Episode 100


Summary: In which Hermione suffers through jealousy issues

"Don't worry so much, Hermione!" Lily soothed, patting her roommate's back before pulling her into a light hug. "Remus would never do something like that!"

"Yeah, I know that..." Hermione mumbled softly. Her brown eyes remained firmly on her clasped hands, refusing to meet the reassuring emerald gaze of her friend. "But what if she casts a spell on him or something...I know it's stupid to worry, but still...!"

"It's okay, I understand," Lily admitted with a smile. "Girls are always throwing themselves at James, even now that we're actually a couple. Yet, he still hasn't really paid them much mind. And if James can be that faithful, then I know Remus will be."

"You're right!" Hermione perked up, smiling gratefully at Lily. "I just need to spend some time alone with Remus is all. What with exams coming closer and graduation fast approaching, I haven't really been able to spend much time with him, just the two of us. Especially not with the rest of the Marauders around."

"I still don't know why you're actually a part of that group," Lily grumbled mock-upset. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes heavenward. "I mean I can believe James would center his life around pranks, as well as Sirius, maybe even Peter to some extent, but you and Remus? Honestly, you're traitors is what you are!"

"Easy now, Red," Hermione smirked, "keep cracking jokes like that, and Prongs might try to initiate you into our little group."

"Oh Merlin, no!" Lily shuddered at the mere thought, and Hermione couldn't be all too sure she was pretending.

Deciding not to dwell on that, she returned to the initial conversation. Never before had she felt jealousy, at least not to this extent, but ever since Sirius' cousin, Nymphadora Tonks, started flirting with Remus, she'd been going crazy with jealousy. It seemed every time she turned around, the younger witch was there, flirting with her man!

It didn't help that the girl was a metamorphmagus and could easily make herself ten times as attractive as Hermione. Being in Ravenclaw meant she had an intelligent mind too, and other than her inability to understand Remus was taken, she really wasn't a cruel person at all.

It drove Hermione crazy that she could dislike the girl's actions but couldn't hate the girl herself. If only Tonks had been a cruel and heartless person, more like Bellatrix or Narcissa, that would have made things much easier on her. Then, she at least would know for sure that Remus wouldn't dare look in her direction, no matter how beautiful she was.

Then again, Hermione thought a bit guiltily, if Nymphadora hadn't followed her mother's footsteps, but her cousin's instead, Sirius would be alone in Hogwarts. Not that he minded going against his family, but he had his bouts of depression every so often when he really thought about how segregated from his family he truly was. Sirius hated them and what they stood for, but still...They were his family. Tonks, at least, gave him a family member he could be proud to say he was related too.

But I digress, the current problem was jealousy. Hermione was jealous of Tonks, plain and simple, and the younger girl seemed to know it too. She admired Hermione a great deal, but her love for Remus – not that Hermione blamed her as she too loved the werewolf – caused her to spite her heroine to the point that she often ignored her presence altogether if Remus was in the room, and she tried everything in her power to separate the two so she could spend alone time with the werewolf.

"I'm going to see if I can't find him," Hermione announced to herself more than Lily. The redhead smiled encouragingly at her, nodding her understanding as she laid back on her bed.

"Fine, I'm going to take a nap. These homework assignments lately have been really getting to me."

"I know what you mean." Hermione yawned herself, though she was more worried about finding Remus than napping at the moment. "Maybe I can convince him to take a nap with me."

"Just don't do anything Sirius would," Lily called as she left the room. "You might be my friend, but I'm still the Head Girl!"

"Jokes, Lily," Hermione warned mockingly once again, laughing when Lily let out another shudder.

The door closed quietly behind her, leaving the redhead to get some much-needed sleep while she went in search of her significant other.


"Remus!" Hermione called, smiling when she found her boyfriend alone in the library.

The werewolf looked up when he heard her voice, smiling as he gestured for his girlfriend to come sit next to him. Pulling the chair next to him out, he waited for Hermione to sit before pushing her seat in and seating himself again.

"Hey!" he greeted, leaning over to kiss the brunette. Hermione smiled into the kiss, thankful Madame Pince wasn't in the room. She liked the stern librarian, and the woman liked her, but she knew no matter how much she favored Remus and Hermione (and Lily), she wouldn't give them any slack if she saw what she considered misbehavior in her library.

"Hey," she replied softly, blushing lightly when he smiled at her. The blush in turn caused Remus to blush, as he thought she looked quite cute like that.

It was almost sad really, how they'd been together since fourth year, and three years later they still managed to act like a new couple sharing their first kiss. Remus gripped her hand as he bookmarked his page, via flicking his wand, and closed the book.

