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Chapter 10

When they arrived back in class she was greeted by every one as they ask her how she was. She gives them all a warm smile as Kaname leads her to their seats. As the teacher returns everyone returns to their seats and prepares for the next class. When classes were over they returned to the moon dorm. They all stayed downstairs, at the request of Yuki, and talked while they watched Aido and Ichijo play card games. Kaname sat next to Yuki as Mary brushed her hair. When Mary was done Yuki laid against Kaname who was now playing cards against Ichijo. She soon fell asleep and Kaname laid her down so that her head was lying on his lap.

After a long silence Aido tried to start a conversation, "that was some scare she gave every one today, right Kaname?"

"That girl was lucky she didn't hurt Yuki more than a scratch and even luckier she's not in the night class." he said angrily.

Trying again after another long silence, "what are we going to do with a baby around here?"

"We should throw her a bay shower. She would love that." shouted a few girls in unison.

"But we don't know if it's going to be a girl or boy." stated Rukia.

"So we can decorate with pink and blue." retorted a girl.

"Why don't we just take her out some were, we can take her shopping and then out to eat?" asked one girl.

"And what are us guys going to do while your shopping." asked Aido

"Carry our bags of course." said the girls laughing.

"If you take her shopping I suggest you wait till she has a belly to dress up." stated Kaname while running his fingers threw her long hair. Every one laughed in agreement. Yuki stirred with their laughter. "What's so funny?" she asked as she slowly sat up rubbing her eyes.

"Nothing Yuki we were just wondering when you would get fat." Aido said laughing.

"With the way you eat it a mystery you aren't already" Ichijo added laughing.

"Hey!" Yuki shouted also laughing.

Things continued like this for weeks, class, inter action, sleep, and feed. In her seventh month Yuki was just starting to get a belly. All of the student in the night class started to make a fuss of it. The girls planned party and shopping ideas. The guy made jokes with Kaname.

One nigh after getting out of the shower with Kaname she tried to put her favorite night gown on but couldn't get it buttoned. "Kaname help" she pleaded as he sat there quietly laughing at her attempts he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her small round belly. "It's not going to button. You're too big for it. I told you we should have gone shopping." He said as he removed her gown and put her in one of his shirts.

"You said that weeks ago. Well… can we go shopping tonight sense there's no classes?" she asked blushing lightly.

"Yes, we can go as soon as the sun sets. So get some rest till then." he replied.

She smiled at him as she claimed in to bed next to him. He kissed her on the forehead and wrapped his arms around her as she fell fast asleep.

He woke her up just as the sun set. She got dressed eagerly, and ran down stairs. She was greeted by the others as they asked her were her and Kaname were going. "We're going shopping for close for me sense I can't fit in to most of the ones I have" she answered with a smile. "You glow Yuki" stated Aido. She thanked him as one of the girls helped her put her jacket on. She waited for Kaname to come down by the door. When he finally did come down all the girls were asking if they could come too. He looked at all of them with a glare and told them to ask Yuki. Yuki of course said yes, so they all left together.

The girls dragged Yuki to a bunch of stores. They treated her like a doll dressing her in cute out fits that showed her belly off. She picked the ones she liked and they moved to the next store. By time they moved onto the next block she had bags of cloths from seven different stores. They took her to an ice cream shop and all the girls got ice cream and walked threw the park as they ate it. When Yuki got tiered they found a bench and sat down. It was late October and starting to get colder at night. They went to a few more stores and had a few more bags before turning to the dorm. By time they got back it was almost sunrise. Kaname was carrying Yuki as she slept exosted from walking all over town all night.

The guys carried the bags to Kaname's room and said good night as Kaname laid Yuki on the bed. He gently undressed her and put her in one of her new night gowns. It was a blood red very loose and came to mid thigh. With her pail skin and dark hair the night gown looked beautiful on her. As he laid her back down on the bed she woke up and smiled at him. He kisses her on the forehead and changes into his sleep ware and laid down in the bed next to her wrapping his arms around her stomach. When he woke up Yuki was in the shower he got up walked to the bathroom and undressed to join her. When he stepped in she said good morning to him as he leaned down to kiss her.

He lifts her up against the wall as he kissed and stopped for a moment to say "You're getting to heavy." She smiles at him and replies "first I'm too thin now I'm to heave will you ever be satisfied?" she asks jokingly with a laugh. She quickly becomes silent and lets out a small scream as he lifts her up and enters her body. He moves her up and down pumping into her deeper. She lets out an occasional scream as she kisses his neck. She lets out a louder scream when he pulls out of her, leaving her breathless.

When they exit the shower she wraps her self in a towel and goes to the closet to get her uniform. She gets the skirt on but can't get the top to button. She goes back to the bathroom and tells Kaname they forgot to get her a new school uniform again, he laughs at her attempts to once again button it, "Just wear one of the shirts we got you last night, I'm sure it won't matter."

"But what if I get in trouble by the teacher?"

"The teacher would never dare to yell at you" he informed her.

She gives in and grabs a white and pink blouse with a matching skirt from one of the bags. She put it on as Kaname also dresses. She hears a nock on the door and answers it. It's Aido and Kain. She feeds off them and they head down stairs to were the others are gathered. They all tell Yuki she looks cute as she explains about her uniform.

