The Ultimate Power

Chapter 1: The lost family.

Many years ago, when Konoha was still young, two best friends faced each other in a fierce battle to the death. One was the first Hokage, and the other was Uchiha Madara; the father of the Uchiha clan. A nearly limitless amount of chakra and impressive jutsu was used that night as the former best friends tried to kill each other, and it resulted in the formation of a deep valley where a great leader lost his life when he realized he couldn't find the strength to kill the man he thought of as his older brother.

The Shodai Hokage died at this place, and the first Uchiha was never seen again.

The Nidaime Hokage mourned the loss of his older brother, and he decided he needed to honor the first Hokage and his beloved brother.

By his orders, many ninja got together and used their best jutsu to create two gigantic statues of the friends who had recently fought to the death at this place. Their eyes were now locked on each other's for all eternity. The last thing Nidaime did before he left the valley was the one thing he could do to show the strength of his brothers. He used his enormous control over water and created a gigantic waterfall, separating the two statues by a wall of water.

Two brothers had fought here, but now they would forever be separated by a wall created by hate and sorrow.

The Nidaime left this cursed place, and his last words were this:

"Two of the strongest ninja in this world was once united as friends, spreading love and hope among their peers. They created families, love, and a home for hundreds of people, and that is how we will remember them. My brothers were creators of life, and that is all that matters. Sadly, all good things have to come to an end!"

With that said, the Nidaime Hokage of Konoha left the newly named "Valley of the End", never to look back.


You can say what you want about this world and its history, but there is one thing that cannot be denied; History has a way of repeating itself.

Two young boys are standing on top of the two statues in the Valley.

These two have both lived hard lives, and lost much. But they could always count on the other, as they were as close as any brothers could ever hope to be.

You may find it ironic that two brothers would once again fight to the death in this cursed place, and even more so if you knew that they were both descendants of the brothers who fought here all those years ago.

Uchiha Sasuke is the great-great grandson of Uchiha Madara, and in him lives the cursed eyes of the Sharingan. A bloodline so powerful even demons fear it at an instinctive level! His red eyes is blazing as the tomoe in his eyes spins wildly as he looks at the boy on the other side of the river.

The other boy is a blonde who has never before known how it feels to be loved by a family. This boy have met more hardships in his short time on this earth than most shinobi does over their entire lifespan. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha Genin and the Jinchuriki of the greatest demon of all time, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

One is loved by everyone, the other hated by all.

Now, it is time for them to decide where their lives are taking them.

Will one of them die today?

Will one escape to selfishly complete his goal to kill his older brother?

Will the one who never breaks his promises fulfill the wish of his beloved, and bring her crush back home with him?

The wind falls completely still in the valley. The only sounds you could hear is the soft grinding of teeth as Naruto looks at the uncaring glare in his brother's eyes.

"You really did it this time, didn't you Sasuke? Do you really want to throw everyone away just to kill your brother? I thought you were different than your brother Sasuke, but I guess I was wrong. There is no other choice for me than to beat some sense into that thick skull of yours and haul your ass back to Konoha."

Sasuke's eyes narrows at this.

He's nothing like his older brother!

His brother threw away the love of his family for power, and betrayed the village for his own selfish reasons. He killed his own best friend, and betrayed the trust everyone had in him as a respected member of the great family known as 'Konoha'.

How does this make him any different from his brother you ask?

It doesn't!

The problem is that Sasuke is too far gone into his own little world where everything is as he wants them to be, and he will never see the truth. Instinctively, he already knows what he has done, but there is no way back. He needs power to kill Itachi, and Orochimaru is the one who can give him that power.

A fish jumped up from the water.

When it landed the fight had already started.

Naruto launched himself at Sasuke, preparing his right fist for a vicious blow. Pulling his arm back, he reaches Sasuke and hurls his fist at his face.

Sasuke dodges the fist, leaning back to let the flying boy pass over him. Not wasting a single moment, he finds his balance and jumps up in the air while doing a series of hand seals.

