The Ultimate Power – Chapter 3

Waking up had never been his favorite thing to do.

Waking up after you've died in an overly dramatic way in front of everyone you've ever loved was even less fun, believe it or not.

For Uzumaki Naruto, newly deceased Shinobi and unknowingly the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha, this particular way of waking up was even less fun.

The last thing Naruto remembered he had just used the Shiki Fuujin to kill Orochimaru. In retrospect, he realized that he could have finished him off with a Rasengan while he was still paralyzed.

'I guess you won that bet about me dying because of my own foolish actions, eh Ero-Sennin?'

How many times had Jiraiya told him to think his actions through before he made decisions? If there was one thing Jiraiya wanted Naruto to change, it was his brash actions.

Naruto punched his fist on the ground as the thought of him dying because he was too stupid to think of another plan.

But this was Orochimaru we're talking about here. Even without being able to move his entire body, there was no guarantee he would be able to defeat him any other way. No, he had done the right thing. Now that he was gone, Akatsuki wouldn't have a reason to pursue Konoha anymore, and their plans of using the Bijuu for whatever crazy goal they wanted to accomplish… well, the Kyuubi was gone now, so good luck with that.

At least he had done a lot of good while still alive. He had never regretted anything he had ever done in his life, so why should he mope around in the afterlife because of what he failed to do while alive?

"That's not very Uzumaki Naruto of me, is it?" he asked himself before he stood up and looked around.

Naruto had always pictured the place he'd go after death as a big fluffy white cloud where all his deceased precious people would wait for him with smiles on their faces. It's a little bit disappointing now when he woke up in a forest.

A bloody forest!

As if he couldn't get enough of those back home in Konoha? He grew up in a village surrounded by forest. He could navigate in a forest better than most other ninja due to his little problem, and if he wanted to he could disappear completely.

This forest was one of those forests. Thick, healthy looking threes stood proudly as they blocked his view of the sun. It was comforting to Naruto as he felt the gentle breeze of the wind stroking his whiskered cheeks and the smell of leaves and resin filled his sensitive nostrils when he took a deep breath.

"I guess being dead isn't so different from being alive anyway. I don't feel different at all."

He continued talking to himself as he stood there taking in the scenery. After a little while, he got bored.

Hey… he's still Uzumaki Naruto, no matter how dead he might be at the time, and Uzumaki Naruto bores easily!

He looked down at himself.

His clothes…

Damn it!

He let a small growl escape his lips as he inspected his new attire. 'I guess you don't get to take your clothes with you when you die.'

He didn't look much like a ninja at the moment, as all he was wearing was a grayish white Yukata. He didn't even get to keep his sandals.

Naruto let out a brief sigh. He couldn't go around barefoot for the rest of his afterlife, however long that may be. "Damn me and my newfound sensible way of dressing," he grumbled before he started walking in a random direction. For someone waking up in a new place, random is as god as it gets!

After walking for an hour or so, Naruto finally found civilization. Or what could best be described as such, as they all fared rather poorly for people who should have entered paradise many moons ago.

Walking slowly into the first populated area Naruto discovered in his new life, he took in the sights and couldn't help but be reminded of his first ever C-rank mission. This place looked so much alike the slums of the old Wave country before Tazuna finished his bridge, and everyone looked poor.

However strange it might sound, the people didn't look like they were suffering from hunger. No one was lying in the streets begging for food, and there were no dirty merchants trying to earn a quick buck on the behalf of others by selling spoiled food.

To be perfectly honest, the only thing that seemed off with these people was their way of dress.

Everyone was dressed in rags, and the children were as barefoot as Naruto. They did look a little wary of each other, as if expecting someone to jump them and steal their belongings… if they had any.

Keeping up his stride, Naruto tried locating somewhere to get better clothes. This Yukata was ok and all, but it didn't suit a ninja.

He walked up to an elderly chap and poked him on the shoulder to get his attention. The old man jumped slightly at the sudden contact, surprising Naruto at the same time.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Naruto apologized honestly as he tried to get the old man to calm down. "I just woke up in the forest a little while ago, so I'm not familiar with the area and I wanted to ask if you could direct me to a tailor so I could bargain for a new set of clothing."

The old man looked at Naruto strangely for a second before breaking into a toothless smile.

