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first of three branches which form the Pyramid of Protection that keeps mankind safe from all the different kinds of psychic predators who could easily kill or enslave us.

Most often the branches work alone, but they do team up together for not only human protection, but were-hunter and god protection too.

Dark Hunter- Dark-Hunters are created by Artemis from warriors (the majority of whom are ancient) who have been wronged. They come from all walks of life and all cultures. Some are human, some are Apollites, Were-Hunters and even gods. Artemis hears the soul-scream of beings who are dying through an act of betrayal or brutal treachery. For giving them a chance to enact a single Act of Vengeance against their betrayer, they sell their soul and swear their fealty to her service and spend the rest of eternity hunting down the Daimon menace. Every Dark-Hunter is different and so are their powers. Their psychic abilities and physical powers hinge on what they were in their lives. The only things Dark-Hunters have in common are their fangs, their lack of a soul (almost all), and their black eyes (nearly all). Artemis gives them money and servants (Squires) to help them in their quest. Acheron demanded that Artemis provide for them with human servants now called Squires and a way that they might reclaim their souls.

Apollite -- Descendents of Apollo. They were once his chosen race, but when a group of them got together and killed his mistress and child, he cursed them all. Now they are forbidden to venture into daylight and they must drink blood from each other to live. The worst part of the curse is that they will all die on their 27th birthday (the age of his mistress). Gestation 20 weeks, reach adulthood by 12 years old, die on 27th birthday.

Daimon -- Vampires or demons. When an Apollite reaches the brink of their 27th birthday they have a choice. They can kill themselves or on the hour of their birth, their soul leaves them and they slowly, painfully deteriorate over a 24 hour period. The only out clause they have is if they turn Daimon and steal human souls to fool their bodies into maintaining their youth. So long as they host a living human soul, they can live indefinitely.

Katagaria -- Plural term for the animal branch of the Were-Hunters. They are animals who can take human form.

Katoteros -- The mysterious, unknown place where Acheron lives. He was banished there by hades. it is a dimension between realms where shades' essences are traped without a soul or body. It is torture. Thirst and hunger unending. Artemis liberated Ash from Katoteros but he keeps a "room" there in rememberence!

Were-Hunters -- Descendents of King Lycaon of Arcadia who married Apollite. In order to save his two half-Apollite sons, he gathered up many Apollites and used his magic to experiment on them. To break the curse, he magically spliced their human life force with those of various animals that were known for their strength: Bears, panthers, leopards, hawks, lions, tigers, jackals, wolves and even dragons. Their life expectancies changed to close to a thousand years. Due to their birth by magic and the psychic Apollites, his descendents ended up with powers of telepathy, telekinesis, time-travel abilities, and shape-shifting. However, for every person with combined life forces, he ended up with 2 beings: one human-based creature with a human heart and one animal based creature with an animal heart. The human hearted were called Arcadians, after Lycaon's people, while the animal hearted were dubbed Katagaria - meaning rogue. The Katagaria were born as animals and lived as animals until puberty when their hormones unlocked the magical powers inabling them to assume human form externally, but their animal hearts would always govern their actions. The Arcadians were born as humans and lived as humans until puberty unlocked their magic and ability shape- shift into animal form. The Fates, angry at Lycaon's interference, decreed that he must kill his sons and all like them. Two sides of a single coin, the two species should have been at peace. Instead, the goddesses sent Discordia to plant mistrust between them so that conflict developed between the twin races. Human like their creator and ancestor, the Arcadians felt themselves superior to their animal cousins, the Katagaria, which were only animals who could take human form and lacking human rationale. The Katagaria quickly learned that the Arcadians weren't honest about their intentions and would say one thing, then do another. The Katagaria believe the Arcadians are the real threat because humans are often deceptive while the Arcadians believe the Katagaria needed close supervision and monitoring and must be controlled or put down. Chosen by The Fates for this purpose, Arcadian soldiers, Sentinels, usually patrol in groups of four. At puberty, Sentinels are marked by The Fates with a faint tattoo that appears on their face, rank indicated by color. Katagaria soldiers are called Strati amongst the Katagari but are referred to as Slayers by the Arcadians.

Silent Confessions


"She will be born on the eve of Samhain
Her father, ruler of the Underworld and the dead
She will tip the balance of good and evil
From her first breath warriors names will be etched onto her back
The first warrior will be held in the highest regard
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

"She has been born" Zeus looked away from the scry and took a deep breath, if the prophecy was correct then this single child would either be the death or saviour of mankind and wizardkind alike.

