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Chapter One – Akebono

The human mind is a powerful thing. It is only controlled by its own limitations, our imagination. There will always be things that are beyond our imagination. It should not be possible. Medic-Nin have examined mind after mind after mind, yet they cannot find out why we are so different. Nothing shows how we work. This must mean that everyone can be everything and everyone can be nothing. What limits us is our own subconscious, our instinct; a seal on our souls. There is not many in the world that can understand the soul and its seals. These people have gone down in history as great warriors and a master of seals. The one called Jiraiya was one example, brave, noble and just without cause. So was Minato Namikaze, the one who inherited the power of the Hiraishin. But where this tale starts is with a boy who cannot be a great and brave warrior. He has no love and no life. He will search but will not find but he will never give up the search. But he may be the one who can understand the mind. For he can comprehend the mind's power for himself. For his body contains two souls, he will be the true seal master…. The Fuintatsujin


Konoha was peaceful at night, the gentle glow of paper lanterns hanging outside the neighbourhood shops, the warm air fazed together with the aroma of Udon, Ramen, BBQ and all the other tantalizing smells coming from the restaurants in the district. In short it was the perfect night, balmy, a slight breeze and next to no noise from drunks. Well… it would have been perfect if the boy of this tale was sleeping peacefully, but he was not. That boy had good reason not to be, several assassination attempts a week was enough to drive anyone except the strong willed crazy with fear. This boy did not go crazy with fear; he grew crazed for acceptance in a place he would not find any. This boy, Naruto Uzumaki, was having the nightmare that might change his past, present and future.

Fire. Flames. Oblivion. That was all Naruto saw as he ran for his life. Orange flames licked around his small ankles as he ran as fast as he could along a pathway. The pathway in question was only 12 inches across so he had to keep running or he would lose balance. The pathway ran in seemingly random directions and sprouted off at odd angles. All around the pathway was a giant orb of fire that he was contained inside. Naruto was crying inside as he saw no way out but no words could come to his lips as he didn't have them. His entire lower face was a solid lump of skin. He turned around to see if he had got any further away from the object of terror in his nightmare. A giant foxes head was chasing him along this pathway as if urging him to fall. The fox was roaring a terrifying language after him.

"Hor Noler Pya Hor, Rydnurk Mnecc Bhydisd Ayo Whyl Dni Tibdnm Yw Nicc."

Naruto could not make sense of the words but somehow he knew the ominous terror that was approaching him. He ran onto one small section of his green mile, his breath hastening quickly as he noticed the fox head was no longer on his heels but was rather going around the long way.

"Ry Lydnih Wosgih Ser Mefi Ayo Ryz. Ayo Mnecc Pi Mzeccyzit Ob Pa Ayoh Lurt."

Naruto's understanding of that sentence shocked him. He slowed down only slightly but the speed loss was enough to push him over the edge. If he had been looking at the pathway from a bird's eye view, he would have seen the object of his imprisonment. The Shiki Fujin.

As 6-year-old Naruto opened his eyes, he wasn't surprised in the least by the horrible sight that he saw. Drawings. Everywhere. He moved slightly and felt his skin separate.

'Just great, a knife' thought Naruto as he decided to look at his surroundings. He had splayed himself out on his pathetic kitchen table, still with the cutlery of last night's dinner on the table; now cracked and broken from him sleeping on it. The plain walls painted a pale white but ending up being a tinge of urine yellow thanks to never once since being constructed nearly a decade ago. He sighed quietly to himself in defeat as he saw a design on his walls. It was red, and dripping. It was his blood. He could tell it was, nothing looked quite like his blood. Shining in even the darkest night but always gone in 6 hours 6 minutes and 6 seconds. He rolled off his table with a loud crash. He felt something warm and oddly tasty leak from just above his lips. He touched it softly with his tongue and found it to be his own blood.

"Really nice way to start a day" muttered Naruto as he picked himself up. "Huh, the tingle feeling is making me better again"

He looked in a shard of a mirror that had come with the apartment when he got it and saw a light red tinge hovering around his cut and suturing it together for him.

