THE LION KING 3 Kiara's secert It was 1 month after kovu & kiara got married. It's not going well at all because kiara is acting like she doesnt love kovu anymore, she never tells him she loves him, even if he says it to her, she talks to him but when kovu talks about their relationship she changes the subject,she never kisses or hugs him,when he kisses or hugs her she gets disgusted, & she wont mate with kovu. Kiara is braking kovu badly!

It was in middle of the night, everyone was sleeping except kovu.He was sitting by kiara, staring at her in pain "Why dont you love me anymore?"
he whispered softly.He walked out of the den to the tip of priderock, tears came pouring out of his eyes "Why doesnt she love me? I betrayed my pride, my mom for her, do be with her.
I gave her my heart! She's my whole world, but she treats me like we're not married or in love, Why?"
he whispered sadly with his head down. "Kovu" a voice whispered he turned around, it was nala." Nala how long have you been standing there?"
he asked trying to sound like he wasnt hurt. "Only a couple of minutes...I heard you whispering & saw you up here all I just wanted to see what was up..." kovu cut in before nala could finish "& now u know" kovu sighed in sadness."Kovu im sure she still loves you" nala whispered.
Kovu turned away from nala "Have you seen her with me lately?" he asked in hurt.
"well no" nala answered sadly, she walked over to kovu so she could see his face,but he looked away from her. "Kovu she could just be having a problem" nala suggested.
Kovu started to bawl "Yeah I bet im her problem" he said inbetween sobs.
Nala put her paw on kovu's shoulder "Kovu just see what's a matter,ok?" kovu turned his head finally letting her see his face. She looked deep in his eyes, seeing his pain, heartbroke,loneliness,emptiness, feeling how hurt he is,& how unloved he feels.
Nala gives him a look a of sympathy "Just talk to her, see whats wrong" she turned away from kovu "Try & get some sleep"
she said as before she went back in the den."She's right, i hope" he whispered to himself.
He went back in the den & layed by kiara "I love you, ill love you no matter what" he whispered in her ear, then gave her a lick on her cheek.
After 2 minutes of just lying there he finally went to sleep.