"No need to worry young one, as my old heart can still take quite a beating," the old man said in a joking manner as he let loose a small chuckle. "I understand you're new to the afterlife then, as you don't quite understand the situation of which you're currently finding yourself in."

An eyebrow rose on Naruto's forehead to signal his confusion before the old man continued.

"You're currently in the 78th district of the Rukongai," the man said as if Naruto should automatically understand where and what that was.

Naruto waited a little bit for the man to continue, but it seemed like he was done talking so it was up to Naruto to squeeze a little more information out of the man.

"I just told you I was new to this place, so I don't know what the duck you're talking about," he stated as the man seemed to remember something he had forgotten, like for instance… that he was talking to a newly deceased person with no previous Rukongai experience.

He scratched his balding head and let out a shy laugh as if embarrassed before he looked Naruto in the eyes again.

"I'm sorry lad. My mind is not what it used to be, but let me rectify my explanation. You see, when you die and the Shinigami sends you to the afterlife, you will wake up somewhere in Rukongai. This is where all spirits live after we die… oh my, that sounded silly didn't it?" Naruto shook his head no and let the man continue, "you see, Rukongai is split into several districts ranging from the single digit numbers and all the way past eighty, and the higher the number, the worse the living conditions gets. I don't know why it is like that, but it has always been this way ever since I was born."

Naruto stared at the old man.

"You were born here? Living all your life as a dead person?" Naruto asked, clearly shocked from the new revelations the old man let slip about himself.

The man gave of a hearty chuckle and messed up Naruto's hair with his hand, mischief obvious in his old eyes.

"Yes my boy, I was indeed born in this very district seventy-nine years ago to two lovers who found each other again after they died. My parents raised me like they would in the world of the true living, but please understand that you are still among the living as long as your body is still your own. That's why you can still live a life in Rukongai after you pass."

Naruto nodded in understanding as it made sense. The people around him looked no different from you and me. They had two legs… or most of them had, but it was natural causes that had claimed their legs, like a sword or a stampeding bull… They had all the limbs of a human being, and no wings or intangible looks about them. They are just ordinary humans living together, only not among the living anymore.

Naruto shook his head as he was walking down a dangerous road which would end with him making himself more confused than necessary.

"So, if we're all alive in a sense, why do we die?"

The old man laughed merrily as he once again ruffled the blonde locks on Naruto's head.

"The theories are many my boy, but my personal opinion is that this is Kami's way of keeping the earth from being overpopulated. If one world has too many living beings, then the natural resources would be spent quicker than they could grow back, and then no life would have the conditions it needs to survive. That's why only a very special few in Rukongai needs food or sleep when they arrive here, because our resources are scarce at best."

Once again Naruto felt himself get overwhelmed by the workings of this new plane of existence. These people didn't eat? How is that living? That means no more ramen for all eternity, and that's one eternity Naruto is not willing to live!

With wide eyes, verging on a panic attack, Naruto pleaded with the old man. "What do you mean you don't eat? How do you stand the hunger for so long, and where do you get your energy from? I'm more or less starving already, and I've only been here for a couple of hours!" Naruto was close to tears now as his stomach started agreeing with its master. Naruto WAS hungry, and a hungry Naruto needs to be fed!

It's just how the world works… all of them!

The old man however, seemed almost frightened from the boy's outcry.

"You can feel hunger lad?" he asked, getting a firm nod from the hungry teenager. The old man felt his eyes widen more as he grabbed Naruto and dragged him quickly through the streets.

"Hey old man, what the heck are you doing? Where are you taking me?" Naruto whined as he struggled to get free from the surprisingly strong man's grasp.

The old man didn't say anything as he dragged Naruto through many tight and dark alleys, much like the ones Naruto himself had made his own in his time as the Konoha pariah back in his younger days… not that he was old though, he's just dead.

The odd duo ended up standing in front of a rather poorly looking house, or maybe it was a shed? The old man walked up to the door and knocked four times rapid fire before taking a step back and waiting. Naruto was about to speak up as a little hatch on the door flew up and a dark pair of eyes peered through, followed by a raspy voice directed at the old man.

"Password!" the voice demanded as Naruto began to see a pattern here. Dying makes you go crazy!

The old man didn't seem to find it strange as he just stood straight and stared right into the eyes of the person standing behind the door.

