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Chapter 5 – Tokkun

"Fuintatsujin" The old man said.

Takamura looked at him for a second, before answering.

"Fuin-wha? What the hell have you been sniffing Old Man? Where'd you think of that?"

Behind the large boxer a burning pillar suddenly crashed down. Waking both men to the reality of their situation.

"We don't have time; I'll explain everything when we're back at the tower. For now just get out of here and we'll meet up later."

"Right." Takamura said as he turned around, "I'll see you later, but you've got a hell-lot of explaining to do after this."

Running through the burning building, Takamura noticed a lot of corpses lying around, some burned to their deaths to protect someone or something, others cut down in a fight.

'I hate to admit it, but that bastard Itachi is GOOD. Based on this, I wouldn't want to get on his bad side.'

While running towards the Lobby at a neck breaking speed, Takamura suddenly noticed a scream coming from one of the rooms he was running past. Stopping in his tracks, the gigantic man noticed that the rubble had caused the doorway to collapse and prevented whoever it was in there to escape. And from the sound of the screams, it was a woman that was trapped.

'Hey, maybe she'll give me some 'service' as a reward for saving her.' Takamura's mind instantly went into pervert-mode as he smashed the door down.

"Anybody still alive in here?" he yelled while taking a quick look. A second later he spotted a half-naked woman lying on the ground, passed out from smoke poisoning next to her bed.

'Not bad.' Takamura thought with approval as he lifted the young woman over his shoulder with ease. With his new load on his shoulder, he sped towards the exit again before he heard another cry.

"I'd better get a REALLY good lay out of this!" he growled as he moved towards yet another closed doorway.


Naruto was quick to follow the orders that Mamoman had given him. He had reached the lobby a lot faster then he had thought, but almost as soon as he had entered, he heard someone shout in fear. Curiosity for the better of him as Naruto went to check.

"We can't see!" he could hear a child's voice yell. "The smoke's too thick!"

"Calm down, behave like an Uchiha already!" a gruff voice answered. "The lobby should be somewhere around here, and from there we can easily escape this fire."

"It's over here!" Naruto yelled, hoping to help the lost people. Apparently they had heard his voice because no more then a few seconds later a large group of several adults, male and female, followed by even more children escaping from the smoke.

The parents immediately shepherded the children away from the danger, but two of them still remained and looked around the building. The lobby, although a massive dome, was beginning to be burned as well, the ceiling showing signs of cracks.

"It won't hold out much longer." One of them said. "We can't do anything to save the others anymore. But I doubt we're the only ones who escaped the fire anyway. Let's take one last check just to be sure."

One of the two ran into the flames, not even worrying about the effects that they would have. The other was about to follow him when he saw Naruto standing.

"You must have done this, haven't you Demon Brat!" he shouted as he attacked. His punch connected with Naruto's jaw solidly and send the youngster flying into a wall a few meters back. The man continued his assault on the defenseless and shocked boy, blinded by pure fury. He didn't even notice when his partner returned and carried another child on his shoulder.

"Hey, look. It's Sasuke; a pillar hit him as it crashed down. Looks like he'll be ok though."

"What?" the attacker temporarily stopped attacking as he noticed the young Uchiha heir. "Great, now help me kill this demon first."

"NOT GONNA HAPPEN!" a loud voice suddenly shouted. Takamura had appeared in the lobby, carrying about twelve different people of all ages and genders, and he looked pissed. The moment he shouted however, the ceiling decided to give in and crash down.

As the two men raised their hands to protect themselves from the rubble, Sasuke slowly opened his eyes and saw a blur move by. The blur moved past both adults, whose throats were suddenly open and bleeding severely and moved on to Naruto. A pillar that was just about to skewer the boy was knocked off course as the blur came to a standstill.

That last thing he saw before he was hit by a rare kick from Takamura, who couldn't use his hands because he was carrying too many people, was Itachi carefully lifting Naruto and carrying him away into the night.

'Why him Brother? Why not me?'


Those events had happened during the night before, now Naruto could be found sleeping as well as Yuusha himself resting. They had unpacked several futons from the cupboards around Takamura's bedroom and had turned it into just that, a bed-room. The whole floor was covered in futons making it one large sleeping surface.