The blood and other goo on the wall was nothing new to the boy, he thought that everyone always had that in the morning. "Strange how nobody talks about it. Well, not that me cares."

"Me think everyone has big bad stuff every morning if me get this much body-goo on my wall." Said Naruto to himself as he dressed himself in the kill-me-now orange jumpsuit that the villagers kept mailing to him with notes that said 'Wear it demon, its more than you deserve' what ever that meant.

'Me better see that old man, he say that he wants me to talk to some other old man.' Thought Naruto as he ran down the stairwell of his apartment complex, stumbling on the long orange pants that he wore and smacking into a wall.

He carried on outside and started running in the bright Konoha sun. Even this early in the morning, the sun still shone among the trees. The smell of the dew on the wet grass and the pollen from flowers made for a pleasant morning to anyone. Not that Naruto could understand much more than Ramen, Pain and Blood.

He ran towards the big building that he knew as the Hokage Tower. As he was running he saw villagers muttering curses as he ran past and the eyes staring at him that were like daggers. Words came at him faster than a Leaf Flicker. Things like 'Evil Bastard, Worthless Fucker doesn't deserve to live, why doesn't the Third kill him already'

Naruto never let his smile drop but inside, he had cracked. There was nothing left showing of the old Naruto. The Naruto who would never hurt anyone in this village and the Naruto who wanted to be Hokage more than anything else. He hadn't slept peacefully once in his life but he never let anyone know his weakness; no one would ever know his secrets.

He decided in his own mind to play a naughty on them. Or, in terms that most people would understand, he was going to fuck with their minds, MAJORLY. He changed his direction from the Hokage Tower to the Hokage monument and saw the eyebrows shoot up faster than the kunai knives coming at him.

He dodged the first wave and ran through several alleyways to head towards the monument. He saw porches with wood floors and posters advertising concerts that happened 3 months ago. Things blurred as he started to be hit by the kunai and was loosing a fair amount of blood.

"Phooey, me forgot about the new wall," muttered Naruto to himself as he looked up at the concrete monstrosity that stood before him like a behemoth. Naruto looked to turn back but he saw the mass of bloodthirsty villagers and knew that escape was no longer an option.

No sooner had he thought of an escape route was he completely peppered with the red-hot steel of kunai and shuriken. They split into his body and stuck there like mid morning stars glittering in the sun for an eternity and a half. He knew this was going to be a day of hatred as opposed to the day of fun he had planned as he fell unconscious.

Naruto found himself back in his dreamscape, the flames, the lines, the giant fox head. It was all he saw every night. He didn't even realize that things aren't meant to be that way. He thought that dreams were just a place to scare you while asleep so you weren't lazy. He didn't know that dreams were where your wishes and hopes were meant to come true. But of course, he wouldn't understand that, he had no hopes or wishes. He just existed. He craved the attention that hopes and wishes may give him but he was scared of the pain he would get for sharing them.

Soon after he joined the dreamscape, he was running along the lines, avoiding the fox head again, when he slowly started to disappear. It went methodically but eventually his whole body had disappeared and he was back in the world of the conscious. You could call it the world of the living but you can exist in the world without living.

He saw that he was still in the alleyway but he felt different. The muscles in his back and legs weren't cramped at all from the odd position he was lying in, this position being with his ass on the wall and his legs bent over next to his head as if he had just jumped off the roof. He looked at himself and knew only the one place could help him with the amount of cuts and kunai he had in him; the Hospital. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem for anyone but Naruto was not the most popular person to have in ANY building around town. He was forcibly ejected from almost anywhere unless the Third Hokage accompanied him.

He headed there anyway in hope of the nice nurse that treated him being there or as he had affectionately named her 'Rinrin'. He hobbled along the streets due to a kunai that had pierced his quadriceps making one of his legs useless except as a crutch. He approached the building that he knew as the hospital. 3 stories high, sterile white and filled with doctors ready to abuse him in the worst ways if he entered at the wrong time.

He looked up at the Hokage Monument as a sort of prayer for healing and saw something that stood out even in his small mind. The Monument was covered in exactly the same design that had been on his walls since he could walk. This time the design was much larger and much more elaborate than the one he was used to seeing but he could tell that it was 'his' design.

