Somewhere in the United States of America, there is an office building. In that building, there is an office suite consisting of an outer reception area, and an inner office. The outer office area contains a computer desk, two chairs and a floor lamp. The inner office contains a larger computer desk holding four computer monitors. There are three televisions on wall mounts, each tuned to a different station.

A woman of average height, average features, and above-average intelligence occupies the reception desk. Her nameplate reads 'Miss White.'

The door to the inner office reads 'Mr. Black,' and it is he who sits behind the desk. He has the televisions muted, the closed caption feature activated. He is looking, however, at one of the computer monitors, which is flashing a deep blue. He checks his phone, then stands and walks out of the office.

"Miss White, there's been an incident. I need you to gather all intel on Operation Snow Dragon, from whatever sources you can. We're activating everyone, Code Blue, so I'll need you to make the calls."

Miss White looks up from a report on her desk. "All of them, sir?"

"Yes, I think this is going to be bad. I need them together by 0900 tomorrow."

"Yes, sir." Miss White unlocks the bottom left-hand drawer of her desk and pulls out a single sheet of paper. There are six names and phone numbers listed in no discernible order, and attached to each name is a color. She picks up the phone, dials the first number, appropriately labeled with the color Brown. A male voice answered.

"Brown residence."

"Is Sergeant Robert Brown available, please?"


"Sgt. Brown, this is Melanie Jacobs from BlueTech Industries. I am calling to see if I can interest you in our new 900 series laptop."

"I am very interested. Perhaps we could meet to discuss its features."

"Would an appointment tomorrow work for you?"

"That would be great. Thank you for calling."

Miss White hangs up the phone, satisfied that the message has been delivered. She hesitates over the next name on the list, but doesn't call it. She frowns before moving on to the next color, Grey.


"Yes, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm looking for a Miss Erin Waters."

"s' me."

"Miss Waters, this is Marleen Jackson from Blue Memorial Hospital. Your test results are in, and I'm afraid the cell count is over 900."

"900, you say?"

"Yes, ma'am. The doctor would like to see you tomorrow to discuss your options."

"Well, thank you for informing me. I'll be sure to take care of that."

Once again, Miss White hangs up, checking off the name. She smiles as she dials the third number, this time Orange.


"I'm sorry, sir, I'm calling on behalf of Marcia Jenkins for a Mr. Seeley Booth?"

"Oh, hey, yeah, sorry about that. What's up?"

"Mr. Booth, the Blue Dress Bed and Breakfast would like to offer you a deal on your next visit. We have a two-week package available for only $900. This offer is only available through tomorrow, though."

"Hey, that sounds great. I'll be sure to take you up on that as soon as I clear some stuff up. Thanks for calling."

He could be late. Two more to go. She dials Red.


"Is this Trista Kraven?"


"Miss Kraven, this is Meredith Jennis calling on behalf of the BlueTones music survey. Can I interest you in an opportunity to select from 900 different CD's?"

"Do you have more information?"

"Can I set up an appointment for you tomorrow?"

"I look forward to it."

Miss White has saved Green for last because he is her favorite. She rolls her eyes, though, when a female voice answers.

"Agent DiNozzo's phone, this is Officer David."

"Officer David, this is Melissa Jones from BlueRay Security. Could I speak with Agent Anthony DiNozzo, please?"

"Perhaps. He should be on his way up. Would you like me to take a message?"

"No, thank you. I'll wait."

"They always do." The comment is muttered softly, but Miss White has excellent hearing. She waits a few minutes before hearing Tony's voice on the other end.

"Ziva, what are you doing at my desk?"

"Your phone was ringing. I answered."

"You couldn't take a message?"

"She wanted to wait."

"She who?"

"Says her name is Melissa Jones, from BlueRay Security."

"Ziva, give me the phone."

"Why, is she a new girlfriend? Perhaps I should tell her to call back."

"Ziva. NOW."

"Alright, brighten up, Tony. Here."

"DiNozzo here."

"Agent DiNozzo, this is Melissa Jones from BlueRay Security. I'm calling about the 900SL alarm system you inquired about. Is this a good time?"

"Um, right, actually, I would like to hear more about this. Could you call me at home, please?"

"Certainly, I'll call back tomorrow. Have a nice day, sir."

Her phone calls finished and message delivered, Miss White turns back to her computer to do a search for information on Operation Snow Dragon.


AN: Okay, the poll results are pretty definitive. I'm working on a sequel to this story, but before I start posting, I wanted to be sure this one was wrapped up and not disjointed since it was originally posted as a WIP. I'm reposting everything at once.