Naruto lands hard on the ground, grunting from pain, but he is no stranger to physical pain. With an elegant flip of his left arm, he somersaulted over Shodai's forehead protector and lands hard on the top of the leader's head.

Blue eyes looks up at his airborne brother, and he prepares a short series of hand seals himself.

Sasuke, wanting to get rid of this pest fast, pulls air into his lungs.

"Katon: Gokakyou no Jutsu"

A giant ball of flames sprouts out of his mouth, heading for the blonde boy.

Sasuke can see Naruto's eyes widen as the fireball explodes upon impact, leaving nothing alive. Smirking to himself, he waits for the tingle in his eyes as the Mangekyo Sharingan appears. Still waiting!

Suddenly he feels a shift in the air behind him, and then pain as a foot connects with his head. Spinning wildly heading for the rocks below, Sasuke quickly regains his balance and gets control of his spin and lands neatly on the ground.

He looks over to where his friend's corpse should be, only to see a rock with a slightly glossy look lying there.

"It's Kawarimi no Jutsu jerk, a basic academy jutsu!"

Sneering, Sasuke spins around to face Naruto only to get yet another fist in his face.

"You tried to kill me Sasuke, and for that I will never forgive you!"

With an animalistic roar Naruto jumps at Sasuke again, and Sasuke does the same.

The two meets in a clash over the water, sparks flying from the kunai as the two ninja fights to survive. Both knows that they will have to finish this, there's no turning back now.

At this point, Sasuke is probably thankful for the limited time he got with his family, as they taught him real taijutsu, not some half-assed street brawling like Naruto does. Sasuke has finesse, where Naruto only has brute strength.

Still, he has to admit that Naruto's punches hurts like hell when they connect, but he will be damned before he admits it.

If there's one thing Naruto hates, it's Sasuke's trademark smirk. The holier-than-thou smirk only an Uchiha can pull off, and Sasuke has that down perfectly. Oh, how he will enjoy handing Sasuke's ass to him on a silver platter.

Naruto jumps at Sasuke again, getting ready for a roundhouse kick, but Sasuke's Sharingan predicts the movement before it's even started. He grabs hold of Naruto's pant leg and throws him down the waterfall.

"Kukukukuku! Is that the best you can do dobe? You know you can't beat me in a fair fight, so why don't you just give up and let me kill you already?"

Sasuke jumps down to the ground below, and waits for the blonde to resurface. When it doesn't happen for a little while, he knows something's wrong.

He jumps as high as he can as a pair of hands shoots out of the ground where he was standing a second ago, and the two launches themselves into another bout of taijutsu. Fists crashes into each others' faces, teeth starts cracking under the sheer force from both of them clenching their jaw and the hard punches. Naruto jumps back, just barely avoiding a kunai who would have gutted him good, but only left a small scratch on his stomach.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed again before he stands straight and faces his former teammate.

"Naruto, I want you to know that I will always remember the good times we have spent together, but now it's time to take things up a notch. You're better than I gave you credit for… brother."

As he was talking, black marks snakes their way across his face. The foul chakra from the cursed mark flows through Sasuke's system, and his eyes goes wild with pleasure and a hint of insanity.

He arcs his back and throws his head back, and then he yells at the top of his lungs with an insane laughter.


Naruto isn't looking. His eyes shaded by the bangs of his hair, after his forehead protector was ripped to shreds in their kunai fight a little while ago. His wild hair blows freely in the wind, looking as soft as fur as it gleams in the sun. His fists are clenched tightly drawing blood dripping slightly from his clenched fists as his entire body shakes from anger and sorrow.

His brother is lost!

Suddenly, Naruto whips his head up and roars on the top of his lungs. Or perhaps it would be more correct to call it a howl? Either way, it did what it was supposed to do as Sasuke's attention was now focused entirely on the boy.

"I see now Sasuke, that the person I befriended is gone. Perhaps he was an illusion all along? I don't know, and I don't care. All I know is that, Sasuke…"

Blood red slit eyes met Sasuke's Sharingan.


Naruto howled again, and a giant wave of chakra even more sinister than the tainted chakra of Orochimaru's cursed seals flushed over Sasuke's body.