"Did you need something? Or are you here to study as well?"

"No, I just wanted to see you," Hermione admitted. Her blush darkened considerably, as did Remus'. "We haven't spent much time together, and I was beginning to miss you."

"I missed you too," Remus reassured, leaning over to kiss her again. Hermione smiled and sighed as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

Remus watched his girlfriend silently for a few moments. She'd been acting oddly strange lately, more touchy-feely than usual. That's not to say that she was completely aloof most of the time, but Hermione had never been one for too much PDA. Lately, though, it seemed as though she couldn't keep her hands off of Remus. Not that he was complaining. He was, after all, a teenage boy.

"So, is the book any good?" Hermione asked, striking up a conversation on the first thing that popped into her head. Remus gave her an odd look, and Hermione could have slapped herself when she realized he was reading their Arithmacy book, probably studying for the upcoming test.

Remus chuckled when he realized his girlfriend probably had nothing else to say. He tended to do the same, bring up random topics and realize how silly they were later, when he had nothing to say but didn't want to leave. Oddly enough, he did that quite a bit around Hermione.

Lately, they hadn't been spending much time together, so any time, especially alone time, was welcomed with open arms. They did everything in their power to keep it from ending, and it didn't help that Tonks had started spending more time with him.

Remus didn't mind the girl, he liked her even, but he didn't like her the way he knew she wanted him too. It honestly surprised and flattered him that she had a crush on him, as most girls would either go for Sirius or James, but she wasn't Hermione, and that was the only girl for him. He loved the brunette cuddling against his side, and he was sure she knew it too. Though, now that he thought about it, she'd started acting almost possessively (not that he was complaining because, again, teenage boy) when Tonks started paying more attention to him.

Hermione couldn't possibly be jealous though...Right?

Remus frowned and shook his head. No, he thought firmly, there was no way his girlfriend was jealous of the fourth year Ravenclaw. Tonks, no matter what form she took, had nothing on Hermione! Even if she looked exactly like the brunette, Remus could always tell the difference, even if he didn't have such a sensitive sense of smell he could tell. He was just that devoted and in love with his woman.

"Remus...?" Hermione spoke up, feeling her insecurities rise again, despite Lily's previous words still running through her mind. She needed to get this straightened out now, before she went crazy with all the images her overactive imagination was sending through her head.


"What do you think about Tonks?"

"Tonks?" Remus moved away from Hermione to better look at his girlfriend, trying to understand why she would suddenly ask about the younger witch. "You mean Sirius' cousin?"

"Of course, what other Tonks is there?" Hermione asked playfully. Her smile soon faded to be replaced with a rather nervous frown. "So, what do you think about her?"

"She's a nice kid," Remus said after a few moments had passed. "A bit clingy though."

"Oh..." Hermione felt relief spread through her, though it was still bogged down by some doubt. "She's only a kid though, in your opinion?"

"Well, yeah...I mean she's intelligent and all, but sometimes she's got the maturity of Padfoot."

"That's true," Hermione smiled brighter now. Remus frowned inquisitively now, confused by his girlfriend's questioning.

"Hermione...are you...jealous of Tonks?"

"What!?" Hermione screeched, her face turning bright red and giving her away. She turned away from him, crossing her arms and pouting nonetheless. "What makes you ask that?"

Remus blinked a few times in surprise. He'd felt a little jealous of the male attention Hermione received, but she'd never paid attention to anyone other than him, so he never let it get to him too badly. Now, it seemed Hermione was jealous of the attention paid to him. It felt rather...nice actually, to have someone feel possessive over him. Still, he should comfort his girl before she grew too insecure of her hold on his heart.

"Hermione, you're the only one for me. You should know that by now!" Remus smiled when Hermione slowly turned to face him again, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. "I love you, you know. More than anything."

"Really?" Hermione asked, uncrossing her arms and turning to face Remus. She was still pouting though, making her look even more adorable in his eyes. Remus smiled and nodded.


Grinning, Hermione leaned over the chair and kissed Remus deeply. The kiss probably would have lasted more than five seconds had a throat not been cleared behind them. The couple broke away quickly, slowly turning to face a scowling Madame Pomfrey.

"Honestly, I would expect better behavior from you too!" she screeched, gesturing for them to stand up. "You'll come with me to the headmaster about this! Honestly, kissing in public. Kids these days have no shame!"

Remus and Hermione shrugged at each other behind the ranting librarian's back. They'd been to Dumbledore's office enough times, with or without the Marauders, so it wouldn't be anything new for them. Besides, as long as they were together everything was perfect.



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