"Shinigami fear," the old man said as the hatch smacked closed and they could hear someone fumbling with keys on the other side. After a little waiting, the door opened slightly and a face appeared in the crack.

"Get in!" it ordered, and the two outside weren't hard to beg.

If there's one thing Naruto loves more than ramen, it would be secrets. And this place was full of them!

He was expecting the insides of the shed to be as rundown and poorly looking as the outside, but he was surprised to see the inside looking at least fifty times the size of the shed he just entered. How the hell was something like that even possible?

The old man walked up to the man who had just let them into this insane place and shook his hand before dragging him into a friendly embrace.

"It has been too long Ban-san," the old man who had dragged Naruto all over the village said, breaking the silence. The man now revealed to be known as Ban just smiled and nodded as they parted.

"Who's the kid?" Ban asked, gaining him yet another sour look from the very confused deceased shinobi.

The old man walked over to Naruto and put his arm around his neck.

"This, my old friend, might very well be the answer to all our problems. We might be looking at the promised one!"

The promised one?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Naruto hadn't promised anyone here anything yet, and he was pretty sure no one had promised him anything either. He was about to ask the old man what the hell they were talking about and what he had been promised, although he was hoping they were talking about ramen, but Ban raised his voice first.

"How can you be so sure Takusen? Do you even know this boy at all?"

The old man, or Takusen as he apparently was better known as, just smiled.

"There's a reason why I was named "Oracle" my friend. I have had dreams about a boy who would make our lives better since I was eight years old, and this boy fits the bill perfectly. You know, he didn't wake up in a village, but in the forest between here and 79."

Naruto saw Ban's eyes widen at this revelation as if it was completely unheard of. He decided it was time to get some answers.

"I'm sorry old man, but what's all this about? I just told you I was hungry, and we took off to God knows where… what's this 'promised one' thingie and what do you mean I will make your lives better? Is it that unusual for someone to wake up in the forests?"

Takusen smiled and waved Naruto over to where a small couch was placed against one of the walls. The room was fairly unremarkable, but there was one thing that was very special. The walls were covered with pictures of people, and the only open spot was by the couch they were heading for, right between the pictures of two young men.

"What I'm about to tell you must not be mentioned outside of this room boy, no matter what. Do you understand?"

Naruto looked at the two as he sat down on one side of the couch.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto by the way, and I would appreciate if you would call me by my name!"

The two men stared at him for a split second before throwing their heads back and laughing as if Naruto had just told the greatest joke in the universe. Ban was the first of the two to get down from his high and caught his breath.

"You really have spunk kid, I like that."

Naruto's left eye twitched slightly, but he let the comment slide… for now.

Takusen was the next one to speak.

"This will take a while to explain Naruto, so please don't interrupt me before I'm done telling you the story. Do you understand?"

Naruto was getting annoyed with these two men who kept asking if he understood them. Of course he did! They were talking his language after all, so understanding wasn't a problem.

But he decided to keep his mouth shut and just gave the two a nod indicating he was ready. Takusen smirked as if he knew Naruto was pissed, but that wasn't important right now as it was time to tell a story which was one of Takusen's favorite things to do.

"It all happened thousands of years ago, right after Kami-sama made this realm for the deceased to get a second chance at life. Kami made this world so that every time the Shinigami sent a soul from the world of the living to the afterlife, the soul would wake up in one of the eighty districts of the Rukongai. The deceased soul would wake up in the village and he or she would be able to live their lives here for a long time without ever feeling hunger, thirst or fatigue. That was how Kami himself made this world, and such was the way it worked until one person came here. A man, recently deceased, woke up in the fields between two districts, and this person was not like everyone else. Where all of the spirits were supposed to be feeding on the spirit particles naturally saturating the air in Rukongai, this boy needed more. He felt hunger, thirst and he needed to sleep if he exhausted himself. It was as if he was still alive, but that was impossible, right?

At first everyone just believed that he was a fluke and that he would turn into one of them with time, but he started differing more and more as time passed. The boy was weak when he got here, but as the years passed he discovered powers unlike any of the other spirits had ever seen before. He got faster than the wind, stronger than the mountains and more durable than the thickest of trees.

After a while, Kami instructed Shinigami to go see what went wrong with this particular soul, and figure out what they should do with him. It's funny, because this was Kami after all… you would think the creator of all life and dimensions would know such a simple thing.