The sheer heat from the chakra flowing from Naruto's chakra system is enough to make even the most battle hardened shinobi wet their pants, and Sasuke can feel he was really close to doing just that. His eyes start watering to make up for the loss of humidity in the air, and it starts to get hard to breathe.

Rocks and dust starts to fly through the air around Naruto as he summons an unholy amount of Kyuubi's chakra. Sasuke's eyes widen when a tail of chakra sprouts from Naruto's lower back, and the coat of chakra took on a distinct shape.

A fox?

Naruto bares his fangs at him and disappears.

Sasuke looks around him, it looks like he's even starting to panic slightly. Where did the dead last get this much power? It's a power with enough power to even fool even his Sharingan, one of the three legendary doujutsu. This can't be!

He can't stay like this.

Powerless and weak!

He looks into his soul, or what's left of it, searching.

There! A small speck of unused power he has yet to use. He forces the power to the surface and a burning pain shoots through his body. But with the pain comes fantastic power. Power he could only dream about wielding before Orochimaru gave him this gift called the cursed seal.

With a dark laugh, his body starts transforming.

Naruto stops running in circles around Sasuke to see what's going on, only to see Sasuke's hair start growing out and turning paler every time he blinks his eyes. He can see better than any human, and the sheer amount of chakra pouring out of Sasuke is crazy even for him. Sasuke's pores start to bleed a dark brown colour, pouring over Sasuke's pale skin and turning it a grayish shade of brown. A scar-like mark appears between Sasuke's eyes which had changed colour, and with a last burst of chakra a pair of wing-like hands sprouted out of his back.

Naruto felt a lone tear stream down his face, looking at what had become of his brother. They used to be so much alike, but now… now they both looked like demons!

Naruto knows that he can't beat Sasuke with only one tail of the fox' chakra, but at this point that's his limit! He can't summon any more without losing control, and that could mean death to the young Uchiha.

The two demonic ninja stares into the other's changed eyes.

"You are more special than I gave you credit for Naruto."

Naruto looked at Sasuke, taking note of the smirk on the bastard's face. Then he blinked, and the Uchiha was gone.

He felt a presence behind him, but dared not turn around yet. He felt Sasuke's warm breath on his pointed ears.

"But I'm even more special!"

Naruto cut of the chakra to his feet and plunged into the water, narrowly dodging a clawed hand decapitating him in the progress. Returning more than enough chakra to his feet, Naruto starts shooting through the water. He creates ten clones, and they all shot out of the water at amazing speed.

Sasuke's demonic Sharingan eyes spins wildly as they see the horde of yellow coming at him. He smiled slightly and gave a small sigh. When will the dobe learn?

Sasuke started running at the rapidly approaching enemy and arched his fist back. He let a flurry of punches meet the wall of blonde ninja, and smirked as they vanished in a poof of smoke. His smirk disappeared quickly when a fist landed on the bridge of his nose, breaking it and launching him into the mountain behind him.

Naruto never lets his clones do work he could do perfectly well himself, and he was part of the attacking mass, letting one of them stay back. It was a tactic that worked well against Neji and his arrogant attitude back in the exams, and it seems the arrogance of the Uchiha works much the same way.

He smiles a sinister smile not often seen on his usually bright and cheerful face as the demonic visage of the Uchiha slowly crawls out of the hole in the wall. Sasuke dusts small rocks and dust off his ripped clothing and sends a hateful glare at his former teammate.

"Oh Sasuke, don't tell me you don't love me anymore?" Naruto asked in mock hurt, batting his eyelashes at the other boy.

With a roar, Sasuke starts flapping his wings and takes to the air. A quick series of hand seals later, he lets out a stream of fire at his enemy.

"Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu"

A small army of fireballs starts raining down over Naruto, but it's nothing to someone who holds the former god of fire inside him. With a chakra induced roar, the flames go out showing the real attack.

'Look underneath the underneath, eh Sasuke?' Naruto smirked. He starts to blast chakra out of the tenketsu in the palm of his hands, and started to whirl around creating a massive dome of chakra.


