Part II: Trespassers Will Be Shot

Chapter 10: Epilogue


The boys that beat up Pony, and nearly killed him, were arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. They'll be eligible for parole in five years, but Darry doesn't count on seeing them out that early. Pony and I did have to testify in court, but it wasn't as bad as I originally thought it would be. Two-bit was there for 'moral' support, hollering objections and 'offensive comments' at the boys and their lawyers. The jury thought it was amusing, but the judge wasn't so thrilled. He eventually told him to shut up before he had him removed from court.

George Harlan was arrested and indicted, but his trial hasn't ended yet. He hired a big time lawyer (from Detroit) and is pleading innocent on all charges. My lawyer, a pretty lady named Sadie, ("no miss" she told me) said not to worry. That George will more than definantly be convicted.

Jason is his same old self. More worried than usual, which goes for Darry too, but better than he was after the robbery. I think with George safely behind bars he can rest more easily, which can be said for all of us. I was afraid that after this whole event Jason would want to move somewhere else like the last time; however it was his idea not to let this get to us. We're finally happy, he told me, we're not going to let Him ruin it.

Soda and Steve haven't changed any. Steve is still an impatient grouch, though he does refuse to let Pony or I walk anywhere alone. Two-bit walks us to school, though he rarely stays himself. He's failing almost every class, but he says he's too lazy to drop out.

Pony and I are even better friends than we were before. The two of us can talk about pretty much anything, since we have so much in common. We've met a few new friends; Janie, Ezra, Levi, and Persephone. Pony says I make friends faster than he can remember their names, but I think he's just too quiet. He thinks a lot more than most people I know, and he keeps a lot of his feelings to himself. I sometimes wonder what goes on in that head of his, and the way his brothers talk, I'm not the only one.

I'm glad to be going to school again, even if the kids give Pony and I weird and knowing looks in the hallway. I hear them talking about us all the time, but I try not to worry too much about it. People talk, and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

Tonight Pony and I are meeting up with a guy we met a party a few weeks ago. He called us by name and said he had an interesting proposition for us. He gave us an address and time, and told us to show if we were willing.

He told us to call him Stranger.


Well, this is the end of this story. However, encase you can't tell from the ending, I'm thinking of doing a sequel. I'm not sure yet. Tell me if you're interest and I'll start on it after the holidays. Thanks for reading.

Logan Parker