This time it was the wrong time. When he entered the hospital through the automatic doors, the attention and Killing Intent of almost every occupant of the large waiting room immediately greeted him. He saw a doctor walking over to him and thought for a brief moment he had a savior. A very brief moment. The doctor, once he got near to Naruto, activated the Mystical Palm Technique.

The standard healing technique for all medical ninja in the village, the Mystical Palm covers the users palm in thin layer of perfectly controlled chakra that activates the white blood cells in a body and accelerates their work slightly to heal the wound faster. That is how it's meant to be used, but this time it was used as a chakra scalpel. This is simply a modification of the Mystical Palm that instead of gently branching out and activating the white blood cells, it comes together to form a blade of chakra that can cut through almost anything except skin due to the high water content.

Naruto was sliced in the side just a few inches below the heart with disastrous consequences. It hit an artery which split almost in half and he flew out of the window from the force of the blow. As he fell, he heard the sound of applause; the entire waiting room had broken out into applause at the doctor's action. The window itself cut him in several places but none as dangerous as the blow he received from the medic.

The sound was horrifying as he just lay on the ground wondering how he got there. His mind spinning and his eyes doing the rumba in their sockets, he stumbled to his feet and slowly headed towards his only source of relief in the village. The Hokage.

After fighting a mental battle between his will and his body whilst walking up the stairs, he found himself being stopped by a team of the resident Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai. Why they gave themselves such a long name no one really knew but is was known that it meant Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. Everyone just called them the ANBU Black Ops. It suited them better considering the black armor and cape that came with a unique animal mask, Naruto never did consider them human, just armor standing there.

Now, they were blocking his very injured state from entering the room where he could hear the Hokage having a pretty good laugh and in seemingly informal circumstances despite the ANBU consistently keeping up the façade that he was in a very important meeting. So Naruto did the only thing he could do that would sort this out, he took a deep breath and…


Inside the office, the Third Hokage was meeting with someone important but he had specifically ordered the ANBU Black Ops to allow Naruto into the room and him only. His wrinkled old face kept a smile up for his guest and did quite a convincing job of hiding his liver spots.

"So old man, where's that shortlist of kids you wanted me to see?" said the figure he was meeting in a deep voice.

The figure in question was a man with a huge figure that to even the untrained eye reeked of power. He wore a dark blue, almost grey, hoodie but baggy around the shoulders and a pair of running pants of the same color. He had very odd black hair that seemed to make a curly tunnel towards the front of his head but it always seemed to stay facing wherever the man did.

The Hokage took his hat off revealing his monks haircut of white hair. He scratched at his head thoughtfully then pulled a small scroll out from a drawer in his special desk. The seals on his desk allowed it contain far more than it looked. It contained a copy of almost the entire history of Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves.

The man he was meeting opened the scroll and looked at the names on the list. Sakura Haruno, Tenten and Rock Lee.

"Hey old man, why the hell have you given me a list of nobodies? I don't want just anyway to know this stuff. What about that cute little Hyuuga heir I've heard about or maybe an Inuzuka; they would use this more than most."

"I'm afraid that all of our resident clans, The Uchiha, Hyuuga, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Inuzuka and Aburame have all announced future plans for their heirs so would refuse the offer and I will not force this on anyone."

"Ah this village is full of wusses, no offence old man" said the man after noticing the murderous glint in the Hokage's eyes "but I need someone who's actually going to honor this and train to the fullest extent. The last person that I helped train, well… no-one under a Kage would be able to even put a punch on him if he was in his peak condition."

"I am sure Rock Lee would be suitable if you are after dedication, after the death of his parents he has been looking for a role model." Said the Hokage helpfully

"I'm sure he would but what kind of parents would name their child Rock?" asked the man to be met with a giant sweatdrop from the Third.

"I wouldn't pass judgment too much on their names. So far in this village, we have people whose names mean Dolphin, Scarecrow, Red Bean Paste, Pig, Deer, Butterfly, Fishcake, Cherry Blossom, Sunny, Fang and Corkscrew."