How the hell could Naruto learn a Hyuuga clan special jutsu? Sasuke was furious at the thought of Naruto knowing something he didn't, and then he remembered the fact that he couldn't copy the jutsu either and his mood fell even darker.

"Neji told me the basics of the technique, since he created it for himself since it's a main house jutsu. I may not have the control needed to do the jutsu effectively, but I soon learned that if I overloaded on chakra it would give the same effect. And if there's one thing I can afford to waste, its chakra!"

Naruto and Sasuke jumped away from each other as Naruto explained where he got that jutsu to his lost friend. Sasuke hates this! He will kill this idiot before he grows so strong it's impossible even for Orochimaru, himself or even Itachi for that matter.

Sasuke looks into the eyes of his former best friend, and he unleashed a wave of killing intent at the boy to freeze him in place. He takes hold of his right arm, and soon the sound of a thousand birds start chirping.

Chidori in hand, Sasuke starts running with speed he didn't know he possessed headed straight for Naruto. He took aim at Naruto's heart, knowing that even with his healing abilities, it still can't revive him from the dead!

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw Sasuke charging their sensei's only original technique with the intent of killing a fellow leaf ninja. Kakashi may not be the best of senseis, but Naruto holds great respect for the man. He have gone through enough tragedy to know the same pain of loneliness as Sasuke and himself, but he still keeps getting stronger for the sake of the village, and the people he has lost.

'I have only one jutsu strong enough to deal with Kakashi-sensei's jutsu… my Rasengan."

Naruto looked at his hand and started to swirl chakra around in the palm of his hand, adding power and more force as the chakra orb of legends started to appear in his hand.

Sasuke is getting closer every second, and Naruto started to feel unsure if he could deal with Sasuke without killing him. But a ninja has to know when there's no way to save a life. It's hard, but it's how they choose to live!

He had more or less resigned himself to killing Sasuke when he saw Kakashi jump out of the forest and heading right for them. Naruto could see his sensei's eye widen in fear as he saw the Uchiha run at Naruto with his own jutsu intended to kill without fail.

Naruto let the control of his Rasengan go off and it blew up in his hand, creating strong winds around him just as Sasuke was about to plunge his hand into his chest and put an end to Naruto's suffering. Maybe he should have let him?

No, Naruto never gives up!

The winds were strong enough to blow Sasuke's hand off track, and it hit Naruto straight trough the lungs instead of his heart.


Kakashi stopped as he saw Naruto get hit by his jutsu. The sorrow of losing another teammate, and this time to his own jutsu, was unbearable. But the hate he felt for the Uchiha at the moment overwhelmed him, as Kakashi did something he hadn't done in years.

He fell to his knees and cried.

Sasuke's eyes were wide as saucers as he looked at his arm. Half of his arm is stuck inside Naruto's stomach. He had killed his own best friend!

He is just like Itachi!

He didn't notice Naruto's eyes regain focus and the gurgle of blood in his throat.

"That hurt you piece of shit!"

Kakashi's ears twitched as he heard Naruto's voice.

He's still alive!

With a force unknown to man, Naruto stretched his head back and delivered a solid headbutt to Sasuke's face, knocking him unconscious.

Naruto was dragged down as Sasuke fell to the ground with his hand stuck in Naruto's lungs. He groaned in pain as he felt his inner organs start to shut down, but there was no way in hell he would let himself go.

"K… Kakashi-sensei, would you please get Sasuke's arm out of my chest. It's kind of uncomfortable, and if it's not out soon I'm afraid he will have the Mangekyo by the time he wakes up."

Kakashi ran over to Naruto and more or less ripped Sasuke's arm off when he pulled it out of Naruto's chest. As long as Naruto was alive, he had not failed his sensei again.

Naruto looked into Kakashi's eye and he could see his worry.

"One well cooked Uchiha, ready for serving Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi chuckled slightly.

If Naruto could still joke around, there should be no reason for him to worry.

"Just sleep Naruto, and I'll get us back to Konoha." Kakashi said to his student, already promising himself he would start paying more attention to Naruto as it was clear that the Kyuubi-brat of Konoha had more loyalty to the village as well as sheer ninja skill than even the last of the great Uchiha-clan.