Naruto had curled up in the corner nearest to the door with his knees touching his chin and his arms wrapped around his legs. Takamura had not slept; he had been having fun with the pretty young thing he found during the last nights daring escape from Chateau Uchiha. At that moment, Takamura had found himself naked with only a facecloth to cover his modesty. The woman he found himself with, on the other hand, only had the remains of a can of squirting cream to remain decent with. It didn't work. She had herself draped over Takamura and was slowly grinding herself against him in her sleep, black hair covering their faces.

Naruto slowly got up from his nightmarish stupor with a look of complete stupefaction on his face until his mind slowly worked out the detail of the previous night. It would have normally taken a person a few seconds to realize, it took Naruto the length of time it took to think 'Training – Explosions – Jail – Uchiha – Murder – Fire – Beating – Super Fast Flicker Travel – Much Naughtiness'. So he did the only thing he could.


Takamura shot up on his futon faster than that one time when Itakagi had decided to wake him up via usage of several quick jabs on a training camp. It was a long time before the young prodigy had the nerve to go near him again, after being forced to do roadwork with him for 2 months after that. That prodigy was nowhere near ready to take him, the undefeatable Takamura-sama, on.

The woman attached to his side shot up too and fell back to the ground almost as quick with a soft 'phmp' as she hit the futons. The small impact was enough to rouse her from her dreamy slumber.

"Hey, what the hell kid?" mumbled Takamura as he rubbed his head.

The next sentence took him much deciphering but eventually he got the message.


The woman next to Takamura started chuckling quietly.

"He's really cute Mamoru, is he yours?"

Naruto looked at her like she had grown another head.

" 'Fraid not Nami, he's my little apprentice. I need to teach him Boxing but he's too young for my muscle exercises."

Takamura glanced at Naruto; he was now looking around for something to wear.

"Mamoman, where's some clothes? I think all of mine are ripped now"

"Kid, I swear that old fogey sent all your stuff over here already"

"He did, I only have one lot of stuff" said Naruto emphasizing his point by directing Takamura's attention to the small pile of drawings and scrolls in the corner.

Takamura's glances switched between Naruto and the pile, gradually becoming faster and faster as an expletive reached his lips.

"FUCKING HELL! Naruto, why didn't you freaking tell me? Jeez…." Said Takamura

Naruto's eyes started to glass over as tears crowded them. Nami, the woman who had spent the night with Takamura, had had enough and was giving him a cuddle, just holding him to her body.

"Mamoru, why doesn't he have clothes? He isn't a bad kid but he's being deprived like this"

Takamura let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding as he muttered something unintelligible to himself.

"The kid is a pariah, not much more. The one thing on the mortal plane that holds back a force beyond comprehension"

"He's a container basically?"

Takamura could only let out a little chuckle.

"Don't worry, he's just not well liked, as long as you do, its fine. Anyway, I still need to get him training clothes, don't I Naruto?" asked Takamura to Naruto over his shoulder

"YEAH!" yelled Naruto

"Well, I can train him in dancing if you want. I've trained a few ninja before and the skills I can teach him in ballet will improve his muscles. He only needs some core exercises and I can suggest some dances to teach him for that." Said Nami as she smiled at Naruto

"Dancing? That's girly stuff," said Naruto as he blew a large raspberry at her

"Ill have you know that women love a man who has the stamina of a dancer, they can do anything for hours… anything" said Nami still with that grin on her face

Takamura instantly knew what she meant; this was going to be fun.

"I can do some types of dance I guess, I can Mosh and Breakdance but not much else" said Takamura

"I expected you would… most men I date say they can" murmured Nami

Takamura was slightly surprised as she detached herself from Naruto and shuffled to sit a bit further away.

"I mean it, I can. You see, a couple of my friends and I went to a 'Maximum The Hormone' concert back in Tokyo. Basically, I walked into the general area of the crazy dancing and I just copied them." Said Takamura, remembering that occasion.

"Prove it" said Nami as she eyed him carefully.

Takamura looked around his room as if he had lost something before dropped to the floor and started pulling up tatami mats as if they had called his sister fugly. He finally found what he needed. He put his tatami backing position and pulled himself back onto his feet, Nami and Naruto watching him all this time as he threw something to Naruto.

