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A/N: I couldn't help myself. I was watching Shannon on Smackdown the other night and I just couldn't resist posting the first chapter of this story. I've had it written for a while. I usually like to wait until I have a few chapters written of a story before I post, but Shan just looked like such a fox, I couldn't resist. I'm still going to write Love Is Insane, but this story will tie into that one. And yeah, I'm aware how typical this title is, but the other one I wanted to use was way too long. And this Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Never Again by Nickelback are the two songs that inspired this story.

Face Down by Cara Mascara

Chapter 1: Ditched

"The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Deuce, from The Other Side of the Tracks, Cherry!" The two made their way to the ring from their car, taunting the crowd and receiving a mixture of cheers and boos, mostly boos. I waited patiently behind the curtain for my cue. I could feel Adam's eyes burning a hole in my back as he glared at me from his position leaning against a wall. I stared straight ahead, not wanting to look at him. He's not happy. He's not happy at all.

The beginning of the Genitorturers 'Letcher Bitch' sounded throughout the arena and I made my way through the curtain, head held high slapping the end of my flogger into my vinyl clad hand at the stage and then making my way down the ramp. "And her opponent, from Berlin, Germany, Tyranny!" I kept my 'better then thou' expression on as I entered the ring in a Melina-esqe fashion and stood before Deuce and Cherry. I too received a mixture of cheers and jeers. I'm a heel, but being a Diva, the men will like me anyway if they find me attractive.

Now, my gimmick is a hard ass, fetish model looking German sex kitten. I come down to the ring decked in vinyl with a flogger in my hand, my bleach blonde hair pulled up into a high, tight ponytail. My on screen and real life boyfriend is Adam Copeland, AKA Edge. But our on screen relationship recently came to an end. I'm getting involved with another male wrestler and turning face. I'm completely the opposite of my character. She's dominant, confident and strong willed. I, in reality, first of all, hail from Boston, not Germany and I'm low in the self-esteem area, soft spoken and passive to the point where I'm easily taken advantage.

Deuce tried to motivate his girlfriend and tell me off at the same time. Cherry looked around nervously. She is by no means a wrestler. And I'm known for being a complete Amazon in the ring. Actually, in OVW, Beth Phoenix and I massacred the Women's division tagging as The Glamazons. I dominate my opponents almost completely. I know what's going down tonight though. Tonight is the start of my new storyline. A storyline that will no doubt get me in big trouble with my jealous boyfriend.

I looked at Cherry as the bell rang, giving her an intimidating glare that she almost backed down from. She was in this match as punishment for sassing Teddy Long. Domino was so mad he ended up being kicked out of the arena.

Cherry lunged at me and threw a punch, which I easily caught. I wrenched her arm behind her back and she cried out to her on-screen boyfriend. Looking as though I was bored already, I released he and she dropped to her knees.

The match went on this way only for a few minutes. I was completely wrecking Cherry as she tried to crawl out of the ring. I pulled her to her feet by her hair and performed my finisher, which is a flashier version of the Backstabber, especially since I do it with my three-inch boot heels. I pinned the blonde and picked up the win, not to the crowds shock at all. As my music played, I was both cheered and booed at the same time. My hair was yanked from behind though. I struggled to pry the fingers from my hair but they let go on their own once the owner of the hand spun me around. I had barely any time to notice it was Deuce before I was booted in the face and I fell to the mat with a thud.

I just lay flat on my back, staring up, being blinded by the arena lights. Jeers and a shrill ringing noise filled my ears. That was a hard boot. I'll have a bruise on my cheek tomorrow. "What's going- oh no! Domino was in the trunk of the car!" JBL said into his headset. I was picked up and set up for the West Side Stomp, first having the life sucked out of me by a bear hug from Domino.

"This is ridiculous! She's a woman for Christ's sake!" Cole commented as the assault continued. Suddenly, cheers were heard from the crowd and I was dropped to the mat b Domino. I knew what was happening. "It's Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang! It's about time someone put a stop to this!" Cole commented. Soon Shannon's music began playing and his face blocked out the arena lights as he leaned above me.

"Hey, hey. You okay? Come on." Shannon helped me up from the mat, receiving a wave of confused cheers. We have the audience right where we want them and that's all that matters. I'm one of the most notorious female heels ever and here I am being helped up the ramp by two cruiserweight high flyers.

"This is bull shit!" Adam yelled at me when I entered the backstage area, clutching my cheek. He grabbed my arm and gripped it as tightly as he could.

"Ow, Adam, let go!" I replied, in a hushed voice. I really didn't want attention drawn to us. But I knew Shannon and Jimmy were staring, unsure of what to do or say.

He just tightened his grip on my arm. I winced as he dragged me down towards Theodore Long's office. He knocked on the door but didn't wait for permission to enter. He just opened the door and started off. "I don't want her in that storyline!" he demanded. My jaw dropped. He was going to get me fired if he didn't shut up right now!

"Adam!" I hissed.

"Shut the fuck up Ty. Teddy, why can't she stay in the storyline with me?"

"Adam the storyline with you and Ty wasn't working out. It attracted attention for a while, but now it's just old. I want her with Shannon. I want to give the kid a chance and with their storyline, he'll get more publicity. I'm sorry. We aren't changing the storyline," Teddy put his foot down. Adam growled and knocked a lamp off his desk. "That's it! You're suspended until further notice!" Teddy yelled at Adam. "Get out of the arena before I have security escort you out!" he yelled at Adam.

Adam was fuming. "C'mon!" he yelled at me.

"I-I don't have my things," I muttered.

"Fine, walk to the hotel!" he hissed before storming out of the office, being sure to slam the door as hard as he could. I was embarrassed. That was my boyfriend… for some reason. He made a complete ass of himself.

