Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE

Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE

A/N: Alright, sorry it's been a while. Been struggling with school and friends and I'm a maid of honor for my friend's huge Disney World wedding so I'm a busy girl. And I have tickets to Lockdown and fan fest this coming weekend. But yeah, I have some challenges in my profile is anyone wants to take a stab at something. I really want to read something lol. Keep in mind cut scenes are in bold. Enjoy!

Face Down by Cara Mascara

Chapter 9: Friendly Competition

"No! Give me the phone!" Ashley demanded early the next morning. She pried my cell phone out of my hands and pocketed it. I looked at Lisa pleadingly.

"Sorry Ty, I'm gonna have to agree with Ash on this one." Defeated, I sighed and collapsed onto one of the beds. They weren't going to let me return Adam's calls. He'd been calling almost all morning. He was sorry. I know he was sorry. If they'd just let me call him back…

I never should've told them what had happened. As soon as the words 'Adam cheated on me again' left my mouth, Ash nearly flipped her lid. Lisa just looked completely disgusted.

There was a knock at the door and I jolted up, thinking Adam had come to get me. Ashley looked through the peephole and then unlatched the door, revealing Matt, Shane, Phil and Shannon.

The four walked into the room, Shannon looking in every direction but mine the entire time. They all stood around me though. I felt surrounded. "Yes?" I asked, wondering why everyone was staring at me with the exception of Shannon.

"We asked them to come here when you were in the shower this morning," Lisa told me.

"We're all gonna come with you to Adam's room. You're gonna get your things. And you're gonna come with us, away from him," Matt informed me.

Is this for real? I'm not some little kid. They can't just take me away from Adam.

But maybe… maybe it's a good idea. Just for now. Just enough to make him think he's lost me. Maybe he'll change this time…

"Okay…" I said in a small voice. Matt nodded and Phil smiled at me. Shane offered me his hand and pulled me off the bed and we all made our way down the hall towards the elevator.

"No! Hell no! Baby, what the hell are you thinking?" I was having a lot of trouble not giving into him. But they were all here. Staring. Watching my every move.

"Don't touch her! Don't even fucking talk to her!" Phil snapped, slapping Adam's hand away as he tried to grab at me.

"Brooks get the fuck out of my face!" Adam bellowed back. I packed my things faster, just wanting this to be over. I zipped my bag up and pulled the handle out, which Matt took hold of. I grabbed my backpack and purse and followed after Matt out the door, trying my best to ignore Adam pleading with me as I made my way down the hall.

"Leave her alone!" Ashley yelled at him. We were making a scene in the middle of a hotel hallway. He reached for me but missed.

"Listen Adam, you touch her and we're calling the cops, got it?" Phil gave Adam his final warning. I knew he definitely didn't want the police here. So he backed off. We piled into the elevator and I watched him as we waited off the doors to shut, hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

"I just need time," I sobbed out before the elevator doors closed. The look in his eyes told me he didn't understand what I needed time for. How could he be so fucking oblivious? Is this what Adam seriously thinks a relationship should be?

I tried to control my breathing as I sobbed and Phil wrapped his arms around me. I pushed the heels of my palms into my eyes, trying to will the tears away, but it just wasn't happening. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Come to terms with the possibility that Adam doesn't love me, he just loves that he can control me. I risk losing everything I have; my home, my possessions, maybe even my job by leaving Adam.

I hadn't said much all week as I traveled with Phil. I stayed at his place in Chicago for the three days we had off. He didn't seem to mind my silence since he'd spent most of his time arguing with Maria over the phone. Their relationship ended two days ago and Phil wasn't in the best mood either, so neither of us forced conversation on each other.

But we were at the arena for the next ECW and Smackdown taping now and I knew I couldn't avoid everyone for too long. I skimmed my script in Phil's locker room and scowled at what I was supposed to be doing. They're trying to give Shannon and Jimmy even more of a push by putting me in the mix. And it's going to involve Shannon trying to win my affection tonight before his match.

Phil sighed and sat down on the bench next to me. I glanced over at him and noticed him looking at me. "Something wrong?"

