Well this is another story of mine. I wanted to try a high school fic..so enjoy!!!

Beeeep! . . .Beeeep! . . . Bee- crash!

A very tired Sakura threw her alarm clock against the wall. It was that time of year again. The time where every kid has to suffer and head back to school. The only thing good about the school year is getting to see your friends every day and the parties. Sakura smiled at the last one.

Deciding she wasn't getting anywhere just lying in bed, Sakura got up and went into her bathroom. She quickly took a shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She then went back into her room and picked out something to wear. Nothing new, just plain jeans and a black shirt that had cherry blossoms on it. She brought the clothes into the bathroom and changed. Once she was done, she quickly combed her hair and brushed her teeth.

After a quick breakfast, Sakura grabbed her keys and went out to her car. She got into her red convertible mustang, and drove to her school, Konoha High. "I hate getting up this early." Sakura mumbled to herself.

As she drove down her road, she noticed a 'Sold' sign on a yard not too far away from her house. "Hm, new neighbors. Great." She started to complain. "Every time there's someone new, they end up being fifty years old and yell at you for being too loud."

But then she noticed someone with a black motorcycle helmet on, walking to the black motorcycle in the drive. They seemed to be the same age as Sakura. A Junior. Deciding to ignore it, she hurried to school.

Sakura pulled into the parking lot and parked her car. She got out, locked her car, and went on to the campus. She walked over to a tree and was greeted by her friends. "Hey, Sakura!"

Sakura followed the noise that belonged to her friend. "Hey, Naruto."

"So, Sakura. Did you get your schedule?" Hinata asked.

"Of course, Hinata." Sakura fumbled around in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. She unfolded the paper and read, "1st hour: Study Hall - Kakashi, 2nd Hour: German - Kabuto, 3rd Hour: Gym - Gai, 4th Hour: History - Genma, 5th Hour: Lunch, 6th Hour: Science - Orochimaru, 7th Hour: Algebra - Anko, 8th Hour: English - Ibiki."

"Are you serious?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"We all have the same classes!" All of her friends shouted.

"Well, that's great!" Sakura mentioned.

"Well, not to be rude, but if we don't hurry we'll be late for class." Neji stated.

All of them then hurried inside and went to their lockers. Then they all met at their first class. They all sat in the back of the classroom.


"Okay, that was the first bell. If Kakashi is the same as last year, it should be another five to ten minutes." Ino informed.

"So has anyone seen any hot new guys this year?" Tenten asked.

"Nope. Not yet." Sakura answered.

"Oh, I saw this guy. He was soo hansom. Dark spiky hair." Ino told.

"Ugh, Ino. That's Sasuke." Tenten said.

"Yeah, so."

"Never mind."

Right then the door opened and Kakashi stood in the doorway. "One moment, class."

The whole classroom watched as he started talking to someone who was outside. "Who's he talking to?" Naruto questioned.

"Probably some new kid." Neji said.

Sakura watched the doorway as Kakashi moved and another person walked in. The first thing she noticed was sea-green eyes, and fire-red hair. Sakura also noticed he wore black pants with chains, black boots, and a black shirt that had some kind of red symbol by the shoulder. Kakashi pointed to her and the he started walking toward the back. Talk about hot. Wait. What was she thinking? She woke from her daydream when she saw someone sit in front of her. "Everyone, there is a new student here today. His name is Gaara. Gaara, would you like to introduce yourself to the class?" Kakashi asked.


"Okay then. To start out the first day, we'll learn the class rules."

Another good reason why the first day of school is good: You don't do anything. Sakura watched as the new kid dug through his stuff. He then turned around to her. "Do you have some paper?"

"Ugh, yea."

"Can I have some?" He asked.

"Oh! Sorry, I'm out of it today."

Gaara smirked as she fumbled through her things and grabbed a few sheets of paper. She smiled and gave them to him. "Thanks."

"No problem."

As class went on, a piece of paper landed on Sakura's desk. Sakura opened and read:

What was that all about? Is Sakura falling for the new kid?


Sakura sighed.

It was nothing. He asked for something and I gave it to him. No big deal. AND I am not falling for him!!


Sakura folded the paper back up and threw back at Tenten. She watched her reaction as she read the note. The paper then came back to Sakura.

Whatever you say. You're in Denial, trust me.

Tenten 3

Sakura laughed at her friend. "Ugh, Sakura. Is there a problem?" Kakashi asked.

"Oh, no. Sorry."

Kakashi nodded and went back to whatever he was talking about. Sakura sighed as she glared at her chuckling friends. "Are they laughing 'cause of this?"

Sakura looked in front of her and noticed Gaara held the note her and Tenten was passing. "Um, no."

"So then I can look at it?" Gaara smirked.

"No!" Sakura shouted in a whisper.

Gaara laughed and gave the paper back to her. "Meany."


1st hour done. Seven more until the day is done.

Sakura got up and waited in the hall for all of her friends. Once everyone was out of the classroom, they headed to their next class. German. " Why do they teach German this year?" Ino asked.

"Don't know. I think they wanted to have something different this year." Hinata told.

They walked into the classroom and sat down. Sakura was talking with all of her friends until she heard someone sit behind. "Looks like two classes now."

She knew that voice. "Apparently."

"Guten Tag, Klasse. Bitte nehmen Sie platz"

Everyone gave the teacher a blank look and sat down. "Ich heie HerrKabuto."

Okay, seriously. I cannot understand a single word he is saying. Sakura thought. "Ich werde nun gehen durch dar Regel." Kabuto said.

Another class to ignore.

Wow that was a pretty long chapter...well for me. I wanted to try a different type of story so here it is! Hope you liked it ! R&R


Guten Tag, Klasse. Bitte nehmen Sie platz - Good afternoon, class. Please take your seats.

Ich heie HerrKabuto - My name is Mr. Kabuto

Ich werde nun gehen durch dar Regel - I will go through the rules