"You did great Naruto… I'm proud of you!"

That was the last thing Naruto heard his sensei say before his world went black.


Why is it that hospitals insist on having the brightest lights and whitest rooms in the world?

That question must have been asked by several patients over the years, and this time it is Uzumaki Naruto's turn.

It's not that he's unfamiliar with the hospital, heck he's spent around 30 of his life in a hospital bed after helping villagers train their endurance and perfect their taijutsu. Isn't Naruto a saint? Helping people perfect their violent ways by letting them beat him up. That's been his life from as far back as he can remember, all the way up to the point where he earned his forehead protector.

Since the day he became a genin, the villagers haven't dared to try anything physical with the young Jinchuriki. But to be honest, Naruto preferred being beaten up over the pain from being ignored and hated. The glares cut deeper than any kunai, and the harsh whispers stings more than any fire jutsu, but he will never give up. One day the village will see that Uzumaki Naruto isn't just a strong ninja, but a loyal friend to everyone.

Oh well… a boy can dream, can't he?

So Naruto woke up in the hospital, and lucky for him he has a splitting headache. This in turn can explain why he was showing an impressive knowledge of cuss words the moment Tsunade entered his room.

"Good morning Naruto."

Naruto just grunted as a reply as she walked over to him. She took a quick look at his chart and sat down on the bed in front of him, raising her hand to his forehead. Her hand started to hum as it covered itself in a green hue of medical chakra, soothing his throbbing head and rewarding the medical ninja with a relieved sigh.

"Thank you baa-chan… I feel much better now!"

Naruto gave the woman a bright smile, which was returned quickly. It's funny how much those two look alike sometimes, even if they don't have any blood relation. But that doesn't stop Naruto from thinking of Tsunade as his aunt, or sometimes even a mother. Tsunade on her side thinks of Naruto as a bratty younger brother, but that's just because anything else would make her sound old.

That woman is in serious denial!

Suddenly Naruto found himself on the floor, staring up at a hole in the hospital bed he had spent the past couple of days in. Tsunade had punched him straight through the bed, and was staring down at him with that cocky grin only she can make look hot.

"That's for nearly getting yourself get killed for the Uchiha-traitor, you damned brat!" Tsunade yelled at him as he shakily got back on his feet.

Tsunade paged a nurse and asked her to get a new hospital bed, because the old one was… malfunctioning. Not wanting to be on the wrong side of Tsunade's fist, the nurse hurried out of the room without asking any questions.

Naruto sat down on the edge of the destroyed bed and looked at the woman, and mumbling something about old hags that were too violent for their own good, and how they should probably get laid to blow off some steam or whatever Tsunade likes to blow.

"It's not like I tried to get him to kill me, but he used the Chidori on me." Naruto said with a pout, making him strangely adorable for a thirteen years old boy.

Tsunade reached a hand over to the boy and ruffled his hair with more affection than Naruto was comfortable with. It's not that he didn't like being touched, but it's just that he didn't know if he would end up hurt afterwards. Thankfully, he knew he could trust Tsunade with his life.

Tsunade looked him in the eyes and smiled at him.

"You did good brat. The Uchiha is currently spending some quality time with Ibiki in his special room, and thankfully we have avoided the Uchiha's biggest fanclub, formerly known as The Village Council. Let's just say that if I know Ibiki right, and I'm sure I do, Sasuke's dream of repopulating Konoha with small Uchiha's will be rather hard."

The evil glint in Tsunade's eyes as she explained in great detail all the ways to painfully neuter a man made Naruto shudder and he absently reached a hand down his pants to protect his crown jewels. He must protect the world from devastation, and unite all people within our nation after all, and he can't do that without his jinglebells.

After her rant, Tsunade got back into her doctor mode.

"Do you have any pain at all Naruto? Is it hard to breathe or swallow?" she asked and put her ear to Naruto's bare chest, putting medical chakra to her ear so she could hear every single little imperfection in his body's clockwork.

