Happy Ending?

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Notes: Hey everyone, sorry i havent been posting much. I was putting stuff on deviant art. Look me up on there (same username) I have a bunch of HBK stuff on there. Anyway, so here' s a sequel to Tonsil Hockey.

Hunter grumbled as he shut the door on Adam and Shawn, hearing their moans all the way down the hall as he walked to his room, basically ignoring Dave as he went.

"You ok Hunt?" Dave asked him.

"Fine Dave. Goodnight." Hunter growled, opening his door and slamming it in Dave's face.

Sighing, he leant tiredly against the door, rubbing his temples. He needed a drink. He wish he could burn the image of Shawn attacking Adam out of his mind. He wished that he'd been in Adam's place. Shaking that thought away, he walked to his mini fridge and pulled out a 6 pack, setting it on the bed and laying down, opening one.

"I wish it had been different Shawn." he muttered, turning to look at the framed picture of his best friend on his bedside table. He took a large swig of beer and picked up the photo.

"If you'd never hurt your back, if we'd kept in better touch, if I didn't let my stupidity get in the way of us." he sighed and finished off the beer, throwing the empty can across the room.

"But it'll never be us again. Its you and Adam now. I'm just an afterthought." Voicing that made it hit home and Hunter's heart ached.

"I'm no more than an afterthought." he grabbed another beer and quickly finished that one too.

"So fuckin' stupid." he muttered. "It's best left well enough alone. The past has passed and I can't change it but God it hurts to think that its the end of us for good."

Hunter finished off two more beers. Sighing, he put the last two away, knowing it'd just be worse if he drank those too. Crawling under his covers, he held the picture to his chest.

"At least you got your happy ending."

The End