As they walk to class they hear a rise of whispers as Yuki passes. She clings to Kaname's arms as they walk by the day class. They day class students are surprised to she a pregnant student and even more so when they see her clinging to Kaname. A few girls shout out rude comment to Yuki like slut and whore but are quickly silenced by Kaname's glare.

When they reached school building Yuki was almost in tears from the rude comments made by the day class girls. Kaname held her tightly as the girls tried to calm her down. "It's ok Yuki they were just surprised by it. After all you can't tell when you're in uniform." stated Aido.

"Yes, humans are cruel creatures. They shun what they don't understand. Their just not use to someone as young as you being pregnant. Not to mention they were jealous of you and Kaname" added Mary.

"Really?" asked a tearful Yuki.

"Yes my dear girl, so calm down" soothed Kaname.

"Ok," replied Yuki with a large smile.

"You sure perked up fast" Aido said with a laugh.

"What do you expect Aido. It's her hormones." stated Kain with a small smile.

"Hey!" shouted Yuki, followed by a small laugh.

"Maybe you should wear your new close from now on that would make them angrier and jealous" said Rukia.

"Just what she need angry and jealous day class girls." responded Shizuki.

"Kaname could tell them to leave her alone. They would all listen to him."

"Hey you guys that's not funny" replied Yuki with a giggle.

When class was over everyone returned to the moon dorm and gathers down stair with Kaname and Yuki to talk and play games. Yuki had changed into a beautiful blood red day dress. It was one of the dresses the girls picked out for her because it showed off her bell. "Yuki you look Beautiful" complimented Aido when she had returned down stairs.

"With that you can really see her belly" stated the girls. Yuki blushed as she sat next to Kaname. "Hey, I'm not that big you guys." pouted Yuki.

"You're right. Maybe we should work on getting her bigger." added Kaname as he wrapped his arm around her.

"Yuki is due in less then two months and she's barely that big." complained Mary.

"It's not my fault." stated Yuki with another giggle.

"Let's play a game?" Yuki asked after Aido and Ichijo finished their chess game ending in a draw due to boredom.

"And what would you like to play?" Kaname asked with a warm smile.

"Um… lets go and play at the lake" she answered.

"Are you sure about that Yuki, it's quite cold out." asked the guys.

"I have a jacket, and it's not as cold as yesterday." She pleaded.

"If that is your wish then let's go." Kaname said as he pulled Yuki up off the couch.

"Yay!" shrieked all the girls.

They all walked to the door grabbing their jackets and buttoning and zipping them up. Kaname put Yuki in her jacket and buttoned it up for her. Then left for the lake, Yuki loved the lake when ever she disappeared she could always be found here. Her power over water was her favorite. She enjoyed walking across the waters surface and making the water dance with her

As they arrived at the lake Yuki instantly ran onto the water fallowed the few girls who could manipulate water. Yuki danced around the lakes surface making the water dance up with her. Yuki was the strongest when it came to water power, as she was a pure blood, she also was best when it came to fire, and second only to Kaname in healing.

"She looks like a water goddess" stated Kain in amazement.

"She sure does" agreed Aido in aw.

"Queen of vampires and goddess of water" chuckled Ichijo.

"Are you sure it's ok for her to be out when it's this chilly, Kaname?" asked Aido.

"She'll be fine if she doesn't fall in." Kaname answered.

Yuki returned to shore after tiring herself out, which didn't take long at all. The group walked back to the dorms slowly talking about random things. Yuki as having a little trouble but no one seemed to notice till "Ah", Yuki let out a cry and bent over. "What's wrong Yuki?" asked Kaname instantly worried.

"It's nothing Kaname the baby just wont stop kicking is all." She replied with a small smile. "Here," she said taking his hand and placing it on the side of her belly. Kaname had an instant smile on his face. "What is it Kaname?" asked Aido still worried along with the others.

"You can feel it kicking" replied Kaname half to him self.

"I want to feel" shouted Aido as he stepped forward. He received a cold stare from Kaname but was reassured by a warm smile from Yuki. "Its ok Kaname" reassured Yuki. Kaname reluctantly stepped side wile the night class walked over to her and some placed gentle hands on her stomach. A few of the girls giggled and the guys looked a little surprised and happy.

By time they reached the moon dorm it was already sun rise. Yuki let out a big yawn and headed to bed. She stopped at the top step and looked down at Kaname "aren't you coming?" she asked him. "I'll be up in a minute you go ahead" he replied with a smile. She did so while he continued talking to some of the guys. Kaname was in the room a few minutes later and changed and climbed into bed wrapping his arms around Yuki as he quickly fell asleep.

When he woke up Yuki was still asleep so he got up and got dresses. He went down the hall to get Aido and Ichijo before waking Yuki up. When he returned o the room Yuki was still sleeping, she looked so peaceful he didn't want to wake her up. After watching her for a few minutes he woke her up. He gave her an outfit to put on and told her to hurry before the two guys got there. She took the out fit from him and looked at it questioningly. "Don't we have classes today?" asked Yuki. "Yes and you will ware that today" he replied with a smile.

"But what about my school uniform, won't I get in trouble?" Yuki asked.

"I like you better in these closes rather then your uniform so you will ware it, if the teachers have a problem with it to they will have to deal with it."

"Ok, if you're sure. Um…but can I ware the dark blue one?" she asks.

"Fine, just hurry up." answered Kaname with a smile.


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