Turning his gaze to his daughter he shook his head,
"Send him." Artemis gave her father a nod and vanished into thin air.

Acheron Parthenopaeu appeared in the cold hospital room in the outskirts of London, the smell of disinfectant and bleach instantly invading his silver studded nose, his silver swirling orbs taking in the surroundings. Instantly his eyes found her, taking a deep breath he walked towards the clear bassinet, his thick heavy leather biker boots making a squeaking sound as he walked across the shiny Vinyl flooring. Looking down he saw the small child, barley 2 hours old, lying in the cold, sterile hospital bassinet. Gently brushing his black hair back he scooped her up into his large hands. Watching the child sleep peacefully Ash brushed the soft brown curls that lay on top of her head and gently placed a soft kiss onto her forehead.

This child was now alone, her mother had died while giving birth to her and her father….well he was someone she would find out about when she was older.

It was then that a nurse came into the hospital room; Ash quickly placed his black wraparound sunglasses on with one hand whilst holding the baby in the other. The nurse gasped in shock when she saw all 6 foot 7 leather clad inches of him.

"Who are you?" She snapped as she took a quick glance at the child to make sure she was alright.

"Her godfather." Ash simply answered whilst keeping his eyes on the baby girl sleeping in his arms. The nurse seemed to accept his answer because it was then she took a few steps inside the room and gently closing the heavy wooden door behind her, making sure not to wake the sleeping child in his arms.

"Her mother is dead, she died during child birth, but she did tell us what she wished the child to be named," the young nurse informed Ash.

"Yes?" He said his American accent now prominent as he spoke louder. The blond nurse blinked before answering.

"Hermione…Hermione Granger," The nurse finally answered, Ash gave a little chuckled as he gently rocked Hermione in his arms.

"Mya. I like it," He whispered before looking at the young nurse.

"You will walk out of here, and will go straight to the next patient," Ash said, his hypnotic voice drugging the young nurse. Slowly she walked out and headed straight to the next patient like she had been commanded by him. Ash wiped her memory as she walked out of the door, later when the nurse tried to remember these moments all she would come up with was a blank. Smiling, he held Hermione close to his chest and disappeared to Katoteros.

He looked around his home at Katoteros, in front of him there were three 32' monitors strategically placed on the walls, his quick silver eyes darted to Simi who was watching another never-ending episode of the QVC, the phone to her ear and a credit card in her hand. Shaking his head, he headed to his bedroom with baby Hermione in his hands. As Ash reached his four -poster bed which was position right in the middle of the room he slowly placed Hermione onto the soft silk comforter. Slowly and carefully making sure he didn't wake her he slowly turned her onto her side. It was written in the prophecy that her warriors names would appear on her back when she drew in her first breath, Ash just had to make sure that was true. Slowly he turned her so she gently lay on her front making sure her head was turned to the side so she could breath. His breath hitched when he saw the names down the centre of her back. They looked like tattoos but he knew that these names would mar her delicate flesh forever.

Ash pulled off his wraparounds to get a closer look at the names; he had to do a double take when he saw the first name what was imprinted on the skin just below the neck,


"Shit!" Ash swore, not believing that one of the most dangerous Dark- Hunters out there was meant to protect this little girl. Taking a deep breath he looked at the other names that were beautifully inscribed on the centre of her back in a list.


Ash's heart leapt as he looked at the tiny baby sleeping peacefully, she would have the greatest warriors protecting her, what could be safer than 6 immortal Dark Hunters and 6 Were- Hunters who lived to 1000 years old protecting you?

"I will protect you with my life edera ." Acheron whispered softly, using the Atlantean endearment for "precious baby".

11 years later


"There are a few start of term notices that I would like to announce. The first years, please note that the Dark Forest is strictly forbidden to all students. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that the third- floor corridor is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a most painful death. Thank you. We will now sort out the new students into their diff-"

It was then Ash, Zarek and Hermione chose to materialize in the middle of the Great Hall interrupting Dumbledore in the middle of his speech. Ash was currently holding Hermione over his shoulder where she was currently screaming "I DON'T WANT TO GO!!" and beating her tiny clenched fists upon his leather clad back.