"You have got to be kidding me…."

"Nope, in fact if I'm right our own little Fishcake Whirlpool is outside the door having an argument with my ANBU"


"OLD MANNNNNNNNN……" came a scream from outside followed by a loud thump.

Naturally, the Third Hokage was out the door and back in again with a small child dressed in orange in his arms within 3 seconds.

"Hey Sarutobi, I didn't know an old man like you could move that fast."

"With a child like this around, I must be nimble should anything happen."

"Why? Is this the Uchiha or a Hyuuga?" said the man genuinely confused

Sarutobi ran a quick medical technique over his body to confirm his unconsciousness before bowing his head and turning to the man.


An hour or so later, Naruto awoke with a start to find himself in familiar surroundings. The large window-wall, the soothing smell of old man and the slight tinge of mint. He was in the Hokage's office and had just passed out. He looked down and saw that his body was fully healed with just the slight glow that the healing left behind.

'Hmmm… tingle feeling. The goo fairy must have come and took all the bad stuff away' thought Naruto as he looked around a bit more and saw the figure of a large and extremely imposing man standing over the Hokage so he did the only logical thing he could.


He called the alarm.

The doors burst open with the ANBU wielding their Ninjato in a somewhat sloppy manner but efficient none-the-less. They took one look at the man, the Hokage and Naruto before flipping Naruto off, bowing to the Hokage and nodding to the man before making their exit.

"Naruto, nothing is wrong. This man is not an enemy ninja. He is the man I invited you here to meet. I only wished on your opinion of three people as an unbiased source."

"Who?" asked the little 6 year old

"Sakura Haruno, Tenten and Rock Lee" replied Sarutobi

"Well…. Sakura Haruno is really pretty, Tenten is… odd. She named her cat Mr Spiky Objects. Rock Lee has the biggest eyebrows me ever seen. Me swear they are alive."

The man let out a laugh at that as he had seen Rock Lee's profile picture before. While young, any child showing potential to become a ninja had a rough profile taken and it would be expanded upon if they filed an application to the academy or were deemed ready by an official.



Naruto was lying on his back on the sofa while the pair of adults talked among themselves.

"So Old Man, what's this kid's story?"

"This is Naruto Uzumaki, resident Nine-tailed fox, or Kyuubi, container. He is possibly the most wanted person in the Fire Country. He is being observed from afar by an organization called the Akatsuki who are after his tenant."

"So the kid's a container, big fucking deal. What's his personality like?"

"For lack of a better phrase Messed Up. He can be acting like a regular happy child then go straight into depression. It's like a permanent and rapid form of PMS. I think he just has a mask up but he needs to learn to defend himself. So far he is getting mauled about 4 days a week and most days he has an attempt or two at his life."

"Why didn't you tell me that before!" yelled the huge man, quickly looking at Naruto to make sure he hadn't awoke "I'll take him in as my apprentice"

"Its not that easy, he is not allowed to leave the village yet. He is not strong enough. Even accompanied by someone of your caliber, he won't be protected forever. I am going to pass a law tomorrow that stops all children under 12 from leaving the village unless they reach the rank of Chuunin."

"Damn it old man. I couldn't give a rat's ass, I WILL train him IN the village. Give him the time span a normal sensei would have him for and he will be MORE than a match for this Akatsuki." Said the man

End Flashback


Naruto just stood there staring at the Hokage until he continues

"So you wouldn't say that they could keep up with the harsh training regime that may prove dangerous to their health, but the pro being strong in a world where only the strong survive" said Sarutobi to Naruto

"Me doubt's Sakura or Tenten could, Rock Lee maybe but he would not like this man for being bigger. He always likes being bigger."

"Could you do it?" said the Hokage

Naruto looked straight into the Hokage's eyes and said with maybe the most passion he could "I Will Be Strong, I Will Not Allow Myself Die"

"Well Naruto, I would just like to say one thing…" said the Hokage but was interrupted before he could finish.

"Listen up kid, from now on, I'm your sensei and I'll be teaching you combat boxing."

"Who're you?"

"Listen and remember it carefully, my name is Mamoru Takamura."


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