Anyway, the Shinigami met the man one night the man was out hunting for food. The man was startled when he saw the death god's grotesque visage and decided he had to defend himself, and the two did battle. Now, you should know that the Shinigami is a real god and the brother of Kami himself, and thus he should be very powerful and he believed himself to be superior to everyone but his own brother and took pride in his own strength. Now imagine his surprise when this human spirit started forcing him to defend himself or get beaten.

They say the battle between the two went on for months with neither fighter letting the other gain the upper hand. During the fight, the man had somehow materialized a weapon 

strong enough to cut even through the Shinigami's superior skin. The fight got so bad that in the end, there was no other way to stop them but for Kami himself to intervene. He stopped the two and marveled over the power wielded by this man. The man's power was so powerful, yet so different from that of himself and Kami's brother.

After weeks of thinking, Kami decided on the best choice. He decided to let the man continue living as he was if he would just keep protecting the spirits of Rukongai from the attacking enemy hollows.

For many years the man kept fighting to keep the villagers safe from attacking hollows, and eventually his powers started affecting some of the other spirits as well. They developed weaker versions of his abilities, yet no less impressive as they all differed slightly from each other. With time and training, the individuals with the power built their own village and named it Seireitei.

For many years the man and his warriors protected us from the evil spirits, and at one point the Shinigami himself had even started teaching them how to help him do his job and thus increase the stability between the living and the dead. This was the birth of the new generation of Shinigami, and was how every empowered individual would be known as. It all seemed to go so well until one day.

The man decided he needed bigger challenges as his power had grown so great that not even the original Shinigami would be able to defeat him. Knowing of only one being stronger than the Shinigami, he foolishly decided to fight Kami. He attacked, and the two fought for many years without rest. The fight between the two is said to have split the living world into several different dimension, each with a different future coming.

In the end, Kami defeated the man. Saddened by the way this man had lost himself to his power, Kami decided that this man's power was not to be wielded by a mortal spirit without knowing for sure that the spirit had the strength to take it, and the only spirit able to stay uncorrupted when gifted with the power of the gods, are the completely pure spirits.

Kami let the new Shinigami keep up their good work, but at one point they stopped protecting and helping Rukongai. The burden of being death gods and helping spirits pass from the mortal realm and into ours was too much for them, and in the end they decided that Rukongai was less important.

Now, many years have passed since the birth of the Shinigami. The tale of the man protecting us all from ourselves was forgotten, and with that also his name. The only ones to remember were a small group in the 78th district of Rukongai where the man lived before he moved to Seireitei. The group swore an oath back then, promising each other not to forget about the man who changed the world. The group would keep the secret, and their ancestors would continue their oath until someone of equal power… a perfectly pure soul would appear.

That very group made this room to hold their meetings Naruto, and Ban is the last surviving member of the original group, and he let me swear the oath as well so we could share this burden between us. We have known all our lives that on our shoulders rested the responsibility of knowing a secret only known by Kami himself and the oldest of the Shinigami.

For as long as I can remember, all my life I have had dreams, telling me about events that would happen in the future. I foresaw the death of my parents in a hollow attack, I saw my own children die by the hand of Rukongai bandits, and I have seen the Shinigami wars against the hollows happen years before they took place. This has been a hard burden for me to carry, but also one I have taken great pride in as I could also see that I would be the one to find the pure soul.

I saw the soul come here from a world where fighting and death was as common as breathing air.

I saw the soul enter this plane somewhere between two districts.

I saw the spirit gain the power we have known about only in the legends of the man, and I have seen him surpass him.

I know it is you I have been waiting for Naruto. It is you who will be the one who helps Rukongai out of the darkness, and I know you will be the one to bring peace.

But I know the Shinigami will try to find you and recruit you as their own if they noticed someone with a spirit sensitivity as high as yours, as your powers holds the greatest potential since the first Shinigami himself walked this plane.

I know this is a lot to take in Naruto, but we can't let the Shinigami get their hands on you, because you're our only hope. As I told you, Rukongai is split into several districts where the plus souls can live their afterlives, but there is one problem. There are eighty known districts, and the higher the number of the district, the more soul's lives there and thus it becomes more dangerous. When you get pass the sixtieth district, murder isn't unusual and some of the spirit sensitive children has to steal to survive since we all live in poverty.