There was an audible gasp was when the trio materialized into the hall, all the current first year students who were at the front of the hall getting ready to be sorted into their different houses looked back to see two very tall, dangerous looking men in the middle of the walkway and the tallest man had a girl slung over his shoulder.

Hermione stopped her screaming when she realized they were no longer in Sanctuary and had flashed somewhere else. Sliding Hermione off his shoulder Ash set her on her feet he looked at Dumbledore and gave him an apologetic smile.

"Sorry we're late; we had a little …umm trouble," Ash said giving the old made a small smirk. Hermione looked up at her godfather and gave him a small pout.

"I don't want to go akri I want to stay with you and Uncle Zarek and the rest of the boys!" Hermione wined. Both Ash and Zarek gave her a smirk but it was Zarek who dropped from his 6ft 6 height to Hermione's tiny 4ft 9 height, his black jeans gently scraped the marble floor as he gently placed one knee onto the cool cream tiles. His midnight eyes looked into her deep brown ones; gently he took both her tiny hands into his much larger calloused ones and gave them a gentle reassuring squeeze.

"You'll be fine here baby girl I promise, I want you safe and here is the best place," Zarek gently explained to Hermione. Hermione took a deep shaky breath as her eye began to fill with tears.

"But what if she sends you back to Alaska? Like she did last time, and then I won't see you again, ever!" Hermione said her heart breaking at the thought of her godfather leaving her like he had done when she was 5 to the age of 8. Zareks' cold heart broke as he watched his goddaughters' heart break in front of his eyes; giving her one of his very rare smiles he pulled her close to him and gave her a hug.

"I promise to never leave, when you come back for Christmas I will be here and we can do what ever you want," Zarek promised the 11 year old.

"You promise?" Hermione whispered against his ear, Zarek then gently pulled her petite body away from his large one and looked at her again and gave her a wink.

"I promise."

Hermione was the only one person he had ever trusted, who he had ever loved, to him; she was the daughter he would never have. The one person who he could love and not fear that she would reject him or betray him like other people had done in the past.

Zarek then stood to his full height and looked around the Great Hall his eyes scanning the students and the teachers. Zarek was dressed all in black, he wore black jeans, Harley biker boots, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a musk-ox fur coat on which ended at his knees. His dark black hair was long and fell softly around his shoulders; his face looked more sinister with the black goatee and jet black orbs. Zarek had a long silver sword earring in his left ear, with a hilt made of a skull and cross bones this just added to the dangerous, lethal aura that surrounded him.

Hermione turned around to look at all the students that were staring at her; slowly she gave them a small nervous smile then had to crane her neck to look at Ash who stood above her at 6ft 7.

" Akri what about my stuff, my clothes, my books, my laptop?" Hermione said now, Ash gave her a smile that just showed the tips of his fangs.

"Right here," he answered, just then Devereaux, or better known as Dev, and Quinn Peltier flashed into the Great Hall each carrying Hermione's Louis Vuitton trunks.

"Jesus Christ, how much can you pack le petit, " Dev groaned as he walked towards her. Most of the Peltier clan called Hermione le petit ever since she had stayed with them from the age of 5 till she was 8 due to Zarek being transferred back to Alaska by Artemis, or as Simi and her referred to her: 'heifer- goddess', due to Artemis feeling that 'he was unsafe around civilians'. Hermione had gotten so mad that she had demanded he be sent back to London so he could carry on looking after her, and of course, what Hermione wanted she got. Ash had managed to barter with Artemis to get Zarek released from Alaska and back to London so he could carry on looking after Hermione for the next 3 years until she went to Hogwarts.

Quinn groaned for effect as he also lugged one of Hermione trunks behind him, both boys were identical as they were part of identical quads, the only way Hermione and everyone else could really tell them apart was because Dev had gotten a bow and arrow tattoo on his left arm similar to all the Dark Hunters, for a Dark Hunter this mark represented where Artemis had touched them and taken their sole as repayment for having one night where they were able to take revenge on the people that killed them. But Dev being Dev had gotten it as a joke and to piss of most of the Dark Hunters, which to his delight he found very amusing.

Jokily poking out her tongue at the boys she gave them a cute little smile which melted their hearts every time. Both men walked up to her and ruffled her curly hair before bending down and laying a kiss on her cheek."See you at Thanks Giving le petit, " they had both said before flashing back to Sanctuary.

