Chapter 1

It was Yuki's 16th birthday and Kaname was preparing for her transformation. He was going to make Yuki his forever. She was a suppressed pure blood and her time had come to awaken. Kaname had spent the last few nights in his room preparing the ritual and now it was time.

He had Aido retrieve her under the assumption that he had a birthday present. His real plan was to cast the spell before she entered his room and activate it when she entered. She would be his before the night was over. Never again would he let Zero touch her. She would have her vampire abilities again and he would tie her to him with a blood trade.

Unaware of the actions taking place Yuki was excited by the request to see her from Kaname. Aido led her across the campus to the Moon Dorm. He walked her up the stairs and led her to Kaname's room. He knocked to introduce her. Kaname called for Yuki to ender.

As Yuki entered she was blinded be a bright light and a thick white smoke. She fell to her knees and felt a great hunger over take her. Then slowly her body began to burn from the inside out. She heard loud sirens in her head and put her hands over her ears, only to lock the sound in. She felt excruciating pain in her stomach and let out a high pitch scream.

Kaname watched at her and wishing he could help her, but knowing he couldn't, stood there and waited for the spell to finish and for the transformation to be complete. As the rest of the smoke faded away he could see her pain and her change. Her hair was longer, to her knees, and almost black, her eyes had a red blood lust in them, her chest was larger, from an A to a large C, and she also had fangs protruding from her mouth. As the smoke fade away so did most of the pain.

When she could final move her body Yuki looked up a Kaname with hurt and fearful eyes. She couldn't understand what her beloved Kaname had done to her. She was in pain and shock. When she final calmed down many minutes later Kaname told her she was no longer human and never was. He pulled her off the floor and placed her in front of a large mirror so she could see her new and true form. She was confused and couldn't say anything.

Then it came again, the wave of great hunger. As if reading her mind Kaname slit his wrist and put it to her lips and told her to drink. She tried to refuse but caved in to the lust. With her new vampire teeth she pierced his skin even deeper and drank viscously. Kaname gave her as much blood as he could before telling her enough. After she stopped she looked at him she fainted in to his arms.

He picks her up bridle style and places her on his bed. He went to his closet to get her one of his shirts to sleep in. As he return from the large walk in closet he heard a knock on the door. It was the knight class, they had heard the scream and sensed the awakening of a new pure blood and wanted to know who the new presence in the dorm was. He said it was his new queen and closed the door in their faces.

He walked over to his unconscious love and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Because of her transformation her shirt was tight on her and her bra was no were near big enough. He removed her blouse gently then unhinged her bra. He studies her curved body then lays his beautiful topless girl on the bed and unzips her shirt and pulls off. He gently pulled his shirt over her head and arms and pulled it down. He locked his door and windows to stop any uninvited guests, Zero, from entering the room while Yuki slept. She was even more beautiful after her transformation.