Naruto jumped to catch it like a baseball player before he even realized what it was. A small cube, about 3 inches high, deep and wide. A Rubik's cube that was shuffled. Naruto tried to move it around in his hands and to his surprise, the sides moved.

"Try working that son-of-a-bitch out, I've had that thing about 10 years and I haven't managed it yet. It may be so long, you'll be able to do it," said Takamura as he watched Nami get dressed. A long pleated skirt with an open blouse tied up country and western style. Her long auburn hair hanging down to the middle of her back as she flicked it from out under her blouse. A long red rag held her hair in place, tied just behind her neck.

Takamura got dressed in his usual training gear, a pair of black slacks and a purple vest. His already impressive musculature helped him break away from the rather camp attitude associated with the color.

"Ok brat, Me and Nami are going to go prove I can dance and we'll bring you some stuff home. Keep working on that until we get back. If you're hungry, there's the remnants of that can of squirty cream or a half pack of Jaffa Cakes somewhere under this mess" chuckled Takamura

"NO! DON'T GO MAMOMAN!" cried Naruto looking up from his puzzle "Me Always Left Alone!"

Naruto ran up to Takamura and hugged his leg with a vengeance, digging his nails in and even so far as to bite his thigh.

"FUCK! Get OFF you soppy kid! I'm not going to just leave you! Nami would castrate me if I did!" yelled Takamaru as he started running on the spot, hoping to shake the blonde off his leg.

"NOOO!! You leave and never come back!"

Takamura looked down in shock at himself, he had forgotten that humans were the cruelest of all animals. Someone must have done something like this to him and left him to rot.

"Listen kid, how about this" said Takamura as he pulled a small set of keys out his pocket "These are the keys to the house, they unlock everything" Takamura got up and motioned the group to move downstairs. They reached the front door pretty swiftly.

Takamura used the largest key on the ring with an appropriate label on it that said 'Front Door, Konoha'. He used it and showed Naruto that the door opened.

"Now look, I'll give you these keys so you can get out if you want to come find us. We'll be at Club H3R0 for a while then we're going to go to Nami's place to get some stuff, she lives in the houses opposite the Hokage Tower. Now stay here and if you think we're gone too long, get out of the house and talk to the Hokage if you can't find us. I'd prefer you didn't because that means paperwork but if it makes you happier, then ill do it, ok?"

"Fine Mamo"

"Nice one, now come on Nami, I have to prove I can dance" Said Takamura as he grabbed Nami by the waist and ran off down the street despite multiple death threats on Nami's part.

Naruto wandered back inside and picked up the cube, giving it a withering glare before picking it up and starting to fiddle with it.


Naruto awoke to find that the sun was shining brightly and that Nami had spent the night here again. This time they were more clothed, Takamura in his workout vest and a pair of boxers and Nami in one of Takamura's other vests and her normal underwear.

He looked around and recounted last night in his head. Puzzle-Jaffa Cakes-Squirty Cream-Sugar Induced Hallucinations-Woke Up. As all this rushed back to him, he said the rudest word he knew.


Naruto looked around and saw his pile of stuffs in the corner had been added to. He saw a several pairs of slacks, some pants that looked like they had come from a blacksmiths rather than a tailor, a large amount of vests in multiple plain colors, a rather snug jacket with a hood, several sets of underwear, and then something caught his eye. It was bright orange, seemed to be 3 sizes too small for him and seemed to scream out the word 'BULLSEYE'. It was a Kevlar Bodysuit.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" came a yell from Naruto as he held out this piece of clothing. What he didn't expect was several kilos of futon landing on top of him quite heavily.

"SHUT UP! GAH! TOO EARLY YOU LITTLE TWAT!" yelled Takamura as he and Nami separated from their sleepy embrace.

"ME LOVE YOU! ME LOVE THIS!" screamed Naruto as he showed Takamura and Nami the bodysuit.

Takamura groaned while Nami let out a small smile. She was glad that Naruto was happy for once.

"Figures that he'd fall in love with the thing he'll be using least." Muttered Takamura to himself "Hey Brat! Listen, don't get too excited, from today until you have man hair, you'll be doing Ballet with Nami whenever she wants to teach you"

Naruto stopped in his tracks as his neck slowly turned on Takamura, crunching and grinding like gears that hadn't been oiled in years.

Like a veela, he let out an almost inhuman sound.



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