"Ahhh Miss Granger, you finally join us. Please, please come to the front were you will be sorted into you houses, Mr. Filch will take care of your trunks." Dumbledore said encouragingly, before Hermione took a step forward she looked back at Ash and Zarek for encouragement. They both gave her a small smile and encouraged her to walk to the front of the hall where all the rest of the first students were.

Zarek watched as she walked away from them hesitantly then looked at Ash.
"Do you think she'll be alight?" Zarek asked, Acheron gave him a smirk before answering,

"She'll be more than fine Z, quit worrying. We brought her up well." Ash said before looking proudly back at Hermione. Zarek gave a weary sigh, now that his baby girl was gone, there really was no one left at home. Before, he knew that when he got home from a hard nights fighting she would be sitting there watching TV still in her PJ's waiting for him. She would always make sure he ate something before he went to bed and that he could clean up any wounds he may have had.


Zarek parked his black Range Rover in the front of the gates to his home, punching in the code to open the heavy electrical gates he headed up the windy stony path to the front of his house. Taking the key out of the ignition his large frame climbed out the car and headed towards the heavy double oak doors.

Zarek could still remember the day he had been told by Acheron to buy the house, if it had been under normal circumstances he would have had no trouble in telling Acheron to go stick his advice where the sun didn't shine but when he thought about it logically, if he was looking after a child he wanted the best for her; things he had never had when he had grown up.

Shaking his head Zarek made his way into the 10 bedroom house and headed straight towards the kitchen. His eyes instantly spotted the food that was already on the stove being warmed up; hot chicken soup, crusty bread, 2 pieces of stake, vegetables on the side and a gravy boat next to the china plate.

"It should be warmed up enough," Hermione said as she heard Zarek come into the kitchen to investigate what he had for dinner tonight. Zarek gave a smirk as he looked over and saw Hermione in her pink flannel pyjama's sitting on the large tan leather sofa watching TV.

"Shouldn't you be asleep young lady?" Zarek said before he poured on the gravy and grabbed his plate and the bowl of soup to sit down and eat his third meal of the night.

"You know I always wait up for you." Hermione said before getting up and heading towards him and sitting herself on top of the black granite counter.

"So how many Daimons did you kill tonight?" Hermione said with a small smile and a gleam in her eye.

"Seven." Zarek answered before sitting down at the dinner table to start his meal, he let his gaze drift to Hermione who was swinging her legs and twirling a lock of her brown hair around her finger.

"Didn't get hurt, did you?" Hermione asked frowning; Zarek gave a nod before he replied telling her that they had all healed up. Hermione gave a sigh in relief and let her gaze wander to the letter that was lying next to her on the counter. Picking it up she examined the letter she had got from Hogwarts that accepted her into the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Looking back at her godfather Hermione gave a huge sigh before asking,

"Do I have to go to that school?"11 year old Hermione asked as she looked at her godfather. Zarek took a deep breath and looked at her with his black eyes before answering.

"Yes." Hermione hopped off the counter and walked towards him sadness filling her eyes.

"But I don't want to go. I don't want to leave you behind Uncle Zarek," Hermione said before sitting on the seat next to him.

"Look baby girl, you have to go. It will be safe for you there, you'll meet new friends and you'll have a good time. I promise," Zarek said before taking a bite out of the bread he had just dipped into the soup.

"Okay" she said claming temporary defeat as she then reluctantly got up and gave Zarek a hug and gave him a kiss on his stubbled cheek.

"Goodnight Uncle Zarek, make sure you eat properly." She said as she headed off towards her bedroom.

"Night, baby girl." Zarek replied as he watched her tiny frame disappear into her bedroom.

It was then Zarek had realised how much he would miss his goddaughters' presence around this big house; how much he would miss her when she went off to Hogwarts.

End of Flashback

Hermione walked to the front of the hall, all the student's parted as she walked towards them. She stopped suddenly when one of the student's didn't move out of her way, frowning she tapped the blond boy on the shoulder. When he turned around he had a sneer imprinted onto his pretty face, his cold grey eyes observed her from head to toe before looking at her. Hermione gave a similar sneer, one she had perfected over the years from living with her godfather. Leaning forward, she whispered quietly "Move, or I'll make you move," in her most deadly voice ever. The blond gave her an approving smirk before moving out of her way so she could make her way to the front of the crowd.

Professor McGonagall gave a small smile as she saw the young girl tell Malfoy to move out of her way. Opening the roll of parchment in her hands she looked at the names that were to be announced.