"I'm sorry Mr. Long," I said quietly, before turning to the door.

"You shouldn't be the one apologizing Ty. It's Adam's fault, not yours. He always had a temper," he said as I walked out the door.

Adam was not in the hall, to my relief. I leaned against the wall and wiped my teary eyes. Why did he have to be like that? He was just like his character, Edge. He wasn't supposed to be like that. He was supposed to be the sweet, charming Adam I started going out with a few months ago. Not the asshole Edge.

Phil Brooks walked by me on his way out, and noticed my tears. He's a good friend of mine. Probably the best friend I have in the WWE. "Anny, what's wrong?" I cringed at the nickname. I'm not fond of it but he's the only one who calls me Anny instead of Ty. My real name is Tyranny. I know. Weird. My parents were fucked in the head though.

"Nothing, just Adam. He's being such a bastard," I sobbed.

"You know, I'm sick of his shit. You deserve so much better. How many more times do I need to tell you that before you listen?" He never liked Adam. Especially since I started dating him. At first I think it was because Phil and I had been dating and broken up only a month before Adam and I began dating. After a while though, Phil started dating Maria and his feelings were strictly friendly towards me. Now he was just sick of the bullshit.

"Can you give me a ride to the hotel? He left me here…" I mumbled.

"Shit Anny. I'm heading out to Houston to meet Maria. I can get you a ride though, come with me," Phil said and grabbed my hand. He led me down the hall to the men's locker room. "Wait here a second," he said before disappearing into the locker room. Seconds later the door opened again and Matt Hardy was trailing behind Phil.

I smiled at Matt. He's a nice guy. I'm sure riding with him isn't a good idea though. Matt and Adam don't exactly get along. I probably should find a ride with someone else but… oh well. If Matt's willing to give me a ride I'm not going to turn him down.

"Hey Ty," he said nicely. "Need a lift, huh?"

"Yeah, if it's not too much trouble." I answered.

"Don't worry about it. We're just waitin' on Ash," Matt said, giving Phil the okay.

"Alright, cool. I'll see you two around. And Anny," Phil stopped, grabbing my shoulders gently. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call, alright. Be careful." I nodded and he hugged me then walked away.

I turned to Matt and saw him leaning against the wall, arms folded and eyebrows raised. "He isn't worth your time ya know," he said, obviously referring to Adam. I sighed.

"Not fair, you're biased. And besides Matt, he's all I have. You don't understand. You have a brother and a father and great friends. I have Phil… and he didn't even want me," I said pathetically. My dad, well… I don't exactly know who he is. Mom said he was a low life bastard though and an alcoholic. And my mom was a hopeless drug addict until the day she finally injected herself with more poison then her body could handle and died when I was twelve. I was an only child, and my grandparents didn't want anything to do with a child conceived out of wedlock. They were overly religious. So I was passed around from foster home to foster home until I was eighteen. I got my own place, which wasn't much and I worked as a stripper in a seedy Cambridge strip joint to pay for it until I was recruited into the WWE through the Diva Search. I didn't win, but they liked my look and sent me to OVW. Now I'm twenty-one and I have a three-year contract with Smackdown. Pretty good for a girl who lived in the slums all her life.

"That's not true and you know it. I care about you, and so do Ash and Lisa. Don't be ridiculous. You have friends. And you'd have a helluva lot more if Adam didn't shelter ya from the world. You're too young to be stuck with someone like him."

"Matt… can we please not talk about this right now?" I asked. I could feel tears welling in my eyes again. "I need to get my things from the locker room."

Matt shook his head and pushed himself off the wall. "Alright, hold on." He opened the men's locker room door again and called "Let's go." Seconds later Shane Helms and Shannon Moore emerged, gym bags in each of their hands, one extra that Shane handed to Matt.

"Hey Ty, what's up?" Shannon said, giving me a weak smile and a curious look. I ignored the latter and half smiled back and gave a short wave to he and Shane.

"She's ridin' with us. Seems that Adam got a little mad and ditched her," Matt said as we walked over to the women's locker room. Jeeze did he have to say it while I was still here?

I noticed Shannon rub the back of his neck uncomfortably and Shane scowl, but neither of them said a word. "Be right back," I said and went into the locker room to grab my things. I found a showered and dressed Ashley shoving her gear into a camo duffle bag.

"Hey hun. What're you still doing here? Thought I saw Adam leave a little while ago," she said, zipping her bag and tossing it over her shoulder.

"Yeah… he did." That's all I had to say. She knew. I peeled my ring gear off and took out a pair of black jeans and a zebra striped tank top.

"Oh… want to stay in my room tonight?" she questioned as I quickly threw my clothes on.

"I don't know if that's a good idea… he'll get mad," I turned her down. "But, I'm riding with you and the guys to the hotel, so…" I looked at her shaking her head. "Please don't worry about me. I'm fine."

She turned to me sharply. "That is not fine. It's not okay for him to do that," she told me for the millionth time, referring to the hand shaped red mark on my arm.

"It was an accident. He didn't mean to leave a mark…" I said, moving the sleeve of my shirt back down. Ash just scoffed and shook her head. I followed her out of the locker room and we walked with the guys towards the parking lot.

I climbed in the backseat between Ashley and Shannon while Shane rode in front with Matt, who drove the rented SUV. "I'm starved," Shane whined, putting his hand on his stomach.

"Me too," Shannon commented.

"We can stop at Denny's. I saw one earlier near the hotel," Matt told them. I gulped. I can't go to Denny's. I need to go back to the hotel. "That okay with everyone?"

"Uh…" I started.

"Save it Ty. We're going. You're coming. And you're going to have a good time. With your friends. And Adam isn't going to stop you," Ashley blatantly told me. I was at a loss for words. What could I say?