Not one Step Backward

At the city of Stalingrad, Sonic and his friends first met the Russians. When they were in a boat crossing the Volga River, they were under attack by the airplanes.

"They're coming back!", shouted a Russian as the airplanes charge right towards them.

"We must get out of here! Abanded ship!", cried a Russian coward.

"Kill him!", said Sonic.

"Stop zhe coward!", shouted Antoine.

"Not one step backwards, you cowards!", shouted Alexander Sokolov.

Sonic shot the coward with one of the officer's PPSH tommy guns. As they landed, one officer said ,"The first man in line gets a rifle. The second gets ammunition. When the first is killed, the second takes a rifle and shoots.". Sally got ammo.

She saw how many troops were badly hurt. "You! Over here!", said Alex. Sally went to Alex. She followed Alex all the way to their position. At the park, Sally used a rifle she got from a fallen Russian until Alexander saw something. "German sniper! Lookout, comrade!" said Alex. He was shot in the stomach and Sally shot the sniper in the forehead. Sonic came to Sally.

"Sally, give me cover so I can take down the Nazi flag at that bunker!" shouted Sonic.

"Wait for my order! COVERING FIRE!!!!" shouted Sally.

Sonic ran as fast as he can and found a PPSH. He and the Russians went behind the bunker. The soldier kicked the door open. Sonic came in and shouted, "Say hello to my little friend!!!". Sonic killed all the Nazis and tore down the flag. Sally was impressed by the fact that Sonic survived the action.

"Well done, comrade.", said Sally

"Looks like we found ourselves a new spotter.", said Alex.