"When I call your name, you will come forth. I shall place the Sorting Hat on your head…" she lifted the old black hat to show to the first years "and you will be sorted into your houses."

"Hermione Granger." McGonagall announced, Hermione took a deep breath and brushed down her wavy hair before lifting her chin and walked towards the wooden stool to be sorted into her house. As she sat on the brown stool she could see both her godfathers watching her proudly, giving them a smile she waited for the hat to be placed upon her head.

" Ahh, I see the prophecy has come to Hogwarts,"

Hermione looked at her fellow students as murmurs began to emerge from the crowd, taking a deep breath she waited to be sorted into her house.

" The prophecy that was made thousands of years ago, it is said that;

"She will be born on the eve of Samhain
Her father, ruler of the Underworld and the dead
She will tip the balance of good and evil
From her first breath warriors names will be etched onto her back
The first warrior will be held in the highest regard
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

Difficult, very difficult, you have power; great power, and dare I say more power than Harry Potter. You would be perfect for Slytherin."

Hermione let her gaze travel to the blond and raised an eyebrow before giving him a small smirk.
But you have courage, and great love for your godfathers and the ones you hold dearest to your heart. They say you will tip the balance of good and evil in the third war but there is evil in you I sense. Your father, he has this evil inside him. Evil that you have inside your blood, you are ruthless at times, and you get this from him. You would be great in Slytherin but your courage and love out weighs the evilness inside your blood. Better be Gryffindor!

An applaud broke out as the Sorting Hat announced her chosen house, smiling Hermione hopped off the stool and headed towards the Gryffindor table and sat down at one of the empty seats where her fellow house mates congratulated her on being sorted into the house. Hermione gave a smile to Ash and Zarek as they clapped; she then focused her attention to the front of the hall as she watched the rest of the Sorting ceremony.

"Draco Malfoy." McGonagall said

So that's his name Hermione thought as she saw him step up to be sorted into his house, but before he could even sit on the wooden stool properly the hat screamed out


Hermione frowned curiously as she watched the blond walk to the far table and sat down on one of the empty seats. Once he looked up their eyes connected, gunmetal grey clashing with dark honey brown eyes, they instantly felt the connection and looked away immediately before anyone suspected anything.

Hermione idly watched the rest of the sorting ceremony but her mind kept drifting off to the blond that was seated on the other side of the hall from her. It was only when everyone went silent Hermione was pulled out of her day dreams. She quickly looked around at the stunned faces before looking at the source of all this commotion. A smile graced her face as she saw Papa Bear Peltier. Standing a cool seven feet three inches, he held a big black dog in his hands. Hermione leapt up from her seat the second she saw Papa Bear flash into the Great Hall carrying Celt in his hands.

"Celt, you naughty boy, what have I told you about running away like that?" Hermione said as she scolded the Scottish Wolfhound in Papa Bears hands. Celt let out a soft whine before jumping out of the Were- Hunters hands and into Hermione's. Hermione gave a soft chuckle as the black wolfhound nuzzled her hair and licked her cheek.

"Try not to leave him unattended again le petite he was running all over Sanctuary, you're lucky I knew where you were, and I also think you may have to give him a bath." Papa said as he watched Hermione grimaced before placing the dog onto the floor.

"Have you been playing with Cerberus again? What have I told you! Bad Celt," Celt gave another apologetic whine before lying down on his haunches. Hermione gave a soft chuckle before giving Celt a god scrub across his head before returning her attention to Papa.

"See you soon le petite and try and keep that dog of yours on a leash." Papa said before bending down and pressing a soft kiss onto her temple before flashing out of the Great Hall and heading back to Sanctuary.

"I knew I should have made Ma give you another present for your sixth birthday," Ash muttered before he walked past her and headed towards the teachers who were at the front of the hall.

"Bloody hell, he's huge!" Ron exclaimed as he looked at the large Scottish wolfhound that was quiet comfortable where he was on the marble floor near Hermione's feet.

"He's a Scottish wolfhound, his kind is extinct; well Celts the last of his kind that is." Hermione said before giving the red head a smile before sitting back down in her seat to finish off her meal.

Zarek looked around at all the students who were currently enjoying their meal, scratching his goatee with one of his clawed fingers he reached into his inside pocket for a packet of cigarettes. Taking out the silver lighter that Hermione had giving him for Christmas he light the end of the fag before taking a deep pull of the nicotine stick before deeply exhaling the remanding smoke.