Naruto just smiled at her and shook his head, since he had Kyuubi, the ultimate doctor. Heals any wound as long as it's not fatal, gives the body way better conditioning and a general boost in all aspects of his shinobi training. Kyuubi does not come with batteries!

"I'm fine Tsunade baa-chan, but thank you for the concern. It means a lot to me to know that you care even a little about me."

Tsunade threw herself at him and enveloped him in a hug Ero Sennin would kill to receive from the buxom Hokage.

"You don't know just how afraid I was to lose you Naru-chan. Your vitals were dangerously low, and your lungs were close do disintegrated by all the electrical outputs from the Chidori. I'm just glad you're ok little brother."

Naruto was speechless.

Did she call him little brother? Someone actually returns his affection? Well, that must be a first, but it's not unwelcome in any way.

Naruto launched himself at the blonde woman, hugging her with all his might. She had called him her family and he would never let her down. If she found him good enough to be her little brother, then she was more than good enough for him to call his older sister.

His much older sister, but still…

The two just sat there, cherishing the warmth they could feel from the other. Suddenly they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

"Well Tsunade, I didn't know you preferred your men that much younger."

The sheer perverseness in the man's voice left no doubt about his true identity as Jiraiya of the Sannin stepped into the room.

For once, Tsunade didn't punch him through a wall for embarrassing her, and she settled for a slight blush. Naruto raised an eyebrow when he noticed her blush darken when she looked at Jiraiya, which was about when he noticed that Jiraiya was wearing his west open without a shirt underneath and shoving his far above average physique to the world. The wheels started turning in Naruto's head, and a mischievous smirk made its presence clear.

Naruto had a plan.

"I'm going to go see where that new bed went, so you can sit here Jiraiya ojii-san."

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade's eyebrows rose in question to this.

"What happened with Ero-Sennin brat?" Jiraiya smirked as he made his way over to the bed and helped his student to his feet.

"I guess I can show you a little more respect, since it was your training that saved my life this time. Since I don't have any family of my own, I decided that you're more or less how I would visualize the funny and slightly perverted uncle, and Tsunade obaa-chan is like the aunt with the explosive temper. The two of you are my family whether you like it or not!"

With that said, Naruto left two speechless Sannin in the room and left to find his new bed. He didn't want to stay much longer in this hellhole of a hospital, but it was fine if he somehow tricked Jiraiya and Tsunade to realize their feelings for each other. He had heard Jiraiya actually cry himself to sleep talking about how Tsunade had broken his heart one too many times, and now he knew that she had developed feelings for the Super pervert as well.

"If they marry, I'm so getting the first piece of the cake!"


Three hours later, Naruto returned to his room to an unexpected sight.

The two people he respected more than anyone else in this world, and loved as his family were making out like horny teenagers on HIS bed in HIS room.

"Please you two, get your own room. I'm going to sleep in that bed you know and I don't want any funk in my sheets!"

At least the two Sannin rewarded him with a healthy tint of red on their cheeks, and Tsunade was quick to run off because of "some nurse paging her to ER" or something. Naruto just smirked at his sensei and sat down.

"See ojii-san, I knew it would happen if I just gave the two of you enough time alone. Thank God I got back when I did though, or else it could have been even more awkward." Naruto received a blow to the head for this comment. Nice huh?

"I… Oh, who am I kidding gaki? I've loved her for forty years now, so I guess it was time for me to admit it both to myself and her. And I'm glad I did, but that's not why I came here."

Jiraiya was rambling now, and he doesn't make much sense.

"Ok, tell me why you came here then. I'm sure Tsunade-chan wouldn't mind spending some time with you after this. Just don't do anything perverted or hurt her, because I would be forced to kill you!"

Jiraiya laughed.

He actually laughed when Naruto threatened his life.


"Oh brat, you are one of the funniest people I have ever met. But enough about that! I came here for two reasons. One is to visit my favorite pupil and price student, the defeater of the rogue Sharingan. The next reason was to tell you about a tournament in honor of a woman returning with her family to Konoha after her husband died in the Kyuubi attack. She's actual royalty, as she was the crown princess of a dead country, so she's kind of a V.I.P in this village."

