans. Why did you destroy my world?" Kagome demanded.

"The Shikon Jewel purpose was not to grant any wishes. I had created it as a weapon against youkais at the moment of my death. But because of it dualistic nature it was necessary to combine the will and energy of a youkai and spiritually gifted human to use this weapon and to purify the world. It didn't matter what InuYasha and Kikyou would have wished for, the result would have always been the same. But Naraku thwarted my plans and I had to wait five hundred years for the reincarnation of Kikyou to be born with the jewel inside of her and for me to be able to create the portal that connected both times. You, Kagome, were supposed to unseal InuYasha, fall in love with him and by your combined will get rid the world of youkai and evil spirits. But my plan had a loophole, although the past was immutable, your present times were not. InuYasha couldn't be killed in the past because he had already won! But he could be killed in the present times, and my opponent had exploited that. As a result of InuYasha's death the temporal loop had been broken and the time had to revert back by four hundred and fifty years. I was healing InuYasha's body and mind for ten days, while keeping the world alive for as long as I could. Unfortunately his human half was damaged beyond recovery in so limited time, therefore I had no choice and I resurrected him as a full Youkai."

"But why couldn't you simply kill Naraku five hundred years ago?" Kagome asked the goddess.

"Because my opponent would have prevented that, as well as any other direct intervention in both times."

"But you were able to create the well and interfere on InuYasha's behalf?"

"Only because he was my creation, just like Naraku was the creation of Magatsuhi. And I paid a high price for establishing the time portal – at the same time Magatsuhi perverted Adam Smith's mind turning him into a human beast."

InuYasha knelt down before his goddess.

"Midoriko, I'm grateful for saving my life but I can't live like this. I relive the horrible tortures I have suffered by Smith's hand in my nightmares. I'm begging you to remove this fiend from my head!"

"Your healing was not completed when I had to revive you. To heal your mind I have to put you to sleep for two days, do you agree?"

"Keh, two days of sleep are nothing! Do it now!"

"Always the impatient one. Just get this rolled futon from Kagome's backpack and lay down on it. And don't forget to pee before then!" Midoriko commanded him with an unexpected irony.

InuYasha blushed, but nodded and ran out of the cave at his full speed. When he returned, he unrolled the futon and laid supine on it. He started to snore lightly almost immediately.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, the fate of the world is now in your hands. Do not waste this last chance of saving it. The Kagome's world was already dying, when the youkais disappeared, humans reproduced like a locust and devastated the world on an unprecedented scale, destroyed majority of the forests and poisoned the air with toxic fumes. As a result they disrupted the delicate balance that supported their own existence."

"I will do everything in my power to prevent that!"

"I am sure of it, do what must be done, but don't be cruel, otherwise you lose the war and the history repeats itself. You have to convince humans and youkais to live in peace and to respect other living beings. You have to be an honorable ruler, not a tyrant. Use the gifts of knowledge from Kagome's world wisely."

"This Sesshoumaru promises to rule the world honorably and righteously."

"Now return to Edo and protect it until InuYasha's and Kagome's return."

Sesshoumaru nodded and left the cave. Then he commanded Ah&Un to wait there for his brother and Kagome. He had transformed into a sphere of pure energy and flew with an unbelievable speed towards his destiny.