He laughed bitterly and began lacing one of his boots up. "What isn't wrong?" Phil sighed again and wiped his hands over his face. "I feel like I should be... more upset about Maria, you know? I don't even care that much. Our relationship was so fucking stale after a while, when she said it was over, I didn't even care. I cared more about the fact that she'd been the one to break it off, not me." I just shrugged and gave him a sad smile. "...and I'm being completely selfish. How are you feeling Anny?"

Again, I shrugged. "I'm a little worried about seeing him tonight. I think I'll stay hidden as long as I can." He just nodded and wrapped me in a one armed hug.

"Maybe things would've been better if we'd just stayed together." My body stiffened at Phil's words. Now was definitely not the time to bring something like that up. He must've realized this because he moved away from me a little. "I didn't mean- that didn't come out right. I mean, I'm not trying to ask you out again or anything. I- I was just saying..." I relaxed when he said that and nodded.

"It's okay, I understand."

I sat on an equipment box, in my street clothes with one leg crossed over the other as the cameras followed Shannon down the hall. He approached me slowly as I pretended not to notice him. "Ahem," he cleared his throat and I looked up at him slightly, raising an eyebrow. "Guten tag!" he said and I did all I could not to laugh at the Southerner's attempt at German. I'm not perfect at the Americanized German accent, but Shannon was just horrible.

"Shannon," I greeted him back, my forced accent kicking in as the cameras focused in on us. He fidgeted nervously and I looked uninterested and impatient as I waited to see where this interaction was going. Hey, I'm not quite a face yet.

"So, uh I saw your picture in the new WWE magazine. Looks real nice," he told me, fumbling with his words. I slid off the equipment box and straightened my top out.

"Thank you," I said swiftly, turning to walk away.

"Uh Ty, wait!" I stopped and turned on my heel, facing Shannon with arms crossed over my chest. "Would you... uh maybe want to go out for some... food or somethin' later?"

I kept my calm composure and blinked a few times as Shannon waited for my response. "We'll see how your match goes." Then I walked off camera.

As I made my way towards the locker room footsteps raced behind me. "Ty wait up, will ya?" I was surprised Shannon was chasing after me. I paused in mid step allowing him to catch up and he sighed and looked down at his feet. "I'm sorry. I want this tension between us gone, okay?" I was a little shocked at Shannon's apology. He had seemed pretty angry at me.

"It's- it's okay Shannon." I offered him a smile and he grinned back. I couldn't help but keep thinking about why he'd suddenly gotten over his anger.

-Shannon's POV -

(One hour earlier)

"Sup mannnn!" I said to Phil, fake punchin' him in the shoulder when I walked into the locker room.

"Hey," he said lazily, givin' me a really forced smile. I got serious and sat down on the bench next to him.

"Somethin' wrong?" I'm a little concerned. Phil's usually in a good mood.

"Maria broke up with me." Aw shoot.

"Sorry 'bout that dude. But I gotta be honest with ya, I didn't really see that workin' out in the long run." Phil chuckled a little and shook his head.

"Trust me. No one saw that better than I did. But that's not the... big issue." I looked expectantly at Phil. This is gettin' juicy. He laughed bitterly and ran his hands through his hair. "You know, I really thought I was over Ty, but I'm not so sure now." My body stiffened. Oh no. No. No, no, no, no, no.

He can't want her back.

Hell no.

He had his chance.


I really wanted to go out with her. But Phil has one up on me. He knows her a lot better and he already dated her. Obviously the relationship ended on good terms cause they're still friends and damn, damn, damn! "I mean, I really wanna ask her out again. But I know she needs to get over Adam first. I let it slip earlier that we never should've broken up and I think I freaked her out. I covered it up but still. She's not ready to jump into anything and it's killing me."

I swallowed hard and nodded my head. Fuck. This can't be happenin'. It figures. Just my fuckin' luck! The girl I like who has some dickhead boyfriend... well... not anymore I think. Anyway, and now her ex still wants her. Her ex who's an awesome guy and is one of my good friends. And I'm actin' like a douchebag to her. This is not workin' in my favor at all.

I need to set things straight with Ty. I'm sorry. Phil's my friend and all but I'm not goin' down without a fight. I know she feels somethin' for me and I'm not gonna just sit by and pass her up.

For once I'd actually like to be the guy who gets the damn girl!