Naruto is excited about the prospect of a tournament where he could show the fruit of his training to everyone, but he didn't quite understand what this had to do with him. He didn't care about nobles, and if he did, the Hyuuga clan would be more than snobbish enough for him to use as a reference.

Could it be that this woman hated him for the same reasons the village did?

Because the Kyuubi is trapped inside him, she thinks he IS the actual demon, and not only the jailor of the beast? It's not like he could have just told the Yondaime 'Thanks but no thanks, go find another kid to sacrifice for the village'… he was a fucking newborn the moment the damn fox was sealed inside him.

Ok, so the fox gave him a power great enough to be classified as a lesser bloodline, but does that make him the fox? Just because he got abilities from the sealing, doesn't make him the beast itself.

Damn villagers who can't trust their greatest hero and his seal. If it was someone else that was sacrificed, and Naruto knew, he wouldn't hold it against them. He may not be the smartest ninja from his graduation class, but he was far from stupid. He knows that if you seal something away, it doesn't make them that thing!

If you seal a sword into a scroll, and then hit a person with that scroll, will it cut like the sword? I don't think so!

And what about the Aburame-clan? They have thousands of bugs inside their bodies, but do the villagers think that they are bugs? No, they can see that they are ordinary people like themselves, only with a creepy ability. Naruto isn't that different!

But he is more than used to the hate and scorn, so he knows how to deal with it.

"Ok ojii-san, why do you tell me about this VIP? I'm sure I would have found out at the tournament if she's as important as you say."

Naruto could practically see Jiraiya's discomfort as he squirmed in his seat, his palms are sweaty and his irises are slightly diluted.

"Naruto, this woman is related to you."

Naruto was shocked at this. He had actual family? Who could she be? Maybe she's an aunt or a cousin or something? Now he knows why Jiraiya was uncomfortable. If he has family and they know he's alive, that means that they don't want him and shuns him as much as the village.

Jiraiya noticed the look of confusion in Naruto's sky blue's, and decided now was as good a time to tell him as any.

"Naruto, this woman is called Uzumaki Kushina…"

Naruto knows he have heard this name somewhere before.

"She was the wife of my former student, Namikaze Minato…"

Of course, Naruto knows the name of his idol. The same man who gave his life to save the village from the Kyuubi, the Yondaime Hokage.

"She's coming here for the tournament where her daughter will fight, and it takes place on her daughter's birthday. It's in her honor actually…"

So the Yondaime's wife and daughter were coming, and they had some sort of relation to him? Of course they will hate him like everyone else, and he couldn't blame them. After all, he was carrying the heavy burden that is also the bane of many loved ones of the people in this city. These two lost their husband and father.

"When I found a picture of Uzumaki Kushina and her daughter, Namikaze Uzumaki Hikari, I had Tsunade-chan do a blood test to find out just what her connection with you is…"

Naruto's hands are sweaty now. He may get to know something about his family, and maybe even something about his parents.

What Jiraiya said next wasn't something he had expected though, as it made his world come crashing down on him and making him feel even more horrible than before.

"Uzumaki Kushina is your mother Naruto, and her daughter is your twin sister and younger than you by two minutes."

Two minutes?

Two minutes was the time that it took for his life to fly down into the gutter, and his sister to get to grow up with their family. They had both abandoned him and left him to grow up to daily beatings and hate. He didn't learn the warmth of a simple hug until he was eleven years old.

Jiraiya could see the look in Naruto's eyes, and he felt his heart ache. He was the one who had married Kushina and Minato all those years ago, and he was supposed to be Naruto and Hikari's godfather. He had thought that Kushina had fled with both her children after the Kyuubi attack, and that the seal had just transferred pieces of Minato to Naruto after the Kyuubi-sealing. But he was wrong! He could have saved the boy from his pain many years ago, but he didn't. And Naruto had to suffer for it!

Jiraiya scooped the young boy into his arms and gave him a fatherly hug, feeling Naruto's body start shaking.

And then, for the first time in many years… Uzumaki Naruto cried.


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