"Mr…, um may I remind you that you are not permitted to smoke in the Great Hall," Dumbledore said as he looked at Zarek. Hermione turned around to look at her godfather, and raised an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Don't look at me like that baby girl; what was I supposed to do? I was bored!" Zarek said before putting out his cigarette in Harry's pumpkin juice. Harry's mouth dropped open as the white stick fizzled as it was extinguished in his pumpkin juice that he was just about to take a sip out of.
"Uncle Zarek!" Hermione exclaimed as she watched Harry's expression, Zarek gave a weary sigh before

"Sorry kid." As he walked off to see when he could get out of this place, and the only way that was happening was if Ash flashed him out of there, but at that current moment Ash looked like he was in a lengthy discussion with the Head Master.

"You know, you're not allowed dogs in Hogwarts." Draco Malfoy said as he neared the Gryffindor table, Hermione swiveled in her seat and looked up to see the blond she had been making eyes with earlier in front of her. Flipping her curly brown hair over her shoulder she gave him a sweet smile before answering.

"Well, Celts the acceptation to the rule, Akri said that the Head Master was willing to allow Celt to stay here as long as he didn't cause any trouble." Hermione looked down at her wolfhound confused, normally anyone who approached her Celt would immediately be barking and snarling at, only Zarek and Ash could control the wolfhound, but apparently Celt had taken a liking to Draco Malfoy. But the second his two body guards came near Celt was up on all fours growling and barking at them, immediately they stepped away as the wolfhound began to snarl.

"Good boy Celt," Hermione murmured before running her hands through his thick black hair, before returning her eyes back to the blond who was standing in front of her

"Looks like he has taken a liking to you for some reason," Hermione said as she looked at him curiously, Malfoy bent down to run a pale hand though Celts thick mane.

"He's a big dog, you should put him on a leash or something," Malfoy said as he gave a small chuckle as Celt nuzzled his hand. The very idea of keeping Celt on a leash was laughable but she wouldn't tell him that. It wasn't the first time someone had made the suggestion. Hermione gave him a small smile as she watched him pet Celt affectionately.

"What are you doin' here Malfoy, shove off," Ron said as he turned around to stare at Malfoy's pale face, Malfoy stood up to give Ron a mean retort but he was cut off when Celt came in front of Malfoy and gave Ron a vicious snarl and sharp bark, effectively keeping Ron away from the blond Slytherin.

"Down Celt." Hermione said as she looked at Celt's change in mood, Malfoy looked down at the wolfhound before giving a small chuckle; he gave one lingering look at Hermione before walking off and heading back to his table.

"What the hell was that all about?" Ron exclaimed, Harry just shrugged his shoulders before returning his eyes to Hermione.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Harry Potter." Hermione gave him a bright smile before holding out her hand,

"Hermione Granger, nice to finally meet you. You know all this prophecy stuff really is a load of bullshit, I mean how can I possibly 'save the world' I mean it all a load of bloody shit." Hermione looked around to see all the students that were surrounding her had gone silent, she cringed as she realised what she had just said.

"Sorry, it's a bad habit, swearing I mean. I blame it on Uncle Zarek, and a couple of my other godfathers, not to mention my pop's, he just swears too much." Hermione said as she rolled her eyes in humour. She then turned her attention to Ron.

"So, why don't you like Malfoy?" Hermione asked as she picked up a slice of garlic bread and began nibbling on it. Ron put down the chicken drum stick he had in his hand before he answered.

"He thinks just because he is pureblood he is better than everyone else, which he isn't. Just because he has money, he thinks he can control everyone else to do what he wants, just because he commands it. Well I don't put up with his crap; I don't care what he says!" Ron said before returning to his forgotten chicken drumstick, Hermione raised her eyebrows but said nothing.

"I want her Lucius! I want her for the dark side, do you understand how valuable she is if she were a Death Eater for the Dark Side!!" Voldermort yelled as he looked at Lucius who was kneeling on the flood in front of him, head bent.

"Yes My Lord."

"Tell your boy I want her, do everything in your power to make sure she is on our side, we can not afford to lose her to the light side, do you understand Lucius?" Voldermort screamed at the Death Eater.

"Yes My Lord, I will make sure Draco understands what is needed of him."

"She will be our saviour, I can see it! She will be the one who will win this war for me." Voldermorts' eyes gleamed as he thought of the future, of a world full of violence and chaos a place where he would be in control.