With your power, you can help this corrupted society grow stronger again. You can help us see that peace isn't as farfetched as some people would think, and that we are not helpless. You can put an end to poverty and the gangs, stopping the bandits and helping the people in need. I know you can do it Naruto, and I hope you will agree to carry this heavy burden and save Soul Society from the inevitable collapse."

Naruto was completely and utterly shocked.

These guys wanted him to be some sort of demigod and save this world from itself? To protect the innocent villagers from the cruel fate death gave them, or is that life?

Naruto felt cooped up and needed air, and before Takusen and Ban could do anything, Naruto had fled out the door and vanished into the busy streets of the village.

Ban was starting to become frantic.

"We have to find him Takusen, or they will… we can't let this chance fly past us, even if we need to somehow force him into understanding. Please, help me find him and convince him to help!"

Takusen just walked back to the couch and leaned back before he turned his head to Ban.

"I just told this kid that he alone holds the power to surpass all shinigami in this world, and that he was the only chance of survival this corrupt and uncaring world has. How old do you think he is? 14? Maybe 15 years at most? I think Naruto has earned the right to cool his head and see for himself how this place works and how much he is needed."

Ban calmed down a little bit and closed the door again. He had waited his entire life to meet the promised one, so he could wait a little longer if that's what the boy needed.

Takusen smiled at his friend and produced a deck of cards from the folds of his clothing.

"Don't worry Ban, the boy will come back. But as we wait for him, what do you say we settle our score from last time?"

Ban smirked and let out a nervous chuckle as Takusen started dealing the cards for the game they had played every time they met their entire lives. Ban knew they didn't play with money, but you wouldn't get far with money in Rukongai anyway.

No, these guys didn't play with money. They played with something far more expensive and rare in these dark times, a something that only a few people could claim they had intact without lying.

They played with their pride!


Naruto is running as fast as he can.

What do these guys think of him? Do they really believe he holds the key to the salvation of this world?

How could they ask such a thing of him?

Why was it always him?

Hadn't Kami asked enough of him already?

The day he was born he was chosen to hold the greatest tailed demon known to mankind inside him for the remainder of his life.

The very same day his father had died sealing said demon in him, and his mother had decided that Naruto was not her son but rather the demon he kept in him.

He had lost his family that day, and he had to grow up with the hatred of the villagers and not knowing that he still had family out there. Family who didn't want him!

His life hadn't been a dance on roses.

Or maybe it was? If the roses had a lot of thorns and you were dancing barefoot. Yeah, it might have been a dance on roses, but he had shouldered his burden with great strength and never really let anyone keep him down for long.

He had always been his own person, and he even gave his life for the sake of his ideals.

He had always been his own person, but not even in death would he be allowed to live for himself. He was still supposed to shoulder the burden of everyone even here?

Why was it always him?

Why couldn't he just get his rest? Hadn't he deserved to rest in his afterlife after all the pain and suffering he went through in his life? Was the only reason for his existence to fight so everyone else could be happy?

Why was it always him?

Naruto stopped his blind running as he heard a scream from one of the back alleys. He looked around and saw the people just carry on walking as if they didn't hear anything.

He ran up to a strong looking guy and shook his arm.

"Didn't you hear the yell from the alley? Aren't you going to see if someone could need your help?" he yelled as he shook the man's arm and pointed towards the alley as another scream entered his ears.

The man just shook himself loose and kept on walking.

"I didn't hear anything kid. Mind your own business!"

Naruto was stunned for a second. Someone was screaming for help, yet no one seemed to be willing to lift a finger to help. Takusen's words rung through his mind as he understood how this world had turned out.

They were afraid!

They're all too afraid to risk their own hides to help each other out when they need help, and some people were ready to take advantage of this fear to steal, plunder, rape and kill like bloody bandits. How could they have sunken this low? How could the morale of a village sink to this low?

Naruto spun around and ran into the alley to see if he could still be there in time to help whoever needed it.

As he ran around a corner, he could see four big-looking men stand with their backs towards him as they snickered and pointed at something. One of the men moved and Naruto could see another man, probably the leader of the group, in the process or ripping the clothes off of a young girl not much older than Naruto.

Naruto tried to summon his chakra to scare them, but it wouldn't come to him. But where the feeling of chakra usually felt like a warm flow of water erupting from inside him, he could now feel the power in the very air around him. The power was everywhere!

