Summary: After watching his best friend die in a hospital, Pony witnessed a longtime buddy being shot to death under the streetlights. After seeing his parents and sister brutally murdered in an armed robbery, Jude laid in his own blood fighting for his life. Jude and his brother, Jason, flee to Tulsa in hopes to start a new life away from the memories of Detroit; while Pony struggles to ignore the knowing looks and crude comments thrown at him in his home town. Circumstances drive the two together, creating a friendship that's much needed on both end. But what happens when Bob Sheldon's friends seek revenge on the kid they believe was responsible for their friend's death, and the murderers of Jude's parents come looking for the only witness of the Detroit robbery?

Warnings: Contains violence, bad language, and drug use. Viewer discretion advised.

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No Trespassing

Part I: The Eastside, The Westside, and the Sides In-between

Chapter 1: Yankee City Boy


I push the biscuits drowned in grey gravy, back and forth across my plate. I've never eaten something so disgusting before in my life. I mean, who really knows what's in this stuff anyways? I mean sure, there's the biscuits and the gravy, right? And um, eggs, butter, flour…the works. But what's really in them, is what I want to know. Who eats this stuff anyways?

I look over at my brother sitting across from me in the booth. He's reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. It was his idea to get up so damn early to 'take a look around the city'. We've lived in Tulsa for almost twenty-four hours, and seen almost all there is to see.

"You gonna' eat that, or just play with it?" Jason asks, giving me an amused smirk. For some reason he finds my dislike of own new home slightly amusing. We only moved here because of the bad memories of our last home in Detroit. Our family was robbed in broad daylight, our parents and sister shot and killed. Jason wasn't home at the time, he was at a friend's house trying out some of their new stunts for a show they were putting on. Jason and his friend Lyle are stuntmen.

"I think I'll pass." I answer him, receiving a stern look.

"You need to eat something Jude. I'm serious." Jason tells me. I sigh with annoyance. He's always like this. I'm not much of an eater, and he worries over it. Actually, he worries over everything. Since the robbery he's been treating me like I'm five instead of thirteen-and-a-half. It happened almost two months ago, and there hasn't been a day when he's let me out of his sight. What makes it worse is, because I was shot twice, Jason thinks I can't do anything for myself. The doctors told us that after a year or so of therapy, that I'd be 'as good as new', but that didn't make Jason any less nervous.

"You know, while we're out, maybe we can stop by the middle school. Have me registered and stuff." I try to say casually. Of course, Jason shakes his head.

"No way. It's too early." He says matter-of-factly. I let my fork drop on my plate.

"Jas, It's been almost a month and half that I haven't been in school. I can't stay out forever. I'm just gonna get behind." I counter. He gives me his 'look', that says 'drop it or else', and I groan loudly. His stubbornness if so aggravating.

"Jude, eat." Jason says out of habit.

"Well, will you at least just think about it? I can't stay in the house for the rest of my life, and you have to work eventually…" I reason quietly. Jason puts down the newspaper and looks at me thoughtfully.

"If you eat, then I'll think about it." He answers.

There's a movie theater, a few restaurants, a grocery store…oh, and a gas station. We might've passed a library too, and I mistook it for a prison. Don't really know what that's saying. Really though, I guess it's not all that bad. I did mention that they had a theater.

"So what do you guys do for fun around here, play checkers?" I ask the old man behind the counter at the grocery store. I think it could quite possibly be the only grocery store in Tulsa. He just gives me the once over and hands two of the three bags to Jason. I grab the other one and head for the door.

"Play checkers?" Jason asks me on our way to the car. "Might as well write 'I'm a Yankee city boy' on your forehead."

"Well, I figured chess was pushin' it. You gotta have at least a small amount of intelligence to know what pieces can do what." I answer.

"And they say you're the nice one." He smirks. "You want me to carry that for you?" He takes the bag before I even have time to answer.

"Jason, I can carry a damn bag! I'm not brain-dead!" I snap irritably. He always has to treat me like an invalid.

"Not completely anyways." He mutters. "And watch your language. I was just trying to help." Jason tosses the three bags into the backseat of the car, as I hop into the passenger seat and buckle up.

"Where to now?" Jason asks, starting the car.

"Hm…if I was a Yankee city boy, in a small, hick, town, where would I go?"

"Man this place is out of it. What do they do for kicks around here, play checkers?"

- Dallas Winston; The Outsiders by: SE Hinton

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