The walls and the ground, the trash bins and even the clothing he was wearing. They all held the power, and what good is power if you're not about to use it.

Feeling surer of himself, Naruto walked up to one of the men and poked him on his broad back.

"Hey grunt, would you please all just stand over there while I kill your leader for what he just did to that girl?"

Naruto could hear the poor girl whimper as the boss ripped her clothes off, but stopped to stare at the boy who dared interrupt his fun-time. He let go of the girl and stood up, looking at Naruto and sneering.

"You just did something very foolish little boy!" the leader sneered as he stood in front of his grunts who all looked ready to pounce on Naruto and wring his neck.

Naruto, as cocky as ever, just pointed at the leader and looked at him with a defiant glare in his blue eyes.

"It is you who did something foolish you sorry excuse for a gorilla."

The jab at his looks didn't go unnoticed as the leader ran at Naruto with his fist ready to pound Naruto into oblivion, wherever that is. His right fist was headed towards Naruto's face at astounding speeds, but Naruto just stood there as if ready to take the blow.

In the last second, Naruto stepped a little to his left and grabbed the man's arm before flipping him over his shoulder and throwing him into the trash bin located somewhere behind him.

Naruto stood up again, this time in a defensive pose as he looked at the bandits getting ready to start at him. He looked at the scared girl and locked eyes with her and he gave her a comforting smile.

"You should head along and get back home now. You don't have to see me take care of this lowlife and his bitches, and I don't want you to get hurt."

The girl stood up on shaking legs and looked at Naruto again. She gave him a small smile of gratitude before she turned around and ran out of the alley and to the safety of wherever.

Naruto turned back to the fight at hand and saw the furious look on the bandit leader's face as his plaything got away. Naruto smirked and got his attention again.

"Well then, shall we dance?"



Takusen was standing up and shaking his finger at a laughing Ban. Once again, Takusen had lost their incredibly awesome game of "Go Fish", and Takusen was a horrible loser.

He was all but ready to gut Ban once and for all to wipe that smug smirk off of his face, but they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Ban walked over and opened the small hatch and looked outside.

"Password!" he said as Takusen stifled a giggle. They both knew who the visitor was, but that doesn't mean they couldn't mess around a little bit.

"Go fuck yourself," was the answer from the other side of the door.

Ban looked at Takusen for a second before he shrugged his shoulders.

"I think I might do that later, but I guess we should let him in first?" he said with a shiteating grin firmly planted on his face.

Takusen nodded his head and tried to avoid looking into Ban's eyes in fear of losing the will to not break into laughter.

Ban opened the door, and in stepped a slightly ruffled looking Uzumaki Naruto.

"I accept the burden you god damned old geezers, but I hate you for forcing this on me!" Naruto said with a sour look on his face which the other two men just shrugged off as they had years of experience dealing with people disliking them. There's a reason why neither of them are married after all!

Takusen walked up to Naruto and held out his hand and locked eyes with Naruto once again.

"I'm sorry for doing this to you Naruto, but there's no one else who could do the same."

Ban was the next to walk up, and he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"On the behalf of the guardians of the lost history, I now welcome the promised one into our ranks. I thank you Uzumaki Naruto, for within you lies The Ultimate Power!"


AN/ So I didn't rewrite the other two chapters anyway. I have spent the last couple of months deciding what I wanted to do with this, and I even played with the thought of taking it down until I was ready to continue. But because a lot of you guys gave me such warm reviews, I decided to work over the plot and decided that the Naruto part was not important to the future plot. Of course, they will meet again, but I feel as if I parted in a way that was satisfactory to me, and that's the most important thing! If I'm not pleased with the story, then why the hell should I keep on writing it?

So I hope you enjoyed the start of this, as the original plot has changed A LOT! Naruto will still be on his own, but he will start off as the promised one who's fate is to keep peace in the highest numbered districts of Rukongai and help rebuild what had been when the first one had protected them. Of course, there will be plenty of Shinigami to come, and Naruto will fight with them as the time moves on. Remember that this will be a long travel, and although it might sound boring and such at the moment, I hope that the plot I have in mind for the future chapters won't disappoint! I'm very excited about this fic, and I know that I won't finish this in a good while. I promise there won't be another